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Rachelle gets some cum candy
Svetlana leaves and I come back into the house. My daughter hits me up with; " Well what did you guys do tonight? " I had to tell her a half truth. I didn't want her to know that I had just filled the pussy of her best friends mother full of hot baby batter. I look at her, smiling and say; " Well we went out for a drink and to talk about you two little brats! " ( I get a small punch to the ribs from the daughter.) I laugh and say; " We just talked about things going on in the world and events around town, things like that." She looks at me, satisfied with my answer, moves torwards the kitchen. I follow her in and she turns around and ask if I wanted a glass of chocklate milk before we go to bed. ( It's our little tradition.) I tell her; " OK. I will go get changed for bed, while you make the chocklate milk. I head off to the bedroom, knowing she was going to put the pills in my drink.

I put my pajama bottoms and a tank top on and go back to the kitchen, where my daughter is waiting on me. The glasses are sitting on the counter, and I look at my daughter standing beside them. She hands me my glass and I say; " Why don't you go change first and we'll drink these down together." She smiles and says; " OK daddy I'll be right back. " She heads off to her room and I dump the drink into the sink. I quickly make myself another drink and wait on my daughter to return. She comes back out wearing a pink shirt that goes down to just above her knees, with a pair of black panties showing through her shirt as it is outlined as she moves torwards me. I can tell she has no bra on either as her perky little nipples make an outline on the outside of her shirt. ( How I wanted to just rip her shirt off and lick her nipples and suck on her pussy lips!)

We sit down at the table, talk awhile, and finish drinking our milk. I tell her that I am feeling really tired and for her to brush her teeth and go to bed and that I was going to do the same too. I go to bed, strip all my clothes off, and climb into bed waiting on my daughter to arrive. I am laying on my back, that way she would have an easy access to the prize she wanted. About an hour later, I hear the door open to my room. I lay there very still, acting like I am asleep. I hear whispering and I squint my eyes to look. I see my daughter going around the bottom of the bed, and moving to the right side and I see Natalia standing on the left. My daughter nudges me and says; " Daddy! Daddy! Are you awake? Daddy! " I just mummbled a little, acting like I was well sedated.

My daughter looks over at Natalia, and she back at my daughter, smiling at her as to say; " Yes he is out! " My daughter goes first pulling her pink top off. Her perky little pink nipples sticking straight out, surrounded by a nice size set of aeroles, on her just forming A-cup breast. I notice that she doesn't even have her black panties on that she had on earlier. She leans in and pulls the cover down to the bottom of the bed. Natalia pulls her shirt off showing me her almost flat chest with the same pink nipples and a nice set of aeroles surrounding them too. She leans over taking her sneakers and her socks off. she moves her hands to the side of her shorts and pulls them down, along with her underwear. ( I was starting to feel my prong starting to lift up from the show. )

The girls climb in on each side of the bed, sitting on their knees, at about where my hips where. Natalia looks over at Rachelle, and both girls move in closer, taking their hands, rubbing up and down my now swelling shaft. Natalia takes my stiff dick in her mouth sucking on the head, while her hand is now in her pussy working her finger in and out of her little love hole. ( MAN! Was I in heaven!) Rachelle moves over my legs and leans in, puttin her one hand in her cunny and the other on my hips, while she's kissing my sack and licking right at the root of my now throbbing member. Natalias little tongue is dancing on my tip and she is sucking on it very hard as if she was trying to pull the semen right out of my sack. I couldn't help but moan a little from what I was getting from the girls. They stop and look up for a moment to make sure I am still sedated.

Rachelle looks at Natalia and says; " I need his dick now! I am so ready to cum! " Natalia sits back up on her knees and watches as Rachelle mounts my throbbing pole. I feel my head pushing past her very wet labia and into the entrance of her vagina. She slowly slides me in, an inch at a time, feeling her tight walls lubing and massaging my pole as it goes deeper into her. I feel her almost bald pussy lips resting on my sack and her cervix kissing the head of my swollen member. Satisfied I am all the way in her, she leans forwards and puts her hands on my chest and starts moving her hips up and down my waist, massaging her clit, exciting her even more closer to an orgasm. She leans down kissing my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and I can taste the sweetness of her saliva mixing with mine. She moves down licking my nipples and saying; "OH Daddy! I wish you could suck my nipples! " I just wanted to open my eyes and grab her little nipples and just chew and lick all over them.

Natalia moves up to my daughter and says; " Let me suck on them, and you can pretend it's your dad! " Rachelle leans back and puts her hands on my legs, while Natalia sucks on her tits. Rachelle starts moaning loudly from my throbbing cock, tickling her cervix, to Natalias tongue, sucking her puffy nipples. I can feel Rachelles movements getting more intense as her juices run down my cock, out her vagina and onto my swollen balls. All of a sudden her body goes tense, and her puusy walls clamp onto my throbbing cock, and she lets out a scream as her orgasm hits her. She screams out; " I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! OH GOD! THAT FEELS SO GOOD EEENNNGGGH! "I feel the gush of her juice flying down past my shaft and squirting onto my balls. Her body shakes wildly and her cervix opens up, pushing my head in. I can't take it anymore, feeling her cervix surrounding the head of my dick like that, and I feel my balls tighten up and release a huge load of baby batter right into her waiting womb. She screams out again saying: " YES! YES! I FEEL IT! YES! DADDYS CUMMING IN ME! YES! FILL ME UP DADDY!" She has a second orgasm from feeling my hot spunk coating her womb, and my throbbing member, as it releases more loads of hot juice in to her.

She falls forward and her body shakes as she lays her head on my neck, kissing it, and pulls her head up to my ear, whispering; " Thanks daddy for making love to me. I love you. "

Natalia gets her turn in the next chapter

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