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Saturday, February 20, 2010

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The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller’s young family exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE BOAT ( It is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip they met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family. Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other families to join his family on Incest Island.

We will spend the early chapters of Incest Island really getting to know the families that have moved to the island. Zach (14) and Hannah (12) Miller and Mike (15) and Kaitlin (14) Taylor are convinced that they can help change the world’s view of family love. They have conceived an idea for a very secure website that will begin to tell the stories of the families of Incest Island. They are starting to interview the families.

In this story we will get to know Jacob Jackson and his young family. Their experiences with family love are mostly recent and very intense. Mike and Kaitlin interviewed the Jacksons about their journey into family love. Jane Colby, a professional photographer, painter and illustrator, went along to capture the family and their story visually.

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MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah 11)
TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11, Josh 9 months)
COLBY FAMILY (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12, Eli 27 months and Grace 9 month)
SWENSON FAMILY (Marty34, Kathi 32, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)
GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)
JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 14, Mary 8, Tony 10 months)
SMITH FAMILY (Jim, Maggie, Maryanne 14)
WONG FAMILY (Steve, Mary, William 18, Leah 17, Grayson 16, Zoe 15, Kira 8)
HALSTON FAMILY (Phil, Mary, Max and Marie)
GIBSON FAMILY (Tom, Sally, Kiera and Landon 14, Lucy 13, Owen 12, Abigail 10)


Ryan and his family flew back to Marsh Harbor with Simon and Randy Garcia so that they could pick up their boat and sail it back to the island. They are also planning to meet with Hank and Bill Smith about building on the island.

They thanked Randy and Simon as they deplaned in Marsh Harbor. The shuttle picked them up and took them to the marina. Ryan sat in the back seat of the shuttle and he watched 12 year old Hannah take 14 year old Zach’s hand and squeeze it. Without looking Zach’s other hand instinctively found Hannah’s tight abdomen. She was now six weeks pregnant with Zach’s baby. Ryan smiled. The two young lovers can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Ryan leaned over and wrapped his arms around his two sexy oldest children. He tenderly kissed both children on the lips. In a whisper so that the driver couldn’t hear, Hannah told Ryan and Zach she wanted them both…at the same time.

-Daddy I want you to take me like you do Zach. Hannah whispered. And I want Zach to be inside me too…and ummm…Daddy…I’m really horny right now.

Both Zach and Ryan couldn’t wait to get to the boat. As they walked down the dock they were pleased to see their 44 foot sailboat riding gently on the current in the lagoon as the tide went out. They climbed aboard and unlocked the lock on the hatch. Hannah rubbed the front of Ryan’s shorts. They climbed down the companion way. Hannah looked at her Mom and told her that she was crazy horny.

-My shorts are soaked…I want Daddy and Zach both. Hannah told her Mom.

Ryan took his beautiful daughter and stripped her naked. He breast buds were beginning to grow rapidly he thought as he sucked on one of her delectable nipples.

-Mom…Hannah isn’t the only one that’s horny…and Mom…you look hot! Noah said with his new very deep voice. It still sometimes cracked as he spoke. His voice just seemed so deep. It didn’t fit with his smooth boyish face and floppy blond hair. It was a match with his growing penis. The boy now had 4” of thick shaft that he was rapidly learning how to use to give amazing pleasure to his mother and sisters.

Noah knelt before his mom on the cabin floor and he eased her white shorts down revealing her beautifully tanned body and white blond pubic bush. Noah gently parted her pussy lips. He could see her rock hard clit and began to tease it with the tip of his tongue. He moved her back onto the double birth in the main cabin. As she lay back, he slipped her shorts over her feet. Noah thought his Mom had very sexy feet. He began to kiss them and caress them. Emily pulled off her twin brother’s t-shirt and hugged him while she kissed the back of his neck. Her fingers found the waist band of his shorts.

Emily loved Noah’s scent. It was a mixture of sexy boy and the body wash that she had scrubbed him with this morning. As she washed his pucker this morning she wondered what it would be like to lick him in his most intimate place.

She slipped off his shorts and watched as he mounted their beautiful Mom. Since he got the growth hormone shot, Noah has been like a rutting wild animal. He just never gets enough sex.

Emily parted the globes of Noah’s sexy butt and she toyed with his sexy pucker. It was only moments until her tongue found Noah’s boy pussy. She kissed and licked and probed the sexy boy until he was gasping. That was when her fingers invaded his pleasure center and she began to aggressively finger fuck her twin.

Noah gasped as he felt the point of no return slip away. His young potent seed filled orbs erupted his creamy thick essence and it spewed deeply into his Mom’s womb. If she hadn’t already been pregnant with either Zach or Ryan’s baby, the volume of boy cream that Noah jetted into her would have surely impregnated her.

As her orgasm subsided, Christie looked over to see Ryan stretching Hannah’s sphincter. She watched her sexy husband penetrate his little girl.

As the thick head of her Daddy’s 7” erection penetrated her sphincter, Hannah gasped. She began to question how her sexy brothers took their Daddy thick cock. Soooo big…burns…she thought as she panted. Daddy’s thick shaft continued to probe deeper and deeper until she thought she might split in two. She was still panting when she felt his curly blond pubic hair rubbing the beautiful globes of her 12 year old ass. Ryan laid still lightly stimulating her nipples as she adjusted to the intrusion of his thick member.

-Oh Daddy…I am so full. Hannah said.

Ryan rolled onto his back still deeply imbedded in the beautiful girl. He watched his sexy son knelt between their spread legs. Zach’s boner was almost purple it was so hard. Zach bent and licked and sucked Hannah’s clit until she was moaning with pleasure and then his slipped his big beautiful boner deep in his beautiful blond sister.

Zach immediately felt his father’s hard cock pressed against his through the membranes. It was so awesome and so intimate that the three of them were joined as one. As Zach and Ryan thrust it was awesome because their cocks stimulated each other and Hannah was wild with pleasure. Zach felt her hard clit rubbing his shaft and he felt his beautiful sister begin to shudder with the first waves of orgasm. Zach knew that neither he nor his father was even close to orgasm.

-Oh…god…so hot…so fucking hot….oh yeah. Hannah cried out as her men’s shafts took her into a wild orgasmic abyss. As the waves of pleasure began to fade and sensitivity set in…Hannah begged them to stop. Both of her sexy men kept relentlessly penetrating her…slow long pleasurable strokes. Zach fingers found his sister’s nipples and he passionately kissed her until she gasped for breath…

-Oh god Zachy…no not again so soon…

Zach felt her body convulse and shudder as another intense orgasm hit his little sister. Zach and his Daddy continued to fuck her with long slow stroke. He felt her juices begin to flood over his cock. He knew that they had her close to the ultimate orgasm.

Zach felt his Dad’s strokes become faster and harder and that pushed Zach to the edge of the abyss. Zach held on the edge as best he could but his father began to climax and was grinding intensely against his cock. Zach fought his orgasm but the intense stimulation as his Daddy groaned and spewed his hot cum in Hannah ass was just too much. Zach cried out as he thrust wildly and his semen jetted deep into Hannah’s sexy womb. His thick teen boy cock stretched her cervix as he shot thick ropes of creamy boy cum deep in her.

Hannah screamed as the wildest orgasm ever hit her. Her cunt sprayed her brother and father as she had the most powerful squirting orgasm ever. They were all soaked.

They all looked over and saw their Mom basking in the afterglow of sex while Noah’s 11 year old wild boy boner plunged in and out of his sexy twin sister. Noah had just had a powerful orgasm in his Mom so he didn’t feel an urgent need to seed his sister. He fucked Emily with long slow strokes and had her clawing the cushions as the pleasure rocked her body. Noah told her in his deep teen boy voice how sexy she was and how much he wanted to fill her hot cunt with his cum.

That pushed Emily over the edge and she wrapped her legs tightly around her twin and pulled his raging hard boy cock deep in her stretching her cervix. Noah gasped and the intense friction was too much. Emily held him so tight that all he could do was grind the stiff tip of his boner against her cervix. Emily cried out as the powerful orgasm rocked her and she sprayed her twin brother with her essence.

They lay there stroking and touching each other.

-That was awesome…but this place smells like a sperm factory. Zach announced. They all began to get up and clean up.

Christy said that she thought they would need to do some laundry. These sheets are a mess. That was when the satellite phone rang. It was Mike calling. He and Zach had been working with Kaitlin and Hannah on ideas for how to tell the story of Incest Island.

-Hey dude…how what are you doing? Mike asked Zach.

-Well I just had mind blowing sex with Hannah and Dad. Zach told his friend and then went on to explain what they had done.

-You lucky rat bastard. Mike said playfully. Your sister is so hot and your Dad too…awesome! Mike said.

-What’s up? Zach asked his new best friend.

-Can you put me on speaker? I’ve got Kaitlin and Jane Colby here. Mike asked.

Zach put Mike on speaker and he and Hannah sat side by side at the dinette in the main cabin of their sailboat.

-You know how we decided to interview the families about how they got started with family love? Mike asked rhetorically. We started last night. We were telling Reverend and Jane Colby about the project to explain the joys of family love to the world on a website. She got really excited. She had been talking with Charlotte Jackson about that very thing earlier yesterday. She said they had a great story. Me, Kaitlin and Jane sat down with the Jacksons last night. It was freekin awesome!

Cool!!! What was it like? Hannah asked.

-Jane told them that she was going to sketch and take photos that she could sketch from later. They told her it was cool they just wanted to see whatever we wanted to put on the net before we post it. We promised we would show them as we develop it. Mike said.

-Jane took some amazing photographs. There is one of Mary sucking her Daddy Jacob. His cock is so huge in her 7 year old mouth. It is one of the most beautiful and sweet photographs I have ever seen. Kaitlin told them. They want Jane to give them a set of prints of the photos so they can frame them and hang them in their villa. That gave Jane a very cool idea. I’ll let her explain. Kaitlin told them.

-Well I was thinking that the beach club and dining room look a little plain. I was wondering what you guys thought of having explicit photos of all of our families on the walls. I am even thinking about getting a digital poster printer so I can do 22” x 28” posters of shots like 7 year old Mary sucking on her Daddy. What do you think? Jane Colby asked them.

-I think it is an awesome idea. Ryan said. Talk to Ted and see what he thinks. After hearing about your photography of the children and you family, I can’t wait for you to photograph our family. I particularly want photographs of Christie and Hannah delivering their babies.

-Great! Kaitlin said. We had an awesome time interviewing the family. The Jacksons began to tell the story of their first experiences with family love and got so turned on that who ever was telling the story was the only one not having sex. The story is hot and the pictures are even hotter. I was up until three writing the story. Boot up your computer and connect to the network. We have written a draft of their story and put a folder with the photos. Down load them and read it and let us know what you think.

Nine month old baby Josh awakened and was crying.

-Well we have to go…I have a wet hungry little man…then she laughed…and a wet hard handsome man. I think I am going to be busy for a while. Kaitlin told them as Mike handed her their beautiful naked baby.

They ended the call as the beautiful child began to nurse on his 14 year old mother’s breast. She leaned up and kissed Mike. She felt his hardness.

-Baby…I think I could use that nice stiff cock of yours.

Mike quickly shed his shorts and pulled out a chair from their dining room table. Jane grabbed her camera guessing what was coming next. She began to snap beautiful digital images of Kaitlin as she straddled Mike. The tip of Mike’s penis ground against her open cervix and soon they were both experiences what they both described as a gentle and very intimate orgasm. Jane capture every moment.

Meanwhile back on the Miller’s boat, they connected to the network and began the download. Hannah read the story out loud. The story was as hot as Kaitlin had promised. Hannah looked up and saw her Mom on her hands and knees. Her Dad was behind her Mom sliding his hard cock into her pussy doggy style.

Ryan interrupted the reading to tease Noah about how much sperm the 11 year old had shot in his mom. The only sound after that was Hannah reading and the squishy sounds a penis makes in a sperm filled vagina.


Hannah resumed reading the Jackson’s story that Kaitlin had written.

It was a small town in South Carolina not far from the beach. The town was settling down after a very scary evening. Thunder and lightning still crackled and rumbled in the distance. The old portable radio said they weren’t sure if it was tornados or not, but there were trees and power lines down everywhere.

The only way to describe the day was hot and sticky. It cooled off briefly during the awful storm but now it was hot and sticky again. The sound of the chain saw echoed through the house as Jacob cut up the live oak that had fallen across the driveway. As compared to the neighbor’s houses and cars, the Jacksons had been blessed. They had two trees down but no real damage.

Charlotte had opened all of the windows. It was probably going to be a long while before they got the power back on. She wiped the perspiration from her forehead and thought about how she was going to save as much food as possible. They were fortunate to have those big coolers that Jacob used when he went fishing. Charlotte always smiled as she thought about Jacob’s contradictions. He was such a red neck. The man loved hunting, fishing and NASCAR. He was also a recognized expert in family dynamics and social behavior. A Renaissance man, she thought with a warm smile.

She smiled as the love of her life wandered back inside. Cayden had been out helping his dad haul off sections of the downed tree as his dad cut the branches up. Cayden was covered with sawdust and an occasional leaf stuck to his sweaty 12 year old body. The boy loved anything athletic. At the moment his passion was gymnastics. Cayden was really quite good. He had a lean cat-like gracefulness and a well developed body for a 12 year old boy. He was still only 5’5” and barely 100 pounds with little evidence of puberty.

She rubbed his shaggy sandy brown hair and watched the shower of saw dust and chuckled. Charlotte asked Cayden if he would help her for a moment on the screened porch. The wind had blown tables and chairs over.

He grinned that million watt grin and said, sure Mom. A large heavy planter had fallen over. Charlotte watched as Cayden bent over and pulled it up right. She loved to watch the muscles and tendons in his lean muscular, half naked body ripple as he exerted himself. Cayden wore only running shorts. From the hint of boy butt crack when he bent over and the way the wet shorts clung to his body in front, Charlotte was pretty sure that her beautiful boy wore only one garment and his Nike cross trainers.

Lilly swept out on to the screened porch. The child was a 10 year old…soon to be 11…a true Southern Belle. She was dramatic enough to be Scarlett O'Hara from the old Gone with the Wind movie. Lilly was going to be her drama queen.

She watched her mother and brother work to clean up the mess on the porch while breathlessly described the huge tree branch that now resided in her best friend Faith’s room. It was actually in her bed and through her closet. She told them as she intently watched her half naked brother. She loved being able to see him like this. She blushed as she thought about how she and Faith speculated endlessly about what Cayden looked like naked as they watched him last week at the swimming pool with his friends.

The sun was quickly setting and Jacob had just returned from the convenience store with 10 bags of ice. Jacob and Cayden began to fill the coolers and move the food from the refrigerator to the coolers. As he did, Jacob set aside hamburger patties and a head of lettuce. When he and Cayden finished, he asked Cayden if he was hungry.

-Cayden grinned and said, yeah…always.

Jacob found a flashlight on his workbench and he started the grill. Charlotte opened a can of green beans and put them in a pot for Jacob. She made their salad by flash light and sent Lilly out to what was left of their garden to get a couple of tomatoes. It was pitch dark by the time they settled around the candle lit table on the porch. They bowed their heads and gave thanks for the food and their safety.

Jacob told everyone that the convenience store was sold out of batteries. They had no idea when they might get more. We need to use candles and flashlights sparingly.

During dinner Charlotte told the kids they would feel better if they took a shower.

Moooom…it is so scary up there in the dark. Lilly said quite dramatically.

Cayden…will you go up with her? Charlotte asked.

Aw mom…that’s gross…my sister taking a shower… Cayden protested…maybe a little too much Charlotte thought.

Cayden it is pitch black up there. You won’t be able to see anything.

While their Mom and Dad cleared the table, Lilly and Cayden headed up the stairs. Cayden felt his penis getting hard…it seemed it was always hard these days.

When they got to Lilly’s room, Cayden sat on her bed. She could vaguely see him there from the tiny bit of light that came through the windows.

Cay…aren’t you going to come in the bathroom with me…please. Lilly asked her big brother plaintively.

Cayden hated her new pet name for him…but he would put up with almost anything that Lilly did. She was a total pain…but really cute. He knew he would do anything that she asked. He could hear the rustle of clothes as he walked into the bathroom and Cayden knew that his little sister was getting naked. He reached around and found the shower curtain and parted it enough to turn on the water. Cayden couldn’t get over how hard his boner was. He was so thankful that Lilly couldn’t see it…he would be so embarrassed.

Lilly was only in the shower a few moments when she asked Cayden why he wasn’t getting in.

Lilly…we’re too old to be taking showers together. He told her.

Mom said we should both take a shower and Cay…who can see anything? She asked quite reasonably.

Cayden grumbled and toed off his Nikes. The he put his thumbs in his shorts and seconds later his only garment fluttered to the floor of the bathroom. Cayden’s boner was so hard he was breathless as he climbed in the shower. It was a bathtub and shower combination. Cayden stood at the far end in total darkness while Lilly stood under the shower head. She used that fancy soap that Cayden thought smelled so good…why did it make his boner even harder?

When Lilly finished washing, she told Cayden it was his turn. As they switched places Lilly’s arm brushed against Cayden’s erection. Cayden gasped and almost ran out of the shower when he heard Lilly apologize. Cayden was totally embarrassed and hoped he would be sucked down the shower drain. His handsome face was beet red with embarrassment…but it was totally dark so it didn’t matter. He was terribly upset that she had touched him…but at the same time he craved having her touch him again.

Cayden quickly showered and then rinsed. He shut off the water and as he pulled back the shower curtain he touched Lilly’s wet hair with his arm. When she didn’t flinch at his touch Cayden put his hand on her shoulder and told her to stay there while he got them towels. Cayden stepped out of the bathtub and felt his way along the wall to the cabinet where they kept the towels. He took two and felt his way along the bathroom counter to the bath tub. Cayden put his hand out to find Lilly’s arm so that he could give her the towel. Instead his fingers touched her puffy nipple…it felt hard to his touch. Cayden was both mortified and terribly excited at the same moment. Lilly giggled and he felt her arm reach out for the towel.

You missed! She giggled as she took the towel from him.

Once again if anyone had been able to see his face it was once again fire engine red with embarrassment. His 3 ½” boner throbbed and his nuts ached…what was all of this about?

Cayden quickly dried off and cautiously put his arm out for Lilly. He told her it was there and she reached for it and used it to stabilize herself as she stepped out of the tub. Cayden brushed by her and told her he would be back in a moment. Cayden couldn’t understand any of this. Every time he touched or was touched by Lilly his body felt like it was on fire. This was all so very confusing. Cayden found his dresser in the darkened room. He quickly found a clean pair of running shorts in the drawer and quickly pulled them on. He hoped Dad was conserving candles because the shorts did little to hide his boner.

Lilly had found her way into her room and her dresser. She pulled on a pair of bikini panties and crop top t-shirt. It was so hot she wanted to wear as little as possible.

Their parents had been sitting on the screened porch. They came into the family room and told the kids they might as well stay in the family room. There is not a breath of air moving out of the porch. It is more comfortable here.

Charlotte sat on the couch and patted the cushions beside her. She told Cayden he could stretch out there. Cayden stretched out with his knees bent. His toes grazed his mother’s bare thigh.

-Did you kids take a shower? Charlotte asked.

There was a chorus of yeses.

-Did you shower together? She asked.

They both said yes again.

Feel better? Their mom asked.

They both acknowledged that they felt a little bit better but it was still real hot.

You might as well strip naked…your Dad and I did. Charlotte told them.

Cayden could hear the rustle of fabric as his sister stood up and got naked. This was like torture for him.

His Mom stroked his knee and the top of his left thigh and told him it was okay to get naked…and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

With a deep sigh, Cayden supported his weight with his feet and shoulders as he lifted his hips off of the sofa cushion. His thumb went in the waistband of his running shorts and he began to push them down. The waistband snagged on his raging hard boy boner and when it released there was the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping flesh. Charlotte felt the nylon fabric as Cayden pulled the light weight shorts off his feet.

Charlotte half way tried to stifle a giggle but couldn’t.

-That sounded like a hard shaft slapping a firm belly. His Mom said.

Cayden heard his Dad chuckle too. Cayden was totally mortified.

Charlotte lovingly stroked Cayden’s knee and told him not to worry about it.

-Your body is beginning to develop rapidly and your hormones are raging…it will make you get hard all the time. His Dad told him.

His dad moved over and knelt beside the couch only making Cayden’s embarrassment worse.

-We really haven’t talked much about this stuff buddy. Do you know anything about how to take care of this…you know…jack off…masturbate…whatever you want to call it.

It was deathly quiet and there was only the sound of Cayden’s heavy breathing.

-That’s cool…I’ll take that as a no…that you don’t know how to take care of it. Jacob told a mortified Cayden.

Cayden was sure that if he tried real hard he could escape all of this by tunneling through the bottom of the couch and keep going until he emerged in China.

-Your body is maturing and you have either started producing sperm or you soon will be producing sperm. The hormones that make your body grow and develop also make your penis hard all of the time. I am guessing that all of a sudden you are having boners all of the time. Is that what is happening to you? His dad asked him.

-Mmmm…yeah. Cayden responded in a very much muffled tone sounding almost like the pillow was over his face.

-Daddy… what is a boner? Lilly asked.

-A boner is when a guy’s penis fills with blood and gets very hard. Her Daddy explained.

-Why does it get like that? Lilly asked.

Cayden was sure he was going to tunnel to China. He had heard stories about how wolves would chew their leg off in order to get out of a trap. He could see how that would be a reasonable thing to do. Cayden was sure his leg was caught in a trap…well his Mom still had her hand on top of his knee.

-A man’s penis has to be hard for him to be able to make love. When a man and a woman make love he puts his hard penis in her vagina and he moves it in and out until he gets a powerful good feeling. Her Dad told Lilly.

-Having a man put his penis in your vagina feels very good to a woman. When he does it right she gets a powerful good feeling too. The man and woman rock their bodies together and that is what gives them both the powerful good feeling. For the man, it causes the sperm to travel from his testicles below his penis up through his body and it ejaculates or squirts out when he gets the good feeling. That is his seed. If it is the right time of the month and a girl or woman is sexually mature she will have an egg in her womb. When the sperm and the egg come together it causes a baby to start to grow in her womb. Her Mom explained to Lilly.

Cayden had heard all of this before…but really wasn’t interested at the time. Now it was all starting to make sense. Both Cayden and Lilly were wondering if that good feeling that their Mom talked about had anything to do with the nice feelings they each got when they touched their sex. This was still awfully embarrassing for Cayden, but he was much more interested in what his parents were saying.

-Ummm…like…ummm…when does a guy start to…you know…make seed? Cayden asked shyly.

-Well he can start usually anytime between 11 and 13. A lot of guys start making seed around your age. I haven’t seen you naked for a while Cayden, so I am not sure how much your body has developed…let me check. His Dad said.

Before he could react, Cayden felt both of his Daddy’s hands exploring him. One hand gently explored his testicles. The other hand touched his hard penis and the base of his shaft where he had a few sandy brown hairs. Cayden wanted to object but it just felt too good to say anything.

As his father continued to touch him, he told Cayden that he was developing very nicely and was probably already capable of producing sperm.

How can you tell Daddy? Lilly asked.

Suddenly there was a flare of light as Charlotte struck a match. She lit a candle and the room was filled with a soft glow. Cayden could not believe that his Mom was naked and his Dad was playing with his penis and they just lit a candle.

-Daddy that is so cool… Lilly said as she looked over her father’s shoulder at him playing with her big brother’s boner.

-Lilly…do you see how I am rhythmically stroking his penis. It is important to have a rhythm. Her dad stopped for a moment…mainly because he could tell that Cayden was right on the edge of orgasm. The whole shaft of the penis needs to be stimulated…but you see this ridge right here…it is the most important. When a guy is thrusting in and out of a vagina that ridge…call the corona…delivers a lot of the stimulation. And Lilly do you see how Cayden is breathing hard…it is because he is right on the edge of orgasm.

-Daddy can I try it. Lilly asked.

-Cayden watched his Dad move out of the way. His sexy naked little sister knelt down beside him and she began to stroke him…not as good as Daddy but just because it was her…it made it really hot.

-Oh shit…it feels really weird…maybe something is wrong…maybe we should quit. Cayden said.

He watched as he Dad kissed his little sister’s shoulder.

-Okay sweetie…stroke his penis faster…he is ready. Jacob told Lilly.

-Lilly stroked Cayden’s hard cock faster and listened as Cayden cried out with his first orgasm.

At first it felt a little bit like a stomach cramp and then suddenly it was the best feeling ever. Cayden watched as stuff started to squirt out of his penis. Drop after drop of clear boy semen squirted all over his abs. Jacob was panting when the feeling finally subsided.

-Oh Cayden that was awesome. His Daddy told him as he kissed him on the lips. Cayden couldn’t remember t he last time Daddy kissed him.

-That little boy cum is so awesome. It is something special that you will only produce a very short period of time. Jacob told Cayden as he eased Lilly out of the way.

Jacob began to lick the clear boy seed off of Cayden’s abs and he savored every precious drop. Cayden was in total shock as he watched his Daddy lick up stuff that just shot out of his hard dick. Cayden watched his mother smile as his father began to lick the now soft shaft of his cock. Cayden watched as his mother began to stroke his father’s hair as he continued to lick and suck Cayden cock.

It is so awesome to watch you suck your little boy’s cock. You never have been able to resist a boy boner. Jacob sucked his son until his cock was rock hard again.

The screen door slammed and 14 year old Jimmy was returning home from the Bridges house where he had been hanging out with his friend Caleb. Jimmy loved hanging out with Caleb. Caleb was a total sex fiend. They were sucking each other off and Jimmy and Caleb were naked in Caleb’s room when Jimmy’s 8 year old sister Mary burst into the room crying telling Jimmy she was scared of the dark and wanted to go home. Jimmy couldn’t stop and was groaning as he dumped a load of cum in Caleb’s mouth. Jimmy jumped up with cum still shooting out of his cock and scrambled for his shorts. Caleb was laughing hysterically.

-Jimmy…something got me all wet. Mary whined.

-Nice job dude. Caleb laughed knowing that Jimmy just slimed his little sister with a few jets of hot cum.

As they were walking home, Mary asked Jimmy why he was naked with Caleb.

-Older guys do stuff together sometimes. He told her.

-I won’t tell Jimmy….I promise. Mary told her big brother.

Jimmy scooped his beautiful little sister up in his arms and he kissed her cheek.

-That’s why I love you Mary…you’re always looking out for me. I love you! Jimmy told her. Jimmy couldn’t help noticing that Mary smelled like cum.

As Jimmy and Mary walked into their family room they saw that everyone was naked and his Dad was licking Cayden’s boner.

-Aw man…I missed Daddy teaching Cayden boner magic.

-Jimmy what is Daddy doing? Mary asked her sexy big brother.

-He is teaching Cayden how to get the good feeling baby. Jimmy told his beautiful little sister.

-Jimmy take Mary upstairs and shower with her. His mom told him. You two might feel better after a shower…and she won’t smell like cum anymore. I am sure there is a good story behind that. His mother told Jimmy. And Jimmy…I want you to wash her. She watched the front of Jimmy’s running shorts tent as the idea of washing little Mary excited him.

-Mommy…what is the good feeling like? Lilly asked her Mommy.

-Come here baby and let Mommy show you. Her mother told the 10 year old girl.

Charlotte had Cayden move so that she could lay her 10 year old beauty on the sofa. Cayden watched amazed as his mother spread his little sister’s legs. It was the first time that the 12 year old boy had seen a real pussy. He was so turned on. His mother knelt and began to lick and suck the little pussy. Charlotte played with Lilly’s puffy nipples while she tasted her little girl sex. Her mother licked and sucked the 10 year old pussy until she felt the little clit get hard. She lapped and sucked while the little girl shook her head back and forth as the intensity of the pleasure increased.

Lilly began to buck and moan as the wild pleasure began to wash over her little body.

-Oh Mommy…so good…oh yeah.

Her little body shuddered again and again as the powerful good feelings washed over her.

Jacob took his wife Charlotte in his arms. He kissed her passionately.

Is it everything you hoped it would be? Charlotte asked her sexy husband.

Yes…oh…yes. He told her. Cayden’s boy seed tasted so awesome…and watching you with Lilly…

He took her into his arms and stretched her out on the floor and penetrated her.

-Oh baby…I need you so bad. He told her as he thrust his hard shaft deep in her hot pussy. She was so wet and hot.

Cayden gasped as he watched his Daddy’s hard cock sliding deep in his Mom’s pussy. Cayden put his arm around Lilly and they both stared intently at their parents making love. He reached over and began to play with her sexy puffy nipples. As he played with them they got hard like his cock. He watched his Daddy suck his Mom’s nipples so he did the same with Lilly.

Lilly moaned and held Cayden’s head tight against her breast.

Jacob had been sexual with Jimmy since he was a little baby. Charlotte convinced him that it wouldn’t be a good idea to involve the other children. It wasn’t that she objected to involving the other children in family love, she was concerned about it not staying a secret. When Ted told Jacob about the island, Jacob was ecstatic. As he told Charlotte the news, she too was on top of the world with excitement. Jacob told her he wanted to include the other children in their family love.

Jacob was distracted by the motion beside him and realized that it was Cayden and Lilly stretched out on the floor beside them. Jacob and Charlotte both watched as their sexy blond 12 year old boy began to kiss his beautiful little 10 year old sister. Cayden combed Lilly’s long blond curly hair with his fingers. He kissed her passionately but it was a closed mouth kiss.

As he broke the intense kiss, Lilly looked up at him with her deep blue eyes.

Cay…will you…ummmm…suck my titties again? The sweet beautiful girl asked her big brother.

Cayden began to suck them again much more intensely as his fingers groped around her sweet puffy pussy. Cayden gasped as his fingers began to explore his sister’s sexual delights. His finger found her vagina and he began to finger Lilly.

-Ouch! Lilly cried out.

-What is wrong? Cayden asked his 10 year old sister.

-I don’t know…It like pinched or something. Just be gentle…okay? Lilly asked him sweetly.

Cayden grinned at her just before he began to suck on her nipples again. He watched his Daddy thrusting his hard cock deep in his Mom and thought that looked awesome. Cayden removed his hand and went back to kissing Lilly as the tip of his penis touched the inner lips of her pussy. Lilly moaned and combed her fingers through Cayden’s shaggy sandy blond hair. Cayden felt her slide down a little like she wanted him to put it in her.

Cayden thrust forward slightly and felt the flared head of his 12 year old boner enter Lilly’s. The feeling was awesome.

-Oh Cay it feels awesome! Lilly told him.

Neither Jacob nor Charlotte warned them about Lilly’s maidenhead.

-Do you want me to…ummm…you know…like…put it all the way in? Cayden asked his beautiful sister.

Lilly nodded. Cayden thrust forward and his 12 year old boner ripped her hymen and penetrated the beautiful 10 year old to her core.

Lilly yelped with the pain of first penetration.

-Are you okay? He asked concerned that he had hurt his little sister.

-Cay…stay still a bit until I get used to it.

Brother and sister held each other tight joined as one. That was when Jimmy and Mary returned. Jimmy had played with Mary’s little 8 year old pussy in the shower and wrapped her hand around his raging erection…but they didn’t do anything like this. Jimmy and Mary were watching Mom and Dad beside Cayden and Lilly…all of them fucking each other. Whoa…this was unreal.

-Jimmy are you going to put your thing in me? Mary asked her big brother.

-Do you want me to? He asked the sexy little girl.

-Yes…please. She answered in her best polite way. It looks really cool.

Jimmy began to kiss his little sister and he lay on his back and put her on top of him. He made a lot of precum so lubrication was not going to be a problem…she was just so little. He held Mary with his strong arms and lowered her gently onto his raging boner. She winced as the head of his 14 year old boner began to penetrate her. Jimmy knew about hymens and figured his parents would kill him if he popped his baby sister’s cherry.

-Okay Cay…you can do it more. Lilly told Cayden.

Jimmy watched as Cayden began to thrust deeply in their 10 year old sister. Cayden had clearly popped Lilly’s cherry. Jimmy let go of Mary and watched in amazement as her small body began to slide down his boner. That was a moment when he felt her hymen stretch and Mary cried out as the head of his 5” boner tore Mary’s hymen.

Watching Jimmy penetrate Mary was too much for Jacob and he began to wildly thrust into Charlotte. Jacob groaned as he ejaculated deep in Charlotte’s womb. Charlotte cried out with her orgasm at the same time.

Cayden began to thrust rapidly.

-Oh Cay…it feels so good…please don’t stop.

-Oh yeah…Lilly…so good…oh…shit…

Cayden thrust wildly as Lilly held him tight. Their small bodies ground together as the passion and awesome feelings carried them away.

Watching his little brother cum in Lilly was too much for Jimmy. He began thrusting his hard boy boner deep in his 8 year old sister. She groaned and he felt her little vagina clamp down on his cock. Jimmy’s balls erupted hot semen deep in her little womb. Jet after jet of hot cum squirted deep in her womb.

As they all basked in post orgasmic bliss, Jacob suggested that they all go to their parents’ room. There was a nice breeze blowing through the window. The six of them spend a wonderful night making love to each other. They all awakened the next morning as the bright sunlight streamed through the window.

Jacob grabbed bacon and eggs out of the cooler. He began fixing a big breakfast on the gas grill. As he brought the bacon and scrambled eggs into the kitchen he found 4 beautiful naked blond children and a naked wife.

They filled the plates and poured orange juice. They were quiet because everyone was ravenously hungry. As they finished eating, he told everyone that they needed to talk. He began to explain about the importance of never telling anyone about what they had done last night.

That is going to be really hard Daddy. Cayden said…Not anybody?

It was a pretty awesome experience wasn’t it? Jacob asked them.

They all nodded yes.

There is a place we could live where we wouldn’t have to keep it secret…a really cool place. Jacob showed them pictures of the island. We could live there and love each other all the time…just like last night. If you guys want to live there, we can move.

Jacob held his breath.

-Umm…Daddy could you put your thing in me if we lived there? Little 8 year old Mary asked him.

Jacob said yes as his shaft went rock hard.

-And me too…Daddy? Lilly asked.

Jacob smiled and stroked her beautiful blond hair.

-Oh, He told his precious 10 year old.

-And can Cayden and I do sex stuff like you do with me? Jimmy asked and Cayden looked puzzled.

-Yes we can do all of those things any time we want without worrying about anyone knowing about it. What do you think? Jacob asked his family.

They all smiled and said yes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We are slowly beginning to meet the other families on the island. In the next chapter Mike and Kaitlin will interview the Smith family. Jim Smith is the attorney that helped Ted negotiate the deal to buy the island. We will learn about their journey into family love.

Let me know what you think of the story of Incest Island so far at I would love to hear your reactions to the story, thought and ideas. When the story line allows it, I try to work in reader requests. A reader wrote me this week and told me he thought it would be lovely if Ryan took Hannah’s anal cherry. The idea of penetrating that beautiful little 12 year old from behind was very stimulating and I was able to add it to the story. Another reader is fascinated by Noah’s sexual development. His new deep voice and boyish looks came from that suggestion. What are your thoughts and ideas? I can’t promise to use all of them. I will use them where I can.


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