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Streaking became a right of passage for the girls in our town.
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High School Streakers

I own a diner with a unique position in the middle of town and with an entrance on both major streets. It almost happed by accident several years ago when the guy on the next block said that he was considering selling out. He laughed when he suggested that I could triple my dinning area just buy knocking out the far wall. He made so much sense that I made him an offer and he accepted it. That was almost twenty-years ago.

Somewhere about that time a high school tradition started…streaking through my diner. It started after the rival football game. The loosing cheerleaders would strip off their uniforms leaving only there sneakers and socks on. They would get dropped off at one door, run through my diner, and then get picked up at the other door and rushed away.

It was obvious when it was going to happen because the diner would fill up with boys from the opposite school. That was my cue to get out my camera and make sure the security cameras were set to record.

Then all of a sudden the door at the far end would open, a silence would fall over the crowd, and in would come the first girl. After that at about every five to ten feet another girl would enter and start toward me. Their ponytails would flip around on their heads and their breasts would bounce around on their chests. There would be anywhere from ten to thirty girls in that streak, depending on how many cheerleaders there were, if they brought their junior varsity with them, and if their coaches joined in too.

That first year I was the only one that took pictures of them and got them on my security cameras. It was our team that had lost that year so I knew every girl that had run through naked. They had all been customers of mine over the years. I had a friend at the drugstore print out my pictures. He made eight by ten prints of each girl. There were fifteen of them including two of their coaches. It took the girls a full week before showing their faces in my diner again. When a couple of them did come in I waited on them myself. I smiled and told them that it was nice to ‘see’ them again. I also told them that they could order anything on the menu and that it was on me. After I served them their food, I asked them if they would please sign the pictures that I had taken of them. I then took them back into my office to do it.

They could not believe how crystal clear the pictures of them were. At first they were blushing then they were curious as to what the other girls looked like. I told them to sign their pictures first and that I would show them the rest. They poked fun of one girl because her large breasts looked funny the way they had bounced around.

I also asked them to sign the team photo that I had of then dressed and posing for the school yearbook.

They spread the word about getting a free meal and signing the pictures. Soon all of the cheerleaders had been in as well as their two coaches.

One girl had been sick during the big game but came in to talk to me. She felt so bad about missing out on the streaking that I told her that she could do it anytime that she wanted too. Then she told me how nervous she was about doing it. I told her to talk to a couple of the other girls and maybe they would join her.

I posted signs at the doors that said that cameras were not allowed.

She gave me a phone call to tell me when she was coming through. Two girls had offered to go naked with her but instead they would be driving the drop off car and the get away car. She was coming in by herself.

At the precise time I got ready and waited. No one else knew what was going to happen. She opened the door at the far end and started to run, then she saw me and slowed down. As she approached me she walked toward me smiling as if I was the only person in the room. Then she stood still with about twenty people sitting behind her in astonishment. After a couple more pictures she ran past me.

As she was about to go out the door she said, “See you at home, Dad.”


Our varsity football team lost about half of the remaining games and my daughter was always the first girl through the door. I enjoyed the rival teams just as much. I think I liked the junior varsity team even better though. Those girls were younger and their coaches were prettier too.

After the very last game of the season, the coaches invited me to attend a special meeting in the school gymnasium. All of the cheerleaders were there and they wanted to pose naked for me like they were in their yearbook group pictures. So they got naked and then they formed two groups of naked girls and women. I took ten to twelve pictures of each group.

Then my daughter suggested individual pictures and dropped down into a Russian split with her legs out perfectly to the side and her naked pussy just a fraction of an inch from kissing the floor. I laid on the floor in front of her and snapped off a couple of pictures. She got up and was quickly replaced by the next girl, and the next girl, on down the line until I had just the four coaches left. One sat on the floor and opened her legs up wide but not as far as the girls had. The next coach did a handstand then split her legs front to back. The third coach did a bridge where her belly was up high with her hands and her feet flat on the floor. The forth coach had me lay on my back as two of the other coaches stood on each side of me. The forth coach then jumped up into the air, landing her feet on the shoulders of the other women in a Russian split just like my daughter had done on the bare floor. She sure was impressive as I took pictures up at her. Her pussy lips opened up and I could see moisture oozing out of her slit. I captured a drop in mid air just before it hit my chest. I knew that picture was going to be a keeper.

She apologized for dripping on me. I told her that I didn’t mind at all. She said that posing for me had made her really moist. All of the other girls and women said the same thing including my daughter. The lump in my pants confirmed that I was highly excited too.

The coach that had dripped on me said yes to a date. Jill said yes to everything else that first date too. Jill said yes to the restaurant that I picked, the dinner that I suggested, and to the wine that I ordered. She said yes to going back to my house, getting in bed, and having sex too. Jill was fantastic in bed, she could move in positions that I hadn’t ever thought possible. She had absolute control of the muscles in her pussy to the point where she could milk me while I stayed still. Her breasts, tummy, and ass were solid and muscular too. Making love to her was very special.


Right after the senior prom a dozen girls came streaking through my diner. None of them were cheerleaders but apparently they really wanted to do it. Fortunately one of the boyfriends had called in time to warn me. A week later they each came in to sign their nude pictures.

After graduation another twenty girls came running through and then came in to sign their pictures.

Jill and I were married that summer and dropped my daughter off at college. Just before Thanksgiving her new sorority came streaking through my diner. Jill and I were both ready with our new digital cameras that take bursts of pictures in quick succession. Thanks to a previous warning I had the place full of men that had paid me twenty dollars each for the privilege of just sitting there for the show. I presented three thousand dollars to the first girl that got to me. It was the President of the Sorority, she was beautiful, and she smiled sweetly.

The following day my daughter came into the diner with four of the Sorority Officers to thank me for the best fundraiser that they had ever held. I got them to sign their pictures and they promised to get the rest of them signed for me. I told them to do it again anytime as long as they gave me enough notice to sell tickets.

I had quite a collection started of naked girls that had streaked through my diner.


After fifteen years of this I had a classic collection of girls that covered almost our entire town. Many of the girls now worked in the banks, drug stores, and offices. Most were married and had daughters of their own. Several were doctors, lawyers, and even politicians.

Two of the girls in my daughter’s graduating class brought in their teenage daughters and introduced them to me. My wife was planning on being their cheerleading coach in the year to come. I was looking forward to having them run through my diner naked.

One of the women asked to see her old picture. I took her into my office and showed it to her. She then asked me if I would like a new one to go along with it. Sure I would but she didn’t want to do it during business hours. She was afraid that word would get back to her husband. So we made a date for an hour after closing with my wife present. She said that she would bring her daughter. I just said, thank you.

After closing, my wife helped me cover the windows with tablecloths so no one could look in. We waited a little while and there was a knock on the door. When I opened it up a whole bunch of women along with their daughters walked in. There were a dozen pair, including my daughter with my granddaughter.

They eagerly got undressed, coins were dropped into the jukebox, and they started to dance naked for me.

Then two at a time they posed for me. It was interesting to see how much the daughters looked like their mothers. In these modern times my wife printed out the eight by tens immediately and got them signed for me. After the last pair had been photographed all of the mothers pose together for me, then of course all of the daughters posed for me in a group too. With my wife’s help I got in some of the pictures too, but I was allowed to stay dressed.

The older women begged me to get undressed and get in a picture with them. Each woman held onto my stiff cock in the pictures while I placed an arm around them and held onto a tit. Surprisingly my fourteen-year-old granddaughter wanted to hold my hard-on during a picture too, so I held her tit and smiled.

When everyone had gone, my wife the cheerleading coach wanted me to take pictures of her everywhere in our diner, and I do mean everywhere. In many of them my cock was inside her body in one way or another. She was a real lifesaver because I might have died after that photo session.

My wife did mention that my granddaughter wanted to loose her virginity in the near future. That was when I cum in her very talented pussy.

The End
High School Streakers
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