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Sex with her Son and then whatever I wanted

I found shortly after I started dating, Lynn, that after a few drinks she would lose her inhibitions becoming damn near slutty. She is 5'2 about 105lbs has pert little ass and 34c breasts. We'd go dancing and after a few drinks she'd be grinding, going down and licking my crotch etc. She'd flirt with all the young guys (we were in our late 30's).

Even at home if she'd been drinking and her Son (from a previous marriage, he was 14) had a friend over she'd flirt with him, hell she'd even flirt with her Son, she'd rub his chest and run her fingers down his stomach. She'd run a finger along his stomach at the top of his pants back and forth and more than a few times I could see this was having an effect on him, I could clearly see his pants bulging in the crotch and his face becoming flush. Now the dirty, horny guy that I am this turned me on and I would would get a tremendous hard on.

When we would take the boat out in the Gulf the first thing we would do is strip, once out in open water. Her Son (we'll call him Brian) would even strip. Once we had anchored, she would have Brian put suntan lotion on her and he would do all of her, lingering on her breasts, ass, and her thighs just at her smooth shaven cunt. Which afterwards he'd jump into the water because of the hard-on he'd be sporting afterward. I never stared or said anything, cause I didn't want to make him self conscious, besides it always got me hot and hard seeing the effect she had on her on Son.

The first time that this happened I wasn't too sure of what to think, but the way it made me feel I was loving it and had some ideas of my own that I wanted to try. Anyway, the first time this happened we'd already been drinking before we headed for the boat ramp and by the time we anchored, Lynn was already feeling her oats. She told Brian to lay so she could put suntan lotion on him and after oiling his back, legs and ass, she had him turn over, to which he was a little reluctant, but finally did. He was reluctant, because he sporting about a 6" hard-on. Lynn proceeded to oil his chest down his stomach, down both legs and then came back up to his hard cock, to which she paid particular attention to, oiling her hands and then sliding the tanning oil
up and down his cock. I thought she was going to bring him off with her hand, but she stopped short and Brian jumped into the water. Poor kid, I thought to myself, he'll have blue balls for sure.

It was my turn now, and as she oiled me up I asked her, what was with her and her Son. She asked if it bothered me and I told her yea, it did, it made me hot and horny. She told me she was glad that was the effect it had on me. She told me that things had gotten sexual between her and Brian when his Father left and he started sleeping with her, and things just progressed from there. It wasn't anything that had been planned, it just happened over a span of 2 years. While she was telling me this my cock had become rock hard and I needed relief, so I grabbed her head and while she sat there I face fucked her til I came. It felt as though I emptied a gallon of cum down her throat.

Then I heard Brian, "Damn, you never did it like that with me Mom." "Well, Show me how you do it, Brian" I said.

Brian looked at me his jaw dropped, and his eyes were the size of saucers. He looked to his Mom and she just smiled and said "Come here", He laid down and his Mother started sucking his, now soft, cock. It didn't take long for him to get hard and she sucked his cock all the was to his belly and then licked his balls while holding it there. As she continued my cock got hard again, and as I watched her suck Brian I sat there jacking off, as Brian's moaning quickened, I quickened my pace and as he came, I shot my second load, which shot across and hit Brian on his cheek. His Mom seeing this, licked it off and then planted her mouth on Brian's mouth forcing her tongue into his mouth and giving all of my cum she had licked off his face. Brian swallowed it and never said a word. The rest of the day was spent drinking and enjoying the sun and water.

When We got home that night, I asked Lynn about Brian taking the cum she licked off his face and she told me that she often gives Brian back his cum when she sucks him, she started doing this the first time she had sucked him, so he thinks it's just natural.

I wanted to see just how sleazy she would be when drinking and since it wasn't too late, I decided to put her to a test. I told her to put on something that was easy to get out of and to grab one of her favorite dildos. She started to say something and I told her to just do it, we were going for a drive. She put on a pair of shorts and a halter top, got her dildo and we were off. The dildo she selected was one that had a
little bear at the base, that nuzzled against her clit when all the way in and the cock part of it gyrated in a circular motion. Once in the car I told her to strip, insert the dildo and turn it on and lay her seat back.

The first part of this drive I went across the Skyway Bridge, where I had to stop to pay a toll. As we approached the Toll Booth, Lynn asked me if I didn't want her to cover up and I told her no, just stay as you are.

The attendant started to say "That'll be" then when he saw Lynn laid back with the dildo in her, his jaw dropped and he finally said "one dollar."

I smiled handed him the dollar and said "Nice view here."

"IIIt sure is" he stammered.

I drove across the Bay and found a park where the were a few kids messing around and I parked, I told Lynn that I was going to find a young boy and send him to the car and I wanted her to jack him off when he came over and asked her to.

She looked at me and said, with a big smile, "Really."

"Yes, Really" I replied.

"Now while I go pick one out I want you to fuck herself with the dildo and don't stop
when the kid comes over, either."

I spotted a nice looking kid that looked about 15 and I walked up to him "Hey there, my name is Bob,mind if I ask you a question?"

"I guess not."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well, my Wife is over there, in the car, she's naked and playing with herself and has always wanted to jack-off a young guy that is a virgin, have you even had sex?"

"You mean with a girl?"

"Yea, you aren't gay are you?"


"No, to which?"

"No I'm not gay and I've never had sex with a girl, but I have jacked off."

"Well, would you like to have my Wife jack you off?"

"If this isn't some kind of joke, I sure would."

"Just go over to the car, the window is down and she's fucking herself with a dildo, ask her if she would mind giving you a hand job."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, don't worry about it, just do it."

As he walked to the car I positioned myself across the parking lot next to a tree where I could watch what was about to take place. At first he just stood there looking inside the car. I couldn't anything from where I was, but a few moments later the door opened and my Wife turned sideways in her seat, unzipped the kids pants and took out his semi hard cock. Her next move took me by surprise, instead of jacking him off, she bent down and took him in her mouth. The kid rested his hands on her head as she
moved her mouth up and down the kids shaft. She stopped for a short moment to unbuckle his pants and push them and his underwear down to his ankles. She sucked his balls into her mouth and then went back to sucking his cock, her right hand went between his legs and to, I assumed, his ass. Suddenly, the kid lets out a loud

"F U C K !"

My Wife milks every drop of cum out of this young kid, he pulls up his pants and
staggers, weak kneed across the parking lot. I catch up to him.....

"Hey kid, how was it?"

"I thought you said she was just going to jack me off."

"Are you complaining."

"Oh no, not at all, that was fucking great and that thing she did with her finger, I don't think I've cum that hard when I jack off."

I asked him if he came there often and he said about every weekend and his name was James. I told him we may be back and if he'd like he could come to our place and get even more. He was all for that. I did
tell him not to go blabbing it around, because if I came back and found a bunch of kids with him that would be the end of it.

When I got back to the car Lynn was furiously going at it with her dildo. She looked at me smiled and said...

"That was soooo fucking hot, we need to get home, I'm going to fuck your head off."

She started to pull out the dildo, but I stopped her and told her to leave it, until we get home. I asked her what the kid was talking about when he said that thing she did with her finger, she finger fucked his ass as she sucked him.

As we got to the Toll Booth, I noticed a girl was the attendant and as I handed her the dollar for the toll, she looked over at my Wife, then back at me and smiled, she started to hand me a receipt, I told her I didn't need one, she replied ....

"Yes, you do."

I took it and as I drove off I saw that it wasn't a receipt, but a name and phone number. "This could get interesting" I thought to myself.

On the way home I stop and get us a couple of more beers and when we get home Lynn is pulling me towards the bedroom,and says...

"I'm so fucking horny I'd like to try something if you, don't mind."

"Hell, if it has to do with sex why would I mind?"

"I want you and Brian to fuck me."

"I'm game if he is."

She went to Brian's room and came back a while later, after explaining what she wanted, I assumed.

"I'm too fucking horny for foreplay, come here Brian, let Mommy get you hard."

Lynn sucked Brian til he was good and hard, I laid down on the bed and Lynn climbed onto my now throbbing cock and she explained to Brian she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. As I lay there I can feel Brian's hard cock thru the thin membrane separating her cunt and asshole. Lynn is now controlling everything. Brian is fucking his Mother's ass and I'm just lying there enjoying the feel of his cock sliding along my cock.

Lynn is now moaning louder and louder, "Fuck me, fill my ass and cunt with hot jizz, fuck me like the slut I am."

Brian is first "Fuck Mom I I'm Cummming" he groans as he fills his Mother's ass full of his hot young cum.

His softening cock Slides out of his Mother's ass,. I push Lynn off me, grab her ankles and pull her to the foot of the bed turn her so she's bent over the foot of the bed and start pounding my cock in and out of that hot cunt.

Within a few minutes it's my turn, just as Lynn yells out "I'm cuumming." I shoot my hot sticky seed deep inside her, we both drop to the floor weak from the orgasm.

Brian went out to the living room, I went and got couple of beers from the fridge and Lynn and I lie there and I asked her what she thought of the day. she said that it was fantastic and wanted to know what other nasty things I wanted her to do, because she was my slut slave and would do whatever I wanted. I at the moment was more interested in what she had fantasized doing. She told me one was she always fantasized of having sex with young boys, three or more at a time. Then she dropped a bombshell, she wanted to suck and fuck a dog. I didn't see that one coming but it did get a raise out my cock. She explained to me that when ever she sees a dog with pink tip sticking out from the sheath, she wondered what it would taste like, what it would feel like inside her cunt. She had seen movies of women fucking dogs and horses and it always got her wet. I definitely was going to start working on that one.

She wanted to know what I fantasized about, besides watching her with young boys I
told her public exhibition, glory holes and I'd like to have her with another woman and a young girl.

Those did come along as time went on.


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mom not that good


2015-03-21 23:13:36
Two words..."loved it"

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2011-05-28 18:44:09
my wife would like to suck a young guy off while I watch Her


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You just have to love sluts that know what their pussy is really for. great job.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. My late wife and I enjoyed the same things. More people should do the same and enjoy life. Do you have more to tell?????????????/

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