Based on some true events
So El gummybear decide to punished the young creole girl's pussy with his fist: he said, my house is almost soundproof and nobody will even her your screams. It’s just you and me bitch, payback time. Do you know what I am going to do to you? Can you imagine what I will do?” He began to laugh, you already know what. His large fist went into her pussy as there was already a large 12 inched rubber cock in her ass.She felt his hand became more urgent, running down the flat of her stomach, grabbing at her pussy, forcing her ass onto the hard rubber cock. Then the fisting began and She froze, her piss running down her legs. He tooked the fist out of her pussy and then he took the rubber cock out of her ass, she screamed while looking at all the blood and shit of the cock. He licked the rubber cock clean and spit the blood and shit in his mouth in her eyes.

He said"That’s the way to behave, keep that up and you might live. We are going to play for the next two days. I going to beat and torture you, then I’m going to fuck you. Then we are going to start all over again, for two long days. If I get bored with you, you’re dead, so you better make it good.” He felt her body shuddering against him, his cock getting harder. He was going to love beating and torturing her. He was going to love using her body for his own pleasure, making her submit to him, her pain making his cock hard.

His hands continued to run over her body, her breasts, moving back over her ass. “You have a body made for fucking, what do you think God put you on this earth for. You are nothing but a big cunt, only good for a cock to fuck. You dumb monkey black bitch, that all your people are good for his to fuck." She began to cry and scream, " Please no....Ramon...I'm just a young girl, I never even had sex before this. Dont ruin me for my future husband." He back-handed her, “Soon, that is going to be my cock on your lips. You’re going to learn how to suck cock real good, that’s if you already don’t know how. You look like a cocksucker.”

She tried to fight him off but he hit her and some more blood came out, her arms went down, her breasts now naked before him. The cool air rushed over them, her nipples beginning to harden. Her breasts stood out, pointing toward him. Her areolas were a dark brown, silhouetting her carmel-honey skin, the chocolate nipples nestled in their center."Nice tits, I hope they can take a lot. I have a nice crowbar that I’m going to use on that tender body. I’m going to start with those tits.” He rubbed his cock again. He stood over her wearing only pair of star fish earrings.

He had almost cum when he hit her nipples with the crowbar. She screamed so loud. He had beaten her tits until her nipples bled. Then he moved down to her pussy. “Look at all these nice little toys I have for you.” He opened the bag, watching the startled look on her face when she saw his tools of torture and pain. “Yes, they are going to really hurt. But that is what you are for, to make my cock hard, to be used as a receptacle for my cum.”

She looked at the crowbar, the glass bottles, the pieces of glasses, and other things that he was going to used on her. He placed the crowbar on her pussy and rubbed it a little bit, he watched Margia jump at the noise. “Have you ever been caned with a crowbar, cunt? I bet you never were ever even spanked. Turn around, let me see that monkey ass, now, turn around now!” She started to scream from the pain she was in. Margia got to her knees and was on all fours.

. She cringed when she felt the crowbar rubbing against her naked ass cheeks. She tightened her buttocks.

“Spread your legs open,” the cane tapping lightly on her ass. “More cunt, I want to see that pussy from behind.” The crowbar beat harder onto her ass.

She scream out of pain and he kicked in the ribs, he thought, "Fuck, this black bitch look so beautiful."
Tears ran down Margia’s face. She could see the evil in his face. His was going to hurt her bad and she was going to have to submit to it. She had to, she knew that her pussy could not stand getting hit thirty times with the crowbar. “Yes.”

“Yes, you want me to beat your cunt?”

“No, I will hold still while you beat me,” she blurted out.

El gummybear rubbed his cock. This is going to be fun. The cunt is going to spread herself out for me to keep from me beating her pussy. Wait until she finds out I lied. By then, it will be too late. “I want to start with those tits. They will look really nice with red stripes all over them. Turn around, lace your hands behind your neck and stick them tits out for me.” He tapped the cane against her ass. “Now!” He hit her harder, watching as she jumped as the cane hit painfully against her asscheeks.

“Owww,” she cried, turning quickly and getting into position. She pushed her breasts out, her back arched, her nipples hard in fear, pointed and waiting for the crowbar. She saw the crowbar move toward her breasts, moving slowly, rubbing against her tender flesh. It moved over her nipples and making them harder.

“What a slut you are, your nipples are getting harder and I’m getting ready to beat them with a cane. You like this cunt?”

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Your getting better keep trying baby I have faith in u!!!

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2010-03-19 22:54:57
Story line is good, grammar is is poor. add more paragraphs to keep from losing track.

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