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Chapter 11

“Finally home,” Grandpa Max sighed as he braked to a stop in Gwen’s driveway. “After we got hijacked by your future selves I kept wondering what was going to happen next, but here we are with no more side trips or adventures.”

“I was a little nervous about it too grandpa,” Gwen said with a sigh of her own, patting her pregnant belly before she unbuckled her seat belt and reached for the passenger side door. “Hurry up Ben, Jane is waiting for you. You know how anxious she is for you to knock her up now that she’s recovered from giving birth to the twins.”

“I know,” Ben growled, “I was just taking a power nap to recover from my fuck with your older self. It wouldn’t do for me to walk into the house if I couldn’t get myself hard enough for a good fuck.”

“He does have a point,” Grandpa Max pointed out as he slid to the ground and closed the driver’s side door behind him. A few seconds later Gwen and Ben joined him, Ben stretching with a wide yawn before they turned to walk up to the front door.

Without bothering to knock (since it was her own home) Gwen opened the door and walked into the living room with Grandpa Max and Ben on her heals. “We’re back,” Gwen called after she shut the door. “Where is everyone?”

“We’re in the nursery,” Gwen’s mother called back, “we’ll be out as soon as the babies are put to bed.”

“Wait for us,” Gwen called, leading the way to the nursery, “Grandpa Max hasn’t seen any of the new babies yet.”

“No I haven’t,” Grandpa Max said as he pushed his way through the door to get his first look at his new grandchildren. “So who’s who here?”

“You already know Ken,” Ben’s mother said, indicating the oldest child, already asleep in his cradle.

“And here’s Ben and Gwen,” Jane said affectionately as she pulled the tired twins away from her breasts with a soft whimper and burp as she bounced them in her arms. “I just finished giving them there bedtime meal so they should sleep the rest of the night through and we’ll have plenty of time to get started on their brother or sister.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Ben said, taking Gwen and nuzzling her nose before he put his daughter in the twin size crib next to her brother.

“And this is Misha,” Keesha said proudly, letting everyone get a good look at her newborn daughter before she placed her in the travel bed between the cribs. “We won’t be staying long because I’m too sore to join the fun, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to see her.”

“So this is the newest one of Ben’s babies,” Grandpa Max said, gently pushing a lock of hair out of the newborn’s honey colored face and smiling down at her.

“It’ll be another month before the rest of the babies are born,” Gwen’s mother said as she stroked her swollen belly affectionately.

“Ben did knock us all up at about the same time,” Keesha’s mother said with a soft chuckle. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of us gave birth within a week of each other.”

“Or on the same day,” Ben’s mother said, “now wouldn’t that be interesting? I wonder what the hospital staff would think if we all checked into the maternity ward at the same time.”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Gwen’s father said when he stepped up next to his redheaded daughter and ran one hand over her pregnant belly while the other one squeezed her milk filled tit. “After all, we managed to come up with an appropriate story twelve years ago when you and Ben were born on the same day.”

“Actually,” Ben’s father said as he fondled Gwen’s other breast, “we didn’t say anything. We figured it would just make people more suspicious if we started making up story for something that was just an interesting coincidence.”

“And it worked,” Gwen’s mother giggled, “no one ever suspected that your grandfather Max was really your father. Not even the two of you.”

“That’s true,” Ben said as he tucked the twins into their crib before he turned to give their mother a quick kiss.

“Since I don’t think we want to disturb the babies now that they’re all tucked in,” Ben continued, sliding his hand under Jane’s blouse to give one of her milk filled tits an affectionate squeeze, “I suggest we move the party out to the living room.”

“Good idea,” Jane agreed. “It’s about time we got started on the twins’ brother or sister.”

Ben let Jane lead the way to the living room, letting her get just far enough ahead of him that he could enjoy the rise and fall of her twelve year old ass under her slacks. Once in the living room Jane started stripping out of her cloths as she headed for the nearest couch. “Hurry up Ben,” Jane said as she dropped to the sofa and gave her lover an impish grin while she opened her legs as wide as they’d go. “I haven’t had a cock in my pussy since the twins were born, and today just happens to be the perfect day for starting the next one.”

“Are you sure you want to start the next one so soon?” Ben asked, stripping out of his own cloths as the rest of the family spread out around the living room to watch the show.

“I’m sure,” Jane said, rubbing her nearly bald pussy where the hair was starting to grow back after they’d shaved her for the twins’ birth. “After all, Gwen started her second baby this early, even if it was by accident.”

Ben noticed that everyone else was stripping down to their skin and finding their own seats. Gwen joined her father and his on the other couch while their mothers each took an easy chair and Grandpa Max was joined by Keesha’s mother on another chair. Keesha seemed unsure of where to go.

“Would you like to join us Keesha?” Ben asked the teenage black girl. “It wouldn’t be the first time we had a threeway.”

“Tempting,” Keesha said with a mischievous grin, “but unlike Gwen, Jane, and our mothers I’m not in a rush to have more babies just yet. I do want you to give me more children and I do want to fuck you, but my pussies too sore right now, and I plan to get on some birth control so I can space the babies out a bit more. I figure one every two years or so should be about right.”

“If that’s what you want,” Ben said with a leer, “but if you change your mind I’ll be happy to give you another baby when you’re ready.”

“I’ll remember that,” Keesha promised with a short laugh before she bounced over to join Grandpa Max in his chair.

“Come on Ben,” Jane said, wiggling her hips invitingly, “everyone wants to see you knock me up with our new baby.”

“I know,” Ben said as he dropped to his knees between Jane’s open thighs. “That’s why I want to give everyone a good show. Don’t worry, I can tell that when we fuck I’ll knock you up.”

“That sounds good to me,” Jane said with a soft sigh, opening her legs even wider when Ben started finger fucking her pussy.

While Jane’s pussy massaged his fingers Ben tickled her erect clit with the tip of his tongue, drawing another groan of pleasure from her lips and an excited murmur from their audience. With his eyes just a couple inches from Jane’s cunt Ben could see the soft fuzz where her hair was starting to grow back. Ben pulled his tongue away from Jane’s clit and blew a puff across the fuzz and grinned when Jane giggled. He pulled his fingers out of Jane’s slit and licked them clean before he bent down to suck Jane’s cunt lips before he slipped his tongue into her slit and sucked her slimy juices right out of her.

Ben moved up Jane’s body slowly, kissing every inch of her belly as the brown haired girl wriggled encouragingly under his lips. “I’ve missed this so much,” Jane groaned. “You’re better now than you were when you knocked me up with the twins.”

“Practice does make perfect,” Ben said, grinning up at Jane through her milk filled tits, “and I got a lot of practice this summer.”

“I know,” Jane sighed, sliding her fingers down to her wet pussy while Ben shifted close to her tits to tickle them with her hair as he continued to kiss her belly. “Just how many babies did you make this summer anyway?”

“I kind of lost count,” Ben said between kisses. “Gwen, how many girls did I knock up this summer?”

“That depends,” Gwen moaned as her father finger fucked her. “Do you want to know how many girls, or how many babies you made?”

“Both,” Jane said as Ben kissed the valley between her milk filled tits.

“Let’s see, Gwen said distractedly as her uncle pulled her up into his lap and slid his hard cock into her pregnant pussy. “There was Kathy, Mandy, Joey, Kai, Kevin’s half sister Steph, Camille’s cousin Lucy, Charmcaster, and my future self from an alternate time line. That’s eight girls and thirteen babies with the multiple pregnancies.”

“Well, you have been busy,” Jane said, tousling Ben’s brown hair affectionately as he sucked on her left nipple. “Don’t drink too much, the twins need some milk too you know.”

“I know,” Ben said, smacking his lips, “but with all the pregnancies in this family right now I don’t think milk is going to be a problem for a while.” Jane gasped in surprise when Ben squeezed her right tit hard enough to make milk spray from the nipple and right into his open mouth.

“Good one Ben,” Grandpa Max said over the smatter of applause from the rest of their audience. Ben watched as his grandfather tried to copy his move, leaning forward as he aimed Keesha’s nipple at his open mouth and squeezing her breast hard enough to get a stream of milk from the girl’s brown tits.

“Ready for the main event?” Ben asked, grinning down at Jane.

“Ready and impatient,” Jane said, reaching between her legs to guide Ben’s prick to her pussy lips. “Come on, Ben, do your job and knock me up with our new baby.”

“Oh yeah,” Ben groaned, slamming his hips forward and burying his shaft deep in Jane’s belly. “Your pussy is the best Jane.”

“Do you say that to every girl you knock up?” Jane asked with a giggle as her pussy quivered around Ben’s shaft with her approaching orgasm.

“Not every girl,” Ben groaned, “just the girls I really care about.”

“As long as I’m the one you say it to the most I don’t care how many girls you say it to,” Jane said as her body shivered through it’s first orgasm and she threw her legs around Ben’s hips to hold him tight.

“Wow, that was quick,” Ben said as he waited for Jane to finish shuddering through her first orgasm.

“Well this is my first fuck in over two months,” Jane groaned. “Now hurry up and give me another one.”

“Orgasm or baby?” Ben grunted as he slammed his cock in and out of Jane’s wet cunt.

“Both,” Jane said with a grin. “Now do your job you horny boy.”

“Whatever you want,” Ben said, leaning down to give Jane a kiss as he continued to slide his cock in and out of the girl’s slick pussy.

Jane lost track of everything except how much pleasure Ben was giving her with his mouth and cock. She felt her pussy quivering with another orgasm and she started rotating her hips to encourage Ben to shoot his load deep in her slit.

Ben felt Jane’s cunt clamp tight around his shaft and shoved it deep in the girl’s belly as his prick exploded, shooting his baby juice where it belonged. As he collapsed weakly across Jane’s body Ben happened to glance at the Omnitrix on his wrist and noticed it was flashing through several of his aliens. He recognized Four Arms, Heat Blast, and XLR8 as they flashed by and then saw the watch settle on Up Chuck. He couldn’t help but wonder if their was anything special about the way the watch was acting.

“That was wonderful Ben,” Jane said, giving him a quick kiss before he rolled off her with a groan. “Do you think you knocked me up again?”

“Oh yeah,” Ben told Jane with a grin as he looked her over from head to toe. “I knocked you up for sure.”

“Good,” Jane said, “because I want as many of your babies as I can have as fast as I can.”

“Good job, Ben,” Ben’s mother said, “I just hope you do as good a job with me when the time comes for you to knock me up in a few months.”

“And me,” Gwen’s mother said.

“Don’t forget me,” Keesha’s mother said as she massaged her swollen belly. “Keesha may want to wait for your next baby, but I plan to have as many as I can before it’s too late.”

“And I’ll be happy to give all of you as many babies as you want,” Ben said. “I just wish I had a little help to knock you all up.”

“I wish we could help Ben,” Grandpa Max said, “but you and Gwen were my last hurrah, and your fathers didn’t even do that well. So as long as we want to keep it in the family you’re our only choice.”

“Like he’s going to keep it in the family,” Gwen said with a snort.

“I don’t care who else Ben fucks and knocks up,” Jane said, “as long as he comes back to me when it counts.”

“I will Jane,” Ben promised, “I will.”

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