Chapters 9-10
If your reading this first you need to go back and read the first parts otherwise you'll need a map

Chapter IX

Naomi and Jeremy walked down the beach till they were out of earshot. “We have a problem” Jeremy said
“It appears that Anabell is still trying to help her employer or former employer and he plans to take it out on one of the girls, and he wants to kill me.”
“When did you hear that?” Naomi asked
“Last night I heard something down the beach and saw the three of them talking. And heard most of what they had to say”
“I see well in that case I am guessing that we need to get going more urgently than before”
“I agree what do we do about Anabell”
“We can’t force her to go with us”
“No but we can’t let them that is the boys interfere with our plans and terrorize us either”
“What’s your plan?” Naomi asked.
“We could always knock her out or something?”
“How about a blind fold”
“That could work, let’s do it then.” The two walked back to the beach encampment. “ Okay girls Rachel Pricilla Rose and Annabel come here. We talked about it and we decided that I have found a secret place its so secret I can’t tell you where it is so I need you to put on blindfolds and hold hands I’ll lead you the rest of you wait here with Naomi she’ll be in charge while I’m gone. He didn’t wait for an answer just waited until the girls had tied strips of cloth across their eyes and took Rose by the hand and got all the girls in a single line and led them in a crisscross course across the island to where the Canoe was hidden. He loaded them one at a time into the canoe and paddled them across the straight between islands. He then got them out and led them to the little cove where he had them sit down. “Okay ladies you can take off your blindfolds now”
“Where are we” Rose asked
Jeremy chuckled “Again with that question, safer than you should be you all wait here I’ll get the rest of the girls and be back in a Jiffy.
“Okay” Pricilla said
“Were we in a boat?” Rachel asked
“All will be revealed when everyone else gets back”
“Okay” the women chorused though Anabell looked more than a little worried.
He got back in the Canoe there was a black Cloud on the horizon and he hurried back to the camp not bothering to conceal the canoe this time. He loaded the other girls on and handed them paddles. Naomi took one as did Sara, Shannon Tiffany and Sunni sat in the bottom of the boat with Norman as they sped out across the straight the clouds were getting blacker and the wind was starting to pick up as they beached the canoe the girls help haul it onto shore and camouflaged it as best they could. He led the girls down around to the lagoon and to where the other girls waited. “No Blindfolds for them?” Anabell asked
“Well…” Jeremy began
“Annabel” Naomi interrupted Sunni and Shannon both knew about the boat and I already knew about the plan and Tiffany well she and Shannon and Sara are best friends and best friends don’t keep secrets. So no, no blindfolds, but I want to talk about the little chat you had on the beach last night with Joe and Gary”
“What?” the girls asked glaring at Annabel who gulped
“I… How did you know?”
“Never mind how I know I know now can we count on you to behave yourself?”
“You Bitch!” Sunni screamed leaping onto Anabell and punching her two or three times tearing her blouse and rolling around on the ground. Jeremy quickly grabbed Sunni and pulled her off of Anabell who looked for a moment like she wanted more but the other women closed ranks with Naomi looming in front of her.
“Now can we count on you to behave, or do I tell Jeremy to let Sunni go and…”
“No, no I’ll behave”
“Very good but until you have proven you can be trusted you will have to be with one girl at all
times. I suppose its best if we tied one of them to you, you will bathe with them and talk to them and do whatever they ask you do you. Once you have gone through every girl then you will be free to go. You will have a different girl with you every week. If you try to escape we will find you and leave you tied up for Joe and Gary to find. Any questions?”
“Don’t you think that that is a little harsh” Jeremy whispered
“No I don’t this is life and death” she whispered back “Now” she said so everyone could hear does anyone object to this judgment?” No one said anything, “Does anyone wish to say anything about this?” again no one said anything. “Very well then.” Naomi picked up a piece of rope and tied it around Annabel’s waist loosely. She walked amongst the girls with the other end and chose Shannon and tied the other end around her wrist. “Jeremy what do you want us to do?”

Chapter X

“Gather as much wood and food as you can for now and get inside the grotto there” he pointed. “I’m going to get some rest, when it starts raining everyone get into the grotto. He walked up into the Grotto it was ten feet across and almost 60 feet long he figured the floor was soft and covered with moss. He relaxed and was soon overcome with sleep. He woke up in the dark he untangled himself gently from Pricilla and Sunni and walked to the entrance of the cave, He undressed and walked out into the rain letting the cool water clean the dirt sweat and grime from his body. He felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned.
“Shh” Nicole said putting a finger to her lips and leading him away from the grotto “I wanted to talk to you I don’t know if any of the other girls have figured it out yet but well we are going to have a problem eventually.”
“How do you mean?” Jeremy asked as Nicole stripped out of her wet clothes.
“Naomi saw animal tracks but didn’t know what kind so she told us to take turns watching the front of the cave I hoped I would get a chance to talk to you”
“So what is the problem?” Jeremy asked
Nicole Reached out and took hold of his cock “This” She said licking her lips. “Its okay Jeremy I really want this and now that I see it I want it in so many ways. “The problem is she whispered brushing the tip against her lips is one there is one cock and so many of us want it, the other problem is, is that your going to get more than one of us pregnant sooner or later. After all there is no birth control on this island I suppose that some of the girls have some birth control of some kind but I’m betting that unlike Sunni and myself they are either on the pill or on an injection of some kind. Sunni and I have implants they are good for 4 months we got them three months ago.”
“I hadn’t thought about that, the pregnancy thing the one guy for 9 girls we were going to work out once we are all settled here for the most part.”
“Well I just wanted to tell you about it, and thank you for what you did for Sunni”
“I..” Nicole sucked half of Jeremy’s large shaft into her mouth “Nicole what are you doing?”
“Shut up and let me thank you Jeremy” She said pulling his cock from her mouth only long enough to breathe the words out her tongue tickled his balls as she deep throated him letting her throat muscles tantalize the head of his cock she caressed his balls with her hand, and he grasped her head as he exploded into her mouth, she sucked the last drops from his throbbing cock. “Thank you” she said again “I’ll understand if you don’t want to fuck me later but maybe once in a while it would be nice to get a mouthful of your gorgeous cock.”
“Your welcome Nicole why wouldn’t I want to fuck you?”
“Well I’m Ugly I mean the only reason I know anything about sex is because I hang out with Sunni and I do her dirty work in the dark.”

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Nicole had a deep sense of self-loathing she was smart and all but she felt that she had the face that looked best on a dog. True she wasn’t the best looking of the group of girls she was just not outstanding like the rest of them. She was actually fairly average looking but when you compared her to the other women on the trip she was the end of the line. Because her best friend Sunni was so naturally pretty she felt often overlooked and so that she got her share of attention she started to pretend that she was Sunni at least in the dark it worked.
She did a lot of disgusting things. She didn’t mind too much it was nice when men touched you made you feel good or you made them feel good and they would often compliment Sunni on her prowess though she knew that they were actually complimenting her and Sunni really didn’t ask too many questions she just smiled and nodded a lot and said uh huh in the most annoying way. Nicole also helped Sunni graduate she was no good at math or English or any subject except perhaps personal hygiene and fashion. But that is what Sunni wanted to be a fashion designer and model she certainly had the body for it never mind that her head was empty most of the time. Joe her boyfriend was another matter all together he was mean and cruel and liked rough sex and had often left Nicole with nasty bruises. She never let them show and never told Sunni about it she could always tell when Joe was in a mood and would insert herself to keep her friend from getting hurt. She really didn’t know why she did it except that Sunni was always her friend and never judged her. She had been glad when she found out that Jeremy was going on the trip he was an outcast and maybe he would be nice and they could spend some time together. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t though he was ruggedly handsome to her eye and she felt that he like most boys were out of her league.

<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>
“I see, well I don’t agree and you will get your turn with everyone else I promise I won’t exclude anyone.”
“Oh good! Thank you again” Jeremy walked down to the beach and bathed as best he could in the surf and rain and went back and collected his clothes and put them back on, he noticed that Nicole had done the same though her clothes were still quite wet. Jeremy went to work building a fire and soon it was warm and crackling. The warmth and noise of the fire soon woke the rest of the camp and as Nicole knelt close to the fire everyone else started getting up and talking amongst themselves.

“Ladies” Jeremy began It will take us a little while to get organized here and I want to bring two things to light here the first is that once everything is organized I want to find a fair way for you all to share me, its completely voluntary if you don’t want to that’s fine with me as well. The second thing I want to discuss is pregnancy if and when we start having sex odds are pretty good that some or all of you will get pregnant. I want you all to think about that hard before you all decide. Naomi nodded and looked at him “Hadn’t thought about that”
“But I’m on the Pill” Rachel piped.
“When was the last time you took it?” Naomi asked
“Two days ago before we left, its in my luggage”
“And your luggage is at the bottom of the sea” Nicole chuckled “not really all that accessible.”
“I suppose not”
“I want to have your Baby Master” Said Shannon and Tiffany together.
“Well lets not get in a hurry to knock everyone up we had best do it in stages I think so that not everyone is pregnant at the same time, we’ll figure something out I’m sure” Jeremy Grinned
“In the meantime I think everyone should take a bath at least I’ll see about working on soap here soon.”
“You know how to make soap” Sunni asked
“Yes it won’t be wonderful soap but we can wash with it and clean our clothes.”
“That is so cool Jeremy you are so smart and you know stuff I mean you really know stuff and you’re my hero and everything”
“Speaking of getting all nice and clean” Rachel began “does anyone have a razor? I’m starting to get stubble”
“No” the others said one by one
“How are we supposed to be nice and sexy if we can’t shave?” Rachel asked incredulously.
“You mean we’ll be all hairy and gross?” Sunni asked catching on
“Well I don’t have a razor and there are no health spa’s around for a wax so it looks that way” Nicole said
“What will we do Jeremy won’t want us if we are all hairy and gross” Sunni exclaimed
“Doesn’t seem like we have much choice does it” Shannon said
“But I want to be all pretty and sexy for Jeremy” Sunni cried
“Settle down Sunni, I’m just doing the best I can in a bad situation now if you’ll excuse me I have some things that I need to attend to.” He walked out into the falling rain and picked up a fallen limb from on of the breadfruit trees and brought it back inside. He worked it over the fire straightening it and scraping down the knots on it. He worked some of the larger pieces of obsidian that he had brought along into a spear point and attached it to the end of the spear with some left over hair from earlier. He then walked the island following the tracks till he came across a heard of goats there were about 30 of them he quietly stalked one of the bigger rams and then when he was close maybe 8 feet he jabbed it with his spear the rest of the heard scattered and Jeremy wrestled with the ram pulling the spear point out and using it to cut the goat’s throat. He carried it back to camp the girls were slightly horrified as he gutted the animal and butchered it with his crude tools he hung the meat from a tree and took a quarter and spitted it over the fire. Soon the smell of roasting meat filled the cave and the now clean girls were salivating at the smell.
“Where did you find it?” Sunni asked “And how did you know how to cut it up like that and I mean what”
“I killed it Sunni he said matter of factly and I have butchered many animals before I expect that this one will be a little stringy but I’ll do better in the future.”

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

Pricilla was an animal lover from the start she loved dogs and horses from the time that she could walk and she rode horses regularly. All animals were sacred was her philosophy and she couldn’t bear to think that they might be killed for any reason. Of course she would conveniently forget this fact every time she sat down at a table for a meal be it fast food or something the housekeeper cooked up lamb or burgers. She had started her sexual experimentation with animals almost two years earlier when she had been masturbating on the couch and her dog Sully had come up and started licking her fingers, the ones that had been diddeling her slit. That of course got her more and more interested in animal sex sully was a small dog 40 lbs give or take and his cock was well large for his size and after a few times giving him a blow job after he licked her to climax, she started looking at other dogs.
It started with Pricilla and Rose house sitting and dog sitting and then Rose caught her sucking off one of the dogs. There was a fight and much hair pulling and it ended with Rose getting fucked by the dog this really turned Pricilla on. After that they would take turns having sex with the dogs and each other.
A few weeks before the Trip was scheduled to leave they had been at the stable where they had their riding lessons everyone was pretty much leaving for the night and they were cleaning up the horses and feeding them as was their usual, Daddy owned the stable and it was their job to maintain the horses so they were pretty much out there every day. A Dumpy girl named Lannie who had been following them around for the past few weeks much to Pricilla’s annoyance had asked for a ride home they had agreed to it. So as they were finishing cleaning up Lannie walked up to them asking when it was time to leave they had a few more stalls to tend to so they asked her to wait. Lannie asked if she could hang out with them they were of course the coolest girls at the stable. Rose and Pricilla looked at each other and Pricilla had that look that rose knew all too well. Sure Pricilla said but you have to pass our initiation first. Lannie agreed readily. First Rose said you have to run around the barn.
Okay Lannie agreed
You have to be naked Pricilla revised
Oh… Lannie said
“Don’t worry there is no one here but us and the horses Lannie.”
Lannie somewhat reluctantly stripped out of her clothes and then skipped out the door she returned as the girls finished the last of their work panting and sweating.
Good rose said
“Thanks” Lannie gasped “now what”
“Come with me” Pricilla said leading Lannie into an empty stall “get on your knees and close your eyes” which Lannie did kneeling in the soft sawdust now keep your eyes closed and your hands behind your back said Pricilla as she deftly removed her pants standing behind the girl. She moved in front of Lannie and pulled her face to her now bare pussy.
“Make my sister cum Lannie” Rose said
“Yes suck my pussy” Pricilla said as Lannie began to lick and lap and suck on the older girls snatch. Pricilla ground her pussy against Lannie’s face and came within twenty minutes then rose replaced her and the act was repeated. “Okay Lannie you did good so far one more test for you”
Okay she said smiling a shyly the twins led her to a stall and opened the door “you have to make Max here cum” Pricilla said looking at Rose who had a somewhat surprised look on her face.
“How?” Lannie said
“Well you see his cock well you stroke it or suck it or jam it in your pussy and rub it till those big balls there empty”
“Oh okay” Lannie said hesitantly reaching for the enormous member she then gently started stroking it the horse snorted a little and as Lannie got more into it Pricilla knelt on the floor next to her and started flicking her clit gently
“That’s it” Pricilla said “Stroke it” it took only ten minutes before the horse nickered and unleashed a flood of white goo on the unsuspecting teen.” They led her out to the cross ties and hosed her off. And took her to the car Rose drove while Pricilla still on a sexual high sixty-nined with Lannie in the back seat. From that day on they tortured Lannie every day making her drink cum, having her fuck dogs while she ate out one of the sisters and the sisters being little deviants took pictures not only of the initiation but of every thing they did to her they hooked her up to a old milking machine one day while they played with her. Lannie didn’t care what they did to her she was just glad to have friends even if they made her do sick and disgusting things she was never left out. Pricilla was very annoyed that Rose chastised her after every day of debauchery in the privacy of their shared bedroom

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

“You killed an animal!” Pricilla screamed “How could you it never did anything to you I mean it was just an innocent animal.”
“Pricilla how about you don’t look at it so much as an animal but as dinner”
“I… I don’t know if I can Pricilla stammered”
“Well I won’t force you to eat it but you will need the protein and it is good lean meat better than beef or pork anyway.”
“I don’t eat animals,” Pricilla said
“Oh you do too” Rose responded we had Wendy’s before we left if that’s not eating beef I don’t know what is and you had a double bacon hamburger”
“Oh but I didn’t have to watch the butcher cut it up”
“Pricilla I’m sorry but please eat you all need to keep your strength up” No one said anymore as they ate the roasted meat. They rested in the semidarkness of the cave and Norman gnawed on one of the bones from the goat. “We can get a better survey of the island when the weather clears and the sun comes up.

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