The exciting family love journey continues
Saturday, February 06, 2010

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It is time to begin a new “chapter” for the Miller and Taylor Families. They have moved to the island their lives are starting to change. The new life they have created is starting to blossom. Is it time for more new life to begin to grow?

They have slowly started to get to know the other families on the island and learn about their backgrounds. The families that they meet on the island are still very private because they are so accustomed to hiding their family love from the world. The characters that you love from FAMILY LOVE BOAT will continue and their lives will grow and change as a result of being on the island and being with the other families.

This is the last chapter of FAMILY LOVE BOAT. The Miller and Taylor family are moving to INCEST ISLAND. On INCEST ISLAND we will slowly meet each of the families and learn their story. Your favorite characters will help us meet these new families. Their lives will undergo some major changes as the new life they have created begins to grow and blossom.

In this final chapter of Family Love Boat, Ted and his family will start the process of sharing the side of their life that they have always hidden. The Millers and Taylors are beginning to make exciting plans for the future. Ted reveals his vision for what life for the Millers and Taylors will be like on INCSEST ISLAND. INCEST ISLAND chapter 1 will be published next week.

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Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller,
Zachary 14,
Hannah 12,
Emily 11,
Noah 11 ,

Ted and Amy Taylor,
Mike 15,
Kaitlin 14,
Will 13,
Sara 13,
Thomas 11,
Josh 9 months



After one of Mrs. Wong’s awesome dinners, everyone gathered around the stage. They gathered on chairs and beach towels. There were many bottles of wine and a festive atmosphere. The kids looked at the padded lounge chairs and whispered about the possibility of sex on stage…and then moved even closer. They all watched as Ted and his beautiful family stepped up on stage. Amy and the girls wore colorful sarongs and were topless. All of their nipples were erect. Ted had on a pair of running shorts and Mike, Will and Thomas all wore loin cloths. Ted stepped to the middle of the stage and welcomed everyone. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was just beginning to set. Ted began to speak and a hush came over everyone.


-As I told you this morning, I think it is critical that we really get to know each other, Ted told all of those who had gathered. As I thought about what I would share, I decided to go back to the beginning. Some of the things I am going to tell you I have never even told my wife and family. That is how important I think it is that we be open and honest with each other about our journey in family love.

Other than some seagulls crying to each other, it was perfectly still on the beach. People began to hug each other as they anxiously waited for Ted to begin.

-We’ll start with my story, Ted said. I have an older brother. His name is Michael. He was my Dad’s son from his first marriage. He was 10 years older than me. Handsome, rugged and very good looking are all phrases I would use to describe him. He was an awesome big brother that always looked out for me.

When I was 6 I had a terrible nightmare. I ran to Michael in the middle of the night. I was crying and scared to death. Michael took me into his bed. I didn’t know until then that Michael slept naked most nights. I felt his hard athletic 16 year old body against mine as he held me tight against him. He started to rub my back through my t-shirt. I groaned because it felt so good. I felt Michael’s strong hand slip under the t-shirt and he was rubbing my bare back. It felt 1,000 times better. I felt something between us but I didn’t know what it was. I just loved the feeling of him rubbing my back. Michael began to rub me with both of his hands and that felt even better.

After a while, his hands began to dip under the waistband of my flannel lounge pants. He was rubbing my bare butt and I loved it. That was when I felt my shirt get wet and kept feeling this hard thing between us. I touched it and realized it was his boner. He gasped and quickly turned over.

I hugged his back and whispered to Michael begging him not to stop.

Michael said we would get in trouble if anyone found out.

I promised him, as only a 6 year old could, that I would never tell.

He turned back toward me and he hugged me fiercely and told me how much he loved me. Michael kissed the top of my head and he inhaled deeply. He told me how good I smelled. Michael asked me if I wanted to sleep naked like him.

I was in awe and I could only nod my head.

He kissed the top of my head again and told me I was awesome as he slipped the t-shirt and flannel pants off. I felt Michael’s naked body against mine. It was the most amazing feeling ever and I told him so. He started rubbing my back and butt again, but this time he rubbed his hard penis against me. He must have been about 6” and I felt the wet tracks it left as it rubbed against me.

I asked him why it was wet and Michael told me that it only got like that when he liked someone a whole lot. Sometimes when I really like them it squirts all this thick hot sticky stuff.

Innocently I asked him if he liked me enough to make the thick hot sticky stuff.

Oh yes baby boy…Oh yes… He held me so tight and I felt his hard penis rubbing against my soft belly. Oh Teddy…I love you so much… And then I felt it. There was a hot wetness all over me. It smelled different…Michael’s room smelled like that a lot. Michael held me tight and he rubbed his hardness against me as he whimpered quietly and groaned as his semen squirted all over my naked body. Michael hugged our bodies together and whispered that it was the best ever. It had never felt that good. He kissed the top of my head and then my cheek. Michael reached over and pulled a t-shirt out from under the mattress and he began to clean us up.

I was in heaven. Here was my awesome big brother telling me that I had made him feel the best ever and we had a special secret.

Every night I would sneak into his room and we would get naked and he would rub against me until he climaxed all over me. It felt so awesome having his powerful body thrusting against mine. Every time he had an orgasm…it was the best. He told me how good it felt. It was a few weeks later, we were alone upstairs. Michael had just gotten home from basketball practice.

I went into his room and carefully looked around before I asked him the question that had been burning in my mind…when I would be able to get the good feeling. Michael looked down the hallway to make sure we were alone and he took me in his arms and his kissed my lips. Michael’s hand rubbed my rock hard little boy boner through my pants. We’ll try tonight. He whispered.

That night when I was going down the hall to Michael’s room I tripped over the vacuum cleaner that was standing in the hall. It made some noise as it fell over. I kept on going and was soon in Michael’s bed…naked as usual. Michael was starting to suck my penis when Daddy walked in. He turned on the light and found Michael with my little boy boner in his mouth.

Dad was very angry. He grabbed my pajamas and handed them to me and told me to get back to my own bed. I started down the hall and heard snatches of angry conversation.

…So disappointed…can’t stay here…military school…

I ran back to Michael’s room and still naked I hugged my Daddy’s leg. All I could say was a mournful…Noooooooooooo! As I sobbed, I eventually said…my fault…all my fault…Michael is awesome…I should have to go away. By this time Mom was standing in the doorway.

Mom took my naked boy body in her arms and she held me tight. She kissed me. In a low very reassuring voice she told me that nobody was going away. She couldn’t bear to part with any of us.

Mom sat on Michael’s bed. She pulled Michael up and held him against her body. Mom always wore very pretty and sexy night gowns. She put her face between Michael’s and mine. She alternated kissing us.

I looked over at Dad to see what his reaction was. The front of his boxer briefs were tented and wet…just like Michael gets wet. Mom took Michael and me by the hand and started to lead us out of Michael’s room. Michael started to reach for his underwear but she shook her head. She took us to their bed.

She closed the door. She sat on the edge of their bed with me naked beside her and Michael and Daddy in front of her. As we stood there Michael saw the bulge in Daddy’s underpants and his penis started getting hard again. Mom reached out and touched the wet spot in Daddy’s pants.
She looked up at Daddy.

-You have never been able to resist him…especially since puberty. Every time you saw him naked you made wild crazy love to me…I knew…I just didn’t know how to tell you it was okay. She told my Daddy.

Her fingers stretched the waistband of his boxer briefs and pulled them down over his rock hard cock.

I watched in amazement as she kissed his amazing boner. She looked at Michael.
–he has always wanted you. Mom told him. –pleasure him…please.

I watched the wild range of emotions that Michael was going through…even at 6 I understood what a powerful moment I was watching. Michael fell to his knees and he wrapped his strong arms around Daddy’s hip. It was like he was afraid that Daddy would run away and this moment would be lost forever. Daddy groaned as Michael began to suck his penis. Daddy was a big man and Michael couldn’t take all of it…but it didn’t matter. Daddy stroked Michael’s black hair and I watched as a tear went down Daddy’s cheek. I had never seen my father cry…ever. It only took a few moments and Daddy was holding Michael’s face…he thrust his boner in and out of my handsome big brother’s mouth. Daddy cried out and then thick white creamy cum squirted out of the corners of Michael’s mouth. Michael was gagging but he would not let go. He wanted every drop.

When Daddy finished he looked down and saw Michael’s cum all over the dark wood floor and his own feet. –You didn’t touch it…did you? Daddy asked Michael.

Michael put his head down and quietly said –no sir.

Daddy pulled Michael into his arms and their naked bodies were pressed tightly together.

-Awesome! Was all Daddy said.

The next thing I knew we were all in Mom and Dad’s bed. Daddy was feeling my boner and then he started to suck it. I was in heaven. He stopped and looked at Michael and Mom. Michael had a raging boner again. Daddy touched it. -You’d better fuck your Mother son.

-But John…I’m fertile. Mommy told Daddy.

-Fuck her good…son…fuck her real good…make us a real family. Daddy told Michael.

Mom spread her legs as Daddy and me watched. She pulled Michael between them.

–Oh god Michael…you’re awesome…oh yes…so good. She said a lot more but it was hard to understand because she and Michael were kissing.

We watched as their beautiful bodies slammed together in a fierce animalistic mating. It was some of the wildest raw sex I have ever seen. Momma cried out…even at 6 I knew she was having the good feeling.

-Oh…yes…fuck me Michael…fuck me Son…give me your baby… Momma cried out. She cried out a lot of other stuff but she was pretty much out of her head and it didn’t make sense.

Michael grunted and groaned. His face contorted as the good feeling hit him. He cried out and his hips were a blur as he filled Momma with his seed. Daddy never touched his cock…but when Michael came…Daddy squirted hot cum all over me. I watched as big thick creamy globs of man cum landed on my belly…then my penis…then my face…

Daddy took me in his arms and he tenderly licked all of his cum off of me. Then he sucked my boner until I had the best good feeling ever. We were up all night. It was awesome.

The most amazing thing was when Momma told Daddy to suck Michael. –You have always wanted to suck him. Pleasure your boy and tell him how much you love him.

It was like Michael melted in Daddy’s arms. Tears were streaming down his face. He sobbed and told Daddy.

–I was sure you would hate me…you know…if you knew about me…knew about my love for Teddy.

Daddy hugged Michael tight. I couldn’t see his face but his back was shaking. I am pretty sure he was crying too.

–I’m so sorry Michael, Daddy told him. -I loved you so much…was always afraid to show it.

Daddy took Michael’s awesome teen boner in his mouth and he began to suck him. It was slow and as I think about it now…a very sensual, passionate father son moment.

My baby sister Crissy stood in the doorway. She was 4 years old. Momma put her arms out and Crissy ran to her. Mom stripped off her little flannel night gown and held her naked body against her.

Ted was so lost in telling the story he didn’t notice that Christie was straddling Ryan and riding his rock hard cock. Amy was between Ted’s legs slowly licking and sucking the copious precum off of Ted’s penis. Ted groaned as Amy did a long slow lick up the underside of Ted’s shaft. His thick hard cock became a fountain of hot creamy cum. As Ted gasped for breath his man seed squirted all over Amy’s face until she could take the erupting head into her mouth and suck the essence from her man. Ted jetted hot seed deep in her throat until he was spent. His cock remained hard and Amy climbed onto the thick man shaft and rode it hard. Her stiff clit rubbed against his shaft until she slammed it again and again into his pubis until she screamed with wild passion as her orgasm swept over her. Amy slammed her hot steaming cunt against his pubis again and again stretching her cervix wide open and taking his seed deep in her womb.

Christie cried out as she climaxed. That was enough to push Ryan over the edge and he shot his thick cum deep in her womb. If she weren’t already pregnant…this would have done the job. Christie felt his cum flood her womb and she slammed against his rock hard shaft until she began to squirt all over her handsome man.

The beach club was filled with the sounds of orgasmic love. Every direction that Ted looked in people were pleasuring each other. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Amy stood up on the stage and asked people if they wanted to hear more of the Taylor family story.

People stopped whatever they were doing and applauded…some started standing up and they gave the Taylors a standing ovation. There were lots of shouts of “Please” and “Continue.”

Amy moved behind Kaitlin and her hands were over Kaitlin’s shoulders and cupping the beautiful 14 year old girl’s breasts. As Amy began to speak, her fingers began to naturally play with Kaitlin’s nipples. It only took a few seconds before Kaitlin’s milk began to squirt out in a small stream.

-Oh baby...I am so sorry.

The baby was sound asleep and so Mike knelt beside Kaitlin and he began to nurse. Jason Garcia who had earlier asked Ted about Mike nursing on Kaitlin’s breasts stripped naked and began to furiously masturbate. It only took seconds of watching Mike nurse and a trickle of milk running down his cheek to cause Jason to squirt hot semen all over.

Amy looked down at her sexy son and daughter.

-Mike and Kaitlin can tell you better how it started for us as a family than anybody. They are the ones that helped us discover the world of family love.

Mike stood up and he started to tell his story. His penis was still hard from nursing on Kaitlin and he untied the leather thong that held up his loin cloth. He let go of the leather ties and the loin cloth fluttered to the ground.

-I hope you don’t mind but I think I will be more comfortable naked.

As Mike stood there with his magnificent body naked and his 6 ½” erection throbbing and leaking precum, everyone became very still. They were drinking in every detail of his magnificent lean muscular body from his unruly blond hair to the tips of his very cute tan feet. No detail of his body went unnoticed.
-I came home from Basketball practice one afternoon. I was still sweaty and in my shorts and t-shirt from practice. Kaitlin called out to me as I came up the steps. I was about 13…almost 14…and Kaitlin had just turned 12. She called out to me as I came up the step and asked me to help her for a minute.

Mike looked down for a minute to find the resolve that he needed for this next part.

-Like Dad I am going to tell you stuff that I have never told anyone. Mike said.

He looked at his best friend Zach and stared at him.

-The story I told you the other night was true…it ummm…well…it just wasn’t the whole story. I was still embarrassed that all of you would think I was some sort of pervert stalker…you know…I was afraid of what you would think of me if I told you everything. I am going to tell the whole story tonight. Mike told Zach while all of the families on the island listened in rapt attention.

-I was excited for any opportunity to be close to Kaitlin. I love my other brothers and sister…but I was crazy about Kaitlin. I don’t know if it started when we were little and took our bath together. I have always gotten boners whenever I am around her…she is just…well…hot!

-It really got intense when Kaitlin turned 10. She loved wearing my old worn t-shirts. I will never forget the chilly night when we were outside and she was wearing one of my old Abercrombie shirts. It had been washed a million times and the cotton was soft and worn. Kaitlin looked so sexy in it. Then I saw that her nipples were sticking out…she suddenly had puffy little breasts and hard nipples. I got so hard looking at them. I don’t know if she noticed my boner. She told me she was cold and I wrapped my arm around her protectively. I pulled her close and I inhaled her wonderful girl scent. When I pulled her close…I ummm…pulled her against my hard boner. It felt awesome…I was 12 and it is a miracle that I didn’t shoot off in my pants. My own chest was bare and I felt her hard nipples through the t-shirt. My boner got even harder.

-That night I couldn’t go to bed soon enough. I got naked and crawled into my bed and turned out the light. I visualized Kaitlin and I wrapped my hand around my naked boner and I began to stroke it. I tried to imagine her breasts. I knew I had to see them…I was obsessed. From then on I could not take my eyes off of her and I would sneak peeks of her anytime she was undressing.

-Kaitlin wanted help with a math problem…I would be close to her. Some of those thoughts flashed through my mind as I climbed the steps toward her room. I walked into her room. She asked me for help on how to solve an algebra problem. I started to lean over her desk and explain it to her when I realized that I was all sweaty and probably smelly. She asked me why I pulled back…and I told her.

-Kaitlin sniffed the air. Mike explained and demonstrated how Kaitlin sniffed the air. She smiled at me and said, it’s okay…I think you just smell like a boy. She blushed and told me she kind of liked it. I was so glad I was wearing a jock strap because I have never been that hard. I thought about Kaitlin all the time. I dreamed about being naked with her…like we are now. I jacked off at least once a day thinking about her sexy body and things I would like to do with her. I was standing there so turned on that I could hardly talk.

Kaitlin stood up next to Mike and she untied her sarong and let it fall to the ground. She turned and kissed Mike passionately. You are so awesome…she told her big brother. Kaitlin picked up the story telling.

-Mike leaned on my desk. Kaitlin told all of the gathered families. She walked around the stage and smiled when she saw that every boy and man was staring at her.

-I…ummm…was totally distracted and didn’t hear anything he was telling me about solving the math problem. I was overwhelmed by the scent of the boy. I had no idea that Mike felt the same way about me that I feel about him. I longed for every moment that we could be close.

-As Mike stood next to my desk, I kept looking at his strong hand and arm in front of me glistening with perspiration. I inhaled deeply and he caught me and commented that I must really like stinky boys. I was thinking that I would love to take his clothes off and rub my face in them. I was trying to think of anything that would keep Mike in my room. Kaitlin told all of this with a faraway dreamy look in her eyes.

-I grinned and nodded yes. I wanted his sweaty body pressed against mine. The wild sexual thoughts that raced through my head about stripping Mike naked and the things I would do to his hard body…I was so turned on and I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the talk to turn sexy.

-As he finished explaining how to solve the problem, I asked Mike if he would answer a personal question. He nodded and said yes without any hesitation. I told him that Mary Jo Evan told me that she and her boyfriend Nathan made out all the time and Nathan put her hand on his hard thing. I looked up at my sexy big brother and asked him if his thing ever got hard like that. I held my breath…I was so afraid Mike would be upset or grossed out that his little sister would ask him a question like that. It seemed like an eternity before he answered.

-Mike smiled and nodded at me and said that it did a lot. He asked me how I knew so much about a guy’s thing. I blushed and made him promise he wouldn’t get mad at me. He nodded and I told him I sometimes sneak peeks of him when he is in the shower and changing clothes…or at least that is what I told him. I really snuck in and took pictures of him with my cell phone…naked pictures of Mike. I would lie in bed naked at night and play with myself as I looked at the pictures.

Kaitlin was sitting on the end of a cushioned lounge chair as she told the story; Mike sat on the stage between her legs. Kaitlin hugged Mike’s bare chest as he sat between her legs.

-I am so sorry Mikey…I just couldn’t help myself. I loved to perv your body.

Mike turned around and grinned at Kaitlin. He parted her labia and licked her pussy. Kaitlin shivered as his tongue stimulated her hard clit. She continued her story as he very gently massaged her clit with his thumb.

-Mike stood beside my desk and grinned at me and told me that he knew I was peeking in on him. I held my breath…but he didn’t seem to know about the cell phone camera. Mike told me that he could see me in the mirror.

-I thought Mike was going to get really upset with me for spying on him. But he just kept that awesome smile of his. He looked down shyly and then he said to me.

-And….um…it is really hard right now with all of this talk about it. Mike turned red in the face when he asked me if I wanted to see it. I couldn’t believe that my very cool, sexy big brother was going to show me his penis. Mike pulled down his shorts and his jock strap and I thought I would faint. Here it was…right in front of me. I looked at his penis and then I looked up at Mike…then back at his boner again. All I remember is that Mike stroked my hair and told me that I could touch it if I wanted to. As I reached out to touch it, Mike said it would be very cool if we were both naked. I knew that Mom had taken the twins shopping and that we had a while before anyone would be home. I stripped off my t-shirt and pulled off my shorts. Mike stripped off his shirt and as he did I saw the hair under his arm. It was cool and I ran my finger down through it. It was wet with his perspiration.

When Mike looked at me his eyes looked kind of funny…like out of focus. I just remember him saying…Kaitlin…you’re so beautiful. I have always thought you were pretty …but…wow…magnificent…hot…those breasts are so cool. I looked at Mike and I hugged him. I loved the feeling of his strong body wet with perspiration tight against my body. I didn’t think it could get any better than this….and wow did it. I was sure any second that Mike would say that we needed to put our clothes back on…I couldn’t stand that…It had to go on.

I told Mike that Mary Jo told me that she…like made Nathan squirt seed. Even though Mary Jo told me exactly how everything happened in awesome detail…I pretended that I didn’t understand how it worked. So I asked Mike. That’s not possible is it? …I mean unless he like…ummm…put it…you know…in her.

-Yes it is possible. Guys my age can make seed anytime they want to. Mike told me authoritatively. His awesome boy scent was driving me crazy as he held me against his naked body. I felt his boner throb when he talked about sex stuff.

-No way… I said…continuing to pretend that I did not know about how guys jack off.

-Yeah…you just have to stroke it for a while and that will make the seed squirt out.

-So…ummm…you could make baby seed anytime…like right now even? I asked Mike shyly…holding my breath and praying that he would want to show me. I reached between us and ran my fingers up Mike’s shaft…

-oh wow…Mikey…it’s so hard…so smooth…and ummmm so hot. Kaitlin looked around the beach club and told everybody that when she touched Mike’s penis for the first time…he groaned so deep that it scared her…I pulled my hand back…I thought I had hurt him.

-Mike put my hand back on his hard penis and told me he groaned because it felt so good. I couldn’t believe it…my sexy big brother put my hand back on his hard penis. He took my hand once it was wrapped around his shaft and he held my hand and began to stroke himself with my hand. The feeling of his hand wrapped around mine and his thick hard throbbing cock…the awesome boy scent…it was too much…I was sure I was going to faint. His strong sweaty hand covered mine and guided me up and down his awesome boy boner. My brother was just so manly standing there stark naked and my hand sliding up his precum slick shaft. The flared head of his penis was so red. I felt my fingers as they bounced over the thick ridge around the head. Each trip up his shaft coated my hand with his slippery precum. It only took a few strokes and Mike groaned… Oh Kaitlin…I am gonnna…

Mikey gasped. His thick creamy boy cum started to shoot out the tip of his magnificent cock. The first jet of hot cum seemed to fly through the air in slow motion and I watched as it landed on my algebra book, and pencil. I put out my other hand out. I felt his shaft as the next jet of his seed squirted out. A big thick glob of hot semen landed in my hand. I don’t think I had taken a breath for 10 minutes and I gasped when I felt his hot cum hit my hand. I knew it could make a baby and my knees got weak. I had my brother’s baby seed in my hand.

-I have never even told Mikey this, she said as she stroked his tousled blond hair. Kaitlin leaned over and kissed the top of Mike’s head. I wanted this sexy boy’s baby so bad. I could not believe I was having thoughts about having a baby…much less my own brother’s baby.

-As I stood there with a hand full of Mikey’s essence, I watched him continue to spurt. Mike’s cum continued to shoot all over my homework paper and then on my floor. I kept wondering what it would be like to have his baby growing in me. I seriously thought about putting the hand full of sperm in my hand in my vagina.

Then I took a closer look at the seed in my hand.

Mike was still sitting between her legs and he turned his head and kissed the inside of her thigh.

-I had no idea that you had ever considered what it would be like to have my baby. Mike said in awe as he turned to look up at his sexy little sister as she sat there naked with him in front of God and everyone on the island.

Kaitlin leaned down and kiss Mike on the lips. It was a lingering passionate kiss. She looked back out at everybody and smiled shyly.

-Sorry…I got distracted…Mike is just so sexy. So anyway…I was standing there looking that the glob of hot cum in my hand. I was awed by what I was holding. It was like…holy or something. I touched it. Then I sniffed it. And then…I tasted it.

-I couldn’t believe it. Mike said. Of course Mary Jo told her she swallowed some semen and Kaitlin had to try it. She thought it was a little salty. l looked at her breasts as we stood there naked. They were amazing. I had longed for this moment for a long time. I touched them gently with my finger. The hard nipple felt amazing under my finger tip. Then we heard noise down stairs. We both got dressed really fast. I kissed her on the cheek and ran for my room.

-As Mike ran out and I got my clothes back on. I sat down at my desk and I saw his semen all over my book, pencil and homework paper. I reached inside my running shorts and pulled aside my panties. At first I just played with my hard clit. Then I reached out with my finger and I gathered the semen off of the yellow pencil. I moved my finger to my vagina and I was so wet that it slipped in easily. I shivered as I felt the tip of my finger touch my cervix. I did the same thing with the drop of semen that landed on my paper. I turned in that paper the next day and I often wondered if Mr. Smith my Algebra teacher ever noticed the stain on my paper or the funny smell. Anyway after putting his sperm in my vagina, I found that I really liked it when I touched myself and I lay down on my bed after locking my door. I spread my legs and I began to finger myself. I found my hard clit and I thought about Mike’s naked body and his hot sperm. I thought about his hard cock deep inside me and felt my body shake with pleasure. It was my first real orgasm and I had it thinking about Mike. As the awesome pleasure faded, I heard Sara calling me down to dinner. I pulled my panties back over my pussy and I ran down the steps. My mother the doctor said I looked flushed and she checked me to see if I had a temperature…I was on fire alright. Just not the way she was thinking about being feverish.

Mike stood up and he began to pace around the stage in all of his naked glory. His penis was rock hard and bobbing with each beat of his heart. Long strands of clear precum leaked from his raging erection. Everyone was beginning to feel each other up and the kids were masturbating slowly as they hung on every word of Mike and Kaitlin’s story. Mike continued the story.

-That night when I tried to do my homework all I could think about was Kaitlin. When I was ready to turn off the light, I stripped naked and crawled on to the bed. I lay on top of my bed stark naked and harder than I had ever been in my life. I needed to get off so bad. I started to stroke my hard shaft. I heard the door open. I held my breath expecting Mom or Dad. My erection began to wilt in my hand. I noticed that the light didn’t come on. Mom or Dad would have turned on the light when they came into my room. I held my breath and then I felt her hands on my naked body. Her sweet little voice saying, Mikey…I want to touch you more. Then I felt the sleeve of her night gown touch my arm as it landed beside me. Kaitlin climbed in my bed. She lay on top of me. Our naked flesh was pressed together. My hard cock was pressed between our naked bodies… I am sure I wasn’t breathing. The pleasure of her touch was so sensual. I was on fire. Every nerve ending in my body was tingling.

-Mmm…this is awesome. Kaitlin told me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her move around a little and I prayed I wouldn’t cum. I felt her legs open up and her knees were at my sides. Kaitlin scooted down. I was in awe because I knew that she had spread her legs for me…opened herself up for me. Kaitlin’s moist pussy lips caressed the tip of my penis. It was very light at first as if her pussy lips were kissing the tip of my penis. My brain could not process the electric jolts of pleasure that were firing off in the tip of my penis. It was awesome. Kaitlin could not stay still and the head of my penis suddenly slipped inside her. She wiggled and moved until I whispered for her to stay still or I would cum. Kaitlin stayed still for a few moments, but I was too far gone for that to help much. When she moved around again, I groaned as I squirted her full of my hot sperm. She kissed me on the lips the whole time I was cumming. As the wild sensations died down I realized that I had just cum in my little sister. My penis was still hard and I felt the resistance of her hymen…good…I thought…she was still a virgin…even thought I had just filled her with my incestuous seed.

-The next morning when I was getting ready for school Kaitlin came in and kissed me again. She asked me if I got her pregnant last night. Kaitlin seemed disappointed when I told her that was not possible unless she was having periods. She kissed me again and told me last night was awesome. I love you Mikey, she told me. As she ran out of my room and down the steps to catch her school bus, I stood there in my room with a raging erection and visions of my sexy little sister with a swollen belly filled with my baby. I gathered my books and held them in front of my crotch that was swollen with incestuous lust. I too ran down the steps to catch my school bus.

-As I walked toward the bus stop, I had my books in front of my crotch. The motion of walking caused the books to bounce against the super sensitive head of my boner. I remember thinking that I felt like I was going to shoot, but I was sure that just walking wouldn’t make me cum. I gasped as I felt my hard cock begin to shoot cum. I was thankful that it was still dark outside because I began to hump my hard cock against my world history book. I felt jet after jet of hot semen squirt into my boxer briefs. I looked down as I reached the corner and my orgasm had subsided and the street light allowed me to see the wet spot on the front of my jeans.

I spent the next two hours hiding the wet spot on the front of my jeans. All day at school…in every class…all I could think about was how I had pumped my 11 year old sister full of my cum. I had a raging boner all day long.

-It was the same for me, Kaitlin said. I knew that I was going back to Mike’s room that night.

-That night my beautiful little girl came to me, Mike said as he wrapped his arms around Kaitlin. She was naked when she came in to my room. Kaitlin had walked down the hall from her room right past Mom and Dad’s room stark naked.

-I was on my bed naked with the covers pulled back. Kaitlin crawled on top of me and with our naked bodies pressed together she kissed me. Kaitlin hugged me tight and told me how much she loved me. She kissed me again and her lips parted. We were both breathless and were breathing through each other’s mouth. It was so sexy…so intimate. Then I tasted her for the first time. Kaitlin’s tongue was magical. Her awesome taste…the incredible texture of her tongue…her hot breath against my cheek…it was all so erotic.

-Her naked body was on top of me like the night before. I felt Kaitlin straddle me. I could visualize her presenting her sex to my rock hard cock. She scooted down and took my hard penis into her. I gasped as her pussy lips consumed the head of my boner. I was so close to orgasm…I wanted it to last. I was startled as I felt my hard cock go deeper in to her steaming hot vagina. This time she took me deeper and I felt her hymen stretching. I wanted to stop her but it felt so good. I held her tight and I felt it snap. Kaitlin gasped as my penis went to her core. I had taken my 11 year old beautiful sister’s virginity. This time I rolled her over and I began to thrust until I felt the hot seed race through my penis. I squirted her full of my seed again. Kaitlin loved it.

-She wrapped her legs around me. I never went soft. I began to slowly thrust a few minutes later and we built to an amazing shared orgasm. We slept for a while joined as one. About 3 am we awoke with my hard cock throbbing deep in her hot vagina. I kissed Kaitlin and sucked her amazing nipples while my hard cock thrust deep in her smoldering sex. She wrapped her sexy long legs around me and held me captive as we went over the edge. She pulled me tight against her cervix so that every drop of my semen went in her womb. It was 4 am when her sexy naked body headed back down the hall. I fell in a deep sleep. When the alarm went off the next morning, I stumbled into the shower. I didn’t notice anything until I started to turn on the water and looked down and saw that there was dried blood all over my penis and legs. That was when Mom yelled for me to get out there. I grabbed my towel and went into the bedroom. She tore the towel away from my loins and saw the blood all over me but no wound. She ran into Kaitlin’s room and saw that she was a bloody mess too.

-She marched us naked into her room and called her office and told her nurse to cancel her appointments for the day. She looked at Daddy and told him that our babies had sex last night. I was sure any second that one of them was going to lose it. It was real quiet. Daddy called his office and left a message that he would not be in today. The 10 year old twins Will and Sara were standing in the door way when Daddy got up to go to the bathroom. Daddy’s penis was rock hard and he was completely naked like Kaitlin and me. I had never seen Daddy with a boner. It looked so cool. I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t sure that the world was about to come to an end for Kaitlin and me. The twins just watched it all with their mouths hanging open.

-When Dad came back in the room he was still half hard. Thomas, our 9 year old brother, had joined the twins in the doorway. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and said nothing.

-Daddy put his arm around Mom and hugged her. He told her that she had wondered how they were going to talk to us about this and I guess we have our answer. Daddy told her. Dad kissed Mom on the cheek.

-Mom and Dad watched as Kaitlin wrapped her arms around my naked waist and she held me tight. Her body was trembling with fear. She was sure we were in trouble and she started to sob against my chest. I held her tight and begged her not to cry.

-I held Kaitlin’s trembling body tight against mine and I was willing to do anything necessary to protect her. I was shocked when Mom and Dad hugged our naked bodies between them. Mom kissed the top of Kaitlin’s head and told her everything was fine. I felt Daddy’s hard boner pressing against Kaitlin and me.

-The twins and Thomas rushed in and joined the family hug. Nobody went to work or school that day. We were home all day learning about how to love our family. Daddy took Mom in his arms and kissed her. This is what we have always dreamed about, he told her as her lifted her nightgown over her head. Dad kissed Mom passionately and played with her pussy as his kisses worked their way down to her breasts. All of us kids watched in awe as Mom held Daddy’s head against her boob and moaned as he sucked her nipples.

-Mom and Dad hugged the twins and Thomas. Mom stripped Sara’s nightgown off. Dad stripped Will and Mike stripped Thomas naked. Daddy and Mommy took us to their bed.

Amy saw that Mike was being distracted by his sister slowly licking the precum off of his erection as it drooled down the shaft.

From the other side of the stage they heard Amy say something. Most of them had been so focused on Mike and Kaitlin and their story that they had not seen Ted stretch out on the lounge chair or Amy straddle him. Most people were surprised to find Amy sitting on Ted as she faced the audience and with her back to Ted. She had his thick cock buried to the hilt in her steaming pussy. Everyone watched in awe as Amy rode the thick cock while playing with her clit.

-Let me continue our story, Amy told them. Like Ted, I had experiences when I was young and if you would like for me to do it I will share those experiences another night. I want to finish the story Kaitlin and Mike were telling.

-Ted and I had talked as the children matured about the joy of family sex with them. We were looking for the right time to open the discussion with the kids. Mike and Kaitlin provided the perfect opening. I could tell from the way they had been acting the last couple of days that things between them had changed. Both of them had a strong sexual aura around them. Finding that Mike deflowered his sister opened up a whole new world of opportunities for our family. We all climbed in bed naked. Sara saw the dried blood on Kaitlin and wanted to know if she had been hurt.

-I told Sara that Kaitlin wasn’t hurt. I asked Kaitlin to explain what had happened. Kaitlin started to tell the story in a halting and embarrassed fashion. I stopped her. I told Kaitlin that what had happened was a beautiful thing and I wanted her to share that thing with her brothers and sister.

-Kaitlin could not hide her shock. Kaitlin told the twins and Thomas that she and Mike had been talking about sexual things. One thing led to another and we were naked and touching each other. Mike showed me how boys masturbate and make the seed that makes babies. I thought it was awesome. I think everything about Mike is awesome. Once we got started, I couldn’t be naked with Mike enough. Last night I spent the night in Mike’s room. Mike put his penis in me…he had done that before…but not all the way in me. There is a thing called the hymen inside a girl.

-Kaitlin looked to me to see if it was okay to demonstrate with Sara. I nodded and Kaitlin had Sara spread her legs. She felt inside Sara’s vagina and then put Sara’s finger in and helped her find the hymen. She then helped Will and Thomas find Sara’s maidenhead. When that skin is there a girl is a virgin. The first time that she has sex the boy’s penis tears that little bit of skin. That is what happened last night. Mike put his penis all the way in and took my virginity. Kaitlin spread her own legs and let Sara, Will and Thomas feel her vagina.

-Will grinned and said, Mike’s boner did that…whoa…very cool. Is that blood, Will asked and pointed to both Mike and Kaitlin’s legs. They nodded.

-Ummm…Mike….can we like watch you put your thing in Kaitlin, Sara asked shyly.

-Mike said sure. He took Kaitlin in his arms. The three younger kids watched Mike penetrate his beautiful sister again. Watching Mike and Kaitlin was too much for Ted and he began to take me from behind. I felt his thick cock penetrating my wet pussy. Will watched his Dad’s thick penis sliding in and out of his mother’s cunt. He began to touch Ted’s penis it as it slid in and out and that was just enough to push Ted over the edge. I felt him squirting his thick hot semen deep inside me. I was to engrossed watching Will, Sara and Thomas try to process what was happening with their parents and their big brother and sister.

-My pussy was dripping with the hot semen that Ted had ejaculated. I pulled my handsome 9 and 10 year old sons to my naked body. They had just watched their father and their big brother climax. I asked them if they would like to see what penetrating a woman felt like. They both nodded and I pulled Will toward me and he slipped easily between my legs. I told Kaitlin to take Thomas into herself. Mike lifted his little 9 year old brother and put him between Kaitlin’s legs. As he put his penis in his sister, Thomas told Mike that it was gooey. Mike told Thomas that it was his seed that makes babies.

-Are you going to make a baby in Kaitlin, Thomas asked Mike.

-Yes…someday I will. Mike told him.

Will began to thrust into me and seemed to delight in having sex with his mother. Thomas was lost in the marvelous sensations of making love to his sister. Both sexy young boys were lost in giving us their virginity.

Sara crawled over to Mike and she lay beside her big brother and fondled his awesome 13 year old cock. She hugged Mike and told him how hot and hard his stiff flesh was. Mike leaned down and sucked on her 10 year old breasts. They reminded him so much of what Kaitlin’s breasts were like the two years before. Mike’s fingers found Sara’s puffy little pussy lips and he parted them and found her tiny hard clit. Mike discovered quickly that his 10 year old sister had a very strong sex drive.

Sara wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck and he felt her pussy lips against his erection.

-Take it Mikey…please take my virginity.

Mike rolled his baby sister on to her back as everyone watched. Kaitlin rubbed Mike’s back and his father played with the base of Mike’s cock and guided the hard boy flesh toward his little sister’s vagina. Sara moaned as he began to penetrate her. Mike’s hard boy stalk slid into her vagina.

-Oh sweet baby your pussy is so tight, Mike told Sara. Sara began to kiss Mike passionately as he began to play with both of her nipples. His cock ached for release. He eased the stiff shaft into Sara vagina until he was stretching her maidenhead.

-Sara moaned and then begged Mike to take her virginity.

Mike thrust forward and little Sara cried out as his thick 13 year old boy cock ruptured her hymen. Mike kissed his baby sister and continued to thrust he boy cock deep in his little sister pussy. His hard cock stretched the absolute depth of her sex until he stretched her cervix wide open to receive his cum right into her tiny unprotected womb. Mike cried out again and again as his hot semen erupted into her.

-Mike that was awesome, Sara told him as she wrapped her arms around her big brother’s neck. You’re the best.

-We spent the day in bed pleasuring each other. Kaitlin worried when her Daddy showed no interest in her sexually.

He hugged her and she felt his raging erection against her. Baby I love you so much and I would love to make love to you…but if there is a baby in you I want it to be Mike’s baby. I know how much you two love each other and I want him to fuck you every day until your belly becomes round with his baby.

When he makes you pregnant, I will make love with you as much as you want. Now let your sexy brother fill you with his seed again. We watched Mike fill his beautiful 12 year old sister with his thick creamy boy semen again and Ted made beautiful love to me. Our beautiful kids made love for four months and Kaitlin never seemed to get fertile. I was ready to consider testing her fertility when they were in bed with us one night and I noticed that she had a little tummy bulge. I didn’t say anything and had she and Mike spend the night with us. Ted and I were amazed that the beautiful children made love three times that night.

I awakened Kaitlin when I got up and I took her to the bathroom with me. Kaitlin sat on the toilet mystified as I held the pregnancy stick between her legs and under her stream. We waited together and watched the little plus sign appear. I held my beautiful daughter in my arms and we began to kiss. At first it was a celebration kiss and then it became passionate. I was so turned on by her pregnancy. I sucked her nipples and licked and sucked my way to her pussy. She spread her legs wide and I began to pleasure her. I could still taste Mike’s salty semen as I quickly brought Kaitlin to a powerful orgasm.

Kaitlin led me back to our bed and she began to pleasure me. She kissed me and then licked and sucked my nipples until I was dripping wet with anticipation. Kaitlin began to lick and suck my pussy. I was so turned on by my little girl making love to me that my first orgasm washed over me quickly. Kaitlin never quit. She kept licking and sucking until the second orgasm hit me. It was thunderous and sent wild jolts of pleasure through my body. I remember clawing the sheets but not much else. I was so sensitive…I needed for Kaitlin to stop. She wouldn’t Kaitlin had her fingers deep in my pussy as she licked my swollen clit. I begged her to stop and then it happened…the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. My body rocked and bucked and I was squirting all over my little girl’s beautiful face. She sucked and licked me until I was completely spent.

I held her tight in my arms. The evidence of my orgasm was all over her pretty face. Kaitlin kissed me passionately. She whispered in my ear that I had allowed her to have the one thing that she wanted most. Mike awakened during my last orgasm. He was rock hard. He took Kaitlin into his arms and told her how awesome it was to watch the two of us.

Kaitlin was so turned on. Mike was thrusting and had my baby girl on the verge when she cried out…

-Fuck me Daddy Boy…Fuck me!

Mike didn’t understand what she was telling him, but it was enough to cause him to slip over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

-Oh yes big brother…fill me with your thick cream that got me pregnant.

Mike cried out with a mixture of delight and orgasmic bliss…Both of them rode the wave of the wildest orgasm ever. Kaitlin had a powerful squirting orgasm. Mike and the bed were soaked when they were done.

Ted had already located the most beautiful boat ever. I took a sabbatical from my medical practice and we traveled to the Caribbean to pick up our boat. We cruised aimlessly and home schooled the kids via satellite. We watched beautiful Kaitlin’s belly grow. She was so excited and so full of life. They were on the sun deck enjoying a romantic moment when her water broke.

It was one of the easiest deliveries I have ever seen. In two hours baby Josh was nestled between the two beautiful lovers nursing on Kaitlin’s breast.

The thought of her baby having a baby pushed Amy to the edge. She ground against Ted’s magnificent cock and massaged her own clit. Amy cried out as she pushed herself over the edge. She felt the hot rush of Ted’s hot semen fill her unprotected womb. She ground herself against him as she milked ever drop of his potent semen.

As soon as she was finished milking Ted, she took Mike in her arms and she told him she was fertile and that she wanted him to fill her with seed. Mike was blown away, but he didn’t think there was anything sexier than his best friend Zach not knowing if it was him or Ryan that got Christie pregnant. With his cock sliding around in his father’s cum, it only took a few moments for Mike to build to the verge of a powerful orgasm. The thought of impregnating his mother was almost enough to make him cum without touching himself. His mother started too crying out with her second orgasm. Mike began to jet hot thick semen into his mother.

As soon as Mike finished his orgasm he rolled aside to make room for his 13 year old brother. Will looked at Mike and Dad’s thick creamy cum leaking out of his Mom’s vagina. Will bent down and licked up of few drops of everybody’s combined essence. Will was trembling with the anticipation of the possibility of creating a brother/son in his mother’s womb. Will entered his mom with his 13 year old boy boner and he began to thrust wildly his mom had just barely finished a powerful orgasm with Mike found herself climbing to another orgasmic peak with Will. Will loved the feeling of her cunt…it was so slippery and messy. Will was thrusting wildly as his orgasm neared. He shoved his cock to the hilt and his boy boner stretched her cervix as he filled his mother with his potent seed. Will and his mom both cried out as he deposited his seed as all of the families watched in amazement.

Sweet Thomas was last. He was so blond, beautiful and innocent. His body was still very boy like as his mother took his boy boner into her seed filled womb. Thomas was so excited by watched each of the other guys in the family that he was on the verge of orgasm as she took him into her slippery vagina. Thomas thrust his boy boner until he felt his Mom begin to cum. Amy had a wild squirting orgasm. Thomas immediately ejaculated his boy seed deep in his mother. She held her baby boy tight and kissed the beautiful naked boy and stroked his ass. His little boy boner was still hard as a rock and she felt him begin to thrust again and again until his body shuddered as he deposited another load of his seed.

By this time Ted was making passionate love to Sara. Kaitlin was grinding her clit against Mike. Will had pulled Emily up on stage and was taking her beautiful little cunt doggy style. Cries of orgasmic pleasure filled the beach that night. It was the first night that the sexual barriers began to come down.

As Ted lay there with his beautiful 13 year old Sara on top of him, Ted wondered where it would all lead. It was a balmy night and most of them slept on the beach with the warm breeze blowing over them.

Many of them were awakened by the wonderful smell of coffee and breakfast. The Wong family had awakened early and fixed breakfast for everyone.

Everybody was finishing breakfast when the drone of the island’s propjet filled the morning. The two way radio crackled to life. Noah and Will were in the outside shower. The boys heard the radio crackle to life and their dad talking to Simon. They knew they had to hurry. Mike, Zach and Thomas were in the inside shower. They quickly dried off and grabbed clean loin cloths. They knew they had to help unload the supplies for the week from the plane. The gathered in the family room of the villa as Simon and Ted talked on the radio.


The radio crackled to life again after Ted gave Simon the wind conditions and barometric pressure. Uhhhh….Ted’s Island Unicom…uhhhh….this is 4001TA. The TA was supposed to stand for Ted’s Airways…but they all quickly decided it stood for Tits and Ass. Go ahead Tits and Ass 1. Ted told them with a smirk.

-Ummmm….tell Zach, Noah, Mike, Will and Thomas I have some special cargo for them, Simon said in his best gravelly pilot’s radio voice.

-They boys just raced out of here…I don’t think they are going to wait for the truck to take them to the runway. Ted said with a laugh.

Simon asked Randy to do the landing. Simon pulled out the landing check list. They ran through the check list setting the flaps, lowering the air speed and extending the landing gear. As the plane gently descended toward the runway, Simon and Randy saw the 5 boys standing at the end of the runway as Randy gently floated the plane down on to the runway. The tires screeched as he applied the brakes and the engines roared as they reversed them to slow the plane’s momentum.

-Beautiful landing son. Simon told Randy. The kids are going to flip.

As Randy taxied the plane to the end of the runway, Simon prepared to open the door and lower the steps. When the plane came to a stop, Simon grabbed the wheel chocks and lowered the stairs. He was greeted at the bottom of the steps by 5 anxious boys.

-What is the special cargo Simon? Mike asked him anxiously.

-Well I guess you will have to ask Randy. The special cargo was his project. Simon told the boys.

-Can we go aboard? Zach asked.

-Sure! Simon told them with a huge grin.

The five boys raced up the boarding ladder to the plane. Randy was standing in the doorway waiting on the mostly naked boys. Randy’s penis became hard in his bikini briefs as he looked at the sexy boys and their magnificent bodies.

Randy put his arm around Zach and Mike’s bare shoulders. He began to walk them to the back of the plane. There were two special passengers that begged for passage to the island. Randy told the boys in a way that he knew would only inflame their curiosity.

Mike, Zach and the other boys looked around the cabin and saw that other than some supplies that had been lashed to seats, the cabin was empty. At the back of the cabin there was a large cargo area behind a canvas curtain. The boys began to look in the direction of the canvas curtain. That was when they heard it. First there was one deep excited bark and then another.

Mike looked at Randy….with shock and awe on his face. Mike just stood there a moment until the next bark.

-No fucking way…Dude you are awesome…best ever. Mike said as he threw his arms around the sexy tall dark and handsome co-pilot. Mike hugged him incredibly tight.

The other boys raced to the cargo area and parted the curtain. There were two large dog crates. Noah bent and opened the one on the starboard side of the plane. A beautiful black lab puppy bounded out of the cage and knocked Noah flat on the floor. The happy puppy stood over Noah with two paws on either side of Noah’s torso. The puppy was unmercifully licking Noah’s cute face as the puppy selected one of his new masters. The puppy landing on Noah had flipped up his loin cloth revealing Noah’s rapidly maturing penis and testicles.

Randy stood there drinking in every detail of the beautiful boy’s exposed body. Randy felt the precum drool from his own hard cock and he knew in moments it would begin to cause a stain on his uniform shorts. He didn’t care. He thought Noah was the sexiest boy he had ever seen…well with the exception of his lover Jessie…Jessie Swenson…

Mike opened the other crate and a shy blond lab poked her head out of the crate. She was scared and so happy to see a friendly face. She stood there licking Mike’s face.

Zach moved back by the spot where the beautiful black lab had his little brother pinned to the floor giggling as the puppy continued to shower Noah with kisses. Zach wrapped his arms around the beautiful black dog and was instantly in love. The puppy began to divided his affection between Zach and Noah.

After Mike opened the other crate door and the blond lab came out in the cabin and he was instantly surrounded by Will and Thomas. The boys were all on the floor oblivious to the fact that their loin cloths were disheveled and exposing their boy sex for Randy to enjoy.

Randy thought each boy was more beautiful than the next. He studied each boy’s sexual charms. His eyes kept going back to Noah. There was something about Noah. He was an awesome mixture of innocence and raw sexuality. Mike looked up at Randy and saw the huge bulge in his shorts and the wet spot in front. Mike grinned.

Ummm…Randy…what is her name? Mike asked him.

It jolted Randy back to reality.

Ummm…the little blond beauty is Lightning because she is so fast…and the boy is Thunder because he really doesn’t like thunder storms. They are both 2 years old.

The five boys were clearly in love with their new dogs. To Randy’s disappointment, Noah finally managed to sit up and then stand up. Noah had a very serious face as he worked his way through the puppies and other boys to Randy. When he got to Randy, Noah threw his arms around the bigger boy and hugged him tight to his scantily clad preteen body.

-Randy…this is the best gift every….I mean ever! You are so awesome dude…awesome! Noah said as he hugged the 24 year old Randy even tighter.

Randy wrapped his arms around Noah’s naked back. He pulled the sexy 11 year old tight against his body. Randy inhaled the scent of a fresh scrubbed boy. Noah looked up at Randy…his eyes filled with emotion.

Anything…dude…I mean anything…that you want…I will do. Anything!

Randy picked the sexy young boy up in his arms. Noah’s bare butt was resting on one of Randy’s arms for support as the sexy 24 year old dark and handsome dude held him. Randy could feel Noah’s flaccid penis and boy balls through his pilot’s uniform shirt as they pressed against him.

Anything! Noah said again.

Randy could see his Dad and he raised his eyebrow inquiring what his dad thought about Randy having sex with the beautiful sexy boy. Simon lowered his head as if to say that it wasn’t a good idea. Randy threw caution to the wind.

-Ummm…maybe I will have to take you up on that sometime. Randy told the sexy little dude.

Randy set Noah down. Noah turned and started back to Thunder. He turned back toward Randy.

-Ummm….you’re gay…right? Noah asked.

Randy nodded yes hoping the young boy wouldn’t be freaked out. Noah nodded his head.

-Cool! Noah said.

He started to turn back toward thunder again. He looked back at Randy again.

-So like…ummm…you would want to fuck me and stuff… Noah asked in an innocent childlike way.

Randy was speechless…he just nodded ever so slightly…

-Cool…would you want to do me now? …cause that would be cool. Noah told the sexy older dude.

Randy looked back for his father’s reaction and Simon gave him the universal sign language for go ahead.

That would be awesome little dude! Randy told the sexy boy.

Randy knelt before Noah and very slowly untied the leather thongs that held up the boy’s loin cloth. As the small piece of cloth fell away it revealed the most magnificent boy boner Randy had ever seen. The 3 ¾” stiff shaft with the beautiful hairless sack fill with awesome boy balls below it took Randy’s breath away. Randy touched the tiny patch of blond pubic hair. This boy was exquisite, Randy thought. Randy’s mind was trying to drink in every detail. The other boys watched as Randy kissed the tip of Noah’s boner. Other boys and men had started to climb aboard the plane to see what was going on.

Randy took the beautiful boy shaft into his mouth. Noah ran his fingers through Randy’s black hair and looked into the older boy’s deep brown eyes as they looked up at him. Randy began to bob his head and Noah’s moans were the sweetest music Randy had ever heard. Randy stopped long enough to wet a finger and insert it in the Noah’s boy pussy. Noah gasped at the intrusion of the co-pilot thick finger.

Randy couldn’t believe that he was worshiping an 11 year old boy boner. He rubbed the small prostate and that was enough to push the sexy little boy over the edge. Randy was in heaven as he felt Noah as he began to grind the head of his erection against the ridges in the roof of his mouth. The little dude was really face fucking him. Randy was soon rewarded with the awesome taste of young boy semen. It was a sweet and delicious treat. Randy held the boy and felt him as Noah’s small body shudder with the wild waves of orgasmic pleasure. All too soon the boy’s orgasm subsided.

-Awesome…Randy…fucking awesome! Noah told the 24 year old man whose mouth was filled with his boy semen.

Randy kissed Noah and was shocked when the young boy opened his mouth. Randy began to passionately kiss the 11 year old boy and as he did he shared the boy’s fresh hot semen with him. The sexy young boy couldn’t seem to get enough.

Randy was shocked when the boy cleared off a table that 4 seats faced and lay back on it. The sexy boy took hold of his knees as he lay back on the table. Noah presented his boy pussy to Randy. Randy could not believe that he was staring at the prettiest pink pucker he had ever seen. The other boys and men were in awe as they watched Noah present himself for penetration to the handsome 24 year old co-pilot.

Randy quickly dropped his shorts and didn’t bother with his uniform shirt. His 6 ½” cock was flooding precum. He knelt before the sexy boy and began to rim him. His hard tongue penetrated the boy pussy and his nose was filled with the fresh scent of sexy young boy. Randy could not get enough. He rimmed the beautiful boy until Noah began to beg him to fuck him.

Randy held the tip of his hard shaft against Noah’s awesome boy pussy. The continuous flow of precum was enough to lubricate the small boy. Big dollops of clear precum helped Randy lubricate his own shaft. Randy began to thrust his thick shaft into the sexy boy.

Mike watched sexy little Noah and it made him hot. Mike kissed Thomas and asked him if he could fuck him. The sexy blond 11 year old threw his arms around his big brother’s neck.

-More than anything…Mikey…Please fuck me.

Thomas quickly turned around and presented his sexy ass to his big brother. Mike began to rim his little brother as he watched Randy penetrate Noah. Mike was so turned on he hoped that he did not shoot off when he tried to enter Thomas’ tight boy pussy.

Zach took Will in his arms and he began to kiss him while he fingered Will’s ass.

-Oh god Will…that feels so good. Your ass is so hot. Zach told Will.

Zach turned Will around and began to rim him.

The back of the aircraft was soon filled with the sound of the 6 boys fucking. Noah had his legs over Randy’s shoulder taking the sexy dude to the hilt with every thrust. Randy felt himself going over the edge.

Oh man…little dude…so close…dude I am gonna cum…

Fuck me hard Randy….fuck me really hard!! Noah begged.

The sound of Randy’s loins slapping Noah’s sexy ass pushed the other boys over the edge. Mike, Zach and Randy all began to spew hot cum deep in the little guys’ asses. Randy watched in awe as he shot hot cum deep in Noah’s core. Randy was amazed when thick jets of boy cum began to erupt from Noah’s dick without Noah ever touching himself. The first jet of hot cum landed on Noah’s nose.

Fucking awesome, Noah cried out and as he said that the second jet of his own cum landed in his own open mouth.

Everyone in the plane began to orgasm as they watched the awesome spectacle of hot sex. The dark handsome 24 year co-pilot old fucking the beautiful blond 11 year old boy. It was awesome.

It was an amazing dude orgy…Simon wondered how he would ever get the smell of cum out of the plane as he smiled at his 12 year old son as he fucked him.


From all of your emails and posts on my website (, I know that you have enjoyed FAMILY LOVE BOAT. It has been an awesome experience writing it with you and for you. You thoughts, ideas fantasies and personal experiences made it much better than it would have been otherwise.

You can already begin to feel the changes in the wind on the island. As we continue the journey with Ryan, Ted and their families in INCEST ISLAND they will help us slowly meet and get to know the other families. The other families are still very shy about expressing their family love openly.

In the first Chapter of Incest Island we will get to know more about Randy’s family and his lover’s family. Randy is crazy in love with Jessie Swenson. Jessie is a sexy blond 18 year old boy with surfer good looks and a fabulous 10” cock. It is only since they have been on the island that either of them have come out to anyone other than their families. Both boys are very shy.

Mike and Kaitlin are deeply in love. Her beautiful belly will start to bulge with their second child. That will have an amazing impact on Mike.

Watch for INCEST ISLAND Chapter 1 to be on the website sometime next week.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for the families on the island…Should Hank and Bill join them? What do you think should happen…let me know at .


2014-03-06 16:28:50
great series you have the mind of a true sexual person

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2013-12-21 02:54:19
IDGAF this is just wroooong it dint give me a boner and its just perverse

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2012-02-09 19:18:31
I love the story it got me thinking i would love to have a family fucking. i have two daughter's how are 12 and 13 and a son how is 14 so i am going to ask my wife if she likes the idea. I hope she will i can't wait to defower my daughter's and i am sure she fancy's our son.

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2011-09-03 19:48:49
These r the hottest stories ever

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2011-06-07 16:47:52
Great job! I loved every one of these stories.

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