This is based on some events
Based on a true story:

El gummybear was an ex-drug dealer, gang member, and pimp who lived in Reedley, California. He was born into a farming family that was Tejanos by blood, since a little boy he always wanting to be a tattoo artist. When he was 15, he became part of the Nortero gang he got his first tattoo, he was already 6 feet by this time. He lay down as his friend gave him his first tattoo, the needle pierce his honey-beige back as he cried in both pain and pleasure. He cried as his dick got hard from the pain and pre-cum came all down his legs as his friend was finished with his tattoo. He knew from that moment on, that he had to be a tattoo artist.

About 13 years later, he met a young creole woman named Magria, he decided to have fun and tattoo her whole body.El gummybear is now 28 years old; 6 feet, teeth broken in the many fights that he got into, having acute severe acne and very thin. You can see the traces of handsomeness that left. His honey-beige skin and heavly tattooed body has seen better days. Well while riding the bus one day, he saw, Margia..15yrs old..big green eyes, light brown natural curly hair, beautiful caramel skin tone, 5'10, 44C sized breasts, and the biggest round ass he ever seen. He thought himself: " I would love to tattoo her pussy and rape it." His lips became very moist at the thought of this young creole girl. Margia was wearing her catolic school girl uniform,she sat right across from him.Her nipples stood hard at about an inch long as it was cold on the bus. He began to drool at the thought of having this little Creole girl impaled on his hard 11 inch cock.

He watched her on the bus thur his dark sunglasses, dreaming about this young girls' pussy. "Hello, my name is Ramon, but everyone calls me El gummybear." The young girl laughed to exposed her soft wet mouth to him. " My name is Margia and I'm going to school." "Can I walk you off the bus?" "Sure", soon her bus stop came up and she bend off to get her hello kitty backpack. He saw her little white panties and his dick got really hard. He step off with her onto the sidewalk, he had his hand in his pocket. The pocket went Click" , the 6" sharp blade exposed and the excitement ran thru him when he waited until he didnt see anyone that could help her.

Margia never saw the hand grab her around her neck and a huge hand cover her mouth. She was dragged into a dark alley and he throw he against the wall of a buliding.Thump, Wack,........ her head hit the wall, the punch in the stomach took her breath away. She saw stars, couldn't breath, and then she pass out.Fuck El gummybear thought to himself this bitch be his masterpiece.

When Margia came to, she was laying on the floor of a dirty house, it was blood and shit on the floor. Flies and maggots was on the sofa and there was all kinds of tattoo machines and metal things on the floor.Margia suddenly felt a thick Mexican finger up her asshole, looking down........'damn baby you got nice legs and fuck a great ass"......he said, El gummybear could feel his 11" Mexican uncircumcised cock was stirring. "Aasaahhh oohhhh"......Margia groaned at the invasion in her virgin asshole. Margia never even kissed a boy before and now she getting fuck in a nasty ass house.'Please, no, god it hurts, no, no".......Margia cried, but El gummybear was very much not listening. He torn into her anus like a sex fiend. He pump her and blood pour out into her carmel legs. "Please, stop...Sir, I'm a Chirstian!" Then She felt a hard hit to the back of the head. " I dont give a fuck, you stupid monkey bitch! " Then he began to while still fucking her anus raw, he turned on the tattoo machine and it was already. He placed the sharpest needle he could find there, he began to carved into her nice young back with the needles. She couldnt believe it and she started to scream. This last for an hour, blood soaked the ground, pouring from her back down to her legs.

Margia passout from the pain, El gummybear took his swollen cock out of her enlarged butthole. Then he stop the machine and he got up to flip her over on her back. Then he began to open her mouth and shoved his hard cock in the back of her thoat.This woke her up and started to cry but she was sliences by his cock. He fuck her mouth for two hours, saying.."You little monkey bitch, suck my Mexican cock like there's no tomorrow. If not I'm going to kill you."

She didnt move at all when he removed his cock from her mouth, then he began to punch her in the face over and over again until she didn't have any teeth left in her mouth. He said" You dumb little black monkey bitch, I'm going to tattooed your whole body...then I'm going to skin you alive. This is before I fuck your pussy with everything in my house. She just realized that she was nude and totally without anybody to help her so, she couldnt fight back.

He's decided to grab her by her long curly hair with brute force, dragging her from the floor into his dark and nasty bathroom. Her body looks so beautiful to him while it was covered in blood by him. His cock got so hard when he saw the fear in her eyes.

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2013-03-15 01:37:44
I think it is good. It just needs to be edited for grammar and spelling.

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2011-02-23 08:33:14
You have a. Good start you just need more practice. Don't let let any of these asshole stop you just keep practicing ull get better


2010-05-20 00:27:04
That was bad, needs a lot of work, I didn't even get turned on.

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2010-04-08 17:41:50
That is sick man!...violence? no problem, it turns me on a bit, but in a controled level! This is just really messed up..

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