Ron was a typical shy puny boy. Even though, he was ten like the
other boys in his class, he looked much younger.

If there was only one thing he was sure about, it was that he didn't
like crowds. Especially a crowd of boys his age. It seemed whenever he
was part of a group, they would gang up on him and tease him as if he
was the pig from Lord of the Flies.

'Ronald McDonald' they called him. He was an easy target after all,
barely seventy pounds, short and timid.

Understandably, the boy threatened his mother everytime she
mentionned summer camp around the month of June. He garanteed her, he
would run away, never come back. But this year, he had no other choice.
His folks were going to Europe. 'The trip of a!' they said.
'And we are not gonna spoil it because you act like a baby...the fresh
air will do you good...maybe it's gonna finally make a SOCIAL being out of

Ron considered for days the alternatives, but there weren't any. His
best friend also went to summer camp. 'Surely none of your uncles and
aunts will have the burden of a child for a month...' his parents had
barked when he asked to live with them.

The dreaded morning arrived too quickly for Ron. He stared at his
trembling body in the mirror, hoping to find a way to look older and
more mature. 'Damn.', he whispered. He looked even more childish with
the crew cut he had gotten the day before. All that was left on his
scalp was half an inch of blond hair. He still had freckles around his
upturned nose and his ears were detached from his head like the wings of
a plane. 'Ahem' he sighed, utterly depressed.

As he dressed up, thoughts raced in his mind, everything he had heard
from the boys at school about camp. The skinny dipping, pissing
contests, farting contests, eating in groups, doing sports in groups,
sleeping in groups. Argggggghhhhh!

The bus trip was torture. Most of the kids knew each other and they
chatted away, filling the vehicle with their soprano voices. He was
probably the only new boy.

"Hi. my name is Brent." declared the boy next to him.

Ron paused to make sure he was talking to him and then responded.

"Hi. mine is Rona.. Ron."

"It's my first time at Camp Wanafuk. How about you?" asked the brown-
haired boy.

"Me too."

"Hope it's as good as the one I went last year. One big orgy every

Ron smiled, wondering what he meant and trying to be as outgoing as
he could be for his new friend. He looked about twelve-years-old and
less 'crazy' than the other kids. His brown hair was cut according to
the latest trend. His blue eyes were perfect. For a second, Ron felt
jealous, like he always did around pretty boys.

They talked about everything and nothing for an hour and finally the
bus stopped.

"Welcome to Camp Wanafuk!" yelled a man as the kids gathered their

Ron had been there for two minutes but already he hated it. The
corny camp with an indian theme was making him sick to his stomach.

He stretched on the grass while the monitors seperated the one
hundred boys in smaller groups of six. The list was already done and he
sighed when he realized Brent wasn't with him. Instead, he soon was
surrounded by five strangers.

Robby and Richie, brothers who were eleven. They were tanned from
head to toes with curly short brown hair. Gary, only eight, a young tyke
with sparkling eyes. Jerry, twelve, a blond boy with braces. And the oldest
of the gang, Jake, who was thirteen, a tall dark teen with a strong chin
and silky black hair. They all knew each other from the year before which
made Ron uncomfortable.

By the time they had visited the camp grounds and organised their
clothes in the drawers on the side of their bunk beds, the whole gang
was starving. They ate overcooked spaghetti at their designated table
in the big dining hall, awkwardly examining each other to see what had
changed on their bodies during the last year. The boys made an effort to
include the new kid in the conversation but the bashfull boy was a pain
in the ass. He only answered with 'yes' and 'no' until finally they
gave up on him.

The first camp fire was uneventful and all the boys retreated to
their private cabin. It was a special characteristic of Camp Wanafuk for
boys. Nineteen small wooden cabins scattered in the forest. Actually, more
like sheds with three bunk beds in them, a couch and a coffee table in
the middle.

Since there wasn't enough monitors for all the groups, they named the
oldest boy in each cabin as the 'general'. Some sort of leader the younger
boys had to obey if they didn't want to end up punished by the older monitors.
The rumors were that the punishment was a caning but no kids went out of
their way to find out if it was true.

Curfew was at ten o'clock, but evidently few boys observed that
rule as it was apparent from the gigglings emanating from the cabins
well beyond midnight. With the windows closed by a wooden flap, no
one knew what was happening inside unless they were two feet away
listening to the noises. It provided a perfect intimacy for the boys
to become true friends.

Ron removed his t-shirt, shorts and socks like the other boys, but they
didn't seem ready for bed yet. They all pranced around in their
underwear, making jokes and pushing each other.

"Gather 'round girls!" said Jake. "We're gonna play a game."

Ron sat on the floor and scanned the room. Gary, the little kid was
playing with his toes. Next to him, Jerry the twelve-year-old had a huge
bulge in his underwear and he could see a hairless ball poking out at the
hem of Robby's old underpants.

"Okay troop. We're gonna wrestle one on one until we find a loser... and
he's gonna be yellow!" shouted the black-haired leader.

'Yellow?', thought Ron. 'What the hell is he talking about?' He
looked at the thirteen-year-old, admiring his athletic body. The white
cotton of his undies was hugging his firm behind nicely and in front he
could tell he had a patch of hair over his obviously quite big boydick.
'Gee, this guy takes the job of general seriously! He looks normal,
but he is nuts!'

In seconds, the coffee table was moved and the two eleven-year-old
brothers were on the floor, wrestling. During the manly struggle, a
tescticle or a limp uncircumcised dick often escaped the confinement of
their underwear as they kept grabbing the skimpy piece of clothing.

Ron marveled at the agility of the two brothers. They were flying in
the air, spinning on the floor and making firm holds. From where he was
sitting, it looked like a game of twister gone mad. The white soles of
their feet flashed in the heap of golden brown flesh.

Robby won the fight and sat on the floor with his sad brother. The
next couple was Jerry and Gary. The older boy twisted the kid like it
was pretzel dough and even pulled down his Alf underwear. The crowd laughed
hysterically as Gary slipped his undies back up over his white little
butt. As expected, Jerry won.

The musky smell of the young males floated in the night air, tingling
in Ronald's nose who was not used to the robust odor.

He was to face the biggest boy in his first match-up. Solemnly, he
prayed it wouldn't last long so that he wouldn't get hurt. Jake tackled
him and pinned him on the ground. The young teenager wasn't playing
fair. He squeezed Ron's balls and pinched him into submission which he
got easily.

Ron decided to lay on the floor and wait until it was over.
He yelped when he felt the boy's stiffening prick part his buttocks.
Geez, he was being humped in front of everybody!

"Are you gonna fuck him or fight him..." chuckled Jerry.

With that, the tall muscular boy pushed Ron's shoulders on the floor and
declared himself the winner. The three losers were to wrestle again
until the ultimate loser was found. Richie beat Gary and the title of loser
of the cabin was to be decided between Ron and eight-year-old Gary.

'This is gonna be easy' thought Ron. He soon realized, his small
stature was the equivalent of the eight-year-old. The little kid with a
missing tooth bit his way through the wrestling match and won over the
older boy.

Ron collapsed on the floor with the weight of the humiliation. A
eight-year-old had beat him! The gap-toothed boy put his feet on
Ronald's back and raised his skinny arms like the wrestlers he'd seen
on the WWF. He cherished his victory a moment and sat down.

"Do you know what we do to losers at Camp Wanafuk?" asked Jake.

"N N N No" stammered Ron.

"Well, you're gonna find out now." he smiled wickedly. "Hands behind
your back LOSER."

Ron felt tears welling up in his eyes. The bigger boys pushed him
and the crowd cheered: "Yellow! Yel-low! Yel-low!"

Within seconds, his little hands were tied securly to the post of one
of the bunk beds. The rough cord was stinging his delicate wrists. He was
now the prisoner of this vulgar group.

Jake knelt in front of him and eased two fingers in the waistband
of his white undies.

"Hey what are you doing?" peeped Ronald.

Jake just smiled and with a quick tug pulled down the boy's briefs to
his ankles. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" howled the five sweaty boys, pointing
at his naked body and rolling on the floor.

Ron cried and bowed his head to look at his little uncut pecker,
hanging limp between his legs. He tried to free his hands from the tight
bound in order to cover his boyhood, but to no avail.

Jake opened a can of paint and rubbed the yellow substance on Ron's
small organ with a kleenex. He squirmed and squealed with every
brush of the tissu making his small boydick turn yellow, the audience
cooed and giggled.

"Ah. Well done. All yellow." grinned the general.


In bed that night, Ron sobbed softly. He wondered what would happen
if he told the monitors. They'd probably laugh at him too. Maybe he
could ask to be transferred to another cabin?

Just as he was about to drift into sleep, he heard soft whispers
coming from under his bed.

"Wow.. it's huge!"

"It's six inches, I measured it."

Ron moved his body slightly and peeked under his mattress at the
scene unfolding in the bunk below him. The two twin brothers had their
heads under Jake's sheets. He could discern the shape of the
teenager's hard-on from the glow of a flash light pointed towards it.

"You're awake Ronald!?" said Jake. "Come look at my boner boy."

"No N N no I don't want to." whispered Ron.

"Come on peewee... If you don't look at it now, I'm gonna climb over
there in the night and stick it in your butt!"

Ron was so terrified, he almost peed in his briefs. He paused a
second to catch his breath and lowered his underfed body to the cold
floor. If one quick glance was gonna make the general happy, might
as well do it, perhaps start to blend in with the boisterous crowd.

"Get a good sniff." insisted Jake.

The two brothers giggled and watched Ron slip under the covers. God,
it was like his father's dick! The large shaft was standing
straight up like a tower. The glans was swollen and purple. Just below
it the scars of a late circumcision were visible. Ron looked lower and
gasped when he saw the big balls and the small bush of dark hair.

He wasn't aware that his backside was vulnerable and yelped when
his briefs were pulled down again by Richie. With a disgusted smirk on
his face, he pulled them up.

"Better get used to having your underwear down..." laughed Jake.


There weren't any showers at Camp Wanafuk, which meant that around
five o'clock, when the activities were over, all the boys washed
up in the lake. It was quite an unusual sight for Ronald, one hundred boys
stripping to the buff on the shore and running in the water.

He kicked off his running shoes, took off his t-shirt and removed his
shorts shyly. He remembered his wee-wee was still yellow and made sure
to hide it with his left hand when he wriggled out of his underpants.

He glanced at the small beach covered with piles of clothing and
realized he was the last boy in the water. Switly, he ran in the lake.
The water was surprisingly warm. The hot summer sun had done a good job.

He walked until the water was up to his shoulders and stayed there.
Amidst this large group of noisy brats, he found a sanctuary. The warm
water surrounding him had a calming effect on his raw nerves.

'Hey it's not that bad' he thought. The kids weren't paying attention
to him and he liked it. For a half hour, he watched the boys around him.
They were climbing on each other or diving from a wooden platform, their
genitals flailing madly. You could count the ribs on most of them. The
boys with the biggest dicks stayed longer on the docks, exhibiting their
family heritage and burgeoning musculature before diving gracefully.

Ron reached down in the water to scrub the yellow paint off his dick and
found it hard and sticking straight out. Even the foreskin was peeled
off from his dickhead. All these glistening bodies and the unbashful
exhuberance of the boys around him had an effect on Ron he didn't
understand. Seems he wasn't alone. The lifeguard sitting atop the
watchtower also had a hard-on in his speedo. Another monitor was
obviously enjoying what he was seeing too.

As he rubbed the paint away from his three inch boner, strange pleasurable
feelings increased. Always better, always more acute. He looked in the
clear water at the yellow cloud around his hard peter and without
warning a cry of ecstasy escaped his mouth as his small body convulsed with
immature orgasm.

"Look, this one just got off!" exclaimed a boy to his friend. "He's
probably a faggot!"

Ronald swam away from them, his face red like a beet.


Jake approached Ron as he trotted out of the lake towards his
clothes. Jerry was escorting him, refusing to lose a moment with his
thirteen-year-old mentor. They crossed the small boy's path and stood in
front of him naked like the day they were born.

"Looks like you're playing too much with your thing! It's all red!" laughed

"The paint wouldn't come off." replied Ron with little confidence.

"Come here." said Jake gripping the boy's skinny arm. He was gonna show
him a prank he'd been taught by Wally when he was eight.

Good old Wally. He remembered him clearly. He was the general in his
cabin back then. The boy was merciless and now he used most of his
tactics on the younger kids. It was like a never ending circle. Boys
teaching boys how to have... fun.

Even though Wally was a master torturer, he was fond of him. Hell, he
was the boy who made him come for the first time. A friday night. Just
as he was gonna slip into dreamland, he had felt the warmth of the
teenager's body against his back under the sheets.

He pretended to sleep and Wally's hand slowly caressed his inner
thigh. Laying on his side like that, he couldn't see the face of the
stranger behind him but it sure felt good. The hand quickly found his
hairless genitals and began fondling his miniature balls, kneading them.
His boydick was hard in a flash and the sweet fingers moved to it,
stroking it tenderly.

This was a brand new sensation for Jake. He had never played with his
peepee like that. The tip of it was tingling, and shivers travelled his
spine as the older boy kissed the back of his neck. The stanger's cock was
throbbing against his buttocks, big, hard and hot.

The fingers moved faster on his small shaft and Jake couldn't help
but moan with delight. Then, the teenager's dick slid in his buttcrack
until the knob was resting in his warm anus. Whenever, Jake
reached a new plateau of excitement and muffled yelps escaped his mouth,
the big swollen knob slipped into his butthole, stretching it slightly.

He wanted to tell the intruder it hurt, but he was supposed to be
asleep! The fingers concentrated on his circumcised head, gradually rubbing
it faster. After ten minutes, the older boy's dickhead was completely in
his ass. Jake bit his lips. He couldn't believe so much pleasure could be
contained in his small weenie. He also couldn't believe having something
in your ass could feel so good.

Suddenly, an electric jolt raced in his tiny penis, again and again.
His legs shook uncontrollably and his whole body jerked wildly. The
tight anal ring of his asshole strangled the teenager's knob triggering
a flood of hot cream in his rectum.

When the teenager left his bed, he peered at him in the darkness. It
was the general, the one he looked up too. He didn't know he had
experienced his first orgasm, but he sure knew from now on Wally would
be his model.


The nude thresome disappeared in the woods. Jake knew the right spot to
take Ron. Behind the big oaktree was a cave that was famous for
boy-sex encounters. You could always find the sticky remnants of
previous adventures on the leaves of the forest floor.

Jake entered the barely lit cave and pressed his fingers on the
marks carved in the wall. The markings on the rock were precious to him.
Each '1' meant that a boy had been buttfucked here. Two of these marks
were for him. When he was eleven, two older cabinmates had brought him
here and used his asshole every possible way. He couldn't believe there
was at least two hundred '1' on the wall now.

He felt like telling Ronald the meaning of the marks, but there would
be time later for that.

"I've got a surprise for you Ronald." he smiled. "Get on your knees in
front of me."

The ten-year-old innocent child complied, convinced that it
would be better for him if he obeyed the general. After all, a caning by
the big monitors didn't sound very appealing to his tender buns.

Jake was ecstatic. All this power was great! He had complete control
over the lad. Damn he was gonna come to camp until he was twenty! Blood
rushed to his penis. Slowly it rose in front of the kid's nose without
even a slight tug. He wrapped his finger around it and it grew even
bigger and harder.

Ron's bulging eyes added to his excitment. Gripping his rod, he began
to masturbate madly. His hand flew on his cock making his big tescticles

"Uhmmm. Keep staring at the eye of my dick boy. Uhhhh uhhhh" he groaned.
"The surprise is coming!"

Jerry guessed what the teenager's plan was. He gripped his half-erect
prick and started to jack-off too. It wouldn't be as big a surprise
but nonetheless, he was gonna be general next year and he needed the

"Oh yeah. Here it comes... here it comes." cried Jake, moving his fist
rapidly around the glans.

He bucked his hips and a powerful jet of sperm exploded from his
pisshole directly on the boy's nose. As Ron watched, bewildered and
paralyzed, Jake held his cock, pointing it at the freckled-face target.

The hot semen spurted out again and again, splashing Ronald's face on
his forehead and his rosy cheeks. Jerry climaxed soon after and mixed
his boyjuice with the one of the older boy. His young cock released a
first viscous load on Ron's lips and continued three more times.

The two boys squeezed every last drop of cream and laughed at the
result. The gooey substance was dripping from the kid's chin.

"Argghh that's gross!" cried Ron.

"Lick your lips Ronald.... come on, taste my cum.." said Jake.

Ron did as he was told and swallowed the white stuff. It tasted salty,
not that bad. Still, he made a grimace knowing it came from a guy's

"Never seen that before uh?" asked Jake. "You're gonna drink buckets of
it this summer!"

The two older boys scrubbed away the semen with their hands and made the
ten-year-old suck their fingers.

The gang walked out of the cave and Jake explained to Ron what the
mysterious liquid was on their way to the lake. They all needed to wash
up again.

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