The images of the boys masturbating so openly were burned in Ronald's
mind. In fact, they were the fuel to a lot of his sessions of onanism in
the days to follow. Especially since cute and friendly Brent had been
part of the group.

For many evenings, the usual games were not played in cabin 12. The
monitors had come up with the brilliant idea of showing flicks in the camp
church. The young tribe feasted on all of them. How long can a boy go
without visual stimulation?

The corny choice was a treat: Benji, Bad News Bears, E.T.,
Neverending Story 1 and 2, Treasure Island.

Sure enough, a lot of the mischievous brats found ways to make sexual
innuendos and lewd remarks during many scenes of this wholesome package.
The boys would also take turns sitting in the back rows to watch nudy
pictures and jack-off under the cover of darkness.

So of course, when the cinema shows stopped, Ron went back to his old
frightened self. He dreaded the general's games.

"It's gonna be a blast tonight!... We'll seperate the men from the
little boys!" snickered Jake.

The tall teen scanned the floor where the underwear clad kids were
sitting like indians in front of him. With a quick forward thrust, he
threw his hand at the crowd. A wooden clothespin was displayed proudly
in the middle of his palm.

"Okay.. This is the plan. One by one, you're gonna sit on the coffee
table and snap this baby to your ball-bag for thirty seconds...If you
fail, you get the cabin 12 punishment."

"Ooooouch!" cooed Jerry, fully aware of how painful it was.

"Do it Jerry!" said Jake.

The blond twelve-year-old jumped up. His butt landed on the
table with a thump. He spread his legs and pulled out his ball-sack from
the hem of his briefs. The heavy purse, still hairless, hung down from the

Jake clamped the clothespin to the loose skin and looked at his watch
to time the boy. Ten seconds...fifteen seconds... The dull pain was
radiating in Jerry's loins. Twenty seconds... He hissed and bit his
lips. "Is it time Jake?" Twenty-five seconds... "Is it...Is it now?"

"Yup. You did it...thirty seconds!"

Jerry removed the painful device. The skin was crushed and red where
the clothespin had been placed. Meanwhile, Jake sat Gary and took out
himself his little balls. The eight-year-old squirmed on the table.
Jerry knelt in front of the child and clamped the clothespin on his
tender skin.

Gary yelped and stared intensely between his short legs. "Aoooooo"
he moaned. His little toes cramped up from the atrocious torture and soon
tears poured out of his little eyes. Every agonizing second seemed like
an hour.

"Thirty seconds!" cheered Jake. "That's very good!"

Gary leaped up and removed the clothespin. These were the nicest
words he'd heard in years. He rubbed the pain away from the afflicted
area, fidgetting on his barefeet.

"Your turn Ronald!" barked the stern thirteen-year-old. "I know you'll
fail... you're such a spud."

Teary-eyed and trembling, Ron pulled out his smooth nuts. When the
clothespin's jaws bit his skin, he yelled and threw it on the floor.
"Argghh! it hurts!" he wept.

"You're such a weasel!" said Robby.

"Yeah. Even little Gary did the thirty seconds..." added his brother.

"You'll have to be punished for your cowardliness now Ronald." grinned Jake.
"Grab him!"

Ron diverted towards the door but the ten tiny hands gripped him and
pushed him on the couch. He felt his underpants slide down his legs.
Once again, he was naked and helpless. The feverish gang began to grope
his privates roughly and punch him as he swirled on the couch, kicking
and crying. He could hear them laugh around him.

"Get the rope!"

"Are we gonna fuck him?"

"Let's put a baseball bat in his ass!"

Despite his efforts, his hands were tied behind his back. The cord
burned his fragile wrists. Jake closed his legs and tied them too. He
was like a calf at a rodeo.

"Uhhh Leave me alone pleaaaaaaaasssse." he begged.

The strong general of the troop raised his skinny body off the sofa
and bent him over with a karate chop to his stomach. His little butt was
sticking out at the audience now, round and pale.

He shivered awaiting the humiliating rite he was gonna be forced to
submit to. His face buried in the cushion, he tried to listen to the dim
noises behind him. Whispers, chuckles and all of sudden...


"AOWWWWW" he screamed.

He'd been hit with something! The pain stung his bottom and the sound
from the blow resonated in his ears. He turned his face to find out the
source of such suffering, just in time to see Jake handing a large
paddle to Robby. The next boy was obviously itching to have a go with the
wooden board, he swung it in the air like a sword, his eyes aimed at the
fleshy target he was presenting.


"AOWWWWWWWWW" he screamed again, this time with an hint of terror.

The thick paddle was about five inches wide but not too heavy, a
perfect instrument of chastisement. The next boy, Jerry used it with the
brutality of a viking on his bare-ass. *THWACK* He whimpered in the cushion
and pleaded them to stop, but the gleeful boys just laughed at his misery
and urged Richie to deliver the next blow.


His knees sagged from the powerful strokes. His whole behind was
like a mass of raw nerves. *WHACK* Even little Gary managed to extirpate a
yelp out of him. 'That was it' he thought. All the boys had taken a turn at
hitting his rump. He imagined already his soothing hands rubbing his
throbbing buns. Then...


Two blows even harder than the ones he'd already received brought him
back to reality. He recognized the signature of Jake's forceful vigor.
They were all going at it again, hollering and cheering each other to
give the hit that would make him yell loud enough to wake the whole

For what seemed like forever to Ron, they spanked his sore butt with
two atrocious strokes, sometimes taking a few steps before they brought
down the wooden plank. All over his small behind, the angry red marks of
the cruel paddling were appearing like magic.

The clamor of the crowd faded a little after Gary finished his
business then intensified again for the third round. It was like they
were possessed. The punishment continued this time with three agonizing
blows from every boy.

On the verge of passing out, Ron just sobbed in the cushion, the
constant pain a humiliating reminder of his position. They were gonna
turn his buttocks into ground beef he thought and he couldn't do
anything to stop them even if he tried. He just lay there, yelping with
every stinging whack.

After his ordeal, he didn't look at them and climbed on his bunk. The
brothers giggled seeing his butt red all over and glowing. He stretched
on his tummy and went to sleep.


"You wanna go on the lake?.... I'll paddle."

"I dunno." shuddered Ron upon hearing the 'P' word.

"C'mon, I won't eat you!" smiled Brent. "...unless you want me to?"

Ron couldn't resist that boyish grin. He climbed in the rowboat with
the hunkiest boy at camp, staring at the bulge in his green bermuda-
style swimming trunks. The vivid memory of how his penis looked rushed
back to his mind. He could tell what every bump was hiding.

Brent's eyes travelled along the slender legs of the ten-year-old and
stopped at his waist, admiring the sexy red speedo on his loins. He had
loved the kid at first site on the bus. He could tell he wasn't like the
other boys. They acted friendly but he knew better, he wasn't dumb. He
knew they wanted to hang out with him because he was a babe-magnet.
His handsome face, trendy haircut and deep blue eyes like Elijah
Wood's had girls stumbling at his feet constantly in the school corridors.

Sure, he enjoyed the attention at first but it soon turned into a
nightmare when he discovered he liked boys more, young boys. Many
nights, he cried in his pillow, unable to face the role of the school
queer. Yet, he couldn't turn off his attraction, he had no way of
controlling his impulses.

Sometimes, he went to the batting cage and hit baseballs as hard as
he could to unleash his rage. The rage that took over his body everytime
he recalled the first time. It seemed to him it was that day that all
his problems began, that he became what he is.

He had just ran half a mile in the rain with his cousin Billy. As
they removed their damp clothes, the eight-year-old had asked him
casually: "Ever suck a dick Brent?... I wonder how it would taste?"

That afternoon, they had explored their wet bodies, caressed every
centimeter, touched every spot that felt good and finally sucked each
other's dicks until they were red and raw. From that day on, he
had an insatiable cock-crave.

The half-naked boy sitting in front of him on the bench was
arousing him fiercely. He was still pasty white like the day he met him
on the bus. Oh god. He wanted the boy to suck him. He longed to rub
his dickhead on his freckled-face, on the blond fleece of tiny pins
that was his hair. At the same time, he kept thinking of a place to
take him, to play with his small body.

"How come you're so white Ron?" he inquired. "Haven't you been
outside playing over the last week?"

"Uh? Well, sometimes... but mostly I stay in the cabin. The kids are
mean to me."

"I won't be mean to ya..."

Ron smiled, a wide grin illuminating his small mug. The boat bumped
the shore and Brent jumped out.

"My arms are dead! I have to rest for a while." he exclaimed.

He walked in the forest with Ron tagging along. The old abandoned
house was still there, sagging on one side.

"They say this place is haunted by a killer..."

"Uh?" peeped Ronald with inquisitive eyes.

"Yup. In 1956, a camper was strangled by Weird Willy, but they didn't
have enough evidence to convict him. The angry town's folks reunited and
saw to it that justice was done. They came to his house and chopped him
to death with an axe. True story. I swear."

Ron puffed out his chest trying to look brave. "Let's go in.."

Brent smiled in his head. He could see the terror in the boy's eyes.
It was nice to see the ole tale still worked. Moments from now, the kid
would be cuddling him like a toddler.

They entered the house plastered with cobwebs. Brent made ghost
noises and tickled the small boy until they collapsed on the floor in
each other's arms, giggling.

"I think you have a bone in your swim suit Ron..."

"You too!" blushed the blond boy.

Brent took the hand of the nervous ten-year-old and dragged him up the
stairs. There were three rooms on the second floor. He walked over to
the one with a bed and jumped on it. Resting his head against the wall,
he called the child over with open arms.

Ron paused a second. The old bed was stinking. Everything was
happening so fast. He longed to be cradled in Brent's arms but at the
same time he knew it wasn't right to be hugged by a guy, to enter
forbidden territories.

He squirmed his way to the older boy and he pulled him over on his tall
body. Ronald could feel the warmth of Brent's belly under his back,
his calm breathing on his neck and his hard cock jammed in his buttcrack.

Brent cuddled the boy and kissed his rosy cheek. The nice feeling
was there again. The one where you don't have a care in the world and
all that counts is the present moment. He nibbled the boy's ear and
whispered: "I love you". Ron moaned softly, reasurring him. He ran
his hand on his undevelopped torso, down to his red speedo where he
caressed the kid's pouch.

With both hands, he slid the skintight swim suit down to the child's
knees, lowering it gently and listening to his heartbeat to see if he
was scared. The kid's deflated penis was right there, waiting for his
hand to pleasure it. He caressed tenderly the hairless genitals to wake
the tiny organ and it grew between his fingers like a flower coming
out of the snow to greet the sun at springtime.

Ron sighed with pleasure. He looked down at the luscious fingers of the
twelve-year-old massaging his balls, stroking his dick and playing with
his foreskin. He was gonna explode! When his penis had expanded
to maximum capacity, the hand began to masturbate him amorously. Then
faster and faster, squeezing his small three inch tube.

His toes curled up as Brent brought his pleasure up a notch by
pinching his nipples with his free hand or kneading his ball-sack
meanwhile maintaining the same rhythm on his penis. A river of
surprise was flowing through his body, good sensations he never
really had considered before.

He was beginning to jerk on Brent's body and the boy stopped stroking
him. Brent wanted to build up his pleasure, to give him the most powerful
orgasm of his young life. Rolling the child to his side, he slid his
speedo the rest of the way and threw it on the floor before removing
his own bathing suit.

His young five inch penis was hard like granite, oozing pre-cum from
its swollen tip. Without missing a beat, he spread Ron's legs wide and
leaned to touch with his tongue the tiny cockhead of his small pecker.
Ron moaned, bug-eyed from the anticipation of his first blow job.

Brent swallowed the entire length until his upper lip brushed against
the smooth skin of his pubes. He swirled his tongue on the upstroke
sending the young boy on the edge.

"Ohhhhh that's so good!" cried Ronald. He now realized how the dog must
have felt when he blew him.

Brent bobbed his head on the hard boycock, sucking like a vaccum and
leaving a trail of spit as his lips moved up and down. The boy was
bucking his hips to meet his hungry mouth.

Beads of sweat broke out over their bodies. The young lad was like
putty in the hands of a profesional cocksucker like Brent, the older
male's pumping action bringing him on the brink of release.
Methodically, he paused to lick his balls and perinum before he continued
sucking again. The twelve-year-old could read him like a map. It was
like he was totally in synch with Ron's blooming climax.

The undeniable signs of pleasure were clearly visible on the ten-
year-old. His feet pointing, his fingers clenching the sheets and his eyes

Brent put the child's right leg over his shoulder and inserted a wet
finger in his tiny asshole before resuming his work. Ron tensed up at first
but soon let the waves of delight of the anal stimulation combine with
the ones of Brent's lips on his penis. He could feel the digit move
around the skin of his anus and slither inside his rectum to rub his small

It was time now. Brent finger-fucked him madly and sucked the tip of
his dick, pulling out all the tricks, using his tongue to rub the
underside of the glans.

"OOOhhhhh Ohhhhhh OHhhhhhhhh Ohhhh" cried Ron like a siren.

Brent felt the boy's rod grow stiffer and he peaked, twitching
all over. Gurgles rose from his throat. He came long and hard, bouncing
on the bed with every spasm of his ass muscles. His face grimaced with each
jolt of his dry orgasm, as if he was having a seizure.

Both boys were drained. Brent lay his back on the bed and Ron
rested his blond head on his flat chest. Gently, he played with
the older boy's stiff tool. His stubby fingers caressed the turgid
flesh. The gentle touch of an angel. His way of thanking him for the
best experience of his life.

Already, his own dick was getting hard and poking Brent's thigh. He
looked up at the boy's face and without saying a word, he knew what
Brent needed. He gripped the beautiful boy's cock and lowered his lips
over it.

The sweet pre-cum juice tasted much better than the dog's fluid.
Brent pushed the back of his shaved head forcing half of his dick inside
his mouth. He didn't mind. He wanted to pleasure his new friend as much
as he had for him.

Trying to remember how Brent had done it, he moved his tongue all
around the swollen head. Brent moaned and caressed his little ass to
show him he was doing right. He wrapped his lips around the shaft
and sucked firmly, taking more and more of the penis in his mouth
everytime he bobbed his head.

He sucked steadilly and the big cockhead hit the back of his throat.
But he wanted more! He released the base of Brent's penis and let the
tip invade his passage until his lower lip connected with the boy's ball-
sack. He had it all.

Brent shuddered. He couldn't believe the object of his affection was
taking his entire prick in the depth of his mouth. Ron pulled back and
smiled from the exploit he had accomplished without gagging. He engulfed
the five inches between his slippery lips a few more minutes and then
worked the engorged head, twirling his tongue on the crown, sucking air
to ensure a strong suction on the sensitive knob.

"Ohhhhhh I'm gonna come Ron!" Brent cried. "Do that again!"

Ron sucked the tip faster and faster. Brent writhed on the bed. He
knew it was his time to go to heaven. Gripping the base of the cock to
stroke it firmly, Ron sucked faster than never before. The organ was
like metal in his tiny hands.

Brent groaned and Ron felt the pulses of his dick in his hand as it
spurted two quick loads of cream on his tongue. He held the cock in his
mouth as best as he could while the boy trashed on the mattress. His
mouth was full with his jism. He emptied it with one gulp and felt the
slimy semen run down his throat.

No sooner had he swallowed that the spasming cock shot more tasty cum in
his small cavity. Ron ate everything his friend had to offer, not
letting one drop get away. They cuddled together for the next hour,
beaming, in a warm embrace.


One afternoon, Ron was lonely. The kids kept pinching his ass and his
high-pitched cries made everyone laugh at him. He went looking for
Brent. Ever since they had been intimate, he was like his shadow,
following him around everywhere. After an hour, he determined his search
would be fruitless. So as usual, he vanished to cabin 12 for his daily nap.

As he pushed the door ajar, he saw Richie sleeping naked on his bunk.
'Ooops'. For a second, he thought he was shagging the mattress because
he was moving slowly. Hey! there was somebody with him, actually, underneath
him! 'How unusual?' he thought.

It was the boy's brother, Robby, moaning softly as Richie hovered
over him. 'Yikes! They were doing it!'

"I'm inside completely Robby!" he heard.

"Uhhh...fuck me quick before somebody comes.."

"Nobody's gonna come... I'M gonna come!"

Ron watched silently through the slit. He could see Richie's four
inch cock lodged to the root in his brother's ass. Robby spread his legs
giving him a perfect view of the anal coitus that was about to begin. The
boy wiggled his ass and the hard weapon began slidding slowly in and out,
the anal ring contracting with every langorous movement.

"Uhhh harder! harder Rich!"

The curly boy surely wasn't gonna disappoint his twin. He grabbed his
shoulders and shoved himself inside his rectum. The bed bumped against
the wall. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*

"Like that? You like it like that eh?" he smiled wickedly.

"Ohh yessss." Robby moaned.

Ron closed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming. When he opened
them up, the heap of tanned bodies was still there, Richie supporting
himself on his hands and toes as if he was doing push-ups on top of his

The two eleven-year-olds had obviously done this many times before.
There wasn't any innocence in their gestures. Robby was pushing his ass
up to meet his brother's thrust, ensuring a deep penetration in his
bowels. Richie was burying his nails in the tender flesh of his twin,
bitting his neck and growling like a wolf.

Ron saw the lubrication they had used leak out of Robby's brownhole as
Richie plowed the red opening at an incredible pace, his balls slapping
loudly against the firm buns. The flesh of the young boy's ass was
quivering with every contact of his brother's hips.

"Ohhhh that's it! I'm gonnnnnaaa commmme." cried Robby.

The bed was now hitting rhythmically the wall and Ron wondered if it
would fall over to expose these two naughty rascals.

It looked to him like Richie was an accomplished buttfucker. Of
course, he wasn't aware that Richie knew the proper angle to fuck his
brother's ass. The curb in his cock was perfect to rub his little
prostate and make him melt in ecstasy.

"Ohh yeah! Ohhh fuck me! Ohh fuck me!"

Mouth agape, Robby drowned in the pleasure of the anal onslaught. His
erect penis was getting massaged on the mattress and the familiar
tinglings grew in his cockhead. A few more jabs was all he needed.

He screamed with delight. The sweet pain was worth every second of the
thundering orgasm washing over him. His body jerked on the bed with less
and less intensity until he lay motionless.

Richie had noticed his brother's climax. He could always tell when he
came. Even though, there was nothing coming out of his penis, he knew
that when he opened his mouth wide and stopped breathing, he was coming.

The loose sphincter was not stimulating enough for his young cock. He
asked his brother to close his legs and hold them tight. The boy obliged
since he wanted his brother to get off now that he had been happy.

When Robby moved his legs together, his anus clamped on Richie's shaft.
He could buttfuck him now, hard and fast until he reached paradise. With
the efforts of a titan he continued pistonning his brother's rectum.

"Come in my ass! Argghh c'mon! come NOW!"

Richie bounced on the boy a few more minutes and reached the pre-
orgasm period. He had to fuck quick now. Real fast and steady for the
pleasure to flow. The bed banged furiously. Richie groaned and collapsed
on his brother as his penis shot blanks up his fanny. His little white
butt tensed up and the plesasure subsided.

They remained like that for the next moment, their chest heaving. When
they got up to recover their clothes, Ron ran away. The grunts echoed in
his head. Feeling a little scared and indisposed, he went looking for
a friendly face to clean up his mind, but he never found one.

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"Nobody's gonna come... I'M gonna come!" "

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