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Incest Island 2 – The Preacher
Saturday, January 30, 2010

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This chapter of Incest Island introduces us to Reverend Devin Colby and his wife Jane, a professional photographer and illustrator. Jane is an amazing portrait photographer and specializes in artistically presenting semi clad or nude children in an artful and acceptable way. Her subjects range from 4 years old to boys and girls in their middle teens. Although Devin is completely unaware of it, Jane has done more explicit photo shoots for very wealthy clients. Some of her very wealthy clients have requested time lapse photos of masturbation session and in one case matching oil portraits of twin brother and sisters masturbating at age 12.

It was only natural for Jane to want to sketch, paint and take photographs her own children naked. Jane posed the children in front of Devin and found out how stimulated he became watching his own children pose naked in front of him. We will see how Jane slowly tantalizes Devin until he is swept up joyfully into family love…an interesting predicament for a Presbyterian minister with a large congregation.

Along their journey we will see how they met Ted and Amy.

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MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah 11)
TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11, Josh 9 months)
COLBY FAMILY (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12, Eli 27 months and Grace 9 month)
SWENSON FAMILY (Marty, Kathi, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)
GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)
JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 8)

Incest Island 2 – The Preacher

The college basketball game that Devin Colby and his 12 year old son Matt had been waiting for just started. Devin hoped that they would make it to halftime in the game before they needed to pleasure each other. Matt’s hormones were raging. The sexy 12 year old was in almost constant need of sexual relief. Devin put his arm around the naked boy and pulled him into a hug. He kissed the top of Matt’s head drinking in the wonderful musky scent of a young boy. Devin combed the long fine white blond hair. Matt kissed his father’s naked chest and looked up and grinned. Devin studied the impish face filled with love and mischief. Matt’s sparkling blue eyes and megawatt smile made Devin’s heart ache his love for his boy was so great.

They had lived on Incest Island for 2 months and it had been the most wonderful two months of their lives.

As Matt lay across his Dad’s lap, Devin began to play with Matt’s erect nipples. Dr. Amy had given Matt an injection of growth hormones two years ago and his body was now magnificent. Devin began to idly play with Matt’s 5 1/2” erection and the amazing boy balls below it. It was hard to believe that the boy was only 12. Matt began to thrust his hard boy cock into his Daddy’s hand and in no time he was spewing a major load of thick creamy boy seed all over himself and his Dad’s hand. Devin leaned down and licked the thick boy cream off Matt’s tight abs. Devin could not resist the thick beautiful semi erect boy cock with its nest of curly white blond pubic hair. Devin began to suck and lick the hard cock. Soon father and son were locked in a 69 pleasuring each other. Devin and Matt heard the shutter on Jane’s camera and it only inflamed their passion. As Devin reached his peak, he pulled his cock out of Matt’s mouth and masturbated all over his son’s beautiful face and long blond hair. Jane managed to capture several jets of hot cum in mid air with her camera. Her sexy boy had never looked more adorable than he did at that moment with his father’s thick hot cum all over his face. Matt face fucked his Daddy until he delivered another load of thick creamy hot seed.

Devin turned around and with Mattie in his lap he got Matt to open his mouth. Devin drizzled Matt’s own semen into his open mouth. Then Devin licked his own cum off of Mattie’s face.

Devin was a 35 year old minister who had taken a sabbatical from his congregation. He was an awesome and inspiring preacher who had been approached many times about having a television ministry. Devin had absolutely no interest. He really preferred to preach to a much smaller congregation. He was an excellent writer and had published many successful books on faith.

He debated what he wanted to do next…his personal life caused his priorities to shift.

About ten years ago, when Carrie was 5, Devin’s wife Jane began to encourage Carrie to be naked around the house. Jane told Devin that she thought it was natural and healthy. Devin could not take his eyes off the beautiful little girl. Carrie had long flowing blond hair and the deepest blue eyes.

Jane was constantly doing charcoal sketches of the beautiful little girl. Her tiny body was a work of art that Jane loved to capture. Jane was a professional photographer and an accomplished artist. Devin just assumed that it was all pure artistic expression for Jane. Devin was unaware that Jane often photographed and painted Carrie naked in Jane’s home studio when he was at work.

Devin assumed that he was the only one who found all of this terribly erotic. Devin had just channeled the wild sexual stimulation from seeing Carrie nude into frequent masturbation sessions. Devin had always masturbated frequently. The nude child just made his need for sexual relief more urgent.

Carrie was a very affectionate child who loved to hug and kiss her parents. She would often snuggle on the couch naked with her Daddy as they watched Saturday morning cartoons together. Devin was usually wearing flannel lounge pants and a t-shirt. Carrie loved to spoon with her Daddy. She backed her naked butt back against his loins. Often his erection would nestle between her ass cheeks. Carrie loved to squirm around and hug and kiss her Daddy.

Devin’s flannel lounge pants were often obscenely tented and wet with his precum. The harder Devin got the more Carrie wanted to snuggle against her Daddy. There were many time when the stimulation became so great that Devin almost climaxed in his pants. Sometimes Carrie asked her Daddy why his pants were wet.

Most Saturday mornings Devin had to slip away into the bathroom and pull out his engorged cock and quickly masturbate into the sink to keep his urges under control. Devin ached to fill her tiny little cunt with his hard shaft. Often the intensity of his stimulation caused him to squirt his semen all over the bathroom mirror.

Jane was very much aware of what was going on but pretended not to notice. The smell of fresh semen in the bathroom every Saturday morning told Jane how intense Devin’s need was. Sometimes he would beg her for a Saturday morning quickie.

Soon Matt joined his big sister running around naked. Their bodies were so beautiful. Devin found that he was stimulated by his son’s naked 3 year old body as much as he was by Carrie’s 6 year old body. When they were home together Devin found that he needed to masturbate 2 or 3 times a day and then made love to Jane several times at night. They were always very intense love making sessions.

Jane was a very sexy and very sensual woman. She craved sex with her good looking minister and found it very erotic how stimulated he was by the children. Jane decided that it was wise not to push this too far or too fast. She was determined at some point to take the situation to the next level of eroticism.

Jane thought it was charming that Devin thought he was the only one stimulated by the children’s nudity. Jane simply could not get enough of their sexy little bodies. She too frequently masturbated to the images she had created of their sexy bodies in her dark room. She photographed Carrie naked in her studio using black and white film. While she did shoot some images with a digital camera, the state of digital cameras and editing software at the time did not meet her standards for artistic expression. Jane had a large darkroom above their garage where she developed her own film. Jane had moved a small divan couch into the dark room.

While Devin was at the church working, Jane often took incredibly erotic pictures of Carrie when she was little. As Matt grew, she began to photograph both of the children in erotic poses. When they were at pre-school, Jane arranged her schedule where she had the opportunity for long and intense masturbation sessions in her elegantly furnished dark room. Since Devin never went into the dark room for fear of destroying her work with light, he had no idea that the room was filled with exquisite erotic images of their children.

Jane loved to bathe the children. When Carrie turned 3, Jane began to introduce erotic stimulation to bath time. At first she would just wash Carrie’s pussy lips longer than necessary. Carrie quickly learned that Mommy would wash her longer if she spread her legs wide and leaned back against the tub with her eyes closed.

As Carrie got older, Jane loved when Carrie’s little clit got hard and her tiny nipples became hard. Jane began to stimulate the nipples while the wash cloth stroked Carrie’s pussy lips and clit. One afternoon when Jane stopped the stimulation, Carrie reached for her Mother’s hand and took the wash cloth from her Mother. She then pulled her Mother’s fingers to her perfect little pussy. Nothing was said, but Carrie clearly wanted more stimulation. Jane began to run her finger up and down Carrie’s sexy little slit paying careful attention to the erect nub at the top. Jane allowed the tip of her finger to every so lightly penetrate Carrie’s pretty little vagina. Jane felt Carrie thrust her sex toward her as she massaged Carrie’s beautiful little clit. Carrie slowly shook her head back and forth as the pleasure became more intense. Jane watched Carrie’s facial expressions change as the stimulation became more intense. Jane knew that she was about to give her baby girl her first orgasm. She began to rub the tiny clit until Carrie groaned and her body convulsed with the powerful good feelings. From then on when Jane bathed her, Carrie took her Mother’s hand to her little pussy and spread her legs so that she could be pleasured. They never talked about it. It was their secret.

She created a private time for Matt’s bath when he turned 3 and she began the same thing with him. After two week of slowly stimulating his penis more and more, Jane brought her beautiful little blond boy to his first dry orgasm. She did it in a way that neither child ever talked about their private bath time with Mommy because they were afraid she would stop giving them the good feeling.

Jane continued the practice of bathing the children as they grew older. She never penetrated Carrie. The stimulation was confined to her clit and nipples. As the children grew older, she would spend private time with them a few afternoons a month painting them, sketching them or taking photographs of the children naked. The private time was always done separately. She became intrigued with body painting the children’s naked bodies with animals or geometric shapes and then she photographed them. A few days later, she would let each child look through a very special photo album of their naked pictures. Often Jane found the body painting and photography so stimulating that she had spontaneous orgasms. She loved the feeling of her juices running down her legs as she wore only a simple knee length smock with nothing on under it.

Jane could see how stimulating Devin found being around the children when they were naked. She pretended not to notice that his lust became more intense as their little bodies began to mature.

It was the week after Carrie’s 11th birthday party.

They played classical music in the family room, while Jane painted the children. Devin worked on his sermon for the following Sunday. Devin had his laptop on the coffee table working. He was terribly distracted by his magnificent naked children.

Devin was reading what he had written while the blond little girl sat before him naked on the fireplace hearth with a gentle fire burning in the fireplace behind her. Jane had adjusted the lighting so that it was soft around Carrie’s sexy body. The soft light from the fireplace provided the perfect artistic touch. Carrie’s body was in the earliest stages of sexual development. She had a lean athletic body and beautiful puffy breast buds that became erect whenever she stripped naked. With a little chill in the air her small nipples were rock hard. Carrie’s delicate pussy lips were magnificent. There was only the finest baby hair above the puffy lips. Her mother posed her in ways that opened the lips of labia and revealed the delicate inner lips of her sex. Jane arranged Carrie’s straight long white blond hair so that it ever so slightly hid the eleven year old girl’s erect nipples.

Devin was trying to be diligent about writing his sermon. It was hard to write about the pitfalls of sinfulness while your erect penis ached for your sexy naked daughter’s moist pussy. Every time Devin glanced up from his computer he found that his eyes only saw Carrie’s parted labia and the moist inner lips of her pussy. Devin wore khaki pants and a black clerical shirt with his Roman collar. His throbbing erection had already soaked his boxers with his precum. His throbbing erection vibrated with excitement. Devin could barely breathe.

Matt, Carrie’s 8 year old brother, was on the family room floor naked doing his homework. He often looked up at his older sister’s body as he humped his 8 year old boy boner against the carpet.

Devin loved watching the naked boy studying his sister’s body. Matt’s athletic 8 year old body was so beautiful on the floor. The globes of his naked soccer butt begged to be touched. As Devin watched the boy, Matt’s thrusting became more obvious and more insistent as he neared the edge of orgasmic bliss.

Suddenly the sexy naked 8 year old boy began thrusting uncontrollably against the carpet as the powerful good feelings rocked his young body. Devin watched as Matt drank in every detail of his big sister’s body as he humped the carpet with his hard boy boner. His big sister watched her brother get the good feeling. She knew he must be getting the good feeling from the way his eyes suddenly rolled up in his head as his 8 year old naked body convulsed with pleasure.

Jane asked Devin to get her a tube of paint from the kitchen while she was painting. Jane wanted to see the bulge in his pants. It was clear that he had a throbbing erection. There was a wet spot on the front of his pants caused by Devin’s heavy flow of precum. Her pussy was wet with anticipation. Devin returned with the tube of paint. His raging boner still throbbed in his pants. There was something especially naughty about Devin having a raging boner while he wore his clerical shirt. The back of her hand brushed his raging bulge as she took the tube of paint from him and smiled a shy sexy smile as her sexy husband.

When Jane finished painting for the evening, Carrie kissed her father goodnight. Sometimes Carrie would sit on the couch next to her Dad and snuggle her naked body against her Daddy. Carrie wanted to see her Daddy naked so that she could see just what caused that bulge in his pants.

When the painting sessions were over, Devin could not wait to get Jane to their bedroom. He stripped her naked and made wild passionate love to her…often several times. Jane often talked to Devin about how beautiful their naked daughter was while they made love. She could tell how it inflamed his passion when she mentioned Carrie’s naked body. Jane could feel his penis thicken and if Devin was on the verge of orgasm talk of Carrie pushed him over the edge. Jane loved it.

One winter evening, Jane asked the kids if they would pose together.

-Yes mom, they chorused. They beautiful blond siblings stood side by side in front of the fire place as Jane got her digital camera from the closet. She told them that she was going to photography them and then sketch and paint from the photographs.

-Baby I want you to sit on the brick hearth in front of the fireplace. Jane told Carrie. Oh yes that is beautiful.

She arranged Carrie so that her legs were parted enough so that the camera would clearly see the delicate moist inner lips. Jane knew that Carrie was going to be just like her. The beautiful girl became very moist when she was sexually excited. The room was nice and warm and yet Carrie’s nipples stood proudly erect. Jane could tell that Carrie was quite excited.

Jane knelt before the sexy girl and arranged her long blond hair so that it discreetly covered the erect nipples…at least for the moment.

-Mattie, I want you to sit right here. She indicated a spot right beside his sister on the brick hearth. He sat down.

Matt was 8 and was clearly very curious about his sister’s body. She had them pose as if Matt was kissing Carrie on the cheek.

Momma…Matt has a boner. Carrie told her mother.

It is natural. Jane told Carrie. Devin watched as Jane began to give the children art direction. The idea of taking naked pictures of their two incredibly sexy children had Devin aching for release. Jane brushed Matt’s fine white blond hair. The ends of his hair lightly brushed his naked shoulders. The long blond hair made him look younger and more innocent.

Jane snapped several exposures of Mattie kissing Carrie on the cheek. Seeing his lips touch his sister’s cheek and his boy boner deep red from excitement caused Jane’s juices to flood. As she stood to capture the children from a different angle, she felt her juices flow down her legs. The camera saw it all from Mattie’s throbbing boy boner to Carrie’s quivering pussy. It was so erotic.

-Mattie I want you to touch Carrie’s nipple with your finger. Jane told her naked son. As Mattie touched his sister’s nipple for the first time there was an instant of wonderment and pleasure reflected in their innocent little faces and their deep blue eyes.

Carrie started breathing hard. Jane lay on the floor shooting up at the kids. Jane had Carrie spread her legs wider revealing the moistness of her 11 year old vagina. Matt lightly explored his sister 11 year old erect nipples with the tip of his index finger. Jane felt herself hanging on the edge of an orgasm as she continued to photograph the incredibly sexy kids.

There was a groan from the couch. Jane looked away from the camera’s viewfinder to see what was going on. The young Reverend Devin quickly put one hand in his lap as if he was trying to stop something from happening. His breathing was hard and his face was red.

Jane sweetly asked Devin if he needed to change his pants.

Devin turned bright red as he blushed…umm…no….ummm…not yet.

Jane knew that her handsome blond husband had just enjoyed a spontaneous orgasm. Her juices flooded her pussy as she imagined his boxers wet with his thick creamy cum. Jane returned her attention to the sexy kids in front of her. Tonight would be the night she decided.

-Oh yes…Matt that is perfect…now Mattie I want you to kiss your sister’s beautiful nipple. That’s it Carrie…Turn so the camera can see Mattie sucking your nipple. Jane took many pictures of 8 year old Matt sucking on his sister’s nipple.

The view through the camera was amazing. It was so tender watching these two beautiful kids discover each other’s bodies. The camera lens loved them.

-Mattie turn a little to your left. Jane had Matt lean so that his boner was presented to his 11 year old sister.

-Oh that is perfect. Carrie would you like to touch Mattie’s penis? Jane asked her beautiful girl.

Carrie nodded and began to explore her 8 year old brother’s boner. It stood so stiff and proud. She had seen Mattie naked a lot but she had never touched his penis. The texture of the head of his penis and the rigid rim of the corona fascinated her.

-I want you to kiss Matt on the lips. Jane told Carrie.

Matt and Carrie began a very sweet and sexy kiss. The two young kids seemed to enjoy all of this very much.

–Now Carrie I want you to begin to explore his penis and balls. Use your right hand so that the camera can see as much of Mattie’s penis as possible.

Carrie’s fingers began to explore the 3” shaft and Matt groaned with pleasure.

–Mmmmm….Carrie it feels so good when you touch it. Mattie told his sister as he shook his head to get his blond hair out of his blue eyes

Jane could not believe that she managed to capture his hair as he flipped it out of his eyes. It was a spectacular picture of two beautiful children caught in a moment of innocent exploration.

-Now Mattie I want you to touch Carrie’s pussy with your finger. Jane directed her 8 year old son. Yes that is it…perfect baby. Now I want you to slide your finger in her pussy.

Jane was thankful she was wearing dark color pants because she was sure the crotch of her pants was soaked through.

Matt looked at Carrie with his piercing blue eyes and began to insert his index finger into her 11 year old vagina. His eyes got wide as he discovered it was so slippery in there.

Ouch, Carrie said as Matt’s finger began to stretch her maidenhead. Jane explained what the hymen was to the two kids and told them that it would tear easily when a penis penetrated it for the first time. It will probably bleed a little when it is torn but it is a normal thing to have happen. And it only happens the first time a penis enters you.

-So if Matt put his boner in me it would tear…and that would be normal.

-Yes…that is exactly what would happen. Okay now Carrie I want you to lie on the floor and lean back on your elbows so that you can watch what Mattie is doing.

-Matt you get on the floor between her legs. That is perfect. Matt prop yourself up and continue to explore your sister’s beautiful pussy. Oh yes just like that. Matt began to hump his boner against the rug. Jane caught the moment in time where there was no question that Mattie was humping the floor while he explored his sister’s pussy.

Jane looked over and saw Devin rubbing his hard cock through his pants as he watched every move the kids made.

-Okay that is enough for this evening. She told the kids.

Jane put her hand out for Devin. He stood up and there was a huge wet spot on the front of his khaki pants. He had a massive bulge in his pants from his throbbing cock.

-Oh baby…you soiled your pants when you came. Jane told him as she pretended to innocently discover her husband’s orgasmic reaction to the children earlier.

-Did Daddy wet his pants? Matt asked in total innocence.

-No he had an orgasm in his pants. He squirted the seed that makes babies. He was excited watching the two of you touch each other and it made him squirt his seed.

Jane led her sexy husband up the steps. They walked into their bedroom and Jane took Devin over beside the bed. Devin saw the children watching from the doorway. He wanted to protest but his mouth wouldn’t deliver the words.

Jane unbuckled his pants and they fell to the floor. She kissed him tenderly as she fondled him through his wet boxers. Jane sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down his boxer shorts. Devin’s stiff 6 ½” cock snapped up against his taut belly. Devin was naked from the waist down. He was still wearing his black clerical shirt with the Roman collar.

-Oh my…you got semen all over yourself. Jane told him as she took his throbbing erection in her hand and began to lick the semen off of his raging erection.

–Daddy squirted a lot of seed and Mommy has to clean it all up. Devin was still extremely aroused after watching the photo session. He beautiful wife lapping his hard cock and testicles while his beautiful children watched was keeping him on the verge. When he felt close to orgasm, Jane gently pulled down his testicles again and again. Devin’s nuts began to ache from over production of semen. He desperately needed release.

-Okay…that got most of it…but I think Daddy needs to make more seed…and…ummm… Mommy is very fertile right now…Mommy hasn’t been taking the pill…she wants Daddy to make a baby in her belly…right now.

-No way…you are fertile…they hadn’t discussed another child.

Devin always went crazy with lust when he knew Jane was fertile. Jane gave his erection a few last licks.

-Do you want to help me put Daddy’s penis in my vagina? Jane asked her two beautiful children.

-Yeah! They both yelled as they ran toward the bed.

Jane pulled Devin toward the bed by his erection.

-Come on sexy boy…lie down here. Jane told Devin to lie on his back so that she could be in total control.

Jane straddled Devin and told the kids to guide his penis into her very fertile unprotected vagina. The children were on either side of their Dad. They felt around for their Mom’s vagina and moved the tip of his penis around until they felt it begin to slide into her steaming sex.

Devin groaned as her sexy hot vagina devoured his manhood.

-Mmmm…yes…feels so good. Jane groaned with her pleasure. Do you kids want to feel your Daddy cum inside Mommy?

Both kids were wildly excited and Jane explained how they should slide their fingers inside her vagina alongside their Daddy’s boner.

Devin moaned as their little fingers caressed his penis inside their Mommy’s vagina.

-You love having their little fingers playing with your boner inside my cunt…cum all over your precious kids fingers when you fill my womb with your potent seed.

Devin began to thrust wildly jetting hot semen in Jane’s womb and all over his beautiful children’s fingers.

-Oh Daddy that was so awesome. Carrie said as she studied the thick semen all over her fingers.

The children laughed and began to smear the thick creamy seed all over each other. They began to playfully wrestle with each other their naked bodies rubbing together building each child’s lust for the other.

Matt ended up on top of his sister and both Devin and Jane could see that his penis was partially in Carrie’s sex.

Jane began to kiss Matt’s cheek and stroke his long blond hair. You want to make love to your sister don’t you baby.

Matt could only nod yes.

Jane lightly stroke Matt’s naked hips as she kissed and sucked on Carrie’s nipple for a few moments. Jane stopped sucking on the exquisite nipple for a moment.

-And baby girl…do you want your little brother to make love to you? Jane asked Carrie.

Carrie could only nod yes with lust clouded eyes.

Jane leaned over and kissed Devin’s lips.

-And I suppose you would like to feel you boy penetrate your daughter and feel it as he takes her virginity.

Even Devin could only nod yes.

Jane took Devin’s finger and slipped it into Carrie’s vagina under Matt’s boner.

Devin gasped as he felt both the tip of Matt’s boy boner and Carrie’s maidenhead.

Jane began to suck Carrie’s nipple and then slipped her hand between the two beautiful siblings until she found Carrie’s hard clit.

Matt thrust his boy cock into his sister and he felt the hymen tear as he penetrated his sister. The little boy was so caught up in the wild sensual feelings that he just thrust his boy boner wildly in and out of his sister until his little body shuddered with the powerful good feeling.

Devin’s need was incredible after feeling his 8 year old son Matt deflower his 11 year old sister. Devin gently removed his finger from her vagina and saw that it was covered with her virginal blood. Devin kissed his beautiful daughter tenderly and then kissed his son Matt on the lips. Both kisses were lingering kisses filled with love.

Devin’s stiff organ pounded with lust. Devin kissed Jane and told her how much he loved her. He smelled the combined scent of their love making. Devin’s passions were on fire. He began to suck Jane’s beautiful nipples. They were so hard with her lust from having watched Matt deflower Carrie while Devin fingered Carrie.

Devin’s finger began to explore Jane’s labia. Her clit was standing at attention. He fingered Jane and found that her pussy was incredibly slippery with their combined juices. The fragrance of sex in the air was intoxicating. Devin didn’t hesitate. He spread Jane’s legs. The fragrance from her sex was magical for him. He could not resist licking and sucking her hard clit for a few moments.

The children watched amazed as their Daddy licked Mommy’s pussy.

He laid Jane on the bed and spread her long beautiful legs and dove between them to taste his prize. The combination of Jane’s juices combined with his own semen was awesome. She needed his hard cock bad. Devin licked and sucked his beautiful wife’s pussy until she squirmed around in the bed from the wild pleasures that he caused her.

Devin loved Jane’s clit. It stood out hard and proud like a little penis. He kissed and licked and sucked it. Jane moaned and groaned as she shuddered and shook as powerful orgasm swept her away. Devin insistent licked and sucked her hard clit until she clawed his back with the wild pleasures.

-Oh Devin…so hot…too much…too sensitive. Jane cried out as Devin continued to intensely pleasure her.

Her body twitched and shuddered as the wild orgasmic feelings continued. Devin lapped the juices out of her pussy and then went back to sucking her clit while he fingered and pinched both nipples.

Oh fuck baby…don’t stop…you’ve got me so hot. Jane begged as she thrust her steaming hot sex in his face. Jane pulled Devin’s face into her pussy hard. And then she screamed as the powerful orgasm hit. Jane’s head shook back and forth as the intensity of the orgasm increased. It was so much stronger than the last one. It rocked her body. Her hot pussy began to squirt. She sprayed her juices all over Devin. Jane watched her hot juices squirt all over Devin’s face. The pleasure was so intense she could not get her breath.

As the last waves of pleasure began to subside and she saw how she had sprayed his face with her juices, Jane decided that was the best orgasm she had ever had. She was completely spent. She was shocked as Devin got up on his knees like he was going to pray…except that his raging erection was bright red and sticking through the shirt tail of his clerical shirt.

He can’t possibly want to fuck me now…not now…too much…too soon…

-Oh no…baby…not now…can’t take any more… Jane cried out plaintively but she could see the raw sexual lust in Devin’s blue eyes. His thick cock raged with excitement. Devin’s lust had him at a point where he was beyond words. It was a primitive animal craving…a need to plant his seed.

As he knelt between Jane’s legs with his thick cock sticking out of the shirt tail of his clerical shirt, a thick strand of precum leaked continuously from his cock with occasional big drops of precum interrupting the strand. Devin ached to release his seed.

Devin parted her beautiful legs in preparation for penetration. He supported all of his upper body with his strong arms. He wanted to watch his thick cock as it penetrated her smooth pussy. Devin gasped as he felt the moist pussy lips kiss the tip of his raging erection. He needed her pussy so bad. His cock and nuts ached for release.

Jane love the feeling of the wonderful flared head of his penis as it entered her. She felt his thick hot shaft as it began to thrust deeply in her pleasure core. God how she loved it when he fucked her. Devin sucked first one stiff brown nipple and then the other until he had his beautiful wife writhing with pleasure.

Matt and Carrie watched their parents become lost in wild wanton passion. The children began to play with each other and explore their sibling’s sex as they watched their parents make love.

Devin was so turned on by the kids, his sexy wife and the incredible tension building in his loins. His testicles ached they were so full of his seed. It was as if he had not had an orgasm in weeks.

Janie cried out as the awesome pleasure built in her. Electric jolts of pleasure radiated out through her body from the stimulation of her aching pussy and the intense stimulation of her nipples. Her body was on fire with pleasure and she felt the juices flood her vagina as she approached her peak.

-Oh god yes…Devin…right there….fuck me hard…right there… And then she screamed as he fucked her right where she wanted it. The intense stimulation of her body and having her naked sexy children watching as Devin tried to fill her belly with a baby were all too much and she slipped over into the abyss of sexual pleasure. It was like riding a wild lightning bolt of pleasure. Her body shook and convulsed. It erupted squirting her essence all over them. And then she felt his white hot semen flood her womb. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled the tip of his spurting cock tight against her cervix. Her fucking motions milked the hot semen from the sexy Preacher.

–Oh god yes…Devin squirt me full of your thick creamy baby seed. Find my egg.

Devin cried out…oh yeah…squirting my seed…right in your womb…Oh Jane. Dylan breathlessly ground the tip of his cock against her cervix until every drop of his seed ejaculated deep in her womb.

–Oh fuck baby…that was so fucking good…you are the hottest fuck ever. Jane told her sexy husband.

Devin and Jane were lost in the post orgasmic glow until the activities of their sexy children caught their attention. Devin and Jane watched in amazement as their beautiful blond 11 year old daughter lay on her back and spread her legs. Carrie told 8 year old Matt to get between her legs just like Daddy did Mommy.

-I want you to fuck me Mattie…just like Daddy did. She helped Matt position himself to enter her vagina with his 8 year old boner.

Carrie looked into his deep blue eyes and focused on them as she told him to plunge his boner into her.

Mattie felt the tip of his throbbing boy boner just inside the lips of his sister’s juicy pussy. He had always thought Carrie was beautiful with her long blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had often thought about how cool it would be to be naked with her…but he never imagined anything this awesome.

He felt Carrie take hold of the globes of his 8 year old little soccer butt.

-Now Mattie…fuck me now…

Matt felt her begin to pull hard on the cheeks of his ass as he thrust his pelvis forward. Matt loved the awesome feeling of having his cock deep in his big sister. His boy boner thrust in and out and his pubis pounded her little clit.

Carrie was so sexual and sensitive that his boy boner was all she needed. Carrie began to breathe hard as the feelings in her young body intensified. She wanted the wild ride her mother had just taken. In one breathless second Carrie felt deep in her vagina the intense pleasure building. The waves of pleasure washed over her and Mattie wildly thrust his boy boner in her. She felt his body shudder and shake for a moment, but he kept going after the good feeling.

Carrie felt Mattie sucking on her breasts and she held his head tight to her breast and stroked his long blond hair. Carrie began to groan as the pleasures intensified. She could not believe how good it felt to have Mattie make love to her. The pleasure suddenly intensified and she spread her legs so that his thrusting pounded against her little clit. She felt the pleasure begin to peak and suddenly she screamed out in orgasmic ecstasy as her little body rode the lightning bolts of pleasure.

The sounds of their young children’s beautiful bodies slapping together in wild wanton sex stimulated both of their parents again. They watched in awe as Carrie arched her back and presented herself to her brother.

-Mattie…now…hard…please….harder…oh yeah…..oh god yes.

Jane and Devin watched Carrie’s body convulse with waves of orgasmic pleasure. Matt kept thrusting again and again until his body convulsed with his dry orgasm. He could not thrust his boner in his sister hard enough to scratch the deep sexual itch that he needed to have scratched. His body thrust again and again trying to ejaculate seed he wasn’t capable of producing yet. Soon his orgasm faded but his boy boner was still rigid.

Matt watched his Daddy begin to thrust again and again. Matt began to suck on his sister’s nipple again. Carrie held Matt’s head tight against her breast bud as they both watched their parents make love. They wondered if they would have a new brother or sister. They watched their parents have another powerful climax.

The four of them drifted off to sleep. Their penises stayed semi erect in Jane and Carrie. It was a beautiful evening.

The next afternoon when the children returned from school, Jane stripped them naked by the front door and took the sexy brother and sister to her studio. She kissed each child passionately.

Jane had prepared the divan from her dark room covering it with lace and gossamer fabric. She began by arranging her sexy daughter’s beautiful naked body on the divan so that the camera could see the blood engorged lips of her labia as they ached for more sex with Matt.

-Mommy…all I could think about today was last night…holding Matt against me as his filled me with his boner. I was sitting in English class and…ummmm…I got the good feeling…I could feel my underwear getting wet.

Jane stroked her beautiful blond head.

-And you need Mattie very bad right now… Jane said as she lightly stroked her finger up Carrie’s pussy lips lingering to massage the turgid flesh at the top. Carrie’s little clit was so hard and it made her sexy body tremble with pleasure when it was massaged.

Jane began to take pictures of the sexy naked girl. As she zoomed in on the inner lips of Carrie’s delicate sex, Jane saw a beautiful drop of Carries juices as it leaked out of her excited sex. Carrie needed Matt’s attention.

Jane took Matt’s sexy naked 8 year old body in her arms and she kissed and hugged him as she fondled his scrotum and boy boner. She whispered to Matt that she wanted him to suck on Carrie’s nipple but deny her his boner for a while. She wanted him to kiss his way down to his sisters beautiful pussy lips and then lick and kiss her pussy.

Matt nodded excitedly. He approached Carrie from the side and began to suck one nipple and then the other as he knelt beside the divan couch. The camera loved every second of it. There was a beautiful moment where Matt’s sucking stretched the nipple while Carrie stroked Matt’s long white blond head.

Devin opened the front door and found the children’s clothes in a pile by the door. He went to their bedroom expecting to find them in his bed. There was no sign of them so he continued to search the house until he found the two naked children in the photo studio with their Mother taking photos of Matt sucking his sister’s breasts.

The way that Jane had arranged them and the props of flowers, silk and lace made it such a sensual setting. Devin rubbed his raging erection through his pants as he watched Matt lick his way down to her bare pussy lips. Matt parted the outer lips with his fingers and then parted the inner lips with his tongue. Carrie began to moan as the wild pleasures intensified.

There was the incessant sound of the shutter as the camera captured every second.

Matt continued to pleasure Carrie as Jane reloaded the camera. Jane capture the moment of the wave of orgasmic feeling as they raced through Carrie’s sexy young body. Carrie lifted her pussy toward her brother that he might continue to pleasure her…harder and faster. As the waves of orgasm subsided, Jane told Matt she wanted him to rub his boy boner over his sister body starting with her nipples.

The beautiful head of his boy boner pressed against Carrie’s nipple made an exquisite photo. The lighting and setting were so erotic. Jane had Carrie hold and stroke the boy boner with her long sensual fingers. Jane had Devin hold Carrie’s naked foot and they put Matt’s boy boner between Carrie’s big toe and second toe. It was terribly erotic. Jane shifted her angle and widened the image so that the camera discovered that Devin was holding the foot looking sexy wearing his clerical collar.

The small flared head of Matt’s penis was sticking out between Carries toes and looked like a tempting treat for the young minister. Devin leaned down and began to lick the boy boner and the toes that held it. Jane had to work hard to steady the camera as her body convulsed with a spontaneous orgasm. She felt her juices running down her legs as a powerful orgasm rocked her body.

Devin sucked the boy boner until he felt Mattie’s body shudder with the wild pleasures of orgasm. He glanced up to see the little boy’s intense blue eyes roll up in his head with the pleasure. Devin turned and spread Carrie’s legs and began to feast on her sweet tasting pussy. He parted her external lips so that his tongue could thoroughly explore her inner lips. Devin loved the tangy sweet flavor. Devin’s tongue licked and probed the sexy 11 year old vagina. Carrie cried out and grabbed handfuls of her father’s sandy blond hair as the pleasure became very intense.

-Oh Daddy….yes…feels so good. Please don’t stop.

Devin’s khaki pants were soaked with precum as his tongue and lips found his daughter’s hard clit. Carrie shook her head back and forth with her white blond hair flying wildly as the intensity of the pleasure began to peak.

Jane captured an amazing image of the young reverend with his 11 year old daughter’s hard clit on the tip of his tongue while Carrie hair was flying. Jane used a very fast shutter speed that captured the hair flying and the look of sexual ecstasy on Carrie’s face. The camera captured a father’s eyes closely watching his daughter’s intense pleasure.

Seconds later, Carrie slipped over the edge into the abyss of orgasmic ecstasy. The room was filled with Carrie’s cries of orgasmic pleasure.

-Daddy…oh Daddy…oh god…Daddy….sooooo good. Carrie cried out as wave after wave of wild pleasure rocked her.

Devin kept lapping her clit long after Carrie had reached the peak of pleasure.

-No Daddy…too much…can’t breathe…gotta stop…oh…Daddy! The sexy young girl screamed before she lapsed into sexual gibberish.

Devin’s tongue deeply probed the sweet little girl’s vagina as his thumb lightly massaged her clit. Jane and Mattie each began to suck one of Carries hard nipples until her little body bucked and convulsed with the most amazing orgasm ever. Just like her mother, Carrie began a squirting orgasm and sprayed her Daddy with her essence.

As the pleasure began to subside, Devin moved aside so that Matt could make love to his sister. Matt stood with his sister’s legs over his shoulders and his young pelvis rocked as he thrust again and again in his sister’s sweet pussy. Matt began to buck and thrust wildly as his need for sexual release intensified. Soon both brother and sister were moaning with the wild pleasure of orgasm.

Jane did her very best to capture the wild mating of young brother and sister as Devin took her from behind. In just a few thrusts Devin ejaculated his hot semen deep in his sexy wife’s unprotected womb. He ground his penis against her cervix jetting hot seed deep in her womb. Jane was crying out with her orgasm as she tried to keep the camera steady enough to capture the kids in the afterglow of intercourse.

Devin gently turned his beautiful wife around and kissed her passionately. His fingers unbuttoned her dress and he slipped it over her head. Jane looked so sexy standing naked in front of her preacher. This time Jane stripped Devin naked and as his clerical shirt floated to the floor she began to suck and lick his hard nipples. Her other hand cupped his magnificent balls still heavy with seed. Her fingers traveled up his thick shaft to the marvelous flared mushroom head. It was still slippery with the combined essence of their recent coupling and the tip poured out a fresh coating of precum.

Devin picked Jane up in his strong arms and carried her to the divan couch and laid her down. He heard the shutter of the camera firing and was surprised to see that Carrie was taking pictures of her naked parents. While she had much to learn about photography, she captured some marvelous images.

Devin knelt beside the divan and kissed Jane and then began to suck her nipples. Devin heard Jane moaning and looked over to see 8 year old Matt licking Jane’s pussy lips. Matt’s tongue found her vagina and he began to suck his father’s semen out of his mother’s pussy. Devin was crazy with lust watching his young son eat his semen out of his mother’s vagina.

The boy continued to lick and suck until Jane directed him to her clit and told the sexy naked boy how she wanted to be licked. Soon Jane was moaning and crying with a wild orgasm. Devin kissed his son passionately and then penetrated Jane with his thick cock. He was so turned on and so was Jane. They both had explosive orgasms in moments.

Devin continued to focus on impregnating Jane. They had intercourse several times a day. Devin was tempted by his sexy young daughter and son, but he did not want to waste his seed until he was sure he had impregnated his wife.

A few nights later Devin asked to see the photographs that Jane had taken of the children. She led him by the hand and took all of them into her dark room. The room was awesome. The walls were filled with photos of the two children. Devin looked at the photo albums that Jane had made and his cock was so hard from looking at the erotic photographs that Devin thought he might orgasm in his pants. Devin quickly stripped he beautiful wife and bent her over the darkroom table. He took her from behind doggy style and quickly filled her with a huge load of hot semen.

They went back to looking at the photographs. Devin told Jane again and again how beautiful and sexy the photos were. Jane told Devin that at some point she wanted to live in a house where all of these photos could be displayed prominently. Devin had no idea of how he would do it, but he promised Jane that they would live in a house like that. The four of them went to the bedroom and all four of them made slow passionate love.

Matt and Carrie were really getting into oral sex and pleasured each other frequently that way.

A few weeks later the test confirmed that Jane was pregnant.

Jane let Devin’s sexual lust for the children build. He tried mightily to resist the temptation of their young sexy flesh. She created every excuse for him to see the children naked and for the kids to be sexy with each other. She had the kids touch and feel Daddy’s penis regularly. Occasionally she would allow them to play with their father’s boner while he was having intercourse with her.

During this time Jane’s belly began to swell with Devin’s child. She was 5 months pregnant. Her body looked magnificent. Other than the baby bump and breast enlargement her spectacular body remained unchanged. Devin loved the feeling of making love to her and feeling the baby move as they lay there still with his penis fully penetrating her.

Devin had also noticed that Carrie’s breasts were beginning to mature nicely and she now had a small silky patch of white blond pubic hair. She was becoming a lovely young woman. Matt had turned 9 and his body was beginning to grow too.

The children often slept with their parents. One Saturday morning when Jane was about 6 months pregnant, Carrie crawled on top of her Daddy as he lay on his back naked and hard. His penis was rock hard. Jane reached over and began to rub his throbbing erection up and down Carrie’s beautiful pussy lips. Carrie leaned back so that the rubbing was against her hard little clit. Her mother pulled Carrie’s sexy little hips back until the beautiful 11 year old was beginning to take her Daddy’s erection into her small vagina.

-Oh baby you look so beautiful with your Daddy’s boner in your little pussy…sit back baby and take him all the way. Jane told 11 year old Carrie as she stroked her long blond hair.

Devin wanted to protest, but he wanted to penetrate his daughter more than anything in the world. He knew that this time he must have her.

Jane watched as the thick erection slowly disappeared into Carrie’s vagina. He little lips were stretched beautifully around his thick cock. Carrie gasped as her Daddy’s cock bottomed out in her vagina and began to stretch her cervix.

Devin remained passive as his wife helped his daughter have her way with him. Devin felt the intense need to seed beginning to build in his loins. Her tight little pussy seemed to milk the man seed from deep inside him.

Her Mom leaned up and began to kiss and suck Carrie’s nipples while her finger found the little girl’s hard clit.

Carrie was soon so intensely stimulated that she was bouncing up and down on her Daddy’s hard cock pleasuring herself and her Daddy.

Devin groaned deeply with the awesome pleasure Carrie caused him and his fingers began to pinch and rub her nipples. Carrie was soon crying out with the wild pleasure of her orgasm. Her small vagina convulsed with pleasure and clamped down tight on her Daddy’s boner.

Devin felt his daughter’s pussy convulse as a wild orgasm swept over her. It was too much for him and Devin cried out as he pumped jet after jet of hot cum in her womb. It seemed so sinful…so wrong…so wonderful.

Devin’s penis was still rock hard and his lust was only inflamed by their recent orgasms. He rolled his sexy little girl over and he began to kiss her passionately. All of the barriers and inhibitions were removed. He loved his beautiful Carrie so much his heart ached. He began to thrust as he kissed her and then he sucked her delicate breasts. Her sexy body was amazing. Devin felt the primal need to fill the sexy little girl with his seed. He kissed her passionately as their tongues did a mating dance filled with raw passion. He heard Carrie whimper with the onset of a powerful orgasm.

Devin found that he was not ready to seed her yet and he very much wanted this awesome moment to last as long as possible. He took Carrie over the edge into a wild orgasm. He felt her young body shudder again and again with the wild ride of exotic and erotic new feelings racing through her body.

As he felt her orgasm subside, Devin intensified his thrusting. In moments his sexy little girl gasped for breath. Devin’s powerful need to seed his little girl increased in intensity by the second. Their bodies slammed together as they both craved the release of orgasm. Carrie cried out as the bolts of pleasure rocked her body. It was like she was hit with a million volts of pleasure. She screamed again and again as the jolts of pleasure hit her.

That pushed Devin over the edge. His throbbing erection pounded her cervix until he unleashed a torrent of hot semen. She screamed as his hot seed flooded her unprotected womb.

All of the family hugged and kissed. Matt and Carrie held each other tight. Matt moved around and got between his sister’s legs. His penis was rock hard. He lifted Carrie pelvis until he had her legs over his shoulders and he was feasting on her sex filled with his Daddy’s hot semen. Matt loved eating his Dad’s sperm out of his Mom and Carrie’s pussy.

Devin took Matt in his arms and he kissed the boy…tenderly at first and then with passion. He tasted his essence and Carrie on Mattie’s lips and tongue. He led the boy to his rigid boner and watched as Matt tenderly licked and sucked his Daddy’s boner. Devin was in ecstasy. His sexy boy was awesome. Watching the beautiful 9 year old boy’s head bobbing up and down on his cock soon had Devin’s testicles aching for release. Devin combed the long white blond hair as the intensity of the pleasure increased. Devin cried out as his aching testicles unloaded torrents of his thick creamy seed in Mattie’s mouth. Devin filled the boy’s mouth with his hot seed as he groaned with the awesome pleasure. As Devin’s orgasm subsided, Mattie straightened up. He had thick creamy semen running from the corners of his sexy mouth. Devin took the sexy boy in his arms and kissed him passionately. He loved the taste of his seed in Matt’s mouth. Devin played with Matt’s throbbing boner as they kissed. He didn’t realize that the boy was on the verge of orgasm until he felt his beautiful young son’s body shudder again and again with orgasmic delight.

The next morning after the kids left for school, Jane asked Devin how he felt about having sex with their children.

-At first I felt shameful and that I was a terrible sinner. It was just so forbidden. I fought it for months…but I knew I would eventually give in to the need to have sex with them. When you rubbed my hard cock against her tiny pussy my resolve vanished. I kept thinking I would beg the two of you to stop…but I couldn’t. At first it was the wild feelings of having my cock engulfed with her tight sexy pussy. It was a feeling that defies description. I watched Carrie as her tiny pussy slid down my hard cock. I realized that she wanted it as much or more than I did…but I still felt guilty. Then she began to ride my raging boner. She was so tight and hot…the beauty of her sexy body was breathtaking. I exploded hot cum and I knew that it squirted into her unprotected womb. I have never experienced anything quite like it…it was awesome. I watched her orgasm and instead of softening…I got harder…much harder. I had to fuck her properly. The guilt and anxiousness evaporated…I knew my little girl wanted me as much as I wanted her. It was so beautiful…the way it was meant to be.

The front of Devin’s flannel lounge pants was soaked with his precum. Devin loved having sex with his wife as her belly grew huge with baby. He took her hand and kissed her tenderly. Thank you for making all of this possible…I would have never had the nerve without you. He led her to their bed. The room smelled of sex and that only excited him more. He hugged her and filled her with his erection and he felt the baby kicking in her belly. It always pushed him over the edge.

As they lay there basking in the afterglow, Jane told him how much Matt needed him.

-You mean… He asked her.

-Matt asked me the other day if Daddies ever fuck their sons. Jane told Devin as she looked into his deep blue eyes.

-Oh my God…my baby boy wants me to fuck him. Devin said in amazement.

Devin had masturbated for years dreaming of making love to young boys. It was always one of his most secret fantasies. Jane could tell from the way Devin studied Matt’s body that he was very attracted to the boy. She could not wait to see Devin deflower his son.

-Tonight you will take his virginity. She announced.

Together they prepared the studio for the deflowering. Devin was so hard and distracted all day that he could not work. He used the time to begin to search the internet for conversations about family love. He found the thread of conversation that Ted left for others to find. He soon found himself in a chat room with Tom Gibson. Most of the people that found their way to the secure chat room were bogus in one way or another. Tom could tell from Devin’s comments that he was for real and in need of someone to talk with. Tom began a private chat with Devin. He learned of Devin’s situation and his plans to deflower his son this evening.

It all sounded legitimate to Tom, but you have to be very careful. He learned about Jane being a professional photographer early in the discussion. Tom asked if there were pictures of Devin’s family.

Tom and Devin began by exchanging normal family snap shots of their families. Tom explained about Ted and the inner circle of families that practice family love. He told Devin that the families gathered once or twice a year on a ranch in a remote western region of the country.

Devin told Tom how awesome it would be to be included with that group.

By this time Jane was looking over Devin’s shoulder at the conversation between Devin and Tom. She fingered her clit as she tried to imagine what it would be like to be around a group of families that practiced family love.

-Devin…I ummm…have to ask you something. If you are really interested in being a part of the inner circle, we will need proof about you and your family. I need to see pictures of you and your family naked…and making love. Tom explained how they would do it and he sent Devin the encryption software to use if he was serious.

-You probably need to talk to your wife about all of this first and then your family… Tom told Devin.

-Tell him yes…Devin…please tell him yes. Jane told him as she stimulated her clit.

While Devin was telling Tom yes, Jane brought Devin a disk of intimate family photos and sketches. They quickly installed the encryption and communication software and began the transfer to Tom. The photos came through quickly and Tom was astounded at the beautiful of the photos and the family in the photos. Tom called Ted on his secure line and told him what he had received. They were both soon studying the amazing photographs.

That afternoon when the kids came home, their parents stripped them naked. Devin tenderly kissed Matt and held him tight.

-I understand you asked Mommy about Daddies making love to their boys. Devin told Matt.

He nodded shyly and blushed. Devin hugged the boy and kissed him.

-Would you like Daddy to make love to you? Devin asked his sexy 9 year old boy.

Matt threw his arms around Devin’s neck. He simply said, please Daddy…please.

Devin led the boy to the studio and Jane took Carrie’s hand.

-Carrie you will help Daddy and Matt while I take pictures. Please strip Daddy naked.

Carrie slowly undressed her father as her brother watched. When she lowered Devin’s boxers, Carrie kissed the tip of Daddy’s erection when it popped into view.

Jane kissed Matt’s cheek. His cheeks were flushed with excitement.

-Come here beautiful boy. She told Mattie. Kneel here on the end of the divan couch.

He assumed the position.

-Perfect…now bend forward and present your beautiful ass to your father. Matt did as he was told and was excited at the sound of his mother’s camera as she snapped pictures.

-Baby girl…there is a tube of lubricant in the drawer over there. Please get it for you Daddy. Jane told Carrie.

Carrie brought the tube of lube to her Daddy.

-Now sweetie I want you to lubricate his two middle fingers. Jane told Carrie as she snapped pictures of the sexy naked blond 11 year old daughter helping her father prepare to fuck her brother.

–Oh yes that is excellent. Jane told Carrie. Now I want you to spread your brother’s cheeks for your Daddy. Jane told Carrie.

Carrie held the beautiful globes of Matt’s 9 year old ass apart as she watched her Daddy approach her brother’s virgin pucker with his slippery fingers.

Devin put both middle fingers against his son’s cherry pucker. He lightly stroked Matt’s back and told him to relax.

Matt gasped as the fingers penetrated his virgin anus for the first time. He was breathing hard as his Daddy began to stretch and lubricate his sacred place.

-Now Carrie I want you to lubricate Daddy’s hard penis. Use plenty of lube. Her mother told her.

Jane snapped pictures of Carrie looking up at her Daddy as she lubricated his throbbing erection.

-Mmmmm…Daddy…you are so hard. Carrie told her father.

-Now baby…part Mattie’s cheeks and guide Daddy’s boner to his virgin butt. Her mother told her.

Carrie did as she was told and wiped the lube from her Daddy’s fingers. She parted Mattie’s cheeks with one hand and then guided her Daddy’s boner to the pucker with the other hand. She watched in amazement as the thick flared head began to penetrate Matt’s small pink pucker.

Mattie groaned as the thick head of his Daddy’s throbbing boner pierced his virgin flesh for the first time.

-Oh yes…god yes…so good. Devin said as the hot tight boy flesh began to devour his erection.

Mattie groaning and gasping for breath only made the experience more intense sexually for Devin. Carrie crawled under her little brother and found his flaccid penis. She began to suck him until she had him rock hard.

Mattie exhaled as he felt his father’s pubic hair against his bare butt. Then his Daddy began to thrust. At first the pain was intense. And then it quickly became pleasurable. Sweet Carrie sucking his boner only made it better.

-Oh Daddy…so good. Mattie cried out.

Devin thrust long and hard. Several times he was on the edge of orgasm and pulled back to make this awesome experience last.

-Carrie I want you to begin to finger fuck Daddy. Jane told her.

Devin groaned as she penetrated him and then instinctively found his prostate. She stroked and rubbed his sensitive pucker.

Devin cried out as all of the wild stimulation became too much for him and his hard penis erupted hot semen deep in Matt’s virgin ass. It felt like his nuts were pouring out gallons of hot man seed into the beautiful blond boy. The pleasure was so incredible as the tight sleeve milked the Man seed from his Daddy seed filled orbs.

When his orgasm passed, Devin took his sexy daughter and son in his arms and hugged them tight. It was an awesome night filled with wild love making.

By the next day they were ready to share the best photos of the deflowering with Tom and Ted. Their conversation became a very frank sharing of intimate family love experiences of the group.

In the last weeks of Jane’s pregnancy, Carrie took on more of the responsibility of caring for her father’s sexual needs. There was nothing Carrie loved any more than being filled with her Daddy’s big beautiful cock.

They were so absorbed with the impending birth, Devin was not aware that Carrie had had a small period. A few days later when Jane was doing laundry, she found two pairs of Carrie’s underpants that were stained with blood. Jane smiled as she treated the stains and put the panties in the washer.

For the next three weeks leading up to the birth of the baby, Carrie had sex once or twice a day with her Daddy. She found that about two weeks after the bleeding, she absolutely craved sex with her Daddy. For 3 or 4 days, she had sex with him 3 times a day. Carrie craved the feeling of his hot semen squirting into her unprotected womb.

As he made love to Carrie, Devin notice that her breasts were larger and she had a small amount of pubic hair. He thought it was time to begin to think about birth control for her. That special week the family slept together, her Mom and Mattie sucked her nipples as Carrie rode her Daddy’s hard cock. She loved the feeling of Daddy’s penis exploding hot semen deep in her womb. Mattie loved to lick her pussy right after she had sex with Daddy. He told her he loved the taste of their juices.

The family was having dinner one evening when Jane’s water broke. They grabbed her bag and headed for the hospital. Jane sat in back with Matt incase she needed anything. As they drove along, Jane suddenly had powerful contractions.

-Oh Mattie the baby is coming.

Matt had her turn around and lay back on the seat. Mattie pushed up his Mom’s dress and saw the crown of the head. He told his Daddy what was going on. Jane cried out and pushed and a beautiful baby boy slipped right into Matt’s hands as they turned into the hospital. Matt was holding his screaming baby brother when they pulled up to the ambulance entrance. An attending doctor clamped off the umbilical cord and handed the scissors to Matt.
-You did an excellent job. You might as well have the honor of cutting your baby brother’s umbilical cord. The doctor told Matt.

Mattie clipped the cord and they helped his Mom onto a gurney. The nurse helped Mattie wrap the baby in a blanked and by the time Matt got out of the back seat he found his Dad and Carrie beaming at him.

When Jane and the baby were settled in the maternity ward, Devin leaned over and kissed the glowing mother and baby.

-What would you like to call this beautiful guy? Devin asked Jane.

-Elijah…she said after only a moment. Eli was a prophet that foretold great things. I think little Eli foretells major changes in our lives. Awesome changes… Jane told Devin and the kids.

Carrie hugged her mother and tenderly kissed Eli.

-Mom you are so lucky to have a beautiful baby…Eli is amazing. I want a baby just like him. Carrie told her. Carrie told her mom.

-Are you sure? Her mom asked.

-Yes mom…I think it would be awesome.

Jane kissed her beautiful girl on the lips and rubbed Carrie’s belly…some day it will be filled with a beautiful baby. Jane held both of the children’s hands as Devin became acquainted with Eli.

-I want you to promise me that when you get home you will pleasure your father.

They both promised. Jane could see that Carrie had a question.

-Mom…ummm…would you mind if Daddy made me pregnant. Carrie asked her Mom.

-That would be a wonderful thing if it was to happen. Her Mom told her.

By the time that Jane and Eli got home from the hospital, Devin was sexually exhausted. The kids were on spring break and Devin was on maternity leave from the church. He was having sex with Carrie and Matt 6 or 7 times a day. His nuts ached from overuse.

-I was afraid when I got home you would be craving sex. Jane told Devin. It looks like our babies wore you out.

Devin could only nod.

When the baby began to cry, Carrie brought Eli to her mother. Jane slipped off her top and the kids watched fascinated as she began to nurse Eli. Her milk had come in beautifully and beautiful little Eli feasted on her nipple. He occasionally drifted off to sleep with the rich milk drooling out of him mouth and down Jane’s boob. Devin and Matt found this terribly erotic. Jane watched as Devin stripped Mattie naked and bent him over he began to slowly fuck the sexy blond boy. Carrie licked and sucked her brother’s boy boner. Soon both guys were shuddering with pleasure. Jane found that her juices were flowing too. They were so wrapped up with the baby that Jane had not given much thought to Carrie’s situation.

Pregnancy agreed with Carrie. She had no morning sickness. Since she never really had a period no one was concerned that she was not having periods. Jane was the only one who had figured it out. Jane noticed the slight tummy bulge and how much larger Carrie’s breasts were.

They didn’t realize until 3 months later that Carrie was pregnant. Her beautiful belly was rounded with baby. Her once tiny breasts were developing nicely. As near as Jane could tell the only weight that Carrie put on was the weight of the baby. Devin and Jane were incredibly turned on that Devin had impregnated Carrie. That was when they decided that a sabbatical would be an excellent idea.

Devin had been chatting with Ted and others and told them about their exciting news. Ted offered Devin his guest house until Carrie delivered her baby.

When Devin and his family arrived they found that Kaitlin was 3 months pregnant with Mike’s baby.

Dr. Amy examined Carrie and told them that she thought that Carrie was about 7 months pregnant. She told them that mother and baby were doing great. Amy took Jane and Devin aside and told them that she had also done genetic tests on the baby and everything looked great.

A few days later Amy decided to give Matt a physical too. Amy was concerned that Matt was at the low end of the size and weight norms for his age of 9 ½.

-What...if anything…can we do about Matt’s situation? Devin asked Dr. Amy.

-Well…we could give him a new growth hormone. It will accelerate his development. Dr. Amy explained.

-Well then we should do it. Devin told her.

-We can do that but it will hasten his sexual development. His penis and testicles will begin to grow and develop almost immediately. He is also likely to begin puberty when he is about 10 ½. His sex drive will be stronger than normal and he will crave sex almost immediately.

-Those are all things that we can live with. Devin told Amy.

-He is already quite sexually active. Jane told Amy as she nursed her little Eli.
Amy gave Matt the shot and almost immediately his sex drive increased. Carrie loved it because her little brother was so insatiable. Mattie was better than having the best vibrator.

Matt began to hang out with Will and Sara. The twins were 11 ½ and both had started puberty. They were both attracted to younger kids sexually and a sexy 9 ½ year old like Matt was really appealing. They included Matt in their sex games. They often invited him to spend the night. Both Will and Sara were fascinated by Matt’s rapidly developing member. Matt loved being fucked by Will while he took Sara doggy style. The twins developed a deep bond with Matt.

While the Colby family was staying in the Ted’s guest house, they were invited to make their first trip to the Gibson’s ranch in Wyoming. Carrie was so beautiful. Her belly was heavy with child. Kaitlin and Carrie were the only two girls that had been impregnated by family.

Devin and his family found that they liked being with the other families. Devin had the chance to talk to some of the other fathers about the joys of making love to their children. That was the first time the families discussed having a place of their own.

A few weeks later when Carrie was 13 ½ she gave birth to a beautiful girl. She named her Grace and she looked just like Carrie. Carrie’s beautiful breasts were full of milk for Gracie. Two weeks after the delivery of Grace, Carrie found the stimulation of her breasts while feeding the baby made her crave sex.

Matt’s penis and testicles began to grow rapidly. Four weeks after his shot, Matt’s erection was almost 3 ¼” and thickening. His penis was beginning to look like an 11 year old instead of a 9 year old. The twins, Will and Sara, loved the boy and his amazing new penis. Will and Sara had experimented with anal penetration so it was an easy transition for them to try double penetration with Matt. Matt watched as Will rimmed his sister. He lubricated his 3 ½” erection and penetrated his beautiful sister’s pick pucker. Moments later Matt penetrated her vagina and the boy immediately felt each other through the thin membranes. They began to thrust. Matt sucked on Sara’s breast buds while she fingered her own clit. The boys felt Sara shudder again and again but neither was ready for orgasm. Matt reached around and played with Will’s soccer butt as his thrusting intensified.

-Dude it feels awesome when you thrust like that. I am soooo close. Will told Matt.

-Me too. Matt told Will.

Sara’s body began to shake and shudder as she cried out with an orgasm that rocked her body. The bolts of pleasure were amazing. She felt her juices flood and her eyes rolled up in her head from the wild pleasure. Will rubbed her nipples and that extended the climax. Will shuddered with a powerful dry cum and that triggered Matt’s dry orgasm. The three of them lay there with the two young boys still hard in Sara.

The next morning, Mattie was the first to awaken. His bladder was painful it was so full. He dashed into the bathroom. There stood Mike naked and half hard getting ready to piss.
-Come on over little dude…I’ll make room for you. Mike told Mattie.

Matt stood there frozen and in awe. He had never seen a teenage boy naked before. His mind was trying to drink in every detail of Mike’s body.

-What’s the matter…never seen a teen guy naked? Mike asked him.

Matt just shook his head no.

-Come on over and look and touch as much as you want. Mike told him.

Matt walked over beside Mike. Matt was rock hard and wiggling around because his bladder was so full it hurt.

-Do you have to go really bad? Mike asked him.

Matt shyly nodded yes as he continued to stare at Mike.

-Dude you are never going to go with that rod of yours…you are way too hard to bend it down. Mike told the younger boy.

Mike took Matt’s hand and led him to the shower. He stepped in with Matt and held his erection. Matt could fell Mike’s thick hard boner against his back.

-Okay Mattie I want you to try to relax and release your pee now.

Matt strained and a few drops began to leak out and roll down over Mike’s hand as he held the 9 1/2 year old boy’s impressive boner. Mike whispered that it was okay and not to worry about it. That allowed Matt to release a couple of small jets of pee. Most of the pee ran down Mike’s hands and landed on Matt’s feet. The boy groaned and then released a stream of pee that began to splash off the shower wall.

-Awesome dude…you got it going now. Mike told Matt.

Without thinking Matt turned to Mike to thank him and the stream of pee washed over Mike’s arm and chest. Matt was so embarrassed that he started to cry.

-It’s okay buddy…it happens. He pulled the little guy against his taut muscular 14 year old body and felt the hot pee streaming over their bodies. Mike was fully hard.

Mike felt Matt sob as the flow of pee subsided. He bent and kissed the blond boy head thinking how sexy and cute this young boy is. Mike held Matt tight and the boy continued to cry. Mike realized that his bladder was still full and he released his stream between them. Mike knew that it was the only way the young boy would be able to deal with the embarrassment. In seconds both boys were being doused by the strong teen morning pee. Mike laughed as the strong stream and his semi soft boner aimed his pee straight up. It was flooding off the underside of their chins. There was still nothing as much fun as boy pee play, Mike thought.

He remembered how grossed out his Mother was when she found Mike and Will having a pee fight in the shower.

Soon Mattie was giggling too. Mike held the naked younger boy in his arms as his stream died down. They turned on the shower and Mike began to wash the younger boy’s body. Then Matt washed Mike’s lean muscular body. As Matt’s hands went over Mike’s chest and Mike lathered up Matt’s erection and scrotum, Matt got a dreamy look on his face. Matt knelt before the younger boy and washed his legs and cute little boy feet. As the water washed the soap suds away, Mike leaned over and kissed the hard boy shaft.

Mattie moaned as the old boy began to suck his boner. Matt ran his fingers through Mike’s wet shaggy blond hair. All he could think about was how awesome Mike was…he was the coolest dude ever.

Mike’s intense sucking and ass play had Mattie on the edge of orgasm in no time. Mike felt the little guy shudder and buck as Mattie face fucked the older boy. When the wild pleasurable feeling subsided, Mike began to dry Mattie’s naked body. Mike’s ass play with Mattie told him that this sexy boy was not a virgin. Mike assumed that Reverend Devin had penetrated his son. That thought of a minister penetrating his sexy 9 year old son made Mike’s cock start to leak precum.

Mike put his arm around the naked boy’s shoulder and led him through the adjoining door into his bedroom. Matt saw a sleepy Kaitlin in Mike’s king size bed. She smiled sleepily as Mattie and patted the bed beside her for him to join her. She leaned over and tenderly kissed his forehead as she lightly stroked his naked shoulder.

Matt could not take his eyes off of Kaitlin’s slightly rounded belly and her magnificent breasts. His hand went out lightly rubbed the rounded shape of Kaitlin belly as he thought about Mike’s very cool dick filling Kaitlin with his seed. Matt looked back over his shoulder and saw that Mike was fully erect and leaking precum. Mattie wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft with an awed look on his face. His small fingers explored the two seed filled orbs and he tried to imagine the hot thick creamy teen boy seed flooding Kaitlin’s womb and filling her with a growing baby.

Mike kissed the top of Matt’s damp hair and inhaled the scent of freshly scrubbed boy. This boy with his shoulder length white blond hair and piercing blue eyes looked so fresh and innocent.

-Does your Daddy make love to you? Mike asked him.

Mattie nodded his hand wet with the constant flow of Mike’s clear thick slippery precum.

-Would it be okay if I made love to you? Mike asked Mattie.

The sexy young boy smiled and nodded yes. Mattie felt Kaitlin kiss his cheek and her fingers lightly stroking his chest sent tiny electric shocks of pleasure through his body…especially when her finger tips raked across his stiff boy nipples. Since Dr. Amy gave him the growth hormone shot, every time he was touched it sent shivers of sexual excitement through his young body.

Kaitlin could not explain it but there was something terribly erotic about this very sexy boy. She whispered in his ear and asked him if he wanted to fuck her while Mike fucked him. The sexy young boy looked at her with those piercing blue eyes that were clouded with lust and nodded yes.

Kaitlin caressed his penis and scrotum as she pulled Matt between her sexy legs. Mattie groaned deeply as his boy boner slipped into her steaming vagina. Kaitlin parted Matt’s hips and exposed his boy sex to Mike. The whole situation was almost too much for Mike. His sexy sister had a beautiful 9 year old boy’s boner in her vagina and she was presenting his beautiful pucker for Mike to penetrate. Mike was so excited by the idea of fucking this beautiful boy that his thick cock was flooding precum. Mike held the thick flared head of his cock over the young boy’s pink pucker. The precum flowed continuously onto Matt’s boy pussy. Mike lubed his fingers with his own precum and he began to finger fuck the exquisite blond boy. While Mike found finger fucking the boy to be an incredibly sensual experience, his nuts ached for release. Mike removed his fingers and guided his 15 year old thick boy cock to the sexy boy’s pucker. The sphincter was so tight…the boy cried out as the thick head of Mike’s cock penetrated him.

The boy was groaning and panting from the intrusion of Mike’s thick hard cock. Mike thrust forward and buried his penis to the hilt in the sexy blond boy.

-Sexy boy…you are so tight and so hot…I need you so bad. Mike told Matt as he began to thrust deeply in the boy’s pleasure core. Mike’s fingers reached around and found Matt’s hard nipples and played with them intensely as he developed a rhythm.

Mike groaned when he felt Kaitlin reach around him as she began to finger his boy pussy. Mike started to go crazy humping the little boy. Each powerful thrust shoved Matt’s hard cock in Kaitlin’s pussy and his pubis slammed against her hard clit. Kaitlin cried out as the first waves of the orgasm hit her. Mike was amazed that he was able to hold off his orgasm. He thrust his hard boner in the young boy again and again until he felt Mattie begin to convulse with his dry orgasm.

Mike loved it. Everything about this experience was super intense. Each thrust sent shivers of pleasure through his teen body. It was wildly erotic…he just was not ready to shoot his load.

Mike began to pinch and twist his sisters nipples as he rammed his boner deep in the boy. Each thrust drove the boy into her clit and Kaitlin was beginning to cry out with the intense stimulation.

-Oh Mikey…you are driving me wild….so intense…so fucking intense. I don’t think I can take much more. Kaitlin told her older brother.

That only made Mike’s thrusting wilder. Mike leaned down and inhaled the sexy boy scent and the overwhelming scent of raw sex. The scent of the boy pushed Mike over the edge. Mike began thrusting uncontrollably.

-Oh…god…baby boy I am going to fill your ass with my cum….

As Mike rammed Matt’s ass, Kaitlin cried out with the beginning of a super intense orgasm. She spread her legs as wide as possible and let the boys pound her clit unmercifully until she screamed with the wild feelings rocking her body. She began to squirt with the wild orgasmic pleasures soaking Matt’s body with her sexual essence just as Mike began to squirt thick creamy boy seed in Matt’s pleasure core. Their parents and the twins stood in the door way watching the wild orgy in progress.

They had all seen the changes in Matt since the shot. He craved sex. Ted, Amy, the twins, Thomas, his parents and his sister were all having sex with him. He could be in the middle of a computer game with Will and look at Will and ask him if he wanted to fuck him. The beautiful boy was having sex 7 or 8 times a day.

The only problem was that Kaitlin’s baby swollen belly became more obvious every day. Ted told Devin that he had found the boat of their dreams and they would be leaving shortly to pick it up in the Bahamas.

Ted told Devin that they were welcome to continue using the guest house as long as they wanted.

-I am planning on going back to my congregation and tell them that I will be taking and extended leave to research and write my next book…which is true. I know that I cannot minister to a congregation of that size and keep our lifestyle a secret. I don’t know what we are going to do. I promised Jane I would find a place where we can live our family love in peace.

Devin kind of ducked his head and shook it, as if to say how is that ever going to happen.

-What if I could find a place where families like ours could live. Would you be interested in living there?

-More than you will ever know… Devin told Ted as he hugged him.

Matt was devastated when all of his friends left. Before they left, Mike the other kids gave Matt a special notebook computer and showed him how to use the special communications software. Devin, Jane, Carrie and Matt stood in the driveway as Ted and his family left.

Carrie held Matt tight as all of his sexy new friends drove away. She led her little brother in the house and took him to her bed. She slowly stripped his beautiful body naked and licked his raging boner. Carrie did a slow strip tease for the sexy boy. Matt could not get over how much bigger her breasts were and in 4 weeks her beautiful body had returned to normal. He hugged her tight and as he did he felt Carrie’s milk release on his chest. He looked up at her worried that he had done something wrong.

Carrie kissed him and told him she was just really full and Gracie did not want much to eat this morning. Matt touched a nipple that was leaking and a few more drops leaked out on his finger. He tasted it.

-Wow you taste awesome…I see why Gracie love it.

Carrie held Mattie to her breast and presented the nipple to his lips. Mattie began to suck gently at first and then harder as his sister’s milk began to flow. Carrie felt his boner against her abs and led him to the bed. Devin and Jane watched their beautiful son with his long fine white blond hair nurse contentedly on his sister’s breast while he thrust his boy boner deep inside her.

Jane bent over and presented her beautiful ass to Devin. He took her from behind slipping his hard cock deep in her pussy. They continued to watch their beautiful children make love.

Soon both kids were having powerful orgasms. It was beautiful to watch their son and daughter’s thrusts and bucking as their powerful orgasms washed over them. Their sexy young bodies looked so beautiful coupling in such a frenzied fashion. Carries orgasmic cries and the wet spot on her sheets told the tale of the power of her orgasm. Devin wondered when Matt would become fertile. His body was growing and developing rapidly. He would soon be 10 ½ years old. Matt’s penis and scrotum were beginning to look more like those of a 12 year old boy. He didn’t have any pubic hair yet but he looked like he would be getting some soon.

Devin thought about his beautiful Mattie impregnating Carrie and that was when he flooded Jane with his hot semen. She turned and kissed him passionately and whispered in his ear…

-I think we were thinking about the same thing when we climaxed. What would it be like to have her have Mattie’s baby? She felt Devin’s penis become fully erect in seconds.

-You do like the idea. Jane said as she cupped his testicles and erection. You would probably like for him to impregnate me too.

Devin kissed his beautiful wife with wild passion.

Two weeks went by and Devin was worried that he had not heard anything from Ted about his idea. He was beginning to wonder if it was just a dream. Jane just kept telling him to keep the faith.

That night they got an email message scheduling a video conference with Ted. There were 20 families on the video conference. Ted told them that he was exploring 3 different options for places to create of community of family love. He asked everyone if they had the option of living someplace like they would they want to do so.

He was completely overwhelmed with questions. Ted held up his hands and said to assume for a moment it would be an awesome place to live. Is it something your family would want to do if the details could be worked out? He gave each family the ability to vote and 16 of the families voted yes.

There were tons of questions. He told them to wait. He would continue to work on finding a place and they could make a list of issues and begin to develop answers…the conference was electric with excitement about a community that they could call their own.

Over the next few weeks Devin was able to negotiate to purchase his island. It was perfect. The government was sure the island was an out of the way worthless piece of coral with no water or resources. They needed high speed satellite communications to develop their economy. Ted moved a satellite into permanent orbit over their islands. It provided his island with the sophisticated communications that he needed to conduct his business.

Ted was wealthy enough to fund the purchase price of the island. Before telling the other families of his success he had a geologist visit the island. The geologist reported that there had been a source of fresh water on the island as Ted suspected. The geologist discovered that there was a large aquifer deep underground. There had been a free flowing source of freshwater that created a freshwater lagoon in the middle of the island. The geologist told Ted that it was likely that a small earthquake had cause the coral to crumble into the well and block it. A few days later they had drilling equipment on the island and in a matter of hours the water was flowing freely.

It took Ted several days to return to the island with Amy and the family. They anchored in the lagoon and the seven of them swam ashore. They felt a little like Robinson Caruso standing naked on their own island. They hiked to the top of the bluff and were amazed to find the well was flowing freely. The geologist took water samples and had them tested. The water was incredibly pure. The twins and Thomas raced ahead along the small stream formed by the flowing water.

Ted, Amy, Mike and Kaitlin followed behind. Mike hovered over his pregnant sister who finally had to tell him that she was just pregnant…not going to break. Amy and Ted watched as Kaitlin gave her brother a lusty kiss that promised sex in the very near future as she lightly stroked Mike’s stiff member.

The beautiful moment was interrupted by screams of delight from up ahead. By the time they caught up, Amy and Ted heard the sounds of splashing water. They rounded a small bend in the stream and found a beautiful pool of water surrounded by palm trees. The three younger kids were swimming and splashing in chest deep crystal clear water. On the far side of the pool there was a large rock formation that created a gentle spillway for the water overflow. Ted and Amy continued to follow the water as it spilled out of the pool and found that there was a beautiful little waterfall on the other side. As they looked the other direction they had a spectacular view of the ocean. Amy hugged Ted and felt his throbbing erection against her.

-I think I have died and gone to heaven. This must be the most beautiful place on earth. They kissed passionately as he picked her up and gently entered her. She wrapped her legs and arms tightly around her man as he gently thrust in her. The tiny erotic thrusts and the gentle trade wind that rattled the palm fronds above them lulled them into almost a Zen like state. The gently rubbing of the tip of his erection against her cervix slowly took them both to the crest of the orgasmic wave. Ted gasp as his hot semen jetted into Amy’s womb. They were totally lost in each other. There were five exquisite children who quietly witnessed a most beautiful act of love. Later that afternoon, the guys returned to the boat and gathered what they needed for a simple meal and some blankets for them to spread so that they could sleep in this wonderful place. They spent most of that first night gently pleasuring each other until the wee hours of the morning. They slept peacefully in each other’s arms. It was midmorning when their hunger gently awakened them. Ted couldn’t wait to tell the others of their good fortune.

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