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I'm a 34 yr. old man dating a 38 yr. old woman with a 19 yr. old daughter, still living at home and a 16 yr. old nephew that stays with her on most weekends and during breaks from school. I went over one Saturday about a month ago and just let myself in as was usual as I've been dating Melissa for about 8 months now and was under the impression that I was expected.
I walked through the kitchen and not seeing anyone started to make my way into the living room. As I was about to step across the threshold, I heard a moan escape someone's lips that turned into an, "Oohhh shit Aunt Mel!" Hearing that should have prepared me for what I was about to see, but needless to say my jaw still dropped when I rounded the partition wall and saw reflected in the mirror my girlfriend kneeling in front of her nephew running her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Now, I'm not small, I have a good 8 inches, but this kid had to be packing about 6 1/2 inches himself.
As I stood there, slackjawed and dumbfounded not knowing whether to raise hell or quietly slip out, I realised my own cock had stiffened watching Melissa lick her teenage nephews cocklike her favorite popsicle and only snapped out of it when she finally took him wholly in her mouth and he released another,
"Aahhh man!" (Or it might have been Amen as I was a bit entranced when it happened) But I found myself sticking around to watch desptie my earlier reaction. I stuck around for another 5 or 6 minutes watching my girlfriends head bob up and down on his young cock, before finally deciding to leave. As I turned though I heard, "Aunt Mel, I'm gonna cuummm!" I looked back just as he went into full convulsions thrusting his hips into her eager mouth. The kid must have cum a full gallon because she kept swallowing for several seconds and being the pro cock sucker she is not missing a drop.
After watching this display I quietly let myself out and started making my way home to contemplate how I was going to contemplate this. But first thing on my mind was handling my own aching hard-on. I hadn't gotten more than a couple blocks away when my cell phone rang. "I thought you were coming over." she said. I had to pull over to talk as I was having a horrible time thinking of what to say, so I tried playing dumb. "I just haven't made it over yet." "Oh, ok." she said with a hint of disbelief in her voice. "Well, when are you coming?" "I don't think I'll be able to make it today." I told her, still unsure of what to do or say. With more than a little disappointment in her voice she asked, "Didn't you like the show I put on for you?" What the fuck?, I thought but still didn't let on. "Huh?" was the only response I could muster. "I thought you'd enjoy it, you're always talking about wanting to see me with someone else." Ih ad said that many times but never imagined it'd be with her nephew. "I just never thought....." At this she started laughing, "I told you when we started dating that I came from a wild family!" She then proceeded to tell me that this was a bit of a tradition in her family, how her Aunt and Uncle, then her Mother had initiated her and her brother when she was about 12. How she had given Shawn his first blowjob on his 13th birthday and took his virginity on his 14th. And how she first engaged her daughter Crystal in mutual masturbation when she was 12 and had turned her into a master pussy eater within 4 months and watched her brother fuck her when she turned 13.
By the time she finished I was pouring sweat and my cock felt like it was going to burst through my pants. I sat there for what seemed like forever when she asked, "I"ve completely freaked you out haven't I?" "I understand if you don't want to see me anymore but PLEASE don't tell anyone!!" "Truth is, I don't think I've been more turned on in all my life." "Really?" she asked with a bit of mischief in her voice. "Was there anything you would have liked me to do different?" "Well, I'd liked to see him cum on your face or tits like I usually do." "I usually just have him do that when we fuck, but if you wanna come over now you can cum all over me if you want!" I told her that I was turning around right then but that it would be a definite quickie as I was about to explode already. "That's ok," she said, "Shawn just left for a while and Crystal won't be home for bout an hour, IF you think you're ready to see that." "I'm sure I will be by the time she gets there." I said.
When I walked in the door she met me with a passionate kiss. Then dropped another bomb. "Slight change of plans." She then proceeded to strip me down and bind my hands behind me before sitting me on the couch. "This is so you don't get yourself off before I'm ready." She then explained that she wanted to time my blowjob with Crystals arrival like she had timed Shawn's with mine. She wasted no time in stripping off her own clothes and teasing me to damn near the breaking point. She started by rubbing her foot along my thigh. I warned her that if she didn't want me to cum just yet not to touch my cock. She just grinned ear to ear and told me, "I know what I'm doing." She then stood on the couch and lowered her nearly hairless cunt just inches from my face. She began making grinding motions towards me so that I could smell and nearly taste her sweetness.
Trying to keep from just knocking her over and forcing my cock on her somehow I asked, "So ummm, Crystal and Shawn, do they..." She laughed at this and lowered herself a little further sothat her (albeit a little saggy but still beautiful) 34B tits and raven-black hair were in my face and her cunt hovered barely above my cock. Still laughing a little she said, "He had her bent over the kitchen sink when I came in for breakfast this morning, she said she just needed a little before work." Then with her feet on the floor she kneeled in front of me and said, "I wish she'd hurry so I can put your cock in my mouth." "That makes 3 of us, you, me, and my cock." I replied. She then lowered her mouth so close that I could feel her breath on the head of my dick. She then raised up and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Be right back." I know she was only torturing me because she was gone for nearly 10 minutes for what should have taken 10 seconds.
When she came back she had both hands behind her back. "I'm giving you one out, if you're sure you're ready to see me with Crystal and can wait for her to get home, we'll keep this up. If not tell me and I'll suck you off right now." "No I can take it." Which felt like a lie. She pulled out her left hand with a phone in it. She called her daughter and after asking her how long she'd be said, "Good. Scott's here for a family meeting." With a wink to me. She smiled and said, "Even better." "She said she was planning on making a few stops on the way home but it wasn't anything that couldn't wait and she'd be here in about 15 minutes." Then she sat in the floor and spread her legs before revealing a vibrator in her right hand. "In the meantime....." I was helpless to watch while she ran the shiny gold toy up her slit to her enormous clit. Melissa always had a large clit which made for some very intense orgasms, but like my cock I'd never seen it swelled like this before. It didn't take long for what seemed to be several orgasms caused her body to vibrate and her cunt to leave a rather large puddle on the tile floor. She looked like she was ready to give out but then stuck the tip of the vibrator in her slick hole while she laid all the way back and at first slowly, then with more force with each thrust began to fuck herself furiously with the toy. Her heavy breathing and moans became cries of pure ecstacy as another wave of orgasms took her and another flood spilled onto the floor. Her body shook so much I thought she would faint. And her screams became so loud we almost didn't hear Crystal's car door shut.
With seemingly renewed energy, she leapt towards me and unbound my hands. With her hands still holding my wrists, she put her face nose to nose with mine and through her labored breathing whispered, "Soon." Gone were her playful smiles, replaced by a look of pure lust. As soon as the kitchen door closed Melissa called out, "In here sweetie." I turned to see Crystal with the same look on her face as her Mothers biting her lower lip standing next to the same wall from where I watched Melissa suck the cum from her nephew's cock not an hour before. As I looked at this gorgeous 19 yr. old girl I felt Melissa's mouth engulf nearly all my cock at once. I turned back just as she brought her head up and took it all on the second try. As I had promised her earlier it wasn't long, maybe 8 or 9 trips up and down my shaft before I announced, "Now baby!" She removed her mouth from me, just as the first massive shot hit right below her nose. The second and third hit her lips and cheeks, while she opened her mouth for the next couple swallowing some and allowing the rest to drip down her chin where it mingled with the last shots and dripped down onto her chest. She got up off her knees and after another deep kiss sat next to me spreading her legs. She then looked at her daughter and told her, "Now sweetie, come clean Mommy up."
Crystal started walking towards the couch leaving a trail of clothes behind her. And as she stood naked in front of her Mother in all her glory, I had never really noticed before just how much they looked alike. Except for Crystal's hair having a few blonde streaks, and her tits being more perky and a bit larger, (I've since learned they're 36C) and standing a little taller, (Melissa is 5'3" Crystal is 5'5") they could be sisters.
She knelt in front of her Mother, and used her right hand to caress Melissa's neck before leaning in and seperating her lips with her tongue and delivering the most erotic kiss I'd ever witnessed. When their lips parted a string of my cum dangled between them until Crystal stuck her tongue out to bring it in. Then using it like a sponge, she began licking and sucking on Melissa's face and tits until she had consumed every last drop. Then looking over at me with a smile, began kissing her slowly down her chest to her belly taking a moment to run her tongued around the belly button before taking her clit between her lips and tugging on it several times then sticking her tongue deep into the very pussy that had birthed her 19 yrs. before.
Melissa leaned her head back and through biting her lower lip let out a moan that said more than words could. I watched while she ran her fingers through her baby's hair grinding her hips against her face and with her other hand began to rub her clit so hard I was waiting for it to burst into flames.. After about 5 minutes of Crystal orally probing her pussy and her own clit stimulation Melissa let out a cry of, "Oohhh honey...honeyyy!!" The convulsions in her body and thrusting of her hips as she pu;;ed Crystal's face deeper into her told the tale. After the orgasm ceased Crystal stayed buried in her Mom's cunt for another few seconds, making sure every drop was taken in. "Just like a good little girl."

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2012-07-30 16:15:08
iy's a wonderful story...Where is the next part???


2010-05-27 10:00:18
Love to be in your family and, or , a very good friend.

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2010-04-02 18:44:55
wow...that made me cum hard...great job

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I sure would like to be welcomed into that family. GREAT STORY.

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