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My previous personal assistants were nothing like her.
Fbailey story number 491

Scrawny Woman

Nina was five feet six inches tall and she only weighed eighty-one pounds. She didn’t even fill in an A-cup bra. She was also forty-two years old, recently divorced, and the mother of one. She had a daughter that was married and expecting her first child. She was very pretty and she had a dark blonde ponytail halfway down her back.

I was interviewing her for a job that I needed to fill. She was actually the most qualified person that I had interviewed, so I offered her the job and told her that she would be my personal assistant.

Nina said, “Okay so now that you have asked me all of the questions that you are allowed too and you have offered me the job, it’s my turn to ask you some questions. Be honest.”

I smiled, sat back in my chair, and said, “Okay.”

Q: Are you single?
A: Recently divorced.

Q: Children?
A: One daughter and she is expecting her first child.

Q: We have a lot in common.
A: Yes, we do.

Q: Do you think I’m pretty?
A: Yes.

Q: If you saw me in a bar would you try to pick me up?
A: Yes.

Q: After a dinner date would try to get me in bed?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I told you that I am wearing a padded bra and that I dodn’t have any tits, just nipples sticking out of my chest?
A: I would want to see them and suck on them.

Nina said, “Okay then, I’ll take the job, I’ll start on Monday, and you can pick me for our dinner date at seven o’clock tonight. You have my address.”

I smiled knowing that I had just hired one hell of an assistant. Then I straightened my penis up to a more comfortable position and thought about making love to Nina that night.


I managed to get through the rest of my workday. Then I got a hair cut, shaved, and took a shower before putting on a fresh suite and tie. I was knocking on her door five minutes early.

Nina opened the door and looked at me and then started laughing. It was plain that I was over dressed. She had on a very tight T-shirt and a pair of shorts. She told me to have a seat on her couch and she disappeared. In about five minutes Nina returned. She was dressed in a rather sexy black dress that excited me. She had on high heels and her hair was in a beautiful braid. Pearl earrings and necklace completed the ensemble.

She took my arm and I escorted her out to my car. I held her door for her as she got in and I got a quick flash of white panty. At the restaurant I got another quick flash of panty too.

On the walk in Nina said, “I did that on purpose, you know.”

I just smiled. I had suspected that but it was nice of her to confirm it. During dinner she made an effort to let me look down her top too. She excused herself to go to the lady’s room and leaned right in my face to tell me that she was not wearing a bra. She knew that she didn’t have to tell me that but it did give me a chance to look at her great nipples. When she returned from the lady’s room she placed her moist panties in my hand and then she sat back down.

Nina then said, “I am ready for bed anytime that you are. Feel free to take as much or as little time as you wish to get me there.”

I wanted to take her right there on the table without a bed but since she had put me in charge I decided to have some fun. I could not remember a time when I had a ‘sure thing’ and knew without a doubt that I would have sex. Even my ex-wife was never a ‘sure thing.’

We finished our dinner and had desert too. Then I took her to a movie, a chick flick that would make her cry. About halfway through the movie I put my arm around her shoulder and rubbed her nipple with my middle finger. It had been hard all night long and I needed to enjoy it myself. Nina placed her hand on my leg touching my hard member. I moved her hand away, I didn’t need any more stimulation or to pop too soon. I did however want her to pop so I slipped my other hand up under her dress, she spread her knees for me, and I felt of her freshly shaved pussy. I slipped a finger in her slit and started stimulating her clitoris. She watched the movie, she cried, and she orgasmed more than once.

When the movie ended Nina turned and kissed me. I kissed her back. The attendant had to ask us to leave so that he could clean up and go home. Apparently we had been the last ones out.

I thought about taking her to her home but instead I took her to my home. That way I had her for as long as I wanted her. I wasn’t planning on returning her to her house until Monday morning and then waiting to take her to work with me.

I walked her into my house, closed the door, and took her into my arms. She returned my passionate kiss and pressed her pussy into me. I slowly clawed at her dress raising it up to her waist, then I simply grabbed the bottom and lifted it up. Nina raised her arms to assist me in getting it off from her.

I stepped back and looked at her in just her high heels. She had no breasts at all, just her two hard nipples with dark areolas around them. Her sunken tummy just enhanced the fact that I could count each of her ribs. Her pubic bone bulged above her wet slit. Her feet were together and touching but her slim legs gapped wide just under her pussy.

I walked around her and she stood perfectly still so I could check her out. From the side she looked like a skeleton with skin, her hipbones protruded, and her fanny was nonexistent. From behind her butt crack hardly kept her asshole from showing, her shoulder blades looked like wings, and her spine ran down her whole back. She even had two cute dimples above her waistline.

I reached under her arms and ran my hands down from her shoulders, over her nipples, and down to her pussy mound as she snuggled back into me.

I spun her around to face me and then in one swift move I crossed my hands, grabbed her waist, and turned her upside down like a propeller. Her legs fell open naturally and I placed my mouth over her pussy lips. Then I did something that I had always wanted to do…I blew. Her pussy filled with air, her lips puffed out, and her pussy farted. She giggled and I did it again. She was holding tightly to me around my ass. I just started licking her pussy and tonguing her clit as I went. I hardly exerted any energy at all holding her up with my arms wrapped around her tiny waist.

Nina said, “Hey this isn’t fair, I can’t get to your cock.”

I never said a word but I held her tighter as I walked toward my bedroom. I tossed her around like she was a rag doll. She settled into the middle of my bed and propped her head up on my pillow. She smiled as I undressed. I had a little trouble getting my underwear down over my hard cock. When it broke free it slapped against my belly causing the precum to make a slapping sound. Nina giggled.

I climbed on my bed moving her legs as if they were pipe cleaners. I placed my cock at her opening and slipped it into her. She was pretty tight and I loved the feeling. I wrapped her legs around my waist and then I leaned down on top of her penetrating her fully. As I kissed her I kept slipping my cock in and out of her.

In no time at all I was filling her love tunnel with cum. It became even more slippery and I kept slipping my cock up into her. It felt so good to have my cock in a nice warm pussy that it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Eventually I rolled off to the side and held her close to me. I even said, “I love you,”

Nina replied, “I love you too. I am going to need some loving at work every day…shall we say noon in your office.”

I kissed her and said, “Only if I can make love to you before breakfast and after dinner too.”

Nina said, “Okay, but I want it at bedtime too and I should probably just move in with you.”

I kissed her again and said, “My sentiments exactly.”

We made love all weekend. She turned out to be a real asset to me at work and around the house. After our two grandchildren were born we got married. Everyone lived happily ever after.

The End
Scrawny Woman
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