That night, Ron only ate half of his plate of meat loaf. It tasted..
...different. The evening's entertainment was pathetic. No doubt about
it, he was homesick. But at the same time, he didn't wanna leave. He was
learning all these new sex things and his curious mind wanted to know

When curfew came around, Ron was shaking. The previous day's
humiliating events flashed in his head. When the black-haired general
shouted: "Gather 'round girls, we're gonna play a game.", he almost

The scantily clad troop dropped to the floor for what he imagined
would be another round of wrestling. But this time, Jake sat with them
and they made a circle on the wooden floor.

Ron looked at the underwear of the boys. Gary was wearing Jurassic
Park undies with a big T-Rex on his small bulge. The two brown-haired
twin brothers had identical white regular briefs. They were obviously
circumcised, their dickheads were visible through the thin fabric. Jerry
had a sexy red bikini brief. He was stiff again. He's always stiff Ron
thought. And finally Jake was wearing blue briefs, sporting his
ever present enormous lump.

"It's truth or dare tonight." said Jake. "Starting with...Robby."

The curly eleven-year-old sucked his bottom lip. "hmmm.. Truth!"

"Okay." said Jake. "Remember, you cannot lie!... I want you to tell us
if your brother ever fucked you in the ass... if so, how many times?"

Robby blushed immediately and looked at his brother for the proper

"Don't tell him!" whispered Richie.

"Nah ah. NO cheating." barked Jake. "Come on... say it, say it!"

"SAY-IT, SAY-IT, SAY-IT" chanted the rest of the crowd, except for

Robby, bowed his head and spilled his guts. "Yes he did it! At least
fifty times... in the bath, in our room, at school in the toilets..."

"Ahhhhhhh" laughed the crowd. Even Ronald joined in and pointed his
little finger at the embarassed boy.

"But but I fucked him too!" insisted Robby triumphantly.

"Good for you." said Jake. "Now. Gary, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" peeped the gap-toothed little imp.

"Hmmm let's see..." pondered Jake. He was only a little child. "Okay.
You're gonna get naked, run outside until you find a kid and hump his
leg like a dog for thirty seconds."

Gary smiled. This was easy. He pulled down his underwear and headed
out the door. He didn't have to go far. An unsuspecting boy was going
back to his cabin after a pee. He wrapped his little arms around his
waist and humped his leg wildly, barking 'ruff' 'ruff' from time to

When he came back to the cabin, the crowd roared with laughter.
The small child was grinning from ear to ear, overwhelmed by his exploit.
His little dick, not bigger than a man's pinky, was hard like a rock.
Jake yanked it a few times and patted his back. "Good job Gary!"

"Truth or dare Richie?"


"I've got a good one for you." smiled Jake. "Since you didn't want your
brother to talk... you're gonna lick his asshole! C'mon Robby, put your
butt in his face!"

Robby, quite exhilarated with the idea of humiliating his brother
quickly got on his feet and dropped his briefs. "Come on bro... do as
you're told, eat my ass good!". He pushed his rear end back and let out
a loud fart. The loony bunch laughed and rolled on the floor.

Richie thrust his nose between the white globes and took a quick lick
at Robby's buttcrack, starting from his twin's scrotum all the way to the
pink hole.

"We wanna see!" giggled Gary.

"Yeah. Spread his cheeks and stick your tongue in him!" added Jerry.

Almost crying, the eleven-year-old boy grabbed his brother's firm buns
and parted them wide open. The crowd gathered around him and
watched as he slowly slicked the smooth skin in between with saliva. His
tongue moved to the puckered butthole and tickled the slight bumps around
the tight anus. He paused a moment and pushed his slimy probe inside
his brother.

"Gross! That's the poop chute!" yelled Gary as Richie tongue-fucked his
twin's rectal opening.

"Hmmmm" moaned Robby. "This is great... it's like I have a worm
wiggling in my asshole!"

Richie was doing a terrific job of rimming his opening, expanding the
ring as he drove his tongue deeper and deeper. "Ooo that feels good!" he
cooed looking down in front at his steely erection jutting.

Jake enjoyed the scene thoroughly. From time to time, Richie looked
at him to know if his dare was over, but Jake never ordered him to stop.
The teenager was in a transe. He fantasized he was between the two
brothers, fucking Robby up the ass while Richie ate his shithole. After
five minutes, he sadly seperated the two boys.

"Truth or dare Jerry?"

"D D Dare" stammered the twelve-year-old hoping to be spared because of
his closeness with the general.

"You're gonna show these young ones how to suck a dick... I know you are
very good at it."

Jerry bowed his head and watched from the corner of his eyes the teenage
master remove his briefs and sit on the couch, his proudly erect six inch
cock resting against his belly for all to see. He spread his legs and the
blond twelve-year-old boy knelt between them.

Closing his eyes, Jake felt the lips and tongue of his partner move
over him, marvelously sucking his hard nipples. Quickly, the boy-slave
kissed his way down his chest and started to work on his crotch, licking
his ball-bag and sucking each nugget in his warm mouth.

He then began to stimulate his pulsating cock by flicking the head
with his tongue, then taking the organ up to where it was comfortable,
slowly withdrawing on the upstroke and fast on the stroke down.
Encircling the rim of the head with his tongue and vibrating it against
the sensitive underside of the glans.

"See, he's not using his teeth for this." said Jake. "He curls his lips
over his braces... that's the way to do it."

The crowd watched silently the lesson. Jake stood up and forced Jerry
to sit on his heels. He grabbed the back of his head and gently pushed
his glorious tool further inside the boy's mouth.

"See now, Jerry is gonna deep-throat me!."

The young kids stared astonished as the long penis slowly disappeared
inside Jerry's mouth. Two more inches to go. Only one. Touchdown! The
entire cock was inside the boy.

Jake moved his hips back slightly and began to fuck the mouth of his
friend, shoving his cock down his throat and pulling his nose in his
pubes. Gradually speeding up until his big balls bounced off the kid's
chin and he was choking him with his engorged organ.

Jerry opened his mouth wider and Jake almost exploded at the sight of
the silvery teeth around his slimy pillar.

"Uhhhh I'm gonna shoot my wad Jerry! Uhhhhh".

He plunged inside the boy five more times and rammed his prick to the hilt
inside Jerry's throat. He grabbed the boy's ear to hold his head there. The
burning fluid raced along the length of his cock and erupted down
Jerry's throat. His butt tensed up with every jolt of his renewed orgasm.

Jerry moaned in distress, feeling the organ swell even more. It
gushed torrents of cum inside his oesophagus like it would never stop. Jake
unclogged the boy's throat and Jerry swallowed the abondant load
greedilly. Still, it leaked from his lips down on his chin. When Jake had
finished unloading his seed, Jerry swirled his tongue around the rubbery
knob to lick it clean.

Jake put back on his underwear and glanced at the stratled group. He
loved to play with their little minds, defile them, dominate them, teach
them dirty things like he was taught when he was their age.

Ron had been quiet for the a while. He was praying the infamous general
would forget him. How stupid of him.

"Dare or dare Ronald?"

"Isin't it your turn Jake?" asked the ten-year-old.

"I don't play... I'm the boss here." snapped Jake. "Stay here while I
I fetch...a friend."

The tall boy ran out the door leaving the group baffled. He came back
shortly after with Tiger. Tiger was the camp dog. Named that way because
he was kinda orange and black. He was a very happy dog. For reasons everyone
knew about, he always got an erection whenever a boy came on the porch
to pat him.

"Get naked Ronald!... if you suck him good enough, he won't try to mount

"Nooo. That's not fair." he squirmed utterly frightened.

Seeing that the boy didn't execute his will, Jake grabbed Ron's left arm
while Jerry took care of his underwear. He twisted the skinny limb and
Ron yelled. He twisted harder inflicting more pain to the ten-year-old
until he screamed he would do it.

Naked and teary-eyed, Ron then crawled towards the excited dog. The
beast's prick was poking out of his sheath of hair. No larger than
Jake's prick, but unlike the thirteen-year-old's, it didn't have
a helmet at the end.

The crowd giggled despite the boy's terror. Just a boy and a dog to
their eyes. A terrified boy tentatively working his way underneath the

Ron sniffed Tiger's groin and the smell of dog pee stung his little nose.
Gathering all the courage in his small heart, he gripped the hairy base.
Tiger yelped and his dog cock grew two more inches from the sweet touch
of the boy's little fingers. Plenty of boys had played with his member.
He knew if he didn't budge, the young humans would make him feel good.

"Suck it! c'mon take it in your mouth!" sang the two brothers in unison.

Ron stuck out his tongue and licked the veiny organ. It tasted yukky.
Right away, the thought of having this thing in his mouth had him sobbing
again. He closed his eyes and moved his mouth on the dog's penis. Tiger
instinctively humped the warm cavern and pushed his weapon further
inside the boy's mouth, yelping when the pointy teeth brushed his
sensitive prick.

Disgusted by his dirty deed, Ron immediately started to slide his
lips at a fast pace on the large piece of flesh.

'I'm sucking a dog's penis! I'm sucking a dog's penis!'. The words
bounced in his little head. It was like in a bad dream. Except in his
dreams, he was sucking a human dick.

From time to time, he took a breather. Not long though. He
wasn't an experienced cocksucker but he knew he needed to stimulate the
animal's penis fast for this dare to be over. Tiger growled everytime he
stopped. When he continued, his dog cries of pleasure returned.

After five minutes, Ron wanted to end his deed. Shaking from the
humilation, he thrust his little mouth on the prick, sucking and licking
the big member, sometimes gagging on the chunk of flesh so hard and alive.

The crowd was stroking the mutt's fur and looking under his belly at
the ten-year-old sucking away, his lips stretched around the mouthful.

Ron blew always harder and faster, as if his life depended on it. He
didn't expect the outburst of cum and his eyes almost popped out when the
thick jet of dog sperm shot directly in his throat. He backed away.

"On no you're not! Eat it! Eat it all!!" barked Jake.

The teenager pushed his head on the dog's spurting tool. Globs of
semen shot out of the end of the dog's prick into Ron's mouth, faster
than he could swallow. His face turned blue and Jake allowed him to
breath. Tiger continued ejaculating, releasing hot jism all over the
grimacing mug of the boy.

For the second time in only eight hours, his face was covered with
cum, making it look like he had on a mime's white make-up.


Later, Ron wept in his bed. He couldn't understand why Jake was always
meaner to him. That boy had a stone for a heart. But what was scaring
him the most was that he was starting to like it!

The moon shone on his bunk through the opened window. He could see
cleary the tent over in the middle of the white sheets. Darn dickie!
Hard again. He slid his hand under his underwear and began stroking his
small penis with his thumb and forefinger.

The images of Richie eating his brother's bumhole and Jerry deep-
throating Jake's six inch prick sprung in his mind. He worked his
boydick faster, faster. Ooooo the delicious feeling was there, mounting
in his tiny joystick.

Totally overtaken by his pleasure, he didn't notice his bunk was
creaking. 'Shit!'. He stopped. But the sound continued. This time
accross the room. Then under him. Over there, over here. All the boys
were jacking-off.

Soon the cabin was filled with grunts, beds creaking, moans of
delight, squeals, giggles and heavy breathing. An unstoppable crescendo
of erotic noises. Beutiful music of the six boys masturbating, seeking

The wails and cries of boyish orgasm echoed in the room and the boys
of cabin 12 went to sleep with a smile on their lips.


Shortly after dinner, Ron didn't feel like playing baseball. He
wasn't any good at sports, his frame was too small and he threw like a
girl. Hopelessly bored, he trailed off to the cabin for an afternoon

The giggles of boys invading the cabin woke him up. His heart raced.
Unconsciously, he felt like it would be better for him if he pretended
to sleep. At the same time he struggled to control his breathing, he lay
stiff in his bunk, squinting to see who was part of the group.

They were five. Most of them he didn't know, but he recognized Jerry
with the braces and Brent, the boy he had met on the bus. He still
looked wonderful. His young hunky chest was bared and his blue eyes were
shining like the eyes of a cat in darkness.

They obviously had not seen him for they began to talk loud.

"Mine has grown an inch!" bawled a boy.

"Hey, I'm gonna beat you again this year..." said a twelve-year-old
black kid.

Silently, Ron watched them unzip their shorts and pulled them down
with their underpants to their ankles. In a matter of seconds, five flaccid
hairless boydicks were exposed to his sleepy eyes.

The boys examined themselves shyly, searching for the biggest penis.
Brent had a hefty set of balls but his young circumcised cock was
shorter than the one of the black boy. This other kid had a slim long
dick but you could tell he was cheating, he was half-erect. Jerry had a
large shaft yet he couldn't compete with the black kid.

"Looks like I win again!" said the black boy.

"Not fair Rodney!" denounced Jerry. "Mine may be shorter now... but when
it's hard I betcha it's bigger than yours!"

"Don't cry." said Rodney. "Let's do it again, this time, with a boner...I'm

The boys agreed and they began to beat their meat. Each one making a
fist around his erect peter to massage it roughly.

Ron couldn't believe his eyes. He was witnessing his first circle
jerk. The boy's round bums were beautiful, all white and contrasting
against the golden colour of their legs and backs, the firm flesh
contracting with every muscle spasm.

In front, their fists were flying on the vibrant flesh. One lad had his
tongue sticking out. Another one was grunting. The black boy was
groaning: "OHHH ohhh OHHH Ohhh". Jerry was smiling and gorgeous Brent's
head was tossed back on his shoulders.

"Let's see now!" said Jerry.

The group cross-examined themselves. Rodney's cock was still the
biggest. Seven inches for a twelve-year-old! Definitly a Camp Wanafuk
record. Jerry didn't even come close with five inches. Brent tied him.

"I can't stop man!" smiled Brent. "I gotta get off!"

"Me too." seconded Jerry. "Okay. The last guy who comes eats everything!"

With that, they all continued to jack-off, attacking their young
penises with a vengeance. They all knew their camp mates could unload
and nobody wanted to be the poor fellow who would have to do the clean-up.

Their grunts were animalistic as they strangled their pricks. They
rubbed fast their swollen red knob, giving a wild ride to their dangling
testicles. Some of the frenzied boys bucked their hips like they were
fucking something invisible, grimacing from the intensity of the

Their slim bodies jerked madly with the urgency of their journey, the
ultimate goal seconds away. Everyone of them looked at their crotch as
if saying 'C'mon fuckin' prick, shoot!'

Brent's cries of pleasure rung out first. His lovely pulsating cock
released a gigantic gush of semen, splashing the legs of the boy in front
of him. A younger kid orgasmed second and shot his timid offering in the
middle of the circle.

Rodney convulsed third and the white cream flew out of his brown knob
into the air. The three boys milked their dicks again and again,
siphonning the sperm out of their scrotum and onto the pine floor.

"It's between Jerry and Sam." observed Brent.

"Go go go!" the three relieved boys chanted.

Jerry jacked his glans so hard, the whole crown was crimson red. All
his efforts were in vain though. Sam shot his seed straight ahead
leaving him all alone with his hard dick in his hand. He came anyway,
adding four more ounces of boyjuice to the puddles already there on the

"Fuck man." he whinned. "If I had known I would have lost the
contest, I wouldn't have suggested it in the first place!"

It was quite a mess. Sperm everywhere. He knelt and began to
slurp the musky substance while the boys squeezed the last drops of it
out of their softening dicks. It glistened on his braces when he smiled at
the crowd, trying to look as if he didn't mind.

Sam, an avid sperm drinker joined him, lapping away and grinning.
When they all scurried out the door, Ron jumped to his feet. There wasn't
any traces left of what had happened minutes before.

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