Chapters 4-8
Read the first part I'm not going to summarize it here for you.

Chapter IV

Jeremy cut some vines and roots off the mangrove and started moving some fallen trees rolling them until he’d worked out a small and rather primitive lean to. It was big enough that maybe five people could squeeze into it.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>
Jeremy thought back to the days before this trip, Sara’s father had made him promise that he would look after Sara, the whole reason he had gone on this trip was to look after her, it was quite annoying really Sara was a nice enough girl most of the time but, there were complications the fact that he had been sleeping with Sara’s mother for most of the last semester of school made him a little more nervous about starting something with Sara the bad part of that was he was attracted to Sara and he’d only started the affair with her mother because she had nearly raped him the first time and after that it just got to feeling comfortable. She was a nice enough woman it seemed that her husband had been neglecting her for some time and she had assumed that he was boinking one or more of his students or TA’s she had met a few of them she had explained and she was quite annoyed by the fact that they were young and hot.
So the day she had made a move on Jeremy he was more than a little shocked. Never mind that he gave her a full service. He had been mowing their lawn and trimming their hedges doing general gardening for a little extra money which was fine they paid well enough, he’d never made a move on Sara mostly because his studies and work had kept him busy too busy to try not that he thought he had much chance given the talk he had overheard at school.

His Uncle had helped him pack he had been with special operations had had taught him more than a few things over the years between his demanding school work and his uncle’s demanding training at his father’s insistence he had learned basic survival skills as well as some botany and hunting with primitive tools, how to respond in emergencies things that his uncle might serve well. He had hooked him up with some guys at one of the local military hospitals to observe and learn he learned a lot from those guys some of them were crazy and others well others were damn well out of their minds.
And then every Tuesday and Friday he would drop by Sara’s house and see if there were any chores or anything to be done, and if there was time after the chores he’d have a interlude with Janna, Sara’s mother. On the weekend his Uncle and father would throw parties and he would be expected to do things like rebuild motors or rebuild a car at least as far as he could be expected to do. He’d learned mechanics early both automotive and aircraft and marine motors he was kind of a mechanical wiz kid. At these parties there was drinking and debauchery the friendly kind the girls who came to the parties loved teasing Jeremy often flashing him or groping themselves while watching him but never touching him. His father had a pot on the table a big mason jar rather the girls who came to the party were expected to put in ten dollars and they could do anything they wanted to try and distract Jeremy from his work if one ever did she would get the pot if they didn’t distract him from the work then he would get a hundred dollars from the pot the rest would go back in so the amount would increase incrementally it was his “College fund” or so his Father joked. There was easily 10 thousand dollars in it so there were always plenty of girls willing to have a try at the pot .

The day before the trip Janna called him and asked him to come over, I have to tell you something she said I’m pregnant and its yours I’ve known for a few weeks now but I thought I should tell you, Don’t worry I’ve made sure that I have had regular enough sex with my husband lately that he won’t be the wiser. I just felt that you would want to know, I hope it doesn’t upset you or anything you don’t have to worry about it and I want you to have a good time on vacation. Jeremy was a more than a little shocked but he took it in stride and the next day Sara’s family and his father and uncle saw them off at the terminal.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>

Jeremy got a piece of cane and after examining it discovered that it was not bamboo like he had originally thought but sugar cane. He set that aside and went back to the swamp and gathered up some sticks, by the time he returned to his lean to he decided that that the design was bad and not very usable. What he really needed was an axe.

It was about that time when Nicole walked up he glanced at her briefly, she looked overdressed in stockings and a miniskirt and white blouse with a vest jacket, “did you like the show?”

“What show?”

“Oh come on don’t tell me you didn’t look at Sunni, she said she bared everything in front of you”

“I was busy I still am.”

“Do you like her” Nicole asked, Jeremy shrugged “Do you think she’s pretty?” Again Jeremy shrugged.

“You do like girls don’t you?”

“Yes of course”

“But you never had a girlfriend that I know of, unless you count Sara and we all know she’s an Ice queen wont give any boy the time of day. So what kind of girls do you like”?

“Girls” Jeremy said he had seven logs now about two feet wide by six feet long he move them into a rough u shape and piled sand again the outside and then moved two more logs on top of those back slide the then he piled more sand. He cut some cane and covered the top loosely with a cane mat some of the cane he wedged between the logs making a simple arc now his shelter was 25 square feet he figure he climbed the nearest palm tree and pulled down 10 or so leaved and he piled them by the shelter and got more. He carefully laid them on top of the shelter making a thin thatch roof and covered the whole thing over with a layer of sand.

“Oh its like a little playhouse” Nicole squealed, as Jeremy worked diligently making a door of woven leaves and he crawled into the cool dark and went to sleep on a thin bed of palm leaves.

“Jeremy…” A hand shook his shoulder

“What?” he asked slowly opening his eyes

Chapter V

“There is something the matter with well almost everyone Joe and Sunni and Nicole and Shannon” Sara said

He Crawled out of his shelter and looked at Sara Her face and arms and legs were glowing red. “Sara you get inside here and rest I’ll go see about the others. The sun was starting to sink toward the horizon. He walked the quarter mile down the beach to where the others were located, six of them were getting sick, and Joe was obviously passed out. Nicole and Sunni and Anabell were on their knees puking their guys out Rachel and tiffany and Shannon were lying on the ground clutching their stomachs. Pricilla and Rose seemed okay, Gary was sitting in the shade near Naomi the Stewardess. Aside from Gary and Naomi they all appeared to be suffering from some sort of hear casualty or another. “Rose you and Pricilla help me move everyone into the shade where it’s cooler.” It took almost half an hour before everyone was moved then Jeremy began to gather Coconuts there were many of them all over the ground and he worked on husking as many as he could then when there was a dozen or so husked and the light was starting to jail he punctured them in short order and gave everyone a drink. “What the heck happened?”

“Sunni who seemed to have recovered for the most part said “Well Speedo boy was hot and said we should drink something so we all got a drink from the surf but he didn’t stop it just got worse the more he drank the thirstier he got then he staggered onto the beach burped and passed out.”

“Wonderful its bad enough that you guys are already dehydrated from the sun but Joe adds insult to injury drinking see water. Too much seawater will kill you dry you out even worse than you are.

“You Saved us didn’t you” Shannon said “When the plane crashed you got us all here alive you really are trying to keep us all alive aren’t you?”

“Yes” Jeremy said there were looks of surprise from all around, though Gary gave him a dirty look.
Shannon looked around “Then I choose you to be our leader I’ll do whatever you say just lead the way”
“Okay” Jeremy said “Anyone else want to come?”

The Twins hopped up with Norman between them and Nicole and Tiffany followed. Jeremy directed them to pick up the unconscious stewardess and carry her back to their camp. They crawled into the shelter soon all six girls were sleeping. Jeremy now feeling a bit more rested walked back to the cave. He picked up a good-sized rock and banged it against the obsidian outcrop. He gathered up the glass like shards and carried them back to camp he sat down in front of the hut and after a few minutes decided that he wasn’t going to get anywhere making anything till daylight. He leaned back against the shelter and noticed two figures walking down the beach toward him. The moonlight was bright enough that he could make out the silhouette.

Rachel spoke first “Gary doesn’t seem to like you very much and he was quite adamant about me staying or I would have come with you, I just well I can’t abandon him”

“Jeremy we don’t know what to do will Joe get better I mean he’s sick but will he wake up?”

“I don’t know Anabell he might but it will be a long hard recovery, he needs more modern medicine if he doesn’t get it I don’t know, Rachel look I don’t know what’s between you and Gary, I don’t really care what he thinks about me I just want to get as many of us through this as possible.

There was a scream down the beach and all heads turned in that direction. The three of them padded quickly up the soft beach sand till they were within earshot, Nicole was laid out on the ground and Sunny was pinned by Gary.

“Look you little slut tease you’re going to suck…” Jeremy picked up a heavy piece of driftwood and swung it, it connected with Gary’s head he tumbled to the side not moving. Jeremy Knelt beside the body feeling a pulse, there was no blood so far so good. Sunni got up and ran to the fallen Gary and kicked him right between the legs as hard as she could, she kept kicking again and again sobbing as she did, The whole while the other two girls stood in shock for several seconds and then took Sunni by the arms and pulled her away. Gary was still breathing as was Joe, Jeremy was relieved to discover and he piled sand on them so that only their heads were showing out of the said, that should keep them cool he thought keep them from losing too much body heat too.

“It appears” Said Anabell “that you are the only decent man on the island”

“Go back to my camp girls we’ll figure this out in the morning, take Nicole with you I’ll talk Sunni back” He gently took Sunni’s arm as the two girls half dragged half carried a still dazed Nicole. They followed at a slow walk some 50 feet behind.

“I... I didn’t like it when Joe tried to force me and I hated that Gary did and he hit Nicole I Hope she’s all right”

“I’m sure she will be” Jeremy said softly “we will have to decide what to do with these two in the morning” Naomi stood as the reached the shelter she had apparently been talking to Sara “How are you feeling?”
“A little hung over you know dry mouth, headache,” Naomi smile “Where are we?”

“Haven’t the foggiest” Jeremy responded “Safe for now I think” he paused briefly “What do you know”

“We had been blown about 300 miles off course when the crashed happened”

“And we drifted for almost nine hours on the current”

“We’ll be very lucky if we are found” Naomi said solemnly

“I agree”

“The other two boys?”

“One had a broken arm its set but I’m afraid they are acting far from civilized. Most everyone is going to be uncomfortable in the morning too much sun and if Joe does regain consciousness I’m afraid he won’t be all that sane. Cooked the meatloaf too long I think”

“What?” Naomi asked

“”Way too much sun and he’s very dehydrated”

“We should get him to a hospital”

“I agree sadly there aren’t any around here the other one was trying to sexually assault Sunni here” Jeremy said gently pulling sunny against him. “I say let them rot but I can’t they are people and we just can’t dismiss them even if they are less than quality.”

“I’ll talk to the women in the morning and we’ll decide something where are they?”
“Up the beach a ways”

“Get some sleep I think tomorrow will be quite eventful” Jeremy rested laying on the sand beneath the stars he closed his eyes and drifted off…

He woke to find Sunni curled up on his right and Shannon on his left the sun hadn’t risen yet but the dawn sky was wash with yellow orange and red he cleared his throat and both girls stirred. “Shannon, Sunni get up” the two girls opened their eyes and smiled at him

“I’m sorry” Sunni said, “I kept having bad dreams and I feel safe near you”

Jeremy smiled “Sunni go wake the others today will be a long hard day I’m afraid, Shannon we need to go check on the boys”

“Yes master” she said smiling

“I’m not your master” Jeremy said a little annoyed

“But master you are I owe you my life not once but twice and three times if we survive this I thought about it all night You didn’t have to do what you did, you did it because of who you are and I know that you will never hurt anyone unless you have to, that is why I have decided to give myself to you body and soul, please, please, please understand”

Jeremy nodded as he stood watching the two unconscious men, he said nothing he pulled some leaves off a short palm and shaded the two’s faces. Then turning walked back to camp.
“Please say something” Shannon begged.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes master”

“This might be because of where we are and what our situation is and when and if we get back to the real world you may regret your decision.”

“No master you have given me a chance to continue living I can never regret that” Jeremy looked at Shannon as she finished talking tears welling up in her eyes.

“Okay but if you change your mind later that’s okay I’ll understand”

“It will never happen Master, thank you.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply pressing her gritty body against his “Anything you want master and its yours.

The sun was just starting to break the horizon the girls were all lounging on the beach “Okay guys… girls I want three of you to gather coconuts as many as you can, Naomi would you please take three girls and see about fallen trees so we can build more shelters like this also we will need firewood eventually first I have to rediscover fire I think, Anabell gather up as much dried grass as you can, I’ll explain when your done, take Shannon Tiffany and Sara, Nicole Sunni and Pricilla you get Coconuts, Naomi you take Rose and Rachel, Okay so I wish there were more of you.”

“What are you going to do?” Sara asked

“Well first I’m going to work on the whole fire thing then I’m going to see about adding something more to the menu than just coconuts”

“Okay then” Sara nodded.

It took Jeremy a good hour to get a good scraper made, he hollowed out one piece of wood enough to run a straight piece of stick through it which he notched he then wet two branches in the surf and bent them around some small fat twigs which he lashed in place using a piece of his precious nylon cord. He stopped the work parties as they brought their loads in; it was still morning though several hours had passed since dawn. “Okay ladies take a break and go cool off in the water and then will sit in the shade and talk. He followed his own advice getting good and wed briefly and then sitting in the shade. The girls talked animatedly in the water and then came up under the canopy. “Okay girls I first want you all to decide what we are going to do about the boys, keep them prisoner nurse them back to health what is your decision.

It took a week of tedious work getting everyone back healthy enough to be functional though Joe and Gary were the slowest to recover Joe because he had been so dehydrated and sunburned and Gary because of his injury but he seemed to be improving. It was after dark and most everyone was turning in from their daily toils mostly finding food and crushing coconuts into oily lotion that got applied liberally to their bronzing bodies. Joe remained semiconscious, drifting in and out long enough to take a few sips of fluid. Before the girls came to their final conclusion.

Chapter VI

Jeremy went back to chipping rocks and made what he hoped would be spear points then he worked on an axe head when he was happy with it he looked for a suitable haft in the pile of firewood. He then went to the pile of grass and started spinning cord it took some time but soon he had a useable length. Naomi approached him as he completed his work “Okay Jeremy we have decided to leave Joe and Gary to their own devices we won’t help them but we won’t take any action against them.”
“Fair enough” Jeremy said “Pricilla will you come here a minute?”

“Sure what can I do?

“I need some of your hair.”

“Uh What for?”

“It will make this rope stronger and better”

“My Hair?”

“You have the longest hair and I only need a little bit”

“It will grow back Naomi added”

“You really need it?”


“Okay just not too much”

“Jeremy reached out and grabbed a quarter sized hank of hair”

“Um Master” Shannon said “Perhaps I better that’s not a good place to cut it” The others looked at Shannon as though she had lost her mind

“Um use this” Jeremy said handing her the still razor sharp scraper “and maybe cut it against this log”

Naomi grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the side roughly. “What did you do just when I was starting to trust you, and you pull this bullshit”?

“Naomi honestly I didn’t do anything this was something she decided on her own and I tried to talk her out of it I’m as shocked and embarrassed as you are.”

“If you’re lying to be Jeremy I swear…”

“Ask her Naomi”

“Oh trust me Jeremy I will”

Jeremy set about securing the axe head to the haft after he had braided a length of hair. He then set about cutting the fallen trees into more manageable sizes. Closer to six feet in length. The girls Naomi Sunni and Annabel were talking heatedly with Shannon. He called over the girls who were still idle and they worked on positioning the logs this time it was a little bigger shelter and one till taller they cot the roof and the door fitted before the sun reached its zenith. Everyone inside Jeremy called Time to rest while the sun is up. The four crawled into the smaller shelter while the remaining seven got into the larger. Jeremy laid again the wall as the other girls filled in the remaining space.

He could hear the girls whispering and he felt one of the girls roll onto his hip. Her knee lightly pinning his. Her breasts pressed against his arm. “Jeremy” the voice was very soft in his ear “You know I talked to Shannon while we were working and I know you have been working hard to keep us all safe an alive, so let Tiffany take care of you.” With that she mouthed his ear her hand slid down the front of Jeremy’s pants “Mmm very nice” she moaned in his ear, her fingertips tickling his scrotum. She gently wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly started stroking it her thumb rubbing the tip of his cock. She increased her tempo as his rod bloated and pulsed in her hand. “That’s it master” she whispered in his ear as his breathing became ragged “Cum for Tiffany master please…” she moaned in his ear. That was more than Jeremy could bear and his cock exploded in his pants she milked the last drops out and she slipped her cum coated hand out of his pants and licked it clean in the semi darkness. “That was a tasty treat she whispered to him, next time I want all of it” They rested a few more hours before crawling out of the shelter. They all spent the next week nursing everyone back to health, at the same time Jeremy worked on several projects the first was tools the second was a small canoe. It would be an outrigger and he worked on them mostly away from everyone else. When no one was watching he didn’t trust the situation as it stood and he didn’t want anyone doing anything stupid and running off with all his hard work. He kept the tools in a shallow hole near the cave and the canoe in the stand of cane.

Chapter VII

Naomi walked up to Jeremy as everyone came out stretching and shaking the grit off their bodies. “Have you been to the top of that peak?” she asked pointing

“Yes but only breifly to get the lay of the land”

“Can we go up there now?”

“Yeah sure in the meantime maybe we can get the girls to make some more rope. He showed the girls how to make the braided grass rope and then the two of them Jeremy and Naomi walked to the end of the Island. They made their way up to the top of the stone pillars. “Look” Naomi said when they reached the summit “I’m not happy about the whole master servant thing maybe it’s a black thing I don’t know really but you didn’t ask for it and I think more than a few of those women will embrace it. What I want to know is are you okay with it, that you won’t abuse it.”

“I think it’s just something I’m going to have to deal with,” Jeremy said

“Good so long as you’re not comfortable with it that’s good”

“Hey where did that come from” he pointed to an island maybe half a mile away to the west that looked bigger and the foliage was more lush.

“You think we could move camp over there” Naomi asked shielding her eyes with her hand
“Yeah I think so”

“What I was getting at was as long as your good and decent and don’t get used to the whole master servant thing I for one wouldn’t mind a little quality time with you.”

“What like a date or something?” Jeremy sputtered disbelieving

“Long walks on the beach and maybe a little cream in my coffee”

“Look Jeremy odds are we are going to be here for a while. You have eleven women who will be sharing the Island with you several of whom Hero worship you and they will all probably want a turn with their hero and while some of them might have other tastes. They all have needs and desires and if I can convince them or make a way for it to be fair. Hopefully once we get settled you will have more free time, of course everyone will have to share.”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

“You don’t know?”

“NO! What the heck are you talking about?”

“Sex Jeremy your going to have at least a half dozen women wanting to get you in the sack”

“Not while there is a crisis Uncle Edward says hormones should be ignored.”

“Who is uncle Edward”?

“My uncle he was a medic with marine recon he was also a SEAL. He’d take me out in the back 40 and then invite over a dozen or so girls to wiggle and shake while I completed various tasks, he’d let me mingle after I completed each one for a bit and then it was another task. He’d do his best and make sure the girls did their best to make it as distracting as possible for me and I’d have to finish five or six difficult tasks in an evening, and it would get really wild and raunchy by the end.”
“That explains your restraint.”

“What are you talking about?”

“These girls these women have been throwing themselves at you and yet you haven’t stopped working”
“That’s because there is so much to do”

“Look when things settle down all the girls or at least most of them will want to spend time with you. Mostly because you’re some darn sweet and nice, why haven’t any of them tried to scoop you up before now?”

“Well I was busy with school and I’m not Riche or Nuevo Riche and I’m not connected well with anyone.”
“Sounds like a bunch of superficial assholes”

“For the most part they are and snooty conniving backstabbing group I ever met it was just more, what the word I’m looking for it was just better if I ignored them and concentrated on my studies”

“And from what I’ve heard it’s really difficult to break your concentration”

“My dad and uncle worked hard that I can concentrate under almost any condition”

“Look we’ll talk after the move okay?”


“Good lets go we’ll need to build a raft or something.” They climbed down the rocks and walked back to the camp. The sun was setting so he sent most everyone to bed. A few people stayed up talking. Shannon came and sat down next to Jeremy.

“Master thank you so much for all that you have done is there anything I can do for you tonight?”

“I’m fine Shannon thank you” Jeremy replied “just need some time to think is all”

“As you wish master but if you desire anything please think of me”

“Of Course I will Shannon” He smiled in the early darkness. Sunni curled up next to him and they all rested. Jeremy half dozing to the sound of the surf breaking on the reef.

It was later how much Jeremy didn’t know he heard a scream. He rose “Master is everything all right?” Shannon asked.

“I don’t know Shannon stay here with Sunni and if I’m not back soon wake Naomi”
“Yes Master”

Chapter VIII

Jeremy walked down the beach in the darkness he saw three figures. Gary and Joe were Obvious the third he couldn’t tell it had to be one of the girls. He got close so he could overhear what was being said.
“So you betrayed me too did you bitch” It was Joe’s voice

“No Joe I well I didn’t have any choice in the matter” Annabel’s voice cracked.

“Of course not they put a gun to your head and told you to leave us here” Joe replied.

“No it wasn’t like that Joe you know I’m loyal to you I mean you’re my employer” Anabell replied
“Best not forget that bitch.” he said grabbing her by the shirt.

“What are you going to do?” Anabell asked

“Oh your going to make amends Anabell for your betrayal”

“Oh how?”

“Your going to bring one of those other bitches with you next time and your going to help us make an example out of her, if you don’t I’m going to make an example out of you. If you know what I mean”
“Yes of course Joe I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

“Good and when I’m feeling better I’m going to kick that poor kids ass, fuck that I’ll kill him, kill him with my bare hands.”

“Yes Joe of course I had better be getting back”

“Good we’ll see you tomorrow night don’t make us come looking for you.” Jeremy moved away and headed back down the beach to the camp. This is going to be harder than I thought, he said mostly to himself. He got one of the discarded Logs it was about 8 feet long and started scraping the bark off one side.

“Is everything all right master?” Shannon asked from the side of the hut.

“It will be eventually I hope” Jeremy said. It took him quite some time to smooth off one face of the log he went to work on the other two faces. He saw Annabel returning but he kept to himself working the log soon had a basic canoe shape it wouldn’t take much to capsize it but he had more work to do he scraped a hollow out of the top and set to work building a small fire. It took him about twenty minutes with his fire bow that he had made earlier and as he added more and more to the fire he used a piece of bark to transfer coals to the hollowed part of the canoe. It was dawn and he was tired still working on the canoe it was nearly finished at least the boat part was, burning part scraping burning scraping. It was tedious work but in between times he had started working on paddles he had two finished he made an out-rigger out of cane and another smaller fallen tree that he shaped as best he could. He used the ropes the other girls had made to lash it all together. The sun was rising and he called Shannon and Sunni over “Shannon I’m going to go test this boat don’t tell the others where I have gone just tell them that I’ll be back before noon I hope.”

“Yes master I’ll do what you ask.” Shannon said

“Where are you going” Sunni asked

“Call it a little fishing expedition Sunni don’t worry I’ll be back soon.”

“And don’t tell anyone I’m gone I will be back soon I promise”

“Okay” Jeremy dragged the boat to the edge of the water, smoothing the sand where it had been disturbed. “Jeremy” he looked up Sunni took his head in her palms and kissed him hard and deeply on the mouth “Be careful”

Jeremy smiled “I will, I’ll see you all very soon.” Jeremy launched the canoe it was unwieldy in the surf but he soon passed through the reef and headed toward the other island using the pinnacle of rock to guide him, he passed the reef on the other Island without incident and beached his canoe it was a surprisingly quick trip He walked inland for and then found a protected cove there was a grotto with a spring there and fresh water. There also appeared to be animal tracks. Goats it looked like. There was a lot more of the island to explore but he had to hurry this would work for everyone’s needs. He hurried back to the canoe and headed toward the pinnacle point on the island. He got there quickly and pulled the canoe behind some boulders hiding it from view he hurried down the beach.

“I was so worried is everything okay” Sunni asked leaping onto him nearly knocking him over as she kissed his neck and face.

“Everything is just great Sunni” he said untangling himself from the girl.

“Where have you been” Naomi asked looking at him inquisitively.

“I had some things to take care of” he smiled “I need to talk to you privately”

“Okay” Naomi said

“When do I get to talk to you privately” Tiffany exploded

Jeremy looked at Tiffany “we are just going to walk down the beach a little ways Tiffany nothing is going on that you won’t be let in on later so relax”

“I… I’m so sorry master please forgive me.”

“Everyone wait here I don’t want anyone going anywhere until I’ve Hashed this out with Naomi and when we come back I’ll tell you all the plan.” Jeremy said

“Okay” Sunni said glaring at Tiffany.

More to come.....

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