Halfway through summer camp, the rumors leaked from other cabins. It
was said that there was wild orgies in cabins 4,5,6,8,10,13 and
everyting above that number where the older boys were located.

Numerous personal accomplishments were also mentioned along with the
general gossip. It was said that, apparently, that in cabin 8, a ten-year-old
would sing 'Like a Virgin' dressed like Madonna for a couple of quarters.
The obscene spectacle was staged on his cot and included the intromission
of various oblong objects in his ass.

In cabin 1, an eleven-year-old repeated the feat of self-sucking
every night for anybody who was interested. In cabin 3, a seven year-
old could take as much as eight inches of boymeat in his butt without
flinching and in cabin 8, the older mates had discovered that they
had amidst the group an eight-year-old who enjoyed getting spanked for

Somehow, Ronald felt better knowing that he wasn't the only one
suffering from the inane pranks and cruel games. That feeling was
coupled with the lighter atmosphere in his own cabin.

All the boys were more open and friendly as time flew by. A certain
intimacy developped amongst them. They were running around pretty much
naked all the time, especially the twin brothers who were accustomed to
spending vacations at a nudist resort. They often fondled themselves
openly singing: 'A spring! a spring! a wonderful thing...everyone knows
it's Slinky!'

It seemed Jake had loosened up on Ron. He guessed he had gotten used
to having a sissy under his command. The evening's games were replaced
by lessons on how to masturbate properly. The youngest boy, Gary, was often
used to show new techniques since it was so funny to watch him squeal
and jerk when he climaxed. The fact that he could come as much as ten
times in three hours eventually turned him into the ideal practice

They also attempted self-sucking. The only boy who was supple enough
to succeed was Jerry but even then he only managed to put the tip of his
five inch cock between his lips.

In desperation, they began to suck each other off. Ron squirmed a
little at first. He didn't mind having Brent's penis every day in his
mouth but these were the brutal torturers who had humiliated him so many
times before.

The first public blow-job he gave was to Jerry. He remembered long
after the intense stares all around him as he bobbed his head on the
thick shaft. There was even three boys from other cabins he didn't
know which made him nervous.

Later, it was his duty every night to suck Jake and Jerry at the same
time, jumping from one erection to the other. Meanwhile, Gary would suck
the twin brothers across the room.

The twins were always turned on. They often brought Ron back at the
cabin during the day for a quick fellatio. He liked to suck their dicks.
They couldn't ejaculate yet and afterwards they would both suck on his
little peter until he reached a bumpy climax. The double stimulation by
the brothers was paradise. While one would work his tiny prick, the
other one nibbled his balls or licked his asshole.

Sometimes, he feared they would rape him. He had seen then have anal
intercourse again and he knew from the way the boys at camp talked
around him that a virgin anus like he had was a delicacy. But they

As promised by the general, sperm became a major part of his
nutrition. He lost count of how many times, Brent, Jake and Jerry
shot their voluminous load down his throat. By then, he figured he had
drunk as much as a gallon.

All in all, everything was going great. He never imagined boy-sex
could be so exciting and pleasurable. But this new found happiness was

One night, while he peed behind the cabin, Jake approached and looked
at him as he relieved himself. Ron didn't care. After all, the older boy
had seen his dick before. He shook the last drops and smiled.

"Get on your knees...and open your mouth." shouted Jake.

Ron thought it was odd for the black-haired teenager to ask for a
blow job outside. He knelt with his underwear still down and made a
perfect 'O' with his mouth. Jake took out his limp prick and shoved it
in his mouth.

Instinctively, Ron's lips clamped up on the cockhead and began
sucking the rubbery flesh. Jake grinned wickedly, he had the blond boy
were he wanted. He grabbed his head and started pissing in his mouth.
The hot urine filled his little cavity.

"C'mon drink up!" he laughed.

Ron felt all the progress he had gained with his tormentor fade away
in a second. He was back to square one. But this time, he wasn't gonna
give him the pleasure of humiliating him again. He smiled and drank the
bitter liquid as if he enjoyed it.

Jake was bewildered. He pulled out his cock and splashed the boy's
freckled-face with his urine.

"In my mouth!" defied Ronald.

Jake guided the yellow stream in the boy's mouth and watched him
swallow. It didn't overflow. He couldn't believe the ten-year-old was
thirty for this.

When the last drops spilled out of his piss slit, Ron said "Thanks."
and strolled away. The puny boy had become a true Wanafuk camper.


With every passing day, Brent loved even more little Ronald. They met
in the privacy of the thick forest for quick blow jobs, a strange
communion, a short encounter to remind them of their unquenchable
desires for each other. But what Brent enjoyed the most was going to
the abandoned haunted house and caress the ten-year-old's baby soft
skin, suck his toes, tickle him and get high from his boyish giggles.

Summer camp was almost over and Brent decided to increase their
visits to Weird Willy's house. The boy complied happily. One particular
day, they sneaked away from the touch football game and hurried to the
abandoned place.

They jumped out of the rowboat already naked and ran to their secret
hideaway where they twirled on the dirty bed, hugging passionately. Ron
moved over the tall boy and assumed their regular 69 position, taking
his stiff circumcised prick in his mouth. At the other end, Brent parted
his firm buttocks and darted his tongue at his pink boyhole.

Brent loved to rim his hole. Ater two weeks of this, it was loose
enough for two of his fingers to enter and stimulate his prostate. He
licked his way down to his little balls and sucked on them, one at a time
then both together. By the time he had finished, Ron's three inch dick
was rock hard with the foreskin totally rolled back behind his crown.

He took the little boy's penis between his lips and Ron moaned, a
barely audible 'hmmmmmmmmmmm' muffled by the five inches of meat inside
his throat.

They sucked in unison, listening to the slurping noises in order to
achieve a perfectly identical rhythm. When they did, it was like magic.
It's as if each boy was sucking his own cock, feeling the same pleasure.

Usually they stayed together like that for hours, pausing a while in
between orgasms before going at it again. But suddenly, Ron rolled off
his older partner. Brent raised his head.

"Tired?" he asked.

"No...I just wanna try something else...uh..."

"Anything you want."

" know when you put your fingers in my bottom... it feels
really nice... I wonder if you could stick your dick in my butt!...but
I'm scared... I've seen Robby and Rich do it and it looks painful..."

"Not if you do it right." frowned Brent. "See. My dick is already
covered with your spit... and I'll lick your asshole again... it's gonna go
in easy."

Ron hesitated and sheepishly said: "Okay."

"I promise I won't hurt you." Brent smiled. "Lay on your back and bring
your legs to your chest... that way I'll be able to see your face and
make sure everything's swell.."

Ron's heart began to pound. Even though his lover promised it
wouldn't hurt, he knew it would. That big thing sticking out between his
legs was larger than any finger. He anxiously imagined how it would feel
as it invaded his guts, the hardness and heat filling him. Once, he had
shoved GI-Joe's head in there. The horrendous pain was still crystal
clear in his mind.

He did as Brent explained, shivering from fright and excitement. With
his feet in the air, the twelve-year-old had complete access to his tiny
shithole. Brent licked his 'outie', stopped a second to taste his erect
thingy and went down to slick his butthole with saliva.

"You'll have to relax or else it won't go in Ron....Do like you wanna
take a dump.... that's it."

Ron practiced relaxing his sphincters as Brent spit in his puckered
hole and spread the lubricant all around his anal ring. The tall boy
moved forward and hoisted his short legs on his shoulders. His hard-on
was aimed directly at the entrance of his little ass. He shuddered.

Brent pushed his straining cock in the virgin anus and met the resistance
of the little muscle. "Ohhh relax Ron...." The tensed boy gasped for air
and let the big intruder enter him. The big knob enlarged his butthole
slowly and popped in his rectum.

"Oooooooo it hurts!" he grimaced. "Uhhh Don't stop! I want it!"

Brent forced his cock inside the young boy, one centimeter at a time,
and watched him clench his teeth and bury his fingers in the underside
of his thighs. It was without a doubt, the tighest hole he'd ever

Slowly, he mounted the boy, plunging his hard organ inside of him.
The narrow rectum was hot like a furnace. He pushed more and his balls
touched the mounds of the boy's butt. His cock was in to the hilt. They
were one now. He paused a few seconds to let the kid get used to having
his anus dilated.

"Uhhhh" moaned Ron. "Uhhh Okay... I'm ready..Uhhh. you can fuck me.."

Brent kissed his neck and cheeks and gently withdrew his penis out of
the tight hole. The skin was strangling his shaft. His five inch prick
felt so big inside such a little opening. When two inches had come out,
he pushed his cock back in completely, fast this time. Ron yelped.

He repeated the process again and again, gradually taking out more of
his aching cock before shoving it inside the boy's ass. An incredible
lust took over his body, the urge to pump hard and fast that little ass,
to deflower painfully the virgin boy. But his love for Ron was stronger.
He could already hear his wails of pain and didn't wanna hurt him more.

"Ohhhhh it's goooood!" moaned Ron feeling the stirrings of sexual
pleasure grow in his groin. "Fuck me harder!" he screamed remembering
Robby's words. Blood rushed to his little dick giving it back the
hardness it had lost. He crossed his feet behind Brent's neck and the
boyhunk hoisted himself over him, driving his big cock almost at ninety
degrees in his asshole.

Brent slammed his full length a couple of times in Ron and looked to
see if he was ok. He smiled. The boy was opening himself more and more
to him. He gripped his undevelopped shoulders and began sodomising him
steadilly, ramming his cock home. Their grunts filled the house with every
wonderful stroke.

Ron's breath grew short. The weight of bigger boy bouncing on him was
squashing him in the mattress. He felt totally possessed by his lover.
The long slippery cock plowed deep into him, rubbing his prostate and
tickling the nerve endings of his anus.

"Fuck me!" he yelled with his boyish voice. "Yesss faster!"

Brent thrust his cock in the moist tunnel as commanded. Beads of
sweat flew out from his pores onto the young boy. Ron's small body shook
like a puppet with every assault of his hard weapon until he screamed to
stop and take a break.

The interlude wasn't welcomed by Brent but still he kissed the boy
and pulled out his penis. Ronald's hole was red and quivering.

"Maybe you can sit on it and take as much you want?" he suggested.

The small boy straddled his chest and played with his nipples a
moment, assessing the soreness of his gaping butthole. They kissed for
five minutes, swirling their tongues in each other's mouths.

"I'm ready again." he giggled.

All that was necessary was a slight lift of his behind to find
Brent's cockhead. He positioned the big organ in front of his opening
with his fingers and slowly lowered his bony ass on it.

Moaning and cooing, he impaled himself on the slimy pillar until he
had the full length of his partner's prick inside. "Ohhhhhh" moaned
Brent in return, feeling the clenching asshole slide down on his pole.

Ron paused a second, his eyes closed, enjoying the bliss of their
union. He raised his butt and slammed it down. Then a little faster,
moving his ass a little higher, then higher, then harder. Before, he
even was aware of it, he was bouncing on his lover.

His little hairless dick was pointing ahead. He wrapped his fingers
around it and began to masturbate wildly with Brent's cock embedded inside
his butt.

Brent grinned at the boy. He was going nuts, fucking his dick a one
hundred miles, bouncing on it as if he was horse-riding, wailing and
stroking his tiny penis. All their energy was concentrated in the middle
of their bodies. Ron's sweaty face was flushed and his whole body was
twitching. He looked like he was gonna literally explode into pieces of
vibrant boyflesh.

Waves of pleasure wracked their bodies, their impending orgasm just
seconds away. Brent felt the familiar sensations in his over-stimulated
penis and grabbed the boy's legs behind the knees. Ron's cries were
making him crazy. He shook his head left and right feeling the pleasure
about to peak.

As Ron halted abruptly to savour his pre-pubescent climax, Brent raised
his hips and buried his cock deep inside of him for his own relief.

They came together. The ten-year-old's high-pitched cries spewed
from his opened mouth. It sounded like he was pleading. His body jerked,
his penis pulsed to shoot the seed that wasn't there and his tight nut-sack
shriveled. Soon, he collapsed on the twelve-year-old in the afterglow
of the most intense jolts of his life.

Brent's penis was erupting in his bowels, spraying the walls of his
insides with burning boycum. He could feel the creamy semen race inside
the tube lodged in his anus. It spurted again and again, filling his

With one last convulsion, Brent's orgasm faded away. He caressed the
boy's spine with tender brushes of the tips of his fingers. They stayed
locked together for a while without saying a word, letting their penises
soften slowly, their minds floating aimlessly away from the frenzy.

The bell indicating suppertime echoed accross the lake.

"Shit! We're late!" jumped Brent.

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