An Independent island where family love is perfectly acceptable.
Incest Island 1 – Beginnings
Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Welcome to Incest Island. Ted Taylor purchased an island that was originally an out island at the end of the Bahamas. The government of the Bahamas considered the island worthless because there was no source of fresh water and the island was off by itself. Ted not only offered them an exceptional price, but he gave the government technology and satellite access they it never would have been able to afford. The details of how 14 families came to be on Incest Island can be found in the later chapters of Family Love Boat…

Incest Island tells the stories of each of the families that now live on the island. This is the beginning…

On this morning we will begin to meet the 14 families that live on Incest Island. If you have read Family Love Boat you will already know a lot about Ryan and his family’s journey of discovery into the world of family love. Along the way they met Ted and Doctor Amy and their family.

Ted and Amy are celebrating their wedding anniversary. They are surrounded by their beautiful children. Their two oldest children Mike and Kaitlin have been lovers for a while. They have a beautiful baby boy Josh and Kaitlin is now pregnant with their second child. We will see how they plan to take their relationship to the next step.

There are two new families that we meet in this chapter. They are the Swensons and Garcias. We briefly met Simon Garcia, the father, and Randy his 24 year old son in Family Love Boat. Simon is Ted’s pilot and Randy is his co-pilot. This chapter celebrates a new beginning between tall, dark and handsome Randy Garcia and 18 year old lover Jessie Swenson.

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Miller Family (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah 11)
Taylor Family (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11, Josh 9 months)
Colby Family (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12)
Swenson Family (Marty, Kathi, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)
Garcia Family (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)
Jackson Family (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 8)

Incest Island 1 – Beginnings
Ted was up early having coffee at the beach club. The sun was just peeking up on the horizon. It was so peaceful. The boats in a lagoon rode gently at anchor. Ted was thinking how awesome and peaceful it was as he enjoyed the aroma of his special blend French Roast coffee. He had just taken a sip of the scalding liquid when there was an awful commotion on the pier behind the villas. Ted couldn’t begin to imagine what was making so much racket.
Suddenly he saw the source of the commotion. Noah had Thunder on a leash and Noah had it “in 4-wheel drive.” The dog was incredibly excited to be outside and his claws were scratching at the dock trying to get more traction so that he could drag Noah down the dock faster. The beautiful dog stopped long enough to take a satisfying pee on a trash can at the end of the dock. Noah finally gave up and unleashed the 4-pawed maniac. Ted didn’t think he had ever seen a dog so joyous at being turned loose.
The dog ran from one side of the beach to the water line. Thunder was sniffing everything, digging for sand crabs, chasing sand pipers as they ran along the beach and took flight to avoid him. Thunder couldn’t have been happier and jogging along behind him was Noah…beautiful, naked Noah. Watching the sexy boy jogging absolutely naked down the beach following his goofy black puppy with the sun peeking up over the horizon behind them was one of the most beautiful things that Ted had ever seen.
Ted stepped out of the beach club onto the beach and wandered out far enough where he could watch the boy and his dog racing down the beach. The two ran side by side for about 100 yards. Thunder saw the movement of an errant sandpiper racing along the water line…which was on the other side of Noah. The dog darted left in front of Noah as he went after the bird. Noah never had a chance to react. The dog immediately tripped him and his sexy ass went up in the air over the dog who was howling from the impact with Noah’s knees. There was black fur and naked kid flying everywhere. Noah had enough gymnastics to know to tuck into a ball and roll. He did about three summersaults before he came to a stop. Thunder recovered instantly and began racing around the naked boy who was sprawled out on the sand. Thunder was barking, sniffing and licking Noah joyfully.
Ted tossed his coffee cup aside and broke into a run to go check on Noah. Noah was just standing up and shaking it off as Ted got there. Thunder was sure it was a big game and he was ready to go again.
-Are you okay? Ted asked with deep concern.
-Yeah…I think so. Noah told him. I’m just kind of shaken up.
-We probably should get Amy to take a look at your shoulder. It got skinned up when you landed. Ted told the sexy boy.
The two of them walked back toward the villas.
-I think we are going to have to have puppy school. Lightning was a mess last night too. Ted told Noah.
They walked down the dock and into Ted’s villa. Kaitlin was feeding little Josh. He was delightedly nursing on her beautiful breast. Ted poked his head in his bedroom and told Amy that she had a patient…Thunder ran through the open door and jumped in bed with Amy sandy paws and all.
-Oh…god…don’t tell me I’m treating the dog now too! Amy said as Thunder lapped across her face and gave Amy a very sloppy good morning kiss.
-No it’s Noah. Wonder dog here tripped Noah while they were jogging and made a mess of his shoulder. It is nothing serious…just messy.
After a few moments, Amy and Thunder managed to untangle themselves. Amy walked out into the family room naked while smoothing down her hair with her fingers. She looked at the abrasion on Noah’s shoulder and told Noah that she needed to clean the abrasion and put some antibiotic ointment on it. As Amy began to clean the wound, she watched as the goofy puppy stayed right with Noah. They had formed a very strong bond in a short time. Thunder began to sniff Noah penis and scrotum. He very gently licked the tip of Noah’s penis which caused it to begin to become erect. The harder the erection became the more the puppy licked it.
-That reminds me. Did you masturbate this morning? The sexy doctor asked the 11 year old boy.
-No…Thunder needed to go out…ummm…there wasn’t time to…you know… Noah told her.
-Good…let me get a Petri dish to collect a sample of your semen. Amy wanted to confirm that the growth hormone injection that she had given the boy was causing him to produce healthy sperm. When Amy came back the beautiful black puppy was giving Noah long slow licks with his big red tongue. Amy got around behind Noah and moved the dog away so that she had unrestricted access to the sexy boy boner. Noah leaned back against Amy’s naked body as she began to stroke him. Noah looked over at Ted and saw that he was masturbating too as he watched his wife stroke Noah.
One of the bedroom doors opened and Emily walked out rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Her disheveled hair and sleepy looks only made the sexy blond 11 year old look even sexier. She walked over to her twin and kissed Noah on the cheek.
Noah sniffed the air and grinned.
Whoa…sis…you smell like sex. Noah told her as he looked down and saw that her pussy and legs were wet and there was thick boy cream running down her leg.
Emily gave Noah a sleepy, sexy smile. She reached down and scooped up the drop of semen that was running down the inside of her leg. She brought it to her lips and savored it’s taste as she smiled shyly at her brother.
Will is so awesome! Emily told Noah. I think we made love 4 or 5 times last night. The last time he made me squirt all over us.
Oh fuck sis…that is so hot! Noah said and he groaned as Amy helped him give up his boy seed into the Petri dish. Amy was amazed at the volume of semen that the sexy young boy produced. She continued to stroke his boy boner until the pleasurable eruptions of hot semen subsided.
Mmmm…that felt so good. Noah said as he turned and kissed Amy’s cheek.
Amy’s pussy was wet. She was very turned on from holding this naked, sexy boy in her arms. They stood up and she asked Noah and Emily if they wanted to go over to her lab and look as Noah’s sperm through her microscope.
She kissed Ted on the cheek and told him she would be right back…and ummm…I am going to need some stiff cock… The sexy doctor told her handsome husband with a grin.
They twins nodded excitedly and headed out the door and down the dock with her. Thunder trailed along behind them occasionally sniffing Noah’s ass and Emily sex soaked pussy.
When they got to the lab, Amy put the semen sample under the microscope and turned on the light. After a moment to focus it, she grinned.
-Excellent! The doctor pronounced. The injection did exactly what we had hoped. You are very fertile young man. Amy told Noah with a grin. Look at all of those guys swimming around.
-Noah peeked into the microscope and saw the sperm swimming wildly around. Noah said it was very cool. He stepped aside so that Emily could look too.
-Why are they moving around like that? Emily asked.
-They are searching for an egg to fertilize. It is very good that they are that active. That means that Noah’s sperm is very healthy. Now imagine millions of them ejaculated into your womb with each orgasm. All of them are doing the same thing…searching for your egg.
-Will must have put 20 million in me last night. He just never gets enough. We would sleep for a little while and then he would wake up with a boner we would make love again. We fell asleep a couple of times with his boner in me…It was awesome…kind of sleepy though. Emily told Amy and Noah.
Amy hugged Emily as she sat on the high stool in front of the microscope. Her sexy young pussy lips were spread open and the combined semen from Will and Emily’s own juices leaked from her sexy vagina. The strong scent attracted Thunder. He sniffed at her pussy and Noah watched in amazement as Thunders erection emerged from his sheath.
-Wow he is huge Amy. Noah told her.
-They watched as his penis extended. Thunder kept sniffing Emily’s pussy and after a few moments he lapped it with is tongue. Emily gasped as the awesome sensations as the big wet rough tongue licked her pussy lips. He clit became very hard as Thunder licked her again.
You can touch and stroke him if you want to Noah. Amy told the fascinated boy.
Noah knelt beside the dog and as he rubbed Thunder’s back as he wrapped his right hand around Thunder’s penis. That made it extend even more from the sheath. It was very thick and very hard. Noah began to masturbate the dog. Thunder responded by licking Emily’s pussy more aggressively. Soon Thunder began to hunch up and thrust into Noah hand. Noah felt the base of Thunder’s cock with the bulge at the end. Amy explain that was his knot and it would swell to be quite large in a few moments. She told Noah that it tied the male and female dog together while they mated until the male had completely filled the female with his seed.
Noah watched as Thunder continued to hump his hand and the knot became the size of a tennis ball. Noah watched Emily throw her head back as Thunder’s lapping of her clit and vulva brought her to a mind bending orgasm. Noah was sitting on the floor beside Thunder with one leg under the dog. Suddenly his leg was soaked with Thunder’s semen. It was a continuous stream that ejaculated all over Noah. Noah was very hard again.
Noah stood up and he took Emily by the hand and he led her to the lounge chairs at the beach club. There were a few early families having breakfast when Noah walked through the dining room with a raging erection. This kids followed Noah and Emily out and watched as the sexy twins began to kiss and fondle each other. Noah laid Emily out on the chair and he spread her sexy legs and entered her. She was wonderfully squishy with all of Will’s semen and her own juices. They giggled at the squishy sound that each thrust made as Noah made love to her. It was mostly younger kids that watched them from ages 6 to 11. The kids played with themselves and each other as they watched Noah kiss Emily passionately. Noah and Emily were vaguely aware of a 7 year old girl and her 9 year old brother who lay down on the chair beside them. Noah glanced over long enough to see the 9 year old’s little boy boner as it slide easily into his 7 year old sister. They obviously had lots of experience making love to each other.
Noah was so excited after the session with Thunder that he began to arch his back and thrust wildly as a powerful orgasm wracked his body. The boy squirted jet after jet of highly potent incestuous seed into Emily’s unprotected womb. He was too lost in his own pleasure to wonder about when she would become fertile. Emily wrapped her legs around her brother’s hips and pulled his boy cock to the hilt right as Noah ejaculated. She felt his hot semen jet into her womb and cried out as the powerful feelings washed over her. She ground her sex against Noah as she captured every drop of his seed. Emily wasn’t sure why, but she suddenly craved sex and loved the feeling the hot semen squirting in her womb. She wondered if Zach and Dad would have sex with her later.
Before we experience the new beginnings, we need to get to know two of the island families and learn a little about their journey into family love. These families will soon be joined together by the love between each family’s oldest son.
Simon lost his wife, the light of his life, in a brutal car accident 8 years ago. Simon was devastated. He had 4 children that ranged in age from 4 to 16. His sixteen year old son, Randy, was there to comfort Simon and help care for the younger kids. Many nights Simon and Randy held each other at night and cried themselves to sleep. It was the third night after the terrible accident. Both father and son slept in their boxer briefs. They awoke at 5 am with a pair of throbbing erections that were pressed against each other. Their sexy bodies were pressed together. Simon thrust his hard cock against Randy’s rigid 16 year old 6 ½” boner. Both father and son groaned. Simon pulled Randy into a tight embrace and their mourning driven lust took over.
Simon grasped the back of his son’s head and he pulled their lips together. The 16 year old boy’s raging hormones took over and he began to thrust his boner against his dad’s erection. It only took the two of them a few thrusts and the hot semen began squirting through the fabric of their boxer briefs. The both groaned as their powerful orgasms rocked their bodies. They collapsed in each other’s arms and then they were overcome with inconsolable grief.
The younger kids all ran in and jumped in bed. Elizabeth held her Dad and Randy and told them not to cry. The four year old twins just wanted the warmth and love of their family. They could not begin to understand why their Mom was not there.
Taylor wanted to know what the funny smell was. Simon and Randy laughed their boxer briefs were soaked with each other’s semen. The room smelled of man sex. Seven year old Elizabeth smelled it and loved the smell of sexy men but had no idea of what it was or why she was attracted to it. Elizabeth was the first to discover that father and son’s briefs were soaked. Simon stood up and his wet gray boxer briefs were clearly visible. He shucked them off and stood before his children naked. Randy stood up and pulled down his wet boxer briefs as well. The thick creamy boy cum was still visible in his black pubic hair.
Come on…Simon said. We are going to take a shower. The twins jumped out of bed and Simon stripped their four year old bodies naked. Randy stripped Elizabeth’s seven year old body naked. It was the first time that Randy really realized that he was not turned on at all by a naked woman. He had suspected for a long time…but he had denied it. Here was a beautiful 7 year old girl naked in front of him and he was more turned on by his Dad’s sexy body. He wanted to suck his father’s cock and thinking about that was starting to make his cock hard.
Simon turned on the shower. He ushered the twins in and then Elizabeth. Randy was last and his penis was semi-erect. Simon was so confused. Both his son and his 7 year old daughter were naked in front of him. His penis developed a mind of its own. It slowly began to rise. In moments it was rock hard standing proudly 7” tall.
-Oh god…Daddy needs me. Randy thought.
Sixteen year old Randy fell to his knees and he took his father’s rock hard shaft and pulled it down to his lips. He moaned and kissed the head of his Daddy’s cock. He looked up at his Daddy and then he took the man shaft into his mouth. The taste of the man shaft was nectar from the gods. This is what Randy ached for. He needed man flesh. He needed it bad. He began to suck the shaft and tasted the precum. He looked up again at his Daddy’s sexy brown eyes. His Daddy took his head in his hands and began to thrust his cock forward.
The sudden intrusion of the thick man tube in Randy’s throat made the handsome 16 year old boy gag. Simon thrust his cock again and again and again… Simon felt the tension begin to build in his loins. He had wanted sex with Randy more than he could ever admit. And here was the beautiful boy sucking his hard cock. It made Simon crazy with lust and he began to thrust uncontrollably. His hot cum erupted up through his stiff cock into the boy’s mouth. He saw the other kids watching as he face fucked Randy.
Elizabeth pulled the naked 4 year old twins against her7 year old naked body. Elizabeth fondled Taylor’s 4 year old boner and ran her finger up and down Ashley’s 4 year old pussy lips. Elizabeth was jealous. She knew her Daddy was hurting and she wanted to be the one to make Daddy feel better…not Randy. She could not take her eyes off of her Daddy and big brother’s hard penises. They looked so cool…she wanted to touch them. She couldn’t explain it but Elizabeth felt all tingly inside.
Randy gagged as the thick hot sperm erupted into his mouth. The volume of his Dad’s cum was amazing. It made him cough and choke and his Daddy pulled out and shot his hot cum all over his beautiful 16 year old face. Jet after jet of semen squirted all over his face. He saw the shocked look on Elizabeth’s face.
Elizabeth looked at her big brother covered with the thick creamy stuff. She didn’t understand what had happened. But she did understand that her Daddy needed Randy and Randy had helped Daddy…Elizabeth wanted to help Daddy too. She did not know how…she wanted to help…he needed her.
That night she heard moaning from Daddy’s room. Elizabeth went into the room and saw Randy on his knees…bent over…begging Daddy…and Daddy’s hard thing…in Randy. Elizabeth didn’t understand but her fingers rubbed her small 7 year old clit. She watched Daddy get behind Randy and rub his cock all over Randy’s butt. Daddy grasped Randy and shoved his hard penis forward. The big thick penis disappeared into her big brother. Randy groaned and she watched as the tears ran down Randy’s face. Daddy began to thrust his hard penis in Randy’s tight ass again and again like he was possessed. Soon Daddy cried out and his face changed. His hips rocked back and forth as he cried out that he was cumming again and again.
Elizabeth vowed to heal Daddy’s hurt. She wanted to take his hard thing in her and let him have her until his hurt stopped. Nothing could have stopped her. Daddy needed her and she needed to please her Daddy. She wanted to be naked in his strong arms more than anything. Elizabeth just wasn’t sure what to do about it.
Randy began to sleep with Daddy every night. She could hear them and sometimes she peeked around and looked in the doorway and watched them. She was fascinated when Daddy would get behind Randy and put his pee pee in Randy. It made Elizabeth rub herself every time she watched it.
One night Randy and Daddy were in bed. Elizabeth had watched Randy bend Daddy over for the first time. They had just finished that when Elizabeth walked in naked. She pulled back the covers and climbed in on top of her Daddy. She felt his hardness pressed against her. Elizabeth scooted down until Daddy was pressed against the lips of her pussy. She straddled the beautiful and strong man. She didn’t understand any of the mechanics of how to do this other than Daddy needed to be inside her. She wanted that more than anything. Elizabeth opened herself up by straddling him. His penis was pressed against her pussy lips.
-Baby I love you so much, her Daddy said.
-Daddy I want you so bad…more than anything. Elizabeth told him.
She snuggled down against him. The warmth of her hot little cunny began to engulf the tip of his throbbing erection.
-Daddy I love you so much… Elizabeth said. I would do anything for you. I saw you with Randy. I want you to be inside me too.
Her labia kissed his hard cock. The head of his penis felt awesome inside his little girl. He ached for more but knew he had to stop. He tried to pull out of her. Simon started to pull his hard cock away from his 7 year old daughter’s pussy lips.
-Noooo…please…I need you Daddy…don’t pull away…please!
-We shouldn’t…you are so young… He told her as he hugged her naked body to his.
Randy watched in awe as his baby sister insisted on pleasuring their father…or did she need it as much as Daddy. Randy knew that he did. Randy stroked Elizabeth’s back and hips. His Daddy and sister lay very still. Randy’s fingers found their way down to his father scrotum and he began to fondle his Daddy’s large testicles. He felt the thick shaft and followed it up to his sister’s pussy lips that had engulfed the tip of Daddy’s penis. His Daddy groaned as Randy explored his shaft.
Simon felt Elizabeth take more of his shaft and to his amazement he felt the tip of his penis pressed against what he knew had to be her hymen.
Randy stroked Elizabeth’s coal black hair. It was so silky and soft. His hand went back to his Daddy’s shaft. He began to stroke the lower part of the shaft trying to bring his Daddy to a much needed climax. A few moments of stroking was all it took and he felt his Daddy tense and gasp as he went over the edge. Simon had to thrust...the feelings were too intense. As the first jet of semen squirted into Elizabeth, Simon thrust forward and he felt her tiny hymen rupture as his thick man cock penetrated her.
Elizabeth gasped at the pain of first penetration. She felt her Daddy’s hot cum erupting into her and with amazing determination she sat back on his thick erection and slid down until she had almost all of him deep inside of her. She felt jet after jet of his hot seed squirt into her womb. She hugged his neck tight as she adjusted to the intrusion of his thick manhood deep in her small vagina. She kissed her Daddy and held him tight. She felt him begin to soften and knew that she had taken care of him. From then on, Elizabeth and Randy both slept with their Dad.
A few weeks later while Simon was making love to Elizabeth and Randy made love to his Dad, they noticed that Taylor and Ashley were standing beside the bed naked. Ashley was fondling Taylor’s 4 year old boner. Taylor had his finger in his twin sister’s vagina. As 16 year old Randy thrust his teen 6” boner in his Dad, Simon thrust his thick cock in Elizabeth’s 7 year old vagina. Elizabeth loved the feeling of her father as he thrust against her hard little clit. As the days went by, her orgasms grew stronger. She was right on the edge of the powerful good feeling when she wrapped her legs around her men. That was all it took to push her over the edge. She cried out as the powerful feeling raced through her body. Simon felt his son Randy thrusting harder and faster and as Elizabeth cried out, her brother began to ejaculate hot boy seed deep in his father’s core. The pounding of the boy cock against his prostate pushed Simon over the edge and he began to jet thick creamy semen in his little girl’s pussy and womb. His body shook from the powerful orgasm. He watched as Ashley and Taylor explored each other sexually. He felt Randy slide out of his ass and watched as he leaned over and picked up his 4 year old little brother. Simon picked up Ashley. Simon rolled on to his back and set Ashley on his well developed chest. Simon looked over and saw Randy sucking on Taylor’s little boner. Ashley’s little cunny was spread wide open.
-Daddy how come everybody gets to play but me? Ashley asked with a whine.
Simon pulled the little beauty forward and he began to lick and suck her little cunny. Simon looked up into her deep brown eyes and watched them roll back in her head as he pleasured her. His tongue found her tiny hard clit and rubbed and sucked it until he felt her small body shudder with the pleasure of the wild feelings racing through her tiny body.
Oh Daddy…yes….oh…yeah… Ashley cried out as her Daddy’s tongue gave her the first of many climaxes.
Soon the twins moved in and there were now five of them sleeping naked in the king size bed.
That was when Simon started searching the internet for people who lived the family love life style. He found a thread conversation that Ted left posted on a secure website. Ted owned a company that specialized in internet and satellite secure communications for multinational companies and government agencies. He could post things that were never traced back to him.
Ted and Simon communicated regularly via Ted’s secure link. They talked about many things including the difficulties of being a single Dad and an airline pilot. That was when Ted invited Simon into the larger community. Ted invited Simon and his family to come for a visit. Ted and Amy welcomed the Garcia’s warmly.
During the long weekend, Ted asked Simon if he had ever considered being a corporate pilot.
-That sounds interesting if it is the right fit. Simon told Ted.
-Well… it would be for my company. We have installations around the world and we constantly need to move our teams around…usually on short notice.
-I am not sure that helps me much with my child care situation. Simon told him honestly.
-Well a dear friend of ours, Mary and Steve Wong have a daughter, 18 year old Lauren, that is going to a nearby Ivy League college in a few weeks. She would be a perfect fit…and she was raised in family love since she was the twins’ age. The Wong family would be thrilled. Ted told Simon.
Simon suddenly looked like a huge weight had been lifted off of him. They spent the evening talking about the details. Simon watched Ted and his wife Amy, a doctor with a specialty in genetic testing, were so comfortable. Their beautiful blond and blue eyed children ranged in age from 4 to 8 and were perfectly comfortable being naked and sexual in from of Simon’s family. As Simon was thinking that he looked over and saw Randy sucking Mike’s 8 year old boner. Mike was Ted and Amy’s oldest boy. Simon worried about what Ted and Amy would think about the older boy sucking their young son. He didn’t have long to wonder.
Ted laughed and nodded to Randy and Mike.
-I hope Randy loves to suck cock because Mike can’t get enough of being sucked. Ted told Simon.
Ted could tell that Simon was relieved. He led Simon into the kitchen to fix them something to drink. As soon as they were alone, Simon began to share his concerns about Randy being gay.
-Have you talked to him about it? Ted asked.
-Ummm…no… Simon answered.
-Why not? Ted asked in a non judgmental fashion.
-I didn’t want to embarrass him… Simon told him.
-Even though the two of you have sex regularly, it is still a big step for a boy to tell his father he is gay. Ted told him.
That night Simon took his 16 year old son Randy aside by themselves. Simon could not believe what a handsome young man Randy was becoming. He stroked Randy’s black hair and looked into Randy’s deep brown eyes.
-Is there something that you want to tell me about your sexuality? Simon asked his son as gently and tenderly as he could.
Simon watched as those beautiful brown eyes welled up with tears. He quickly took the naked boy in his strong arms and held him tight while he kissed his forehead. He stroked Randy’s back as he spoke to him.
-You know that you can tell me anything…anything at all. And you know that I love you more than life itself…I always will…no matter what happens. Simon told his son softly as he held him tight. Randy pulled back. Big tears ran down his olive color cheeks.
-Daddy…I am gay…I hope you are not too disappointed. Randy told his Dad and then sobbed.
Simon held Randy’s chin up.
-I want you to be proud when you tell people you are gay…just as I am proud of you. And Randy…I will always be proud of you. He kissed his handsome son and held him tight.
Simon knew how shy the sexy 16 year old was. Simon desperately wanted to help Randy’s confidence and self esteem grow.
-Daddy…I love you so much. Randy told his Dad.
-Randy…I know you are a little shy. Would you be comfortable telling everyone here that you are gay? His Daddy asked him.
Randy swallowed hard while he thought about it.
-I…ummmm…could…you know…tell them…if you were there with me. Randy told his dad in a quiet voice.
They walked into the family room. Randy looked terrified. Simon had his hand around Randy’s waist. He could feel the boy’s heart racing and the perspiration running over his hand as it streamed from the boy’s arm pit. Simon’s heart ached for the shy boy. If he could do this, it would be a huge confidence builder for Randy.
-I…ummm…wanted…ummm…to tell you something. There was a long hesitation.
Ted, Amy and Simon all prayed quietly that the boy would have the courage to tell them. The perspiration was flooding and Simon could feel Randy trembling.
-You don’t have to do this… Simon whispered to Randy.
Suddenly Randy had a very determined look.
-I am gay. Randy said in a firm voice.
Simon pulled the sexy boy into a bear hug. Ted and Amy joined in making it a group hug. They all felt the sheen of perspiration that covered Randy’s body.
-This calls for a celebration. Ted announced.
Ted went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Champagne and glasses. As Ted began to pour the Champagne, Amy told Randy what an incredibly brave thing he had done. Amy was very cultured so the advice she gave Randy was even more shocking. Amy held up her Champagne glass and toasted Randy
-Here is to always being yourself…and always being proud of who you are. If anyone can’t deal with who you are…well…Fuck ‘em…just Fuck ‘em!
Randy suddenly stood a little taller as he took a sip of Champagne. The bubbles tickled his nose.
-Fuck’em… he said with a joyful laugh.
-Daddy…what is gay? Mike asked his Dad.
-It means that Randy is attracted to loving boys instead of girls. His father explained.
-Oh…cool… The 8 year old responded as he went back to playing a computer game with Elizabeth.
Simon’s family grew closer and eventually Randy went off to college and then he announced that he wanted to go to flight school. He became a pilot just like his Dad.
Eight years later when Ted told Simon about the island, Simon was delighted. It sounded like an idyllic environment for his sexy family. Elizabeth was now 16 and the love of his life. She loved pleasuring her Daddy and her Daddy knew just how to rock her world. Taylor and Ashley had started puberty. The physical changes in their bodies only made them crave each other more. Amy had started Ashley on the pill and Simon hoped it would be enough…those kids had sex with each other several times a day…not to mention sex with their other siblings. Simon was relieved when the decision was made to move to the island. It was becoming very difficult to keep Ashley and Taylor’s hands off of each other in public. Holding hands and kissing each other in middle school was beginning to draw a lot of attention.
Randy met Jessie Swenson at the annual gathering of the family love families at Tom Gibson’s ranch in Wyoming. Randy was 19 when they first met and Jessie was 13. Both boys loved the great outdoors. They loved everything about their two weeks together every summer at the ranch. They rode horses, swam, fished, hiked and hunted together. No one was bothered by the fact that the two boys slept together every night and the lovemaking was the worst kept secret at the ranch. The two boys were insatiable. The quickly became friends despite the 6 year difference in their age. When they were not at the ranch the boys were constantly chatting on the internet…about everything…well almost everything. They talked about sex constantly but neither boy ever mentioned his sexual orientation.
Randy learned to fly when he was 17. He had the same passion for flying that his dad did. He could not get enough. Simon was not surprised that when Randy turned 19 he asked permission to charter a plane and go see Jessie. Simon thought about it for a while. He had no problem with Randy’s skills as a pilot or his exception maturity. Simon trust Randy more in the right seat of his airplane than he did any of the professional pilots the he regularly flew with. Simon was thinking about Randy’s relationship with Jessie. Simon saw that Randy was in the back yard reading a flying magazine. He grabbed two beers and joined his son.
-I think it will be okay if you charter a plane and fly to Minnesota to see Jessie. I do have one question for you. Simon said and then paused.
-What’s that? Randy asked as he tried to contain his joy until he saw what his Daddy wanted.
-Well I am just curious…and it is none of my business…if you have told Jessie that you are gay? Simon asked quietly and then paused.
Randy’s first instinct was to be angry that his father was prying in his life like this..and then he paused. Randy looked down. He knew it was a good question…the right question…a powerful question…a frightening question…what if…
When Randy looked back up he was clearly distraught. His face was filled with anguish.
-I have never felt this way about anyone. I am afraid. What if it changes things? Rand asked his Dad.
Simon stood up and he pulled the boy into a powerful bear hug.
-I am pretty sure that telling him that you are gay won’t come as a surprise. There are other things that you want to talk about aren’t there? His dad asked.
Randy only nodded.
-He seems pretty together for a 14 year old guy. My advice is to open some of those subject gently and see how he responds. Take it slow. Simon advised his son.
-But Daddy…I love him…more than anything…it just scares me. Randy told his Dad.
-Randy…anything in life worth having is worth taking some risk in order to get it. You will figure out exactly the right way to do this. Simon told him.
A week later Simon waved to Randy as Randy taxied the old Cessna 172 toward the end of the runway. Simon found he was holding his breath…it had nothing to do with the flight and everything to do with the new chapter in Randy’s life. He watched Randy bank the plane to the right after takeoff. Simon realized that the boy was setting a new course for two journeys that he was beginning today.
Randy called Jessie when he was 150 miles from the airport. The moment he hung up he began to sweat profusely. His hands trembled and his mouth was as dry as the Sahara. He hadn’t felt like this since the afternoon in Ted’s living room when he came out to them.
Randy was wearing a blue buttoned down oxford cloth shirt and khaki plants. When he taxied the plane up to the fixed base operator Minnesota Air Services, Jessie and his Dad Marty were standing there. His heart was pounding so hard that Randy thought it might pop out of his chest. One of the guys on the flight line signaled where he should park and guided him into the slot. The guy held up his crossed arms and signaled that Randy should stop and set the brake. After he gave them instruction on refueling the plane, Randy ran to Jessie and hugged him and then his Dad.
Fortunately Simon had called Jessie’s Dad to give him a heads up about what was going on and Randy’s anxiety. Jessie asked Randy if everything was okay.
-Yeah. Randy told him.
-Well your shirt is soaked…I was just worried.
-Ummm…I guess I was just nervous about my first solo cross-country flight. Randy lied as he told Jessie.
-You guys probably have things you would like to do this afternoon. I don’t need the car. When I get home you can take it. Marty told Randy and Jessie.
-They pulled in the driveway and Marty tossed Randy the keys. Randy got behind the wheel. He now understood the expression about being so scared your knees knocked. He looked as Jessie and asked him if there was a park close by where they could walk and talk…alone.
-You’re kind of scaring me dude…but yeah. Jessie told Randy and then gave him directions to the park.
They drove along in silence as the little voices in their heads screamed every awful possibility imaginable to both of them.
As they drove along Jessie’s mind raced. First he decided that Randy was creeped out by having sex with younger dudes. The he decided that Randy must be here to tell him he was straight and not interested in dudes at all. And the thought that literally made him want to hurl all over the car. Jessie’s head was swimming and he had a death grip on the door handle. He was sure he was going to have to tell Randy to stop so that he could throw up.
The car stopped in the park. Jessie got out and stood on wobbly legs and gulped air. They began to walk down the path and…
Knowing more about Jessie and his family will help with understanding his reaction to the current situation with Randy.
The Swenson family lived in southern Minnesota. They were of Danish descent and no one seemed to be concerned that first cousins had fallen in love and gotten married. Martin and Kathi Swenson and their three children all had Nordic good looks. They shared the same good looks…blond hair, blue eyes and sharp angular features. Any of them could have been a fashion model. Marty grew up on a farm with three brothers. Marty shared a room and a bed with his brother George who was 2 years older. George was very sexual and taught Marty how they could pleasure each other at a very early age. Their parents found George and Marty engaged in sexual activity several time and they simply smiled and closed the door.
Kathi, Marty’s first cousin, grew up on a farm that was just down the road. Marty thought Kathi was the most awesome girl ever. Marty was 13 and Kathi was 12 the afternoon they went to the pond at the back of the farm property. They went skinny dipping. Marty could not take his eyes off of Kathi’s beautiful breast buds. She teased him about it and he told her that he couldn’t help it…she was just so beautiful.
Kathi could not take her eyes off of Marty’s 13 year old 4 ½” boner. Typical of a 13 year old boner, it was not very thick and the head was covered with a foreskin that only made Kathi more interested in what was inside the foreskin. Marty was standing in water that was mid-thigh deep. He stood proudly so that Kathi could see his erection. Kathi swam across the pond under water and surfaced right in front of Marty. She was so close that she held on to the back of Marty’s thighs to pull herself up.
Kathi’s lean body brushed against Marty’s throbbing member as she stood up. It traced a path down her chest between her sexy breast buds. The head of his penis came to a stop just above the tiny patch of white blond pubic hair above her perfectly beautiful snow white pussy lips. Kathi rested her forearms on Marty’s shoulders. She stared into his deep blue eyes as her index fingers began to trace the ridges in his ears and toyed with his ear lobes. Marty had no idea of why, but Kathi touching his ears like that seemed the most sexual thing in the world. He could feel his pulse pounding in his erection. Kathi combed his eyebrow with the tip of her index finger. Then she lightly stroked the side of his face. They had gone skinny dipping before but they were much more modest and only caught glimpses of each other.
This was different for both of them. It was raw and sexual.
Kathi never looked away from his deep blue eyes. Her fingers trailed down his chest and raked over his erect nipple.
-You are so strong. Kathi told him. Her fingers made another pass down his chest and she wondered if touching his nipples excited him as much as having her nipples touched. Kathi slept with her younger sister and they loved to touch and stroke each other. Kathi particularly loved touching Anne between her legs and rubbing that special hard place. Kathi looked down at the stiff flesh between them.
-Your body is so mysterious, she told Marty.
Marty smiled and asked her what was so mysterious.
-Well this and what it hides. Kathi said as her finger tip caressed Marty’s foreskin.
-Why don’t you peel it back and end the mystery? He asked her with a mischievous smile.
Kathi’s fingers wrapped around the 13 year old boy shaft and she gently pulled down on the flesh and marveled as the flared red head of his penis appeared.
-It is so red and angry looking. She said properly awed.
-That is because being her naked with you makes it so hard it feels like it might explode at any moment. Marty told her.
She looked into his blue eyes and they were clouded and unfocused with his lust. He leaned forward and he kissed her. It was a tender loving kiss at first and then it became more insistent and passionate. Marty’s hand was behind Kathi’s head stroking her long blond hair. His lips parted as the intensity of the kiss increased. Kathi was swept away in the moment being naked against this sexy boy’s body. Her lips parted too. She was shocked when their tongues first made contact. And then she realized she tasted this magnificent boy…and he tasted awesome. The fingers of his other hand found her small breasts and began to touch and explore her nipples.
The wild pleasure of his touch was almost more than Kathi could take. She groaned into Marty’s open mouth. Marty’s tongue began a sexual dance in her mouth. Her hand gripped his shaft and it was Marty’s turn to groan. They were both lost in their lust as he took her by the hand and led her to shore where he spread a towel. They knelt on the towel and kissed again…even more passionately this time. Marty took Kathi in his strong arms and he lay her back on the towel which caused Kathi’s legs to be spread and her sex presented to him for the taking. As Marty stretched out between her sexy legs, he supported his upper body with his strong arms.
Kathi felt the tip of his erection as it pressed against her pussy lips. Marty leaned down and kissed her and as he did he felt the tip of his penis slowly slide into her vagina. He groaned as he felt it slide deeper until he met the resistance of her hymen. Marty kissed Kathi passionately. The tip of his penis thrust in and out of the small part of her vagina available to him.
-Kathi moaned loudly and said oh yes…Marty…so good.
She spread her legs wide and held his head tight and kissed him with wild abandon. Marty quickly thrust his penis deep in her vagina leaving her hymen in bloody tatters. Kathi was surprised at how little it hurt and quickly focused on the awesome feeling of his hard penis deep in her hot core.
-Oh Marty you are so sexy.
Marty was right on the edge. He thrust a few more times and pulled out before he climaxed and filled her with his semen.
-Oh no Marty…please don’t stop.
-Kathi…I am so close baby…I am going to climax any second. Marty told her.
Kathi quickly wrapped her legs around him and pushed his cock down into her steaming vagina.
-You can’t get pregnant the first time. She told him with great conviction even though she was completely wrong.
Marty began to thrust his hard 13 year old cock into her hot 12 year old vagina. They ground together as their passion reached the point of no return. Marty began to thrust wildly into the beautiful girl as he sucked on one of her sexy little nipples. He felt the release of tension as the semen raced from his aching testicles through his hard cock and ejaculated into her unprotected womb. Marty had never felt a climax as strong as this. His testicles felt like they were turning inside out.
Kathi ground her hard clit against Marty until she cried out as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. She felt his hot seed ejaculating into her womb. It was the most awesome moment of her life. They kissed and hugged a long time after their orgasms subsided. Marty was still rock hard.
-Ummmm…Kathi…ummm would you want to you know…do it again? Marty asked the beautiful girl shyly.
Kathi nodded as she wrapped her legs around the sexy blond boy. She would have pulled his whole body inside her if she could have. He began to slowly thrust his boy boner in his own slippery semen and felt her juices begin to pour out around his hard cock. He loved this crazy beautiful girl. He thrust again and again until she moaned with each thrust. Kathi pulled his head to her nipple and as he sucked the stiff flesh she began to cry out with the pleasure of another orgasm. He felt her vagina begin to clutch at his stiff penis as her body convulsed with her orgasm. That pushed Marty past the point of no return. He was totally lost in the pleasure of filling her womb with his seed. This time when they finished his penis began to soften and he pulled out and looked at his semi-erect penis with new found respect. He saw that it was covered with streaks of her virginal blood and the towel was stained with it as well.
He was afraid she would be remorseful about it but she showed him nothing but pure joy. She took his hand and they waded back into the pond and swam and hugged and kissed some more. He became erect again and he filled her with his stiff flesh. Kathi wrapped her legs around him and kissed him with wild abandon.
-You are the most awesome boy ever.
-You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Three days later her period started to their mutual relief. They were together the first day of her period. She asked him if he knew that she was perfect safe during her period. She looked at him shyly and told him it would be kind of messy but they could go to the pond and swim afterward. She grabbed a towel and they headed for the pond. They made wild passionate love completely oblivious to her period. When they had both climaxed he pulled out and she laughed and told him he was a mess. They waded into the pond. They made love ever day that week.
Their challenge was that buying rubbers in their small town would be known by everyone in town in moments. Marty worked up the courage to talk to Billy his oldest brother. Billy freaked when he heard that they were having sex without protection. He told Marty he would take him to the city and they would get him some rubbers.
When his big brother was going into Minneapolis, Marty went along. He got Billy to stop at a chain drug store. He came out with a bag full of stuff and his brother saw the condom boxes through the flimsy sack. He told him not to worry about it and showed Marty where he could hide his condoms in his pickup truck under the seat. Billy asked who the lucky girl was.
When Marty told him it was Kathi. Billy did a long whistle.
-She is hot! Billy said. You are so lucky!
Marty blushed and nodded.
-Have you ever used a condom? Billy asked Marty.
Marty shook his head no. Billy was just about home. He turned away from the farm and drove until he came to a dirt road. Billy drove down that road until they reached an abandon gravel pit. The excavation of gravel and sand had created a small lake. Billy grabbed a box of condoms. They got out of the pickup truck.
You need to learn how to put on a condom. They can break if you don’t use them right. Billy told his 13 year old brother.
Billy took hold of the hem of Marty’s t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He unbuttoned the button to his little brother’s cargo shorts and unzipped them. He smiled as they fell to the sandy roadway. His little brother stood naked before him. Billy pulled off his t-shirt and shorts and he too stood naked. Billy was 17 and stood about 6’2”. He was on the varsity basketball team and was in awesome shape. His abs were ripped and biceps were impressive. He had the same light blond hair and blue eyes of the rest of the family…and a smile that seemed to light up a room. Billy knelt before his little brother and began to examine his 3” flaccid penis and testicles. Soon he had Marty rock hard.
-Your cock is impressive for being 13. Billy told Marty. Your balls seem pretty big for your age too. I bet you make a lot of cum.
-I do. Marty told his sexy big brother.
Marty looked down and saw that Billy’s cock was huge…8” or 9”.
-It’s huge…never seen one that big. Marty said as he pointed at his brother’s throbbing boner. Dude that thing is amazing.
Billy stood up and as he did his thick cock was waging back and forth. Marty wrapped his hands around it and began to feel and stroke it. He looked up into his big brother’s lust clouded eyes as he rubbed the huge boner.
-Oh yeah Marty…that feels so good. Marty began to increase the pace of his stroking. The big shaft was getting slippery with the huge amount of precum that leaked from the tip. Marty slid the foreskin back and forth across the rim of his big brother’s cock. Billy groaned and held his little brother’s shoulders.
-Mmmmm…so good…haven’t had time to jack off for a couple of days…oh god Marty…gonna cum if you keep doing that.
Marty started stroking the big shaft really fast and he watched as Billy’s knees buckled with the intense pleasure Marty was causing. Moments later Billy groaned and thick creamy sperm began to erupt from the tip of Billy’s hard dick. The first jet of hot semen landed on Marty’s cheek. Marty kept stroking and the next jet landed on his nipple. Billy shot jet after jet of hot cum all over his little brother. Marty thought the awesome boner was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.
When Billy came down from the high of his orgasm he kissed his little brother’s forehead.
-Dude that was awesome. Thanks!
Billy leaned down and licked the thick glob of his cum off of Marty’s cheek. Marty scooped up a finger full off of his chest and licked his finger clean.
-You taste good. Marty told his sexy big brother.
Billy knelt before his little brother. He kissed Marty on the lips and thanked him again. Billy opened the box of condoms and pulled out a foil packet. As he opened the packet, Billy explained the correct way to put a rubber on leaving room at the end. He rolled it down over Marty’s 13 year old boner and Billy combed the curly blond pubic hair at the base of Marty’s shaft.
-You have a really cool dick Marty. Billy told him as he began to slowly stroke his little brother’s shaft inside the lubricated condom.
-It’s nothing like yours Billy. Marty told him. Yours is awesome.
I think yours is really cool. I like to see younger guys’ boners. Billy told his little brother. After a few minutes of stroking the condom covered boner, Billy pulled the rubber off and began to suck his little brother. Billy stopped sucking Marty for a moment and looked up at his little brother.
-You taste really good bro. Billy told him. I love the way you taste and I can’t wait to taste your cum. Billy went back to sucking Marty and the wild feelings sent electric shocks of pleasure through his whole body. Marty was so turned on by the idea of his awesome big brother sucking his cock. Billy’s intense sucking had Marty on the edge of a climax in moments.
Oh…man Billy…gonna cum… Marty began to face fuck his big brother and shot jet after jet of his 13 year old semen in his sexy brother’s mouth. Marty’s knees were weak after the powerful climax. Billy supported his little brother. He kissed Marty…his lips still coated with his little brother’s sperm.
You are the best. Billy told his little brother. Billy watched as Marty licked his own semen off of his lips.
Marty wrapped his arms around his big brother’s neck. Billy picked him up and carried him into the cold water of the gravel pit. Neither of them seemed to notice the cold water and Billy never put his little brother down. He held the sexy 13 year old boy tight against his own naked body. Marty loved the feeling of being in Billy’s strong arms. Marty loved Billy…but the last few years Billy had been kind of distant. Marty never understood why. Marty kissed his big brother’s cheek and hugged him tight.
-You are the best Billy. I love you so much. Marty told his big brother.
-Marty…I have to tell you something. I am attracted to dudes…particularly little dudes. The worry on Billy’s face was clear as he told Marty his deepest secret.
-That’s cool. Marty told him as he hugged his big brother again. It was the beginning of an intense sexual relationship between Marty and his sexy big brother.
Marty and Kathi were faithful about using condoms. Billy kept them supplied. Marty told Kathi about what had happened with Billy and Kathi was very turned on.
-Can I see you suck Billy’s huge cock sometime…I think that would be so cool. A few days later, Billy took Marty and Kathi to the abandon gravel pit. He spread out a blanket for them. Marty began to undress Billy and Kathi watched in awe as the older boy’s cargo shorts fell to the blanket revealing the huge erection. Kathi rushed forward to touch it.
-Wow…Billy it is so cool. Kathi said as her fingers traced down the shaft and her other hand cupped his huge nuts. Marty can you really suck it.
Marty nodded his head and he began to take the thick flared mushroom head in his mouth. Billy stretched out on the blanket and he had Marty lie on top of him so that he could deep throat his little brother. Kathi watched in awe as the thick shaft went down Marty’s throat. She watched his eyes water as he took the thick man meat to the hilt. Kathi fondled Billy’s testicles and stroked Marty’s hair as she watched the amazing spectacle. It was truly awesome.
Sooo…close… Billy said and he pulled his thick cock out of Marty’s mouth. He loved to give his little brother facials. Billy rapidly stroked his shaft his foreskin flying back and forth across the sensitive rim of his cock until he erupted hot cum all over his little brother’s face. Kathi could not believe that a guy could make that much sperm. Marty’s sexy face was covered with his brother’s man seed. As Billy’s orgasm subsided, Kathi kissed Marty’s face and began to lick his brother’s thick semen off of his face.
Marty grinned and said, see I told you he could cum a lot.
Kathi lapped up a huge glob of cum and proceeded to French kiss Marty.
Billy licked his own cum off of the other side of Marty’s face. His fingers were all over his little brother’s body.
You are so sexy little brother, Billy told Marty. I want to see you make love to Kathi. And…ummm…I know you shouldn’t do it…but I want to watch you put it in bareback.
Kathi lay back and spread her legs. Even though Billy was not turned on by women, he thought Kathi was incredibly beautiful and sexy. He watched Marty strip naked and his thick cock got rock hard again. Marty’s 4” boy boner was throbbing as he knelt between Kathi’s legs.
-Here…let me help. Billy said as he took hold of Billy’s boner and guided it toward Kathi’s moist pussy. I know you shouldn’t do it, but I just want to see your cool boy boner going in Kathi bareback.
Billy guided Marty’s boner. Marty was extremely turned on that his sexy big brother was holding his hard cock and guiding him into to Kathi. Marty’s boner was guided by the fingers on Billy’s left hand and Billy other hand parted Kathi’s lips to take the stiff boy shaft. Billy’s fingers guided the flared head of Marty’s penis into Kathi’s moist vagina. Billy’s thumb was resting on Kathi’s hard clit and it reminded Billy of a small boner the way it stuck out. Kathi groaned as he gently massaged her stiff flesh with his thumb. Billy’s first two fingers were still on Marty’s stiff shaft as it began to disappear into Kathi. All of them were surprised when Billy’s fingers were caressing Marty’s shaft inside Kathi’s hot and moist vagina. Billy was so engrossed in touching his little brother’s shaft as he guided him to penetrate Kathi that he was initially oblivious that they had slipped inside her. When Billy realized that his fingers were inside Kathi’s vagina and he was caressing his little brother’s shaft. He quickly apologized and started to pull his fingers out.
-Oh god Billy…don’t…that feels so good…everything you are doing feels awesome….please don’t stop. Kathi begged the sexy older boy.
You really like it? Billy asked in a very surprised tone of voice.
Kathi could only nod because the pleasure was so great.
Billy had his index and second finger in Kathi. –
If you really like it…you will like this better.
Billy pulled his fingers back and slipped his index finger out. Kathi moaned in disappointment. Then she felt the sensation as he put both middle fingers in her. His fingers were long and both Kathi and Marty gasped as the fingers slid along the underside of Marty’s stiff cock. Billy’s middle fingers were able to fully penetrate Kathi’s 12 year old vagina. Billy found that he could play with the rim of Marty’s boner. His fingers moving around inside Kathi drove both Marty and Kathi crazy with lust. Kathi begged Marty to rub her hard clit and the moment he did she went over the edge. Kathy thrust herself against Billy’s fingers and Marty’s raging erection.
That drove Marty over the edge and he began thrusting against his brother’s fingers in Kathi’s ultra tight vagina. The all heard Marty groan as his cock exploded hot semen into his sexy cousin and all over his big brother’s fingers. Marty was crazy with lust and did not quit pumping until he had ejaculated a huge load of hot semen in his sexy 12 year old cousin.
Marty, Kathi and Billy sweated the rest of her 28 day cycle. Billy drove his little brother over to their cousins’ farm about two weeks later. Kathy came running out. She climbed into Billy’s old red pickup truck. As they drove along the country road Kathi unbuttoned her jeans and lifted her hips up off the seat. She pushed the jeans and her white cotton panties down in one motion. Billy and Marty both saw the Always sanitary pad in her panties and it was soaked with bright red menstrual blood. The boys simultaneously let out a whoop of joy.
Marty and Kathi were very careful about contraception for a long time. But about every six months they played the bare boner game. The game became more stimulating as Marty’s penis began to grow. The three of them would always sweat the rest of the month until Kathi showed them her menstrual blood. They were incredibly lucky.
By the time Marty was 15 and Kathi was 14, everybody in both of their families knew the kids were crazy in love. They spent every moment that they could together. Puberty had caused amazing changes in both of their bodies. Marty had the lean muscled body of a long distance runner. He had a magnificent chest and abs that were smooth except for the lightest treasure trail. The hair under his arms was so light blond that it was almost invisible when it was wet.
He had a beautiful curly patch of white blond pubic hair above his thick 6” uncut flaccid penis. His shins had only a light dusting of fine white blond hair. Marty’s white blond hair was in curly ringlets around his handsome face. He had transitioned from a cute little boy to a very handsome young man. At 6’ tall he was almost a foot taller than his petite cousin. Kathi was an incredibly beautiful girl. It was no surprise with her awesome looks and likeable personality that everyone liked being with her. Kathi was a varsity cheerleader. Marty got rock hard every time he saw her in her skimpy cheerleading skirt. He loved the way her beautiful 34B breasts looked in the tight t-shirts the cheerleaders wore. Everyone knew that Marty and Kathi were inseparable.
It was the night of their first football game of the year. Marty was so proud of Billy because he was first string wide receiver because of his lightning fast speed and his agility at catching passes. It was the final seconds of the game and their team was down by four points. They only had one play left before time ran out. Billy knew he had to run 40 yards and somehow get himself open. The needed a miracle. Billy told Michael the quarterback what he had in mind. They had never practiced this and the coach would kill them if it didn’t work. The quarterback called the play and Billy took off the moment the ball was snapped. The defender was stuck to Billy like glue. When they reached the 5 yard line Billy had slowed enough to allow the defender to catch him and he looked over his left shoulder giving the defender the feeling that he had a great play on the ball when it arrived. The coach groaned knowing it was going to be an interception and the damn kids were not running the play he sent in. Suddenly Billy blindly broke to his right and with a tremendous burst of speed broke free and ran diagonally for the center of the field and the open end zone. Everyone in the stands held their breath…especially Marty. The high spiral pass seemed to hang in the air for ever. The ball landed perfectly in Billy’s arms just as the horn sounded for the end of the game. They had just won by 2 points. Everyone in the stands and their whole team went wild. They had just beaten their arch rival.
The team was in the locker room and Michael and Billy were chattering about the amazing pass. They had stripped down to their t-shirts and jock strap when the coach came into the locker room and glared at them. The locker room got deathly quiet. Everyone knew that they had not run the play the coach had sent in…and he was pissed. Billy and Michael hung their heads.
So…you geniuses have started calling your own plays. You call a long-shot knuckleheaded play that would only work one in a million times. The coach yelled. And…you fucking idiots won the game. He said as he walked up to them.
He put one hand on each boy’s head and playfully banged their heads together. He then pulled the half naked boys into a bear hug. He leaned back and looked from Michael to Billy. The coach had a huge grin.
-You fucking idiots are awesome and are probably the only two kids that could have executed that play flawlessly. The coach told them.
He slapped both of their asses which were exposed since both boys were only wearing jock straps.
Get in the shower and get changed…get out of here and go celebrate…you guys deserve it. You played awesome tonight. The coach told them as he turned to go to his office.
The boys gleefully stripped off their t-shirts and dropped their sweaty jocks to the floor. Their teammates slapped them on the back and ass as they filed by heading to the gang shower. Billy and Michael were reliving the feeling of watching the ball as it hung in midair. They both described the moment as happening in slow motion. Billy described the feeling of the ball landing in his arms and the official signaling a touchdown. The boys hugged each other in celebration never thinking about the fact that it was a naked hug in front of half of the team. When they finished laughing and slapping each other on the back they broke their hug. Anyone that was paying close attention including the two boys noticed that both of their penises were chubbed. No one in the locker room would have said a word about it…but there were a lot of guys who wondered just what Billy’s huge cock looked like when it was erect.
As the boys went into the shower still chattering excitedly about the game, Billy kept checking out Michael’s chubbed penis and he saw that Michael was checking him out too. Each of them while excitedly talking about the game wondered if the other boy might be interested in him sexually.
Billy knew he needed to get out of the shower before he had full wood. He quickly dried off and began to dress. He watched as Michael stood beside him and decided that Michael’s cock was even harder than it had been before. Billy put his hand on Michael’s naked back.
-I…ummm…promised I would take Marty and Kathi out for a burger. Maybe we can get together tomorrow night and have our own celebration. In a conspiratal tone, Billy told Michael he knew where they could score some beer for their celebration.
Michael’s face lit up in a huge grin. Billy watched Michael struggle to put his half hard cock in his boxers without the other guys seeing it. Billy made no effort to hide the fact that he was very interested in the hardening flesh. Billy looked up from the stiffening flesh into Michael’s deep brown eyes.
-I’ll call you tomorrow and we can figure it out. Billy said looked back down at the obviously tented boxers. –I am sure we will have a blast. He looked at Michael and gave him a huge grin and raised one eyebrow as he said it. Michael’s smile lit up the room.
When Billy walked out in the parking lot he saw his little brother and Kathi. Kathi was leaning against the red door of the old pickup truck on the passenger side. His little brother Marty had his hands on the passenger side window on either side of Kathi’s head. They were kissing passionately. Billy thought about what a cute couple they made. They were meant for each other. Billy walked up behind Marty and swatted him on the ass playfully.
-Why don’t you two get a room? Billy asked them playfully.
-We’d love to do that! Marty said with a laugh as he opened the passenger door and Kathy slid across the bench seat.
The boys did a fist bump as Marty told his big brother how awesome he was tonight. As they drove toward the old silver diner, Billy thought about the night ahead. He looked at Marty and Kathi.
-I have an idea. Why don’t you call your parents and tell them we are going back to our house to celebrate and there might be some beer. Tell them that I am giving you my room…which I am…sort of… Billy said with an evil laugh.
When they got to the diner, Kathi called her parents and told them that they were going back to Billy and Marty’s house to celebrate. She told her mom she was going to spend the night. Before she said anything else, her mother told her to have a good time. Kathi told the boys the good news.
As they sat down in the booth, Billy said awesome! -This calls for a celebration!
Kathi and Marti knew exactly what he meant. Kathi worried that she was getting too close to the middle of her cycle. She felt Marty’s hand on her thigh and knew that she wanted to do it no matter what. After they finished eating, they drove to the house. There was lots of excited chatter about the game. Marty told his Mom and Dad that Kathi was spending the night. His Mom only asked if they had told her parents. When they said that it was okay with her parents, it was the end of the discussion.
It didn’t take too long before everyone had drifted off to bed except Marty, Kathi and Billy. When they all got to Billy’s room he whispered that he was hot to play bare boner. Marty grinned and held 14 year old Kathi tight. She felt his erect 7” penis pressing against her hips. Marty wondered if they hadn’t tempted fate too often playing bare boner…but god it felt so awesome. Those thoughts were running through his mind as Kathi turned and kissed him while she began to strip him naked. She pulled the cotton sweater over his head and loved finding his naked chest underneath. She popped the button on his jeans and as they dropped to the floor she found that he was commando. She fondled his hard 7” cock with one hand and felt his testicles with the other. They felt so full…she thought. She kissed him.
Billy fell to his knees and kissed his little brother’s erection. Billy couldn’t get over how sexy his little brother was since his body had matured. Marty pulled off his brother’s sweatshirt. When Billy stood up, Marty stripped off his jeans. As Marty lovingly stroked his big brother’s 9” cock, he told him it was the most amazing thing ever.
They all climbed into bed. Billy guided Marty’s penis into Kathi while his thumb massaged her hard clit. Billy could tell that Kathi was really excited. Her vagina was so slick with her juices. Kathy began to moan as Billy rubbed her clit and her vagina was filled with Marty’s thick 7” thick cock and Billy’s middle fingers. Kathy was so lost in her own pleasure that all doubts about what they were doing faded. Billy began to relentlessly stimulate the corona ridge around Marty’s cock. Marty and Kathi began to moan as their climax neared. Kathi and Marty simultaneously began to orgasm. Marty had been so busy he had not jacked off for two days. His penis gushed hot cum over Billy’s fingers and into Kathi’s vagina and unprotected womb. Kathy felt the hot semen flood her womb and it intensified her orgasm. The head of Billy’s massive erection was wedged between the two young lovers. The friction of their love making and the intensely stimulating nature of what they were all doing was enough to cause Billy to climax at the same time as Marty and Kathi. He shot his hot cum between their two bodies. They were both covered with Billy’s thick creamy cum.
As they all lay there in the afterglow of orgasm, Kathi began to toy with Billy’s semi erect penis. She looked at Billy as she fondled his huge penis.
-I understand that you like to fuck Marty with that monster of yours. Kathi said.
-Yeah…he has an amazing ass and I love to fuck it. Billy told Kathi.
-I would love to see you fuck him with that…it would be so hot. Kathi told Billy and she felt Marty’s cock go from almost flaccid to rock hard in seconds.
The 9” cock stood straight up and Billy scooped up his cum as lube. He lubed Marty’s ass and then he knelt behind his little brother. Billy began to feed him the huge stiff cock. Kathi put her hand on the stiff shaft as it slowly disappeared into Marty.
-That is so hot baby…he is really fucking you with that huge cock…it is awesome. I am so turned on. Marty began to feel the monster cock sliding in and out of him. Each thrust from Billy drove Marty’s cock deep in Kathi. Kathi loved the intense stimulation.
-Oh yeah…Billy…fuck him hard…oh man….that’s awesome. Kathi begged.
Kathi cried out with her orgasm just as Billy filled Marty’s ass with a load of hot cum. That pushed Marty over the edge and shot a huge load into Kathy. Marty felt the tip of his hard cock pressed against Kathi’s cervix as he shot jet after jet of his hot cum deep in her womb.
Three weeks later, Kathi had not started her period. Billy drove them to the big city to buy a pregnancy test. They stopped at a restaurant. Kathy went into the ladies room and used the test. When she came out she looked worried. She showed Marty the positive results. She was shocked when Marty hugged her and told her that was awesome.
-I love you so much…I can’t believe you are going to have our baby. Marty told her. Let’s go tell my parents.
When they got home his parents were in the family room.
-Mom and Dad…I have great news…Kathi is pregnant with my baby.
His mother and father could see Marty’s genuine excitement. His Mom rushed over and hugged the two of them. She held their faces in her hands.
-I heard the three of you making love the other night. I told your father that you would probably be pregnant. He said that if it was God’s will it would happen. His mother looked at Kathi. We will talk to your mother and father and they Father Mike about setting a date.

They had a beautiful wedding and then moved in with Marty’s parents. Nine months later 14 year old Kathi had a beautiful boy and named him Jessie.
Marty and Kathi loved the beautiful boy. Right from the start they could not keep their hands off of him. They both loved to kiss, stroke and suck the beautiful blond boy. Kathi loved breast feeding the little guy. They would all lie in bed naked and Kathi would put Jessie on his Daddy’s abs and position him so that he could nurse on his magnificent boner. The little boy loved to lick and suck the flared mushroom head of Marty’s penis until Marty erupted hot semen in the baby’s mouth.
When Jessie was 27 months old, Marty, Billy and Kathi played bare boner once too often and Kathi learned that she was pregnant again. Kathi was 16 and the sexiest pregnant woman in Minnesota. Marty could not keep his hands off of her. Billy was always there playing bare boner. A few months later Kathi had Tyler and Jessica. The twins were breathtakingly beautiful.
They kids grew quickly. Jessie had a special relationship with his Uncle Billy.
Uncle Billy would come over and play bare boner with Marty and Kathi. Kathi always loved watching Billy fuck his little brother. Then Billy would let his sexy little nephew nurse on his boner.
By the time he was 6, Jessie was trying to imitate his Dad and Uncle. He began to beg his Daddy to fuck him. Kathi told Marty that she thought it was time.
Marty hugged and kissed his beautiful 6 year old boy. Then he began to rim Jessie. Jessie was in heaven. The wild sexual feelings were awesome. He couldn’t get enough. Marty had his son flip over and he began to lube and stretch the boy. He went slowly letting the boy get used to each finger. Marty stretched the boy until he could take 3 fingers. He needed to be able to do that to take his Daddy’s 9” cock. Marty put the head of his cock at the boy’s perfect pink pucker. Jessie cried out as the stiff shaft and thick head began to penetrate him. Kathi and Marty asked him if he wanted Daddy to stop.
Noooooooooooo! Jessie replied and he pushed himself down on the thick man meat.
It took a half hour to insert 6” inches of the thick pole into the tiny boy butt. Marty began to thrust the six inches in and out of the tight boy pussy until his penis exploded what seemed like gallons of hot cum into his sexy little boy’s ass.
Jessie craved having sex with his Daddy and Uncle. He liked putting his penis in his mom and little sister Jessica. But he loved his Daddy best when it came to sex. It was obvious that Jessie was much more attracted to Tyler than Jessica. That was okay. They twins and Jessie developed a relationship very much like Marty, Billy and Kathi. As he grew and matured, Marty and Kathi were convinced that Jessie had a lot in common with his Uncle Billy…they were sure that their sexy boy was gay.
When Jessie was 9, Marty and Kathi found Ted on the internet. The group grew and they began having annual gatherings at the Gibson ranch in Wyoming. Jessie was 12 and the twins were 9 when they made their first trip to the ranch in Wyoming. It was on their first trip that Jessie met Randy. Marty and Kathi watched as their son became fast friends and then quickly became 17 year old Randy’s lover.
They could see that Jessie was crazy in love with Randy but would never admit it or talk about it. They would have given anything to ride along with the boys to the park that day. Marty shared every detail of meeting Randy at the airport with Kathi. He told her how nervous the older boy was. He told Kathi about the blue oxford cloth shirt that was pitted out and every other small detail he could remember.
If only they could have seen the boy in the park and sheer torture their anxiety caused them.
Jessie got his legs under him. He stiffened his back bone and decided to man-up. It might kill him…but he could take whatever happened. Randy and Jessie walked quietly along the path. Randy put his hand out and took Jessie’s hand. It was wet with perspiration.
All of the beautiful things that Randy had planned to say escaped him. He couldn’t remember any of it. The longer he waited the worse it got. He was sure his bladder was going to rupture.
-Ummm…Jessie…I have to tell you…um….I’m gay and I am crazy about you… It all came out in one breathless gush…and Randy almost wet himself midway through it he was so nervous.
Jessie was so shocked…his mind refused to absorb what Randy had just told him.
-What…what was that you said? Jessie asked as he took Randy’s other hand in his.
Randy stammered it out again.
Jessie let out a wild whoop of excitement and then jumped up and wrapped his arms and legs around Randy and kissed him ferociously until the two of them finally had to come up for air.
Jessie kissed Randy again…a loving tender kiss.
-Dude…I am gay too…I was scared to tell you…afraid you would freak out. We gotta go home and tell Mom and Dad. They are going to love it. Jessie told Randy as he kissed him.
-Won’t they freak because I am so much older? Randy asked.
-I think they knew about us before we knew about us. Jessie told him.
-Yeah my Dad was the same way. Randy told his sexy 14 year old lover.
They walked down the path toward a new life…
When Marty and Jessie got back to the house, they were so excited. There were lots of hugs and kisses. Kathi saw that Marty’s shirt was still wet with perspiration. She began to unbutton it as she fussed about how nervous he had been. Marty came in from the kitchen with glasses of red wine. He told them he didn’t have any Champagne…he would get some. He set the wine glasses down and then began to strip Jessie’s 14 year old body naked. Kathi hugged Marty’s after she stripped his boxers off. You are home…my fourth baby. I want you to feel as comfortable here as you would in your own home. She looked at Jessie and told him she thought Marty had a magnificent body.
-I can see why you can’t keep your hands off of him. He is so sexy. His mother told Jessie.
-She put their hands together and led them to the master bedroom and the shower. You boys need a nice relaxing shower. She turned the lights down low in the bedroom and Marty brought in the wine. Marty got them bath towels and they watched as Kathi turned down the bed for them.
Kathi kissed Jessie’s cheek and felt his huge erection brush against her. He got precum all over her blouse. She kissed him again.
-Oh baby you are so excited…I am so happy for you. His mom told him as she gave him another hug.
-It is not like you are married yet. But this is a very special point in you new relationship. It should be consummated. Marty told them. I want you beautiful boys to take a nice long shower and then make wild passionate love. We’ll have a special family dinner with you later.
The sexy boys led each other to the shower. They young eyes were glazed with lust. Randy took the sexy 14 year old blond boy in his arms.
-That was awesome…but I thought they would never leave. Randy told his sexy boy. I think I need a quick shower…because baby I need you real bad. Randy told Jessie.
-Me too…I want to feel you deep inside me. Jessie told the tall dark sexy 19 year old boy.
They washed each other and it was difficult for them not to take each other in the shower. They both needed relief so bad. When they finished their shower they each tenderly dried the other. Jessie melted into Randy strong arms. Randy could not get enough of running his hands over the lean sexy 14 year old boy’s body. There wasn’t an inch of this boy that he didn’t want to lick, suck and pleasure.
Randy started to lick and suck the blond boy’s nipples while he played with Jesse’s amazing boy cock. He had never seen a 14 year old kid hung like this one…it was…well…mouthwatering.
-Ummm…Randy… Jessie said.
-Yeah baby. Randy answered him.
-Ummm…we could do it slow and sexy later…I…really need you to fuck me…really fuck me…right now!
Randy glanced over and saw the tube of lube on the night stand. As Randy reached for it, Jessie got up on the bed and knelt and then bent down presenting his perfect 14 year old ass to his man. Randy turned around and saw the sexy young boy presenting himself and he almost shot off.
Randy quickly lubed his hard man shaft and knelt behind the sexy boy. He wanted his boy now. His hard cock was pressed against the pretty pink pucker and he thrust forward.
-Oh fuck Randy your cock is awesome…so thick…Jessie grunted as Randy took his beautiful ass and shoved his thick cock to the hilt.
Jessie felt Randy’s coarse curly pubic hair rubbing against his boy butt. Jessie was in heaven. His boy cock was continuously drooling precum and with each thrust from Randy a thick clear drop would be fucked from his young prostate. Randy reached around and grabbed Jessie’s amazing boy cock.
-Oh god baby…you are so fucking hard…and so big…and so sexy…shit Jessie…you are so tight you are rocking my nuts. Baby…I am going to bust a nut.
Each thrust of Randy’s amazing shaft and the contact of their bodies drove Jessie closer to the edge. He felt Randy increase his pace and he knew that his handsome man was going to fill him with hot cum any second. The room was filled with their wild sexual grunts and groans. The sound of Randy’s loins could be heard all the way down the hall where Tyler and Jessica were naked. Tyler’s 12 year old boy cock was taking his twin sister’s pussy from behind as the sounds of Randy and Jessie made the twins crazy with lust.
Randy’s orgasmic cry could be heard all the way in the family room. The sounds of his loins slapping Jessie’s ass were like an ancient tribal drumbeat as it reached its climax.
-Oh fuck…sexy boy…gonna fill your ass with my seed….oh baby…here it cums…….
Jessie felt the hot man seed pour into his sacred pace as they were joined as one. Jessie never touched his 14 year old boy cock…it just erupted like a volcano. The seed rushed from deep within the sexy boy’s balls and squirted freely over his parents bed and pillows. Jessie had never cum this hard or this much. He cried out as his seed squirted everywhere.
The two remained joined and both were still hard.
-That was fucking awesome dude. Jessie told the sexy older boy. There is nothing I love more than your cock in my ass. Randy picked his sexy boy up determined to rotate the boy on his hard cock. He managed to spin Jessie around without ever pulling his hard cock from the sexy boy’s ass. Randy looked around the bed and Jessie’s cum was everywhere. Randy chuckled as he looked at the seminal devastation.
-Shit little dude…it looks like a cum bomb went off in her. You fucking marked you parents’ territory with your seed.
Both of them started laughing uncontrollably. Randy held his sexy boy tight against him loving the feel of the large boy cock against his belly. He began to thrust deeply into the sexy boy and they kissed. Randy’s tongue did the sex dance in Jessie’s mouth. The two beautiful boys were joined as one…every way possible.
Randy wanted to make this last, but the feeling were just too intense. His rock hard cock slid around in his own essence in Jessie’s awesome ass. He held the boy tight drinking in everything about him. Randy inhaled deeply the scent of the sexy boy just before his cock exploded hot semen. He felt Jessie’s cock squirting hot seed over their torsos. The two drifted off to sleep locked together as one.
It was dark when Randy felt Marty’s hand lightly stroke his back. He told them that they needed to eat some dinner. Please come as you are to the table.
-When the boys came out with Marty, Kathi hugged them.
-Oh wow…you two smell so sexy…and you look even better.
The dining room table was set and Kathi had prepared a marvelous meal. She seated the two naked boys side by side. The naked 12 year old twins sat across from them. Marty poured everyone Champagne. He apologized for his throbbing erection. You two just look so sexy there together. He raised a toast.
-To two magnificent boys! May you find great joy with each other…always! Marty told them.
As they sat eating diner, Marty told Randy that he had called his Dad…and ummm…you know told him everything was okay.
Randy thanked Marty with a shy smile.
Their parents got the boys together every chance that they could over the next four years. The boys spent every second together that they possibly could.
Marty knew that Ted had a company propjet that his dad flew. He found a flying school with a simulator and logged more hours in the simulator than most co-pilots log in a year. Ted hired Randy when he made the decision about the island.
Kathi continued her schooling while the kids were growing up. She eventually graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering. She worked for several years with the power company developing new sources of energy. Marty worked the farm with his Dad and brothers and they were very happy. They built a home on the farm property and raised their three children in family love.
When Marty’s Dad died the family decided to sell the farm. That was when Ted called and asked Marty about moving to Incest Island.
The Swensons were ecstatic about the move to Incest Island. The six of them were in an awesome mood as they headed to Sunday Services on the beach.
As the 14 families adjusted to Island life, they felt the need to have a strong community and a sense of fellowship. It was a time of building new relationships, new memories and beginning new chapters in their lives.
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The families gathered on the beach for Sunday services that Reverend Devin Colby led for them every Sunday. Devin was a very handsome 35 year old that looked like he might have been a surfer in his younger days. Devin still had boyish good look, a smooth almost hairless athletic body and a warm and engaging smile. As usual he was naked under his robe and stole. He preached in his bare feet. This morning he wore a broad smile. His sermon was on marriage and the blessings of family.
-Devin asked the Lord’s blessing on all gathered and he began to preach. June is often the month that we pledge our love to each other in Marriage. Since many of you are celebrating wedding anniversaries this month, I thought it a good time to reflect on Marriage. Marriage was the first sacrament. It is a celebration of the joy and love a couple can bring each other over a life time. Children are the highest expression of that love. Devin’s smile became broader as he warmed to his subject matter. In the world people find that marriages collapse about half of the time. The bond between the spouses is not strong enough to endure the test of time.
-Our families can take special joy in the fact that your marriages have endured. I believe that we have been blessed with longer and stronger unions because you freely express your love to all of the members of your family.
-Our founding family, Ted and Amy Taylor have been blessed with a beautiful family. Today is the day that Ted and Amy celebrate their wedding anniversary. I would like to call Ted and Amy and their family forward that they might renew their vows.
Ted and Amy stood before Devin. They were naked as the day they were born. They were surrounded by their beautiful children including Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, the twins Will and Sara 13, Thomas 11 and 9 month old baby Josh.
Devin continued to preach.
-They have been blessed abundantly with beautiful children who love and adore their parents. They are the first among us to receive the special blessing of a child born of their children. Baby Josh is the result of that special love between Michael and Kaitlin.
-Life is full of surprises isn’t it Kaitlin?
Kaitlin was surprised that Devin singled her out, but she quickly nodded in agreement.
-We never know when life will deal us a surprise. Today will be a day of surprises won’t it Kaitlin?
Puzzled about what Devin was talking about, she wouldn’t embarrass Dev by not agreeing. Kaitlin had no idea what Devin was talking about.
-Kaitlin and Mike have been blessed again. Kaitlin, please turn and share the good news with all who have gathered.
Kaitlin was sure that everyone knew about her pregnancy, but she would humor Devin. He must be losing it, she thought. She turned and was startled to see her sexy older brother Mike kneeling in the sand in front of her. Mike’s blue eyes sparkled and his blond hair was ruffled by the wind off the water. Kaitlin gasped and put her hand over her mouth.
Mike had a huge smile.
-Kaitlin I have loved you from the day you were born. My love for you has grown through the years. Conceiving Josh and raising him has only made me realize that I can’t imagine going through life without you at my side. I love you more than life itself. I ask you before our parents, the congregation and God, will you be my wife.
He held out his hand for hers and to her surprise he was holding a diamond ring. It was her great grandmother’s ring. Mike knelt there poised to put the ring on her finger. That was when Kaitlin burst into tears.
-Oh Michael…I hope…I prayed…that someday you would ask me. My hopes, dreams and prayers have come true. Oh…baby…I would love to marry you.
She broke down completely as he slipped the ring on her finger. Mike stood and took her in his arms and kissed her.
–When Mikey…when do you want to get married? Kaitlin asked him.
-If you will have me…I would love it if you would marry me now…on Mom and Dad’s anniversary.
-Oh yes…please….oh yes…Mom and Dad…did you know…she could tell from their grin that they did…and what about you guys as she looked at Will, Sara and Thomas and they all nodded yes. There was a huge group hug. Mike wrapped his arm around her naked body. Josh decided he was hungry and began to cry. In one quick motion she cradled the baby at her breast and put her other arm around Mike. Her mother was her maid of honor and Dad was the best man. Devin asked the family to gather around Mike and Kaitlin and hug them as a symbol of their support for Mike and Kaitlin and their children. He asked Ted and Amy to say their vows with Mike and Kaitlin. In moments Mike slipped the wedding ring on Kaitlin’s finger.
Devin raised his arms and said that before the celebrations begin, there is even more exciting news. I would like to ask the Garcia and Swenson families to come forward. Randy and Jessie please step up here. Devin asked Randy to explain why they are up here.
Randy looked very nervous. Randy was 24 and tall dark and handsome. He was truly a beautiful man.
-Ummmm…well…ummm…I was 18 when I met Jessie Swenson he was 12 years old. He was then and is now the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. His blond hair and blue eyes are awesome. His strong Nordic looks and his athletic body blew me away when I met him. He was so good looking…I thought I couldn’t possibly have a chance with him. The only thing better than his looks was the amazing person I found inside. I realized almost immediately that the attraction that I felt for Jessie was more than a sexual attraction. There was something much deeper…and yet every time I am around him I get rock hard…like now. I can’t keep my hands off of him…he is just so sexy.
-I am really…really…really shy. Standing before you and God naked with the love of my life and pouring out my heart is one of the biggest and most difficult things that I have ever done. The only thing that was more difficult was being honest with the sexiest 14 year old boy in the world.
Even though we were lovers, we didn’t come out to each other. What we had was so special that we were both terrified of anything that might change it. It was my awesome father that told me that I needed to be honest with Jessie about both my sexual orientation and how I felt about him. I was scared to death he might reject me.
Jessie put his hands over Randy’s hands. I am shyer than Randy…really! Here I was a 12 year old kid that had barely started puberty at the Gibson’s ranch for the first time. Here are all these people that my parents tell me are making love with their family. I had no idea of what went on at the ranch…what they might want me to talk about or god forbid do. I stood there scared to death and this big awesome looking dude comes up to me. He said you’re new…huh? I could barely nod. I was sure that he was going to start asking deep dark secrets. He looks at me and he asks me if I like to fish. I was so stupid I though there must be some sex act call fishing. I stood there looking stupid and he told me he was going fly fishing and asked me if I wanted to go. I told him I didn’t know how and he said he would teach me. He tucked me under his big wing and he has watched out for me ever since. I knew by the end of the day that he was the most awesome dude I had ever met…I wanted him to have me…I wanted to be with him. I was scared to death that he would wake up some morning tired of young scrawny blond dudes…and I would be flushed. I want him to be mine for the rest of my life. I am so scared standing up here. The only reason I am doing it is that I want us to be committed to each other forever.
My Dad and his parents could all see that I was head over heels in love with Jessie. They wanted to know when I was going to ask him to marry me. I was shocked. I got on my knees last week right here on the beach and I begged Jessie to marry me and he said yes. My heart soared.
Ted stood up and began to applaud. In seconds everyone was on their feet applauding. Ted stepped forward and he put a hand on Jessie’s cheek and the other hand on Randy’s cheek. Would you honor us by getting married…here…today…if that isn’t asking too much?
Jessie threw his arms around Randy’s neck.
–Randy…do you have any idea how much I love you. You are the center of my being. I love you more than words can say. I want you to be my love for ever.
Devin stepped in and said to Jessie, those are some of the most beautiful vows I have ever heard. He lightly stroked the side of the handsome 18 year old boy’s face. Then Devin turned to Randy.
–Randy…tell Jessie from your heart what he means to you and what your hopes and dreams are.
Randy was speechless for a few moments.
-I find it hard to put into words my love for Jessie. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would find another man who is this sexy and who loves me so unconditionally. It has been an awesome journey. My family and his have only made it that much better. I love this sexy boy and I am so grateful that his family have embraced me and encouraged us. It is so far beyond my wildest dreams. Devin said it earlier. Children are God’s greatest gift and that is a challenge for gay people. How we would overcome that puzzled both of us.
-One night we were in our family room and my 15 year old sister Elizabeth came in. She kissed Jessie on the cheek and then kissed me on the cheek. Elizabeth took us by the hand to her room. She told us to strip each other naked. We stood before my beautiful sister naked. She asked me if I trusted her. I hugged her and told her I loved her more than she could ever imagine. She had us lie on her bed in a way that our testicles and penises were together. I watched in awe as she stood before us and she stripped naked. She told us that she wanted to receive our combined semen. She wanted us to double penetrate her and she would ride us so that our penises would rub against each other until we had our orgasms in her vagina.
We were awed by this most precious gift that she was giving us. She told us that she had thought a lot about this. A child needs to be born of the love of the parents. As your penises rub together you will be making love to each other to the point of orgasm. When you climax my womb will be the receptacle for your combined essence. You may never choose to know whose seed inseminated me.
My beautiful sister knelt over us and she held our erections together and lowered herself on our erections. We thrust together and at exactly the same moment all of us began to climax. The next night and every night for 3 weeks our parents and brothers and sister joined us for the seeding. We shot our combined semen into her womb again and again. We found out yesterday that Elizabeth is pregnant with our child yesterday. My beautiful sister is carrying our child. The three of us have created an amazing baby…and we will only ever know that the two of us with Elizabeth created this child. I am humbled by her gift.
Randy and Jessie held Elizabeth tight. The three of them had tears in their eyes.
Devin stepped in and hugged Jessie, Randy and Elizabeth. –Again there is not anything that I could add to those vows. Take each other’s hand. Jessie took hold of Randy’s hand with a death grip. Devin led the handsome guys through the formal commitment to each other. Before God, you families and the congregation gathered here, you are married. What God has joined together let no one disrupt. Kiss your handsome husband and your awesome sister/sister-in-law.
Ted stepped up and hugged Devin and thanked him. Everyone please join us at the beach club. Our awesome chef, Mary Wong, has prepared a wonderful feast for our celebration. Zach and Hannah each wore white silk loin cloths and white leather flip flops. They held silver trays of Champagne flutes. The flowers were amazing. The buffet was filled with shrimp, lobster and grouper. It was a wonderland. The families processed ahead of the newlyweds and re-newlyweds. Devin invited the 3 couples to the center of the room where a large space was left vacant.
Devin held up his hands for quiet. Before we enjoy this sumptuous feast, there is a new island tradition that must be upheld. Hannah and Zach carried in a beautiful bed covered in white silk and set it before Mike and Kaitlin. Will and Sara carried in a bed covered in rose petals for Ted and Amy. And the Martin and Kathi Swenson and Simon Garcia carried in a bed for Jessie and Randy. Ashley Garcia who just turned 15 and Jason her 12 year old brother Jason brought a beautiful lei of tropical flowers and put them around their brother Randy’s neck.
As Ashley put the lei on Randy’s neck, she said,
-I wish Mom was here to see this. She would be so proud of you and Jessie.
Jason , Ashley and Elizabeth kissed their handsome brother Randy. There was an amazing family resemblance All four kids had deep golden tans with silky jet black hair and deep brown eyes. Their faces had fine features with small noses. Their smiles were infectious. Their father, Simon, ran with them all the time. They all four had lean runners builds. Both boys had tight soccer butts. Randy stood 6’2” with well developed pecs. His face was smooth. His 7” erection stood proudly with a nest of thick curly black pubic hair. As he waved to Ryan, you could see a nice strip of black hair under his arms. He was a nervous bridegroom and held Jessie’s hand tight.
Ashley and Jason Garcia wore silk loin cloths. Jason’s loin cloth was held aloft by his 12 year old 4” boy boner. Jason knew what was going to happen next and he could not wait to see it.
Jessie’s brothers and sisters gathered around him. They all had the same strong Nordic good looks that their brother has. The 12 year old twins Tyler and Jessica looked magnificent in their white loin cloths. Jessica’s nipples were a deep shade of red and rock hard. She had beautiful 34b breasts. Her long blond hair was decorated with tropical flowers. The flowing hair had sun streaks from life on the island and the ends of her hair covered her turgid nipples. As she moved the nipples peaked out of her golden hair occasionally. Her curly blond pubic hair was soaked with her own juices as she thought about Jessie making love to Randy with Jessie’s awesome 10” cock.
Jessica loved Jessie so much. His was so shy and so loving. She remembered the day she found 13 year old Jessie in his room masturbating to gay porn. He was so afraid of what she would think of him. She remembered hugging Jessie’s naked body and telling him it was okay. She restarted his video and moved his hand back to his semi soft cock and held his hand as he began to masturbate again. His cock even as a 13 year old was so big. He was 7” then. He was so turned on that his awesome 10 year old sister thought it was okay that he liked guys. It only took a few minutes of stroking before his penis began to squirt his boy semen all over both of them. When he was done there was a puddle of cum on Jessica’s cheek and she scooped it up and licked it off her finger just like her older friend Dana told her she did with her boy friend David’s cum. Since there was no one else at home, Jessica stripped off her cum soaked Abercrombie t-shirt and began to wipe up the cum that Jessie had squirted all over his chest and abs.
Jessie studied her puffy nipples and touched them with his index finger as he tenderly kissed his 10 year old sister on the lips. She remembered how Jessie hugged her and told her that he would always be there for her too. She was snapped back into the moment as Jessie’s loin cloth was removed. It hadn’t really concealed his massive erection and his precum soaked the material. Jessie hugged Tyler and Jessica and told them how much he loved them.
Tyler lovingly fondled his big brother’s erection. Tyler thought back on his sister telling him about finding their 13 year old brother stroking his boner while he watched gay porn. At 10, Tyler did not know what being gay was all about. But if his big brother liked to look at naked guys, Tyler decided that he would let Jessie see him naked as much as he wanted. Jessie wasn’t like a lot of other big brothers. He always had time for Tyler and Jessica. Tyler loved playing computer games with his big brother. Whenever Tyler was scared or worried about something Jessie was there for him. Tyler decided that when Jessie was naked would be a good time to let him see his little brother. Jessie was showering the next morning in the bathroom that was between their two bedrooms. Jessie forgot to lock the bathroom door. Tyler walked in stark naked so that his big brother would have a great view of his naked body. At 10 years old Tyler knew nothing about masturbation and only the basics about the human reproduction system. Tyler had never seen another boner besides his own. He was shocked as he looked through the glass door of the shower and saw Jessie stroking his rock hard prick. Tyler was in awe of his big brother’s erection. His feet might as well have been nailed to the floor. He watched in awe as Jessie stroked himself until he exploded jets of hot semen all over the glass shower door. Jessie looked up and saw his 10 year old brother naked just as he began to ejaculate. Having Ty watch him only intensified his orgasm.
Ty’s eyes locked with Jessie’s eyes.
-Dude…that was fucking awesome. Ty told his big brother.
-Little dude…what are you doing in her…you know…naked and all boned up and all? Jessie asked his sexy little brother.
Ty lowered his head…afraid that he might have screwed up with his big idea.
-Ummm…Jess…I’m sorry…It’s just that Jessica…ummm…like told me about you doing stuff looking at naked guys… If you…ummm…like naked dudes and stuff…well you have always been so cool to me…I ummm…would be naked for you…you know…like…if that is what you want… Ty said with his voice trailing off.
-Little dude…you know what?
Ty shook his head no.
-That is the nicest gift any one has ever given me. You are one awesome dude. You’re the best!
Ty remembered how they had hugged. It is one of his favorite memories of Jessie. Ty watched as his beautiful big brother knelt and bent over to present his boy pussy to Randy. Randy began to make wild passionate love to Jessie. Ty and Jessica stood beside Jessie and stroked his shaggy blond hair as Randy fucked him. The Garcias gathered around Randy and stroked and rubbed him. Simon fondled Randy’s balls.
The same thing was happening around the other couples as they made love, their friends and family showed them their love and supports. The sounds of their powerful orgasms filled the room with great joy and love. It was an awesome beginning to a new chapter in the lives of Mike, Kaitlin, Randy and Jessie. It was a wonderful celebration of the renewal of Ted and Amy’s vows.
The couples kissed and the celebration began…and it was an awesome celebration.


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sorry anytime animals are involved gives me the creeps.

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really great thanks to you. I've read all of your stories, this one now for the third time! My 13-year old boner is still throbbing after two orgasms!!!

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It has lots of mistakes... the taylor family started fucking each other well later no??? when mike was 13?

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Everybody keep fucking. Great story. Get all females pregnant.

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