The collective buzz shrouding the summer campers was amazing. It
seemed a majority of them had lost interest in the regular activities.
Hiking, sailing, canoeing was out. The quest for viperine snakes
slithering in the muddy waters of the forest streams was replaced by the
exploration of similar looking wiggly their shorts. Much
more fun to play with.

Some played nude volley ball on the beach. The monitors didn't mind
of course. Boys will be boys. The skin of the athletic kids turned a
nice golden brown from the hours of playing in the sun. They were the
favorites of the older teenagers understandably.

Ron wasn't imune to the sexual energy surrounding him. He surprised
himself by befriending a boy his age he didn't even know. The brown-
haired ten-year-old was even more bashful than him! Something he had a
hard time believing.

He coaxed the boy into a little boy-sex. They found themselves
in his cabin, hiding under the sheets of his bed. There, they undressed
and touched their privates, laughing nervously. Ron had to do all the
first moves which was highly unusual for him. He put the boy's small erect
pecker in his mouth and sucked on it. The reluctant kid moaned.

For the rest of the afternoon, they sucked each other off several
times, never coming out from under the white tent for air. The little
boy did a good job on Ron's penis. He didn't feel his little pointy
teeth once on his sensitive glans and concluded the boy's alledged
shyness and innocence was a fraud.

Back in cabin 12, the pranks and games continued. Jake and his
sidekick Jerry used his sneakers has a receptacle for their loads of
sperm. When he wasn't looking, they tossed off in them. Ron resigned
himself to walking barefeet all the time.

The most humiliating was when he was dragged to another cabin by the
general, usually a cabin with older boys. In front of the strangers, he
had to drop his shorts and masturbate until he came. The threats of
another paddling had him making all sort of crazy stuff to please Jake.
The teenagers would laugh at him and point his tiny cock, calling it a

Thank god he had Brent. His lover was his lifeforce helping him
making it through all the madness. Then again, he couldn't deny he
enjoyed some of the sex-play. Sucking on big cocks wasn't that bad and
sometimes they'd suck his.


Ron slept like a log the last week of camp. He was exhausted all the time.
His days were filled with catching frogs, having sex with Brent and
doing gang blow-jobs in the evening.

He didn't even budge when Jake and the two brothers kidnapped his
body from the upper bunk in the middle of the night. It was little Gary's
screeching that did the trick. He opened his eyes in the darkness to
find blurred silhouettes giggling around him.

"He's awake!" whispered someone.

Ron just had time to see the three naked boys around him that Jake
jumped his bones and clamped his large hand on his mouth.

"Don't scream." he ordered. "You think you're big now uh? drinking piss
without crying uh? we'll see about that eh eh."

Small hands began to work on him, pulling down his underwear and
spreading his legs. He trashed and kicked in a futile attempt to
discourage his tormentors. Gary was complaining loudly across the room.
He struggled to escape from underneath the muscular thirteen-year-old
and that's when he saw Gary. He was bent over the couch and Jerry was
ramming his young hairless cock in his small virgin butt.

Ron pitied the kid for getting deflowered in such a revolting way.
He wished that Brent could have gotten to him first and make him
experience all the sensuality he was capable of. For a second, he forgot
he was gonna get assraped too, the strong hands of Jake were caressing
his ribs and kneading his buttocks almost lovingly.

The big boy laid forward on him and Ron cried. He could feel the big
hard cock rubbing against his tender bottom. A glob of cold lotion was
smeared in his anus and he yelped as the rough fingers poked inside of him
time and time again.

"You're so little Ronnie... I bet my dick is gonna come out of your
mouth when I fuck you!." laughed Jake.

Ron tensed up awaiting the painful intrusion. The older boy was
teasing him, rubbing the head of his penis in his buttcrack or pushing
it slightly in his puckered opening. With a savage grunt, Jake surprised
him and forced half of his cock inside his butthole. He yelled in
terror. The massive penis was much larger and thicker than Brent's.

"Make him beg for his mommy!" exclaimed Richie.

"Give it to him!" seconded his twin.

Ron bit the bed sheets as he felt the big organ slip up him. His
small sphincter was forced open with every horrible thrust. Two inches,
three, four, five and then the wiry pubic hair of Jake tickled his
smooth skin indicating he had the full length inside of him.
The hot hard piece of flesh was filling him. He sobbed loudly, feeling
stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.

Jake raised his narrow hips and began buggering him. "Oh fuck!... oh
yeah!" he moaned as he shoved himself into the tight hole. His six
inches slid slowly at first, held back by the resistance of Ron's
clenching asshole, then moved faster as the hand lotion diminished the

Jerry cried in ecstasy on the other side of the cabin and Ronald saw
him pull out his cock from the eight-year-old. Ropes of thick semen flew
from the tip of his penis all over the kid's back. Robby threw him
aside to take his place. He pushed the small boy on the couch and rammed
his young penis in his backside.

Ron was panting from all the aggressiveness surrounding him. Jake was
shoving his pole frantically all the way inside of him making the bed squeak
rhythmically. "Pleassee stop... aoowoww" he pleaded, but the teenager
ignored his begging. He even plowed faster in his butthole, sending his
big missible deep in his entrails.

"You like my big cock uh? I know you love that... we're all gonna fuck
you boy! You won't be able to walk straight for two days!"

With jerky hip thrust, he pushed his cock inside the little boy's
butt, each time grunting "Uhhh" "Uhh" "Uhhh take that!" "uhhh" then he
gripped his shoulders for ten minutes of savage power fucking.

Gradually, Ron felt the big organ move faster and faster and faster
until he couldn't even tell if the penis was out or inside his rectum.
Jake bucked his hips madly against his butt and groaned loudly. Torrents
of sperm squirted out of his huge member in his bowels. Along with the pain
was now the feeling of the warm liquid exploding in his intestines.

Jake pulled out of him his penis with a pop and the slimy
spunk poured out of his violated hole down on his thighs. He didn't
have time to regain his composure that Richie pinned his helpless body
to the mattress. His hard hairless penis probed his wet hole.

"Noooo please!" he pleaded again, terrorized by the realization that
the four older boys were gonna pork him for real. His adorable behind was
only for Brent to enjoy!

"Shut up! or I'll fuck you harder!" snapped Richie.

His penis was much smaller but still it hurt as it penetrated
his sore boyhole. The eleven-year-old humped him a while and turned
him on his flanks to fuck him sideways. With Richie's arm wrapped
around his skinny chest to hold him steady, he could feel the steely
erection burst deep up his ass.

His loosened hole was slippery from Jake's load allowing the engorged
little organ of his rapist to slide easily in and out of him. The bed
banged against the wall like it did when he was fucking his
brother. A loud *BANG* of wood on wood which meant that Richie's boycock
was in to the hilt.

Whenever he started to feel comfortable with the anal assaults, Rich
buttfucked him with more passion. All he could do was cry and whine like
Gary. They were getting fucked good by the twins and there was no way of

Richie moaned happilly and his body jerked against Ron's as he came
hard. Soon after, the groans of his brother resonated. He was climaxing
inside Gary, moving the tip of his penis back and forth in his tight
anus to intensify his pleasure.

"Watch the pros now kids!" said Jake in the wake of his renewed arousal.
He grabbed Gary's shoulders and placed his six inch cock in front of
the tiny orifice. The small child yelled in terror.

"Stop screaming little bastard!" Jake barked. He shook the kid's body
like a rag doll and shoved his cock in his small butt. "Ooooo it's like
a vise grip!" he cooed.

Meanwhile, Jerry gripped Ron's ankles and pulled him to the edge of
the bed. "Nooo don't do it pleasse." begged the ten year old. Feeling no
shame at all, Jerry bent him over the bed and entered his ass.
He screamed again. The thick shaft hurt much more than Richie's
little pecker, not as much as Jake though.

Since Jerry had came earlier, Ron knew he was in for a ride and that's
what he got. A long vigorous buttbanging. His pathetic cries mixed with
the grunts of the gangly boy. He could feel Jerry's balls bounce on
his firm buns as he took the five inches of meat deep in his rectum.

Jake was having difficulties with Gary. The little boy's ass couldn't
handle such a large appendage. It wouldn't slide smoothly. Gary panicked
and began to push away his aggressor which irritated Jake. He spun the
small kid and spanked him before applying an abondant amount of hand
lotion on his big cock and Gary's butthole. Then, he drove his six inch
pole into him and it went deep like he liked.

"Ohhh stop squirming Gary.. you're gonna like this..."

The need to sleep caught up with Ron. He almost dozed off from the
repetitive motion of Jerry's prick, moving back and forth inside of him
at the same constant pace. Robby noticed it and pushed his erect boydick
in his face, urging him to suck it. For what seemed like forever he
pleasured the two boys, whimpering from time to time, taking their young
penises deep inside of him at both ends.

The incessant wails of Gary, getting the fuck of his life from Jake,
was the only thing keeping Ronald awake. The dark general had stretched
the eight-year-old's tiny hole and was pumping his white butt mightilly,
grunting from his pleasure. There was nothing he enjoyed more than parting
the cheeks of a boy to watch his long cock disappear completely in his
rectal opening.

Ron felt the hips of Jerry bumping frantically against his ass. The
stiff penis hurried out of his bowels suddenly and shot a musky load in his
gaping asshole. The boy's juice pulsed out again and again all over his
little buttocks and oozed down his legs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah... we must do this every night!" blurted Jerry.

Jake took Gary in his strong arms, walked a couple of steps, and
impaled him on his rigid member. Standing up in the middle of the cabin
with the young child on his cock, he growled loudly as if calling the
troop to watch his grotesque show.

Gary's limp body bounced on the thirteen-year-old's phallus. His
small frame rose in the air until Jake released his grip and dropped it on
his slimy pillar. It didn't take long for him to reach an orgasm and
flood the small boy's rectum with his hot seed. "Ohh yeah baby, I'm
cumming inside you.." Jake moaned. He held the kid tight against his
smooth torso and pumped his jism in him with frantic convulsions.

For a moment, the stillness of the summer night resurfaced while
everyone laid down, their chest heaving, catching their breath.
The two brothers were the only ones left with unsatisfied penises.
They agreed to leave little Gary alone since the boy was sobbing on the
couch, evaluating the damages to his abused hole with tentative brushes
of his short fingers.

Robby crawled on top of Ron, half-asleep on the bunk and slipped his
hard-on between his asscheeks. It was the fourth cock invading Ron. He
almost didn't even feel it move in and out of his slippery boyhole. Too
tired to complain, he let the older boy fuck him, muttering "nooo noooo"
from time to time to show he didn't approve.

The other brother not content with watching, joined the couple. He
slammed his lotion-covered prick in his twin's ass forming a human
sandwich of pre-pubescent boys. Robby, who was caught in between, moaned
softly from the double stimulation. His brother's pelvic thrusts in his
ass generated more intensity to his own.

Ron was crushed under the two bodies. Robby and Richie were humping
away and giggling. Jake laughed and encouraged the two horny eleven-
year-olds. "Look at that!" he exclaimed. "I gotta try this once!"
From where he was sitting, he could see three sets of balls jiggling
madly one over the other.

The tanned boys traded position and Richie took his brother's cock
up his ass while he fucked Ron. Their six legs intertwined with the
growing frenzy of their lovemaking. An orgy of erotic noises emanated from
the trio. Both the brothers pumped harder and faster, reaching for the
sweet relief.

"UHHH UHHHH UHHHHH" cried Richie, almost screaming. The stiff cock in
his rectum rubbed his prostate one too many time and triggered an
earthshaking orgasm that sent his little immature body out of control.
Robby continued plowing his butt, feeling the anus strangle his penis
with every peak of his twin's climax. His scrotum tightened suddenly and
he came too, moaning loudly as his body jerked over the pile of flesh.

The ones who weren't already sleeping drifted slowly away where they
were laying. Outside, the first rays of the new day's sun were shining
over the lake.


The day following the gang-bang Ron pranced in the cabin like nothing
ever happened. He was used to the camp life now. His mind was kinda numb
from the weeks of silly abuse.

It wasn't the same for little Gary. The gap-toothed kid walked
different, mainly from the soreness of his butthole but also because
something had changed inside of him. He felt...bigger, more mature.

Jake and Jerry's cocks had hurt like hell but he had actually enjoyed
Robby's dick in his bottom. A perfect fit, and it had felt good sliding in
and out of his shit chute.

He too had grown a lot that summer, but he was still the cabin 12
little boy. With the same undies bearing the letters G - A - R - Y on
the waistband, carefully put there with a black marker by his mother.
Still the same little rascal who giggled madly when you tickled his

The last Sunday came too fast for Ronald. He strolled on the camp
grounds and watched the boys play one final game of baseball. There was
so much more boy-sex he wanted to experience, but now it was over.

The big yellow school bus arrived around one o'clock. He sat with
Brent on the way back and they held hands, sometimes, when nobody was
looking. Brent lived in the suburbs, a two hour drive from his house!
He feared he would never see him again. His handsome face was almost
glowing in the sweet summer sun. He squeezed his fingers tightly with
every sigh of his wounded little heart.

The bus stopped for gas and Brent fucked him one last time, in the
public washrooms, bent over the toilet bowl. A quick encounter, but a
passionate one where he was showered with wet kisses.

Back in the unwelcoming city, they hugged sadly.

"I'll see you next year Ron?"

"Yeah." he grinned.

They glanced at each other all the way to their parent's cars. Ron
jumped in the back seat and asked his folks to close the radio. He
couldn't wait to tell them how much fun he'd had at Camp Wanafuk. ;-)


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