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Cleaning cars for a living could be fun.
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Cleaning The Cars

One Saturday during July Mom and Dad went on a bus trip to Atlantic City to gamble, take in a show, and walk the boardwalk. While they were gone I decided to clean their cars. I was sixteen years old and Dad gave me his old clunker when he got a new one. Mom said that Dad went through a mid-life crisis and that he bought a chick-mobile.

I had nothing better to do that Saturday so I decided to wash and wax both of their cars. After that I decided to clean them out. Both of my parents were messy and thought that the backseat was a trashcan.

I got a big plastic trash bag from under the kitchen sink and started with Dad’s car. I took out wrappers, bags, and cups from every fast food place in town. I also found some business cards from bars that contained the names of girls with phone numbers on them. Then slipped under his front seat were three pair of panties. They were all different sizes meaning different women had worn them. I then looked up and saw footprints on the ceiling over the backseat. I cleaned everything spotless and kept the evidence that I had found.

In Mom’s car I found a slew of coffee cups, mostly from the same place. I found three pair of panties under the driver’s seat but they were all her size. I found six used condoms that appeared to all be the same brand. Most were dried up but one was somewhat fresh. Then I found a sealed envelope labeled “To Fred With Love.” I opened it up and found pictures of my naked mother in it and a letter. The letter was a love letter of sorts from my mother to Fred. The letter was very specific about allowing him to fuck her pussy every day at noon in her office at work and to fuck her in her asshole every Friday at noon in her office too. Page two looked like a legal contract between her and her boss based on a promotion. The pictures were very nice, they were crystal clear, close enough, and they showed her intimate parts fully. In the last one Mom was holding her outer pussy lips open, her inner lips and hole were pink and wet, and tattooed inside her outer lips were the phrase “Born To Fuck.” Mom’s clitoris hood was pierced with a pretty horseshoe shaped band with blue beads on both ends.

I finished up and went straight to Mom’s computer. I finally figured out her password BornToFuck, all one word with three capitals. I had full access to Mom’s computer. I found her stash of self-pornography and copied it all to my flash drive. I could hardly believe what I found. There were over ten thousand pictures on Mom in various stages of dress, in various places, and over her entire lifetime. I even found pictures of her pregnant for me and of her nursing me until I was about five years old. There were pictures of Mom standing nude in front of every Christmas tree that we ever had. Then there were a whole bunch of pictures of Mom getting fucked by strange men. In some pictures there were as many as four or five naked men either fucking her or waiting their turn. Mom was a fuck-slut.

I was asleep when they got home but in the morning Dad came in and woke me up. He actually thanked me for cleaning out his car and gave me fifty dollars for doing it. I told him that I didn’t do it for the money. It was pretty obvious that he didn’t know I had found anything out of the ordinary.

Mom was a different story. When I came down for lunch Dad was gone so she just came right out with it, “Did you find an envelope in my car?”

I smiled and replied, “The one to Fred with the letter and pictures? Yeah I found it, I read it, and I kept the pictures too. By the way, they were great pictures.”

Mom said, “I want them back mister.”

I just laughed and said, “I want to fuck you.”

Mom’s jaw dropped, her mouth opened, and she said, “You can’t be serious.”

I grabbed her by her arm and took her into my bedroom. She just stood there as I removed her clothing. A tear came to her eye as I threw her bra across the room and grabbed at her panties, tearing them off from her. She was silent as I pushed her back onto my bed, grabbed her ankles, and forced her knees into her chest. I pulled my cock out and forced it into her. Not a word was said the whole time that I fucked her and filled her with her own son’s cum. She didn’t move until I had gone into my bathroom. When I came out Mom was gone, her clothes were gone, and her torn panties were gone too. As I left my bedroom I heard her shower running.

Mom didn’t come out of her room until she heard Dad come home. She must have felt safe with him around. I didn’t want her to feel safe. When Dad turned his back I reached up and placed my hand on one of Mom’s boobs. She gave me a dirty look and moved away from my hand. I moved too and slipped my hand up under her skirt and cupped her panty-covered ass. Mom didn’t move that time however I didn’t want Dad to catch me so I lowered my hand. That night I grabbed her tits or ass whenever I got the chance. One time Dad went to the bathroom and I grabbed Mom’s panty-covered pussy. She stood there and even opened her legs up a little for me.

Before Dad returned Mom said, “Okay you win. I’ll be your sex toy. Just stop grabbing me in front of your father.”

I smiled and said, “Good. I want you to come and tuck me in tonight.”

Dad returned and we watched some television. About nine o’clock I said goodnight and went to my bedroom.

Shortly after I was in bed, Mom tapped on my door lightly and opened it. She came in and sat on the edge of my bed. She was only wearing a transparent white neglig?and nothing else. She said, “I put this on for you but I’m going to tell your father the same thing.”

I got of bed and picked up my digital camera.

Mom said, “You won’t show these to anyone, will you, especially your father.”

I replied, “Probably not, but just suppose that I will. In fact you should believe that I will start an Internet site staring you.”

Mom said, “Oh please don’t. I’ll cooperate. I really will. Just don’t tell your father that I’m letting my boss and you fuck me, he explicitly told me not to let either one of you fuck me. That promotion doubled my salary and his cock is worthless, I can hardly feel it in me, and he cums in less than a minute. You’re much better.”

I started taking pictures and had her hold her pussy open for me. I especially wanted her “Born To Fuck” tattoo. I noticed that her clit piercing now had red beads on both ends. She said that she had about a dozen studs to put in her clit and that she changed them every week. I told her that I wanted to watch her change them the next time. Then I slipped the head of my cock into Mom’s juicy pussy as I took more close-up pictures. Then I pulled out, set the auto timer for two pictures, and slipped my cock back into her. Mom was not very pleased that I had evidence that I had my cock in her. She cleaned herself up in my bathroom and then went down to Dad. I was pretty sure that he would fuck her too. I hoped he liked sloppy seconds because I intended on getting in her before he did, every night from then on.

I was waiting for Mom to come home from work the next day knowing that Dad was always a half-hour behind her.

Mom saw me as she entered the house and said, “I need to shower first.”

I said, “No you don’t. I don’t mind fucking you dirty.”

Mom said, “But I do mind. I need a shower first.”

I grabbed her arm and led her to my bedroom. I told her to get undressed and to tell me what had happened to her sex wise.

Mom got a very stern look on her face. She was trying to decide whether to answer me or not. When she had removed her panties and unhooked her bra she held her bra in place for a moment while she said, “That asshole wrote on me and I don’t know what it says.” Then she lowered her bra.

Her boss had written on her tits…in a permanent Sharpie marker…black. I took three pictures then told her to get in the shower and get it off before Dad got home and saw it.

On the underside of her right tit it said, “This fucking whore is mine.” On the underside of her left tit it said, “I pay her and I can fuck her.”

Well that just pissed me off.

The next day I went right over to his house to confront his wife. She opened the door and invited me in without even asking me who I was. She was pretty and she was quite gracious. She offered me a drink and asked me to sit in her parlor. It was just a fancy living room but I got the impressing that it was just for company. She was older than I had imagined. When she brought me a soda and a glass of wine for herself she finally asked me what I wanted.

Well I told her that I had accidentally walked in on my mother changing her clothes, saw the note that her husband had left, and photographed it. Then I produced three pictures. The first one was of Mom from her belly button up, the second picture was of just her breasts, and the third one was just a different angle of her breasts that clearly showed the two messages.

She listened intently and showed no sign of emotion what so ever. She informed me that her husband was twenty years younger than she was and that he had been caught twice before cheating on her. She said something about three strikes and your out, like in baseball. Then she asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I sad that I would appreciate it if she could get him to stop writing on her and that Mom had agreed to let him fuck her for her promotion.

She gave it all a moment to sink in and then said, “Well, he most certainly will stop writing on your mother. He will also stop fucking your mother and she can keep her promotion too. In fact I may just give her his job, you see I own that company, I own my husband too, and I have an airtight pre-nuptial agreement. I’ll cut his fucking balls off.”

I watched as she smiled as she schemed in her head for an idea, not just an idea, but a wonderfully devious idea. When she was ready she said, “I want you to do to me what my husband has been doing to your mother. I want you to fuck me and I want you to print that same message on my tits.”

She was old enough to be my grandmother but she was certainly pretty enough and she was offering herself to me. She took me to her bedroom and it was very lady like and girly. It did not look like her husband shared it with her. She confirmed that fact, that he had his own bedroom down the hall, and that they did not sleep together. As she undressed for me she even did that like a lady. She was very elegant and sophisticated. She hung everything up properly. When she was completely naked she asked me if I would like her panties. They looked expensive and pretty so I said, yes.

She told me to do whatever I wanted to do to her but that I was to cum inside her pussy, the more the better. I thought about just fucking her but then I realized that this woman could teach me a lot about sex, love, and relations with girls my own age. She could be my tutor. When I told her what I wanted she smiled and said that she would be happy to help me out. However, right at that moment she just wanted my cum in her pussy so she could call her husband and have him come home. Cumming in her was not a problem for me. She handed me a permanent marker and I wrote on her tits like her husband had done to my mother. She called her husband and told him to hush right home, right then.

I was standing in her closet when he entered. He saw the message that I had written on her tits and started treading water, but he was quickly drowning. She then told him to eat her pussy, to swallow my cum, or to get out. He chose to leave. Before he got to the door she told him that he had lost his job, lost his wife, lost his income, and that my mother now had his job. She suggested that he go to a hotel of his choice and that she would have all of his personal possessions packed up and sent to him anywhere he wanted them.

When he slammed the door she turned to me and said, “Come here I want to make love to you.”

She did some incredible things to me. Her mouth and tongue drove me crazy sucking my cock. She climbed on top of my cock and her talented pussy made me feel very good. She dangled her tits in my face and had me bite her nipples with my teeth. I was afraid that I would bite them off but at the last moment she cried out in an orgasm. According to her it was better than her husband had ever given her. I was invited back anytime that I wanted another lesson.

When Mom came home from work a little late. She was very excite, she hugged me tightly, and she thanked me for everything that I had done for her.

Dad arrived moments later and Mom told him the good news. Then she told him about her boss fucking her for her first promotion and me fucking his wife for her second promotion. Then she told us to get cleaned up and that we were going out to dinner.

Mom was dressed to kill when she came down the stairs. Dad called it her ‘fuck me’ dress. During dinner Mom rattled on about all sorts of things like making four times as much money as Dad made, buying a new house, and buying me a nicer car than Dad had. After she paid the bill she offered herself to both of us as desert.

Dad gave her a dirty look and Mom said, “I know what we talked about, I know what you said, but after what he did for me and for us he deserves the right to fuck me. Hell, I let that scumbag boss of mine fuck me so my own son should be able to if he wants too. I owe him that much plus so much more.”

Dad resigned himself to the idea of sharing his wife with me. All he said was, “I don’t like sloppy seconds.”

Mom said, “I’ll stock up on disposable douches then. What flavor do you like? Oh, that’s right you never go down on me but for some reason I have to go down on you…and swallow too.”

Mom looked at me and asked, “Do you have any special needs?”

I smiled and said, “How about no bras or panties at home, more miniskirts, and maybe see through nighties after dinner.”

Mom said, “Okay, but I need something from you too.”

I asked, “What?”

Mom said, “After school on Fridays I need you to come to my office where you will have to participate in a threesome with my new boss and me. She really took a liking to you.”

I replied, “Anything you want Mom. Beside for an old lady she can really fuck.”

Mom smiled and said, “I had to kiss a lot of ass with her husband, now I’ll have to kiss a lot of pussy.” Mom laughed. Then she said, “I had to let my boss fuck me, now I have to let my son fuck my boss.” Mom laughed again.

At home Dad fucked Mom first but I told her not to bother cleaning up because I liked the thoughts of sloppy seconds. As it turned out I really did like sloppy seconds. Mom was really wet and I slipping in and out of her for a long time before it felt so intense that I had to come in her too.

When Mom came down to join Dad and I for a movie she had on a see through nightie without any panties just as I had requested. I could see wet cum on her thigh and dried cum around her pussy lips. Mom smiled at me and then told Dad that she would clean it up if he wanted anymore, otherwise she was saving it for me.

I assumed that Mom meant sloppy seconds or thirds in that case. Dad apparently took it differently and told her to fuck me all that she wanted too and that he would ask for it when he wanted it. Then he told her to start sleep with me at night.

Mom said Okay, and then she asked me if I was ready for bed. She took me to her bedroom saying that the two of us needed the bigger bed and that Dad would get along perfectly in my bed until he came to his senses.

Dad never did come to his senses. A year later they were divorced, Mom gave him the house and he was happy. I got Mom everyday, a new house with a swimming pool, and her boss every Friday at work.

Eventually Mom had “My Son” added to the tattoo inside her outer pussy lips. The phrase now read “Born To Fuck My Son.”

Mom and I lived happily ever after.

The End
Cleaning The Cars
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