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Read my first story so as to get a feel for whats coming as well as knowing the start of the story.
As I wiped my face down, Alice beckoned me over to the bed and told me to kneel down with my butt up in the air...
"We're only just getting started Jim" she said with that wicked smile again.
She opened her bedside draw and began to pull an assortment of items out. She began tying my hands together behind my back, and then my feet to the corners of her bed.
Slowly I felt her finger rubbing around my anus as her other hand slowly jerked me off.
"Now don’t get too excited here Jim" she said as she pushed her middle finger through my resistant asshole.
I groaned slightly as I gradually became more relaxed...Promptly she pushed two, then three fingers in.
"I think you're just about ready, don’t you?" she asked.
"Mistress, please don’t do this, I've never had anything in my ass before!" I begged.
"Well that’s about to change isn’t it Jim?" she stated, and although I could not see her face, I could tell she was smiling as she said it.
Suddenly I felt something large and made of rubber probing around my waiting ass.
I peered underneath my own body and just as I had feared, past my own cock and balls was a huge dark blue dildo, at least 8 inches long and 2" thick!
I was oddly turned on by the situation and I began to enjoy the feeling I was getting from being completely dominated like this…
"Mistress Please, No…ooohhhh!"
My pleading turned into an accidental moan of pleasure, as Alice pushed the huge member through my hole. I felt the most amazing feeling that I have ever felt as I felt her member sink into me and I lost my anal virginity. She held it in there as she stroked my rigid cock softly but forcefully at the same time as if to calm me, but also let me know that at this point she owned me.
Slowly Alice began thrusting back and forth, ramming the dildo further and further into my now widening hole. As I felt the inside of my ass loosening and gripping the dildo tighter and tighter, a soft squelching sound began.
“Oh, it feels like my bitches pussy is nice and wet…” she squealed gleefully.
As she continued, Alice spat numerous times on the thick rubber cock as well as on my now moving back, as I tentatively shifted my body in the opposite direction to her, pushing her penis even further into me.
I continued to moan and groan, as gradually the pain lessened and the pleasure grew.
"Would the little girl like me to go faster?" Alice enquired, still throwing her weight in and out of me...
"Yes please Mistress", I replied, as my cock grew stiffer and stiffer.
"Well then, the little girl will have to pay a price wont she...?
As Alice began to get faster and harder, she leant forward and pushed the back of my head down, under my body. From this position, I found that my own, very erect, cock was only a few inches from my face. I attempted to lick head of my bobbing cock as it came closer and closer to my open mouth.
"When the little girl cums I want her to do it all over her own face, is that understood?
"Yes Mistress" I replied. Oddly excited by what was about to happen, I attempted to get my mouth as close to my, now dripping with pre-cum, cock as I possibly could.
Seeing this, Alice began to quicken the pace even more, "Open wide now little girl, If you catch a lot in there, Mistress will give you special rewards later..."
With this as an incentive I did as she asked and opened my mouth as wide as it would go.
As Alice pumped into me harder and harder I started to feel myself cumming as it welled up inside of me.
I cried out in pleasure, "Oh yes mistress, please more!" I felt the hot sperm come shooting up my cock and before I knew what was happening, the hot gooey liquid was spurting out all over my eyes, hair, and gaping mouth. Not wanting to waste a single drop, I licked hungrily around my lips, attempting to get all the cum that I could down my throat.
"Don’t you go swallowing all that just yet…” Alice said mysteriously.
The hot liquid felt odd in my mouth, it was warm and salty with a very thick feel to it. I began to swirl it around in my mouth. In seeing this, Alice came around to the front of me and violently thrust her cock into my mouth.
“Gag on my dick you piece of shit!”
I began sucking and licking the dildo as best I could, never having given a blowjob before.
After a few minutes, she drove the dick hard down my throat and forced me to choke and gag on it. As I drooled a small amount of what was in my mouth, now a combination of my cum and saliva, dripped down onto her hairy pussy.
“How dare you, little slut!” she said smoothly, as she began to massage it into her own pussy. “Clearly you can no longer be trusted with it.”
Slowly she untied me and, as I stood up, she got into the position that I had just been in.
"Spit it inside of me!" she ordered, her still slightly open asshole pointing straight up at me...
I moved into position and prised apart her beautifully bouncy ass cheeks. I began licking and swirling my tongue in and around her asshole, gradually pushing more and more of my cum into her. I took a second to admire her beautiful ass, now covered in a combination of sweat and her and my own cum.
Once it was all more or less inside of her ass she ordered me to lie down on the bed underneath her so she could squat above my face. This time I knew what was coming and so continued licking and fingering her asshole. Slowly the thick mixture began oozing out of her pulsating hole and stringing itself over my face. As it dripped into my waiting mouth I started fingering her dripping wet pussy as she cleaned my now soft cock with her tongue.
With my fingers inside her I felt her tense up slightly as a large glob of cum came squeezing out of her ass and dropped onto my tongue. Hungrily I swallowed everything that was inside me.
Once finished she collapsed next to me on the bed and as we both lay there panting, sweating and grinning, she turned to me and said,
"You know, my parents are away this weekend..."
And with that, she slowly began stroking the, now considerably larger, ring of my asshole…

Part three?

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2015-08-30 16:19:11
Please write more so hot! God I want a woman to fuck me so bad!

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2010-04-18 00:25:56
love a 3rd, but like i said, maby she would like a baby

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2010-04-14 13:34:00
Write more please. Have her go for a piss and use his tongue to clean her off instead of paper. Oh and have her make him flip up onto his shoulders so he can cum in his mouth while she fucks his ass with a dildo again. Oh and maybe have her shove his cum up his own ass then put on some of her panties, then lick her pussy and make her cum some more, then once the cum as leaked from his ass force him to lick the panties clean.
Post more soon!

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