Chapters 11-14
Chapter XI

Rose walked up to Jeremy who was collecting the drippings from the meat that fell in the ashes and putting them in an empty coconut. “Jeremy could you help me please?”

“Sure what’s up?”

“I… I don’t want to say in front of everyone please?”

“Sure” he got up and followed Rose to the front of the cave, those others watched him closely or glared at Rose “I’ll be right back and don’t even think what your thinking you have trusted me this far” Naomi nodded from the edge of the fire.

They walked out into the heavy rain “What’s up” Jeremy asked

“I’m a little afraid of the dark and I need to go poo, and”

“Why don’t you go with Pricilla?”

“I don’t understand”

“Just walk with me and I’ll… I’ll do my best to explain” Rose said barely audible above the sound of the storm they walked to the southern end of the island in a bank of ferns. Rose stripped down and handed him her clothes. She hid behind a growth of ferns and started talking “My sister and I we um well we mess around together and well I mean we don’t date much but we have lots of sex.”

“With each other?” Jeremy asked amazed

“Yes and…”

“There is an and?”

“Well the reason she was so happy to see Norman was well he’s trained to fuck women Pricilla trained him herself. Only on command but when he sees a naked body he gets all wound up and you know”

“Actually I have no idea”

“Well if I was doing this and she was here with Norman she would have him fuck me while I ate her out and then she would suck the cum out before we got back to camp”


“I know its horrible isn’t it?”

“I had no idea but I suppose if that’s what you want I won’t tell anyone about your little secret”

“That’s just it she likes it because it’s dirty and nasty the dirtier and nastier the act is the more she likes it.”

“I don’t know what to say”

“Just keep it in mind of course I do all the same things she does because well I guess I enjoy it too at least some of it but sometimes I like to have a little time to myself. You know what I mean?”

“I understand”

“Thanks so much for coming out here with me in the rain,”

“Your welcome of course” Jeremy was completely flabbergasted he didn’t know what to say first they were lesbian sisters and second they were into doing dogs it was almost too much to take.

“Later maybe, you know when its our turn with you that is of course if you still want to I mean I’ll understand if you don’t we can show you, If you want.

“I’d love too”

“Really you would, um what do I do about Toilet paper?”

“Maybe wash yourself off in the surf with one of those fern fronds?”

“With what?”

“One of the fern leaves”

“Oh okay” They walked back to the lagoon and grotto.

“Where have you been?” Pricilla asked getting up from where she had been resting.

“I just went for a walk” Rose responded

“Did you fuck him on your walk?” Pricilla goaded “Was it good? Is your pussy all full of his cream?”

“No I didn’t do any of that” Rose responded

“You are a lying bitch” Pricilla said grabbing the front of her sisters blouse and tearing it away “I know you fucked him” she screamed slapping rose. Jeremy grabbed Pricilla and hauled her bodily towards the lagoon “Let me go I know you filled her with your spunk I know you did that little slut will open her legs to any cock! Did she tell you did she tell you about all the bloo..”
Jeremy tossed her into the lagoon. “Pricilla shut up” Jeremy yelled advancing on her “I did not touch your sister and I won’t touch any of you girls until you come to some kind of agreement on how its best to share me if that’s what you want.”


“Not another word Pricilla” Jeremy said softly “now go back and apologize to your sister and we will hear nothing more about it clear?” Pricilla walked slowly back to the grotto. Naomi approached him “Now what?”

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>

Rose remembered back to the days before, before this horrible trip before her horrible sister manipulated her and made her the sick pervert she was, was she really a sick pervert she reflected Freud had said that the only kind of sex that was unhealthy was no sex at all. She had rolled that concept around in her head for months she had felt guilty when her sister had forced her to have sex with that first dog and then later when the two of them had made out together, true it had brought them closer together as sisters but it was still wrong from everything she knew it was wrong but from the darkest corner of her mind she derived such pleasure from it the contact with her mirror opposite.

Then there was the incident with Lannie she hadn’t felt right about that but Lannie had been quite deft with her tongue and seemed to enjoy the attention and degradation, Rose had also enjoyed watching the younger girl with her sister and a few times they had gotten into a chain with each girl eating the other. Lannie did have a sweet tasting pussy, she wondered if she was normal if she would ever be normal and longed for a try at it to go out with boys with out her domineering sister directing not that her sister seemed the least interested in boys because most of the time they were contrary to both girls beliefs.
She had wondered what it would be like to hold hands to kiss a boy to just share a comfortable silence with one; she was not like her sister she hated the drama and jealousy that her sister seemed to radiate.

She wanted to put her in her place but Pricilla was the stronger and she usually won the fights though they rarely got far past wrestling. She wanted to get away maybe Lannie would be her escape route or now perhaps that they were in this situation Jeremy would be her way out from under Pricilla’s influence.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>

Chapter XII

“We have to get this worked out soon.” Naomi said.

“You’re telling me”

“What do you think?”

“Lets try this we’ll start with Nicole and Sunni first”

“Why them hot stuff?”

“Because they aren’t going to get pregnant and it will buy us some time.”

“Its not fair”

“Can we fix it so it looks fair”

“I think so”

“In the morning we’ll make the announcement talk to Nicole she’s smarter than she acts she might have an idea on how to rig it” Jeremy said. “I also think we need a space away from everyone where I’ll live with whoever I’m living with for the time being.”

“Sounds like a plan”

“Good now lets get back before something else blows up”

“Speaking of blow’s I’ve heard that some of the girls might have taken liberties with you.

“There might be some truth to that “ Jeremy responded “But I’m not going to say who”

“Good, because very soon I’m going to want a taste of that cock and a bellyful of your cum you have no idea how hard it is not to just get the girls together and rape you. That thought has crossed my mind a time or two”

“Okay we’ll work out something soon.”

Chapter XIII

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Rachel remembered back before this toxic trip, she had been invited over to Gary’s house for a party you know the kind that people have at the end of the year. Of course Gary’s mother provided the alcohol. There was something familiar about his mother but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, she gave Rachel a dirty look when she walked in the door. The party didn’t really get going until about an hour later there was loud music and dancing. That was when Gary’s mom handed her a drink. She gulped it down thankfully. Shortly after that she started feeling strange not drunk strange and she found herself doing things that she wouldn’t have normally done. She remembered all of it her first taking off her blouse and bra and rubbing her breasts against all kinds of party guests then guys feeling her up. It felt so good their fingers on her nipples drove her wild. Somehow she managed to lose her skirt. She was dancing around in a room full of her friends in nothing but a thong and high heels Gary danced close to her and ground his hips against her ass one hand tweaked her breast and the other went down the front of her panties. Suddenly all the guys were taking out their cocks and she leaned over to suck one because it seemed like a deliciously naughty thing to do soon she had Gary’s cock in her pussy to the hilt and another guy’s cock in her mouth. She swallowed did didn’t know how many loads of cum, she just relaxed and let them fuck her face it was so wonderful. She remembered Gary cumming inside her and then there was another guy and another she didn’t remember how many guys came inside her. Then there was a guy who pushed his cock in her tight virgin asshole, that had hurt at first but soon she was loving that too. She woke up the next morning in Gary’s bed she started to get up she was sore and bruised all over from her ordeal but Gary got up with her and despite her objections bent her over the bed and went another round in her pussy first and then her ass where he blew his load. He laid back down on the bed and she walked downstairs. His mother was sitting in a chair in the living room. “Did you have fun last night” she asked

“It was really really weird”

“Well I have some good news and some bad news”

“Oh what’s the good news”

“Come here and I’ll tell you” she said beckoning the naked teen toward her Rachel walked up to the woman who pushed her down on her knees by her hair she yowled and Gary’s mother spread her legs revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her skirt “I had a good night too” She said “nothing like some nice teen cock to make you feel full and now you get to licking and I’ll tell you more” Rachel had never even considered but with her face pressed so close to the woman’s snatch it was difficult to know what to do, she stuck out her tongue and hesitantly started licking. She continued getting more daring and more into at which point the woman said “My name is Rachel too I’m your disowned aunt and Gary is your brother or your cousin most likely both since the man your mother married knocked me up the night before the wedding.” Dumbfounded Rachel had stopped what she was doing what had she done what was she doing? The elder Rachel just smiled “Oh don’t stop now you little slut keep going unless you want your mother to get a copy of the video I shot last night you getting gang banged by twelve guys I’m sure she would be proud. When you get back from your little vacation in the south pacific I expect to see a lot more of you. Your going to be our little sex slave when your not giving it up to Gary and his friends, yes lick right there come on now your going to be putting out for me and mine. Oh I wouldn’t worry too much I’m sure you could call the police but they will never find any evidence of anything. Because you don’t want everyone you know to know what kind of slut you are. Did you know that after everyone went home I let the neighbor’s dog have a go with you? Of course you were delirious but you seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Now keep eating me till I cum I want to cum all over that pretty face of yours. Rachel didn’t see that she had any choice so she complied attacking the older woman’s pussy with vigor though her tongue and jaw were both sore soon the older woman was humping her face trying to get off and finally she did cum. The elder Rachel told her that she was to never mention all these revelations to Gary and then she led her to the bathroom and told her to get cleaned up and she would find some clothes for her to wear. She had gone home in her Aunt’s clothes; she had fucked a dog? She had had sex with her brother and she had had sex with her Aunt. Never mind the numerous boys that she would never remember who had taken turns with her.

She had stayed in bed the next day and hadn’t come out of her room the day after that. It wasn’t until the day before the trip that her mother had convinced her to get out and go shopping, shopping had helped she had felt much better, well much better than she had felt before and then when they had gotten on the plane Gary had teased her asking her if she thought it would be funny if she starred in the in flight movie. When the captain had turned off the fasten seat belt sign, Rachel had followed Gary to the lavatory where he proceeded to pound her pussy raw he pulled up her panties and told her that she had best slosh like that the rest of the day, a few hours later he had a turn at her ass as well. She had had a hard time walking after that fortunately the plane was small and no one was really paying attention when she sat down.


They sat in the shelter of the cave Jeremy thinking by himself, Naomi and Nicole whispering near by. She explained the problem and asked Nicole if she had any ideas how to rig it so that it-looked fair but wasn’t. Nicole had an idea and it would work if done properly when the sun rose finally some time later the rain subsided. Jeremy woke the girls again okay girls we are going to make a hut so that when we have sex we can have some privacy. We will have a drawing as soon as the hut is finished and the first winner will get two weeks, the winner will draw again and she will get two weeks and so on and so on.

“How will it be done” Shannon asked


“I want to go first” Tiffany said

“I don’t want to do it when I have to baby sit Anabell…” Shannon said

“Really?” Sara asked

“Look we have a lot to do and not much time to do it in. I need some of you to gather coconuts and some to gather bread fruits from trees like this one and some of you will need to gather building materials.”
“Like we did last time?”

“I think we will make this one a little bit better if you don’t mind” Jeremy said. “The last ones were crude and built in too big of a hurry. I’ll be back later to check on your progress.”

“Where are you going?” Naomi asked

“I thought I’d check on the boys and see how they weathered the storm”


“Just to make sure they aren’t up to no good you know like building a boat or something”

“Can I go with you?”

“Do you think they will let you?”

“I’ll meet you on the beach that way they won’t know we are going together.”

“You are sneaky” Jeremy said Naomi smiled several minutes later they pushed the canoe into the surf and started paddling they Paddled around the Island first and there was a cove on the south side of the island that was overgrown with vines. “Wonder what’s over there” Jeremy noted

“I’ll check it out later or maybe we can on our two weeks together?”

“If you like” they paddled to the island it looked deserted they hid the canoe just in case. And walked quietly through the brush and wood keeping low they came to where the old camp was. There he saw Joe and Gary, Joe was kneeling behind Gary the words were carried on the wind “You are such a worthless fuck Gary first you fuck things up with my Girl then you scare off my assistant, well I’m going to get some ass one way or another”

“Joe what are you doing”

“Shut up you fat fuck and take it”

“Oh oh shit your really oh ow ow”

“Oh my god” Naomi whispered

“That’s it you fuck struggle all you like you’re my cum dumpster now , you ran off Sunni she was so fucking dumb I loved plowing her ass it was sweet and tight almost as tight as your is oh oh oh fuck I’m cumming”

“Oh my god” Naomi whispered again

“Suck it suck your shit off my cock you worthless fuck can’t even keep things right can you, you got to, Suck it you fuck or I’ll knock your teeth out, yeah that’s it, its your fault that we don’t have any pussy here so your going to be my pussy. You understand me bitch you fat assed slob”

“We better get out of here” Jeremy whispered taking Naomi by the arm.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Gary thought back to before the trip when the slut Rachel was at his party he and his friends had taken turns with her pity she was such a stupid bitch that she would be used like that. He had loved fucking her tight little ass though fucking her face wasn’t all that bad either. His mother had even approved of him using the slut saying that she wanted him to be just like his daddy. She had even smiled when he mentioned it; his mom was great like that very understanding he still couldn’t understand what happened to his dad, his mother wouldn’t talk about it. In fact he thought it odd that his mother didn’t really talk about her family at all most kids had grandparents and what not he just figured that she had been adopted or something and never really had a family. He never thought that his good life would lead to this.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Chapter XIII

The two of them hurried off the island and into the canoe and paddled halfway back before either of them said anything. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life” Naomi said.

“What you think I have? I knew that Joe was a cruel evil fuck but I had no idea he’s do that I thought they would have done something constructive with their time.”

“I guess it just goes to show you who the dominant male should be”

Jeremy shrugged “Should we tell them about this?”

“Only if we have to I think”

“You mean if we get rescued?”

“Precisely.” They beached the canoe and put it back into its hiding place.

Naomi turned to Jeremy “how about now hot stuff not that man on man gets me hot or anything but well you know shock and awe always made me horny kind of like flying.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Naomi had finished flight school two years before and had gotten checked out on most fixed wing aircraft. She loved to fly but no one would hire her she had almost a thousand hours logged in various types. Twin engine, single engine mostly some time with gliders and a few hours in jets when she could squeeze out the money to rent one for a while. So she was a stewardess in a private company sometimes her clients were less than what she wanted whom was she kidding sometimes they were down right piggish but at least it paid for what she really wanted to do. In another year she planned to buy her own plane and start up her own business puddle jumping as it were at first and then move on to bigger and better things. She had a knack for flying and this was supposed to be a routine trip, what a cruel joke that turned out to be.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>

Just a little taste maybe I can get another when Nicole has gotten her fill. But right now I’m randy as a rutting buck she knelt in front of him peeling off her blouse as she did so exposing her big melon sized mammaries wrapped tightly in a bra she quickly unzipped Jeremy and fished out his cock. She kissed the tip gently “You know I can never get enough cock,” she said softly “And yours is very, very nice” she wrapped her lips gently around the head of it and started flicking it lightly with her tongue before she slurped it into her mouth, It took Jeremy no time at all before he felt the pressure building in his balls.

“I’m gonna Cum” he whispered Naomi sucked harder and bobbed even more vigorously and in seconds he erupted into her mouth she sucked the last drops from his wilting rod and swallowed

“Waste not want not” she smiled “I hope you’ll last longer when you check my plumbing”

“I’ll do my best but really this whole situation is a little overwhelming.” Jeremy sighed

“Have you been with a girl? I mean before you came here?” Naomi inquired

“Yes she was older its is sort of a weird situation…”

“Oh do tell I like juicy stories.”

“Well I guess it happened a couple of years ago I had just moved into the neighborhood where I live now and well I got to know Sara’s family they were friendly and everything I spent a lot of time with her dad and he taught me a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally know. Of course when he wasn’t talking to me or teaching he, well he neglected his wife, she of course had me do all kinds of chores around the house she’s in her mid or late 30’s I don’t know. Anyway she would always bring me refreshments and what not and well she always wore skimpy clothing, especially when her husband wasn’t around and Sara as well. So one day about six months ago she called me over to help her fix something. She was wearing just a house robe and she led me into her bedroom. I looked around and wanted to know what she wanted to fix. She asked me if I was blind or something and she damn near raped me the first time after that it was slower and longer she asked me if I wanted to fuck her daughter, I told her yes, and she said she was okay with that and then she brought up the trip she thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to bang Sara silly. Then four days before we left she called me over and after we made love she told me that she was pregnant and that is was mine. That she had covered it up as best she could but she was going to carry the baby no matter what. That if it came down to it she would admit her infidelity to her husband and tell him that she had started it all and I was not to blame and well I got on your plane four days later.

“Wow that’s amazing incredible does Sara know?”

“I don’t know I think she might suspect something she almost caught us once or twice."

“Wow does she know her mom is pregnant?”

“No I think she was going to wait till after the trip to tell her.”

“We better head back this adventure keeps getting more and more interesting the more I learn” They headed back separate ways and Naomi arrived carrying Palm fronds from where ever a few minutes after Jeremy. They got to work on construction building cane and grass walls first six feet high then a round roof thatched with palm leaves the whole operation took three days but Jeremy wanted a good solid structure.

Chapter XIV

“Okay everyone” Naomi announced take off your panties and we’ll put them in this sack Jeremy will pick one pair and whoever’s panties come out gets the next two weeks with him. Everyone hurriedly doffed their panties and put them into the kind of stinky goatskin bag. Jeremy reached in and felt around he found what he was looking for a pair of panties with a small thorn through it. He pulled them out held them wadded up in his hand and walked over to the hut he pulled out the thorn and hung the panties over the door, and walked inside.

“Its me its me those are my panties” Nicole shrieked everyone smiled and congratulated her though there was some obvious disappointment among some of the girls, but they seemed to take it well. Nicole walked quickly into the hut as the other girls dispersed to take care of other tasks. “That was well played” she said Jeremy finished picking his teeth with the thorn and slipped it between two slats in the wall.

“How…” Jeremy pulled her down to him kissing her letting their tongues kiss and fence his hand went to her breast caressing it gently she straddled him grinding her hips against his her hands went to his pants pulling away from the delicious kiss she stripped him and then stripped herself. His lips found her pouty nipple as she crushed his head against her chest. She could feel the head of his cock pressed against her clit she reached down to hold it. “You really want me?” she gasped

“Of course Nicole why wouldn’t I”

“Well I’m really not much to look at”

“I never judge a book by its cover”

Nicole moved his cock to the opening of her snatch “Please fuck me” she moaned as his cock slipped past the outer folds of her warm and wet little box. She rode him slow and steady feeling his cock swelling inside her feeling his pulse against the inside of her. Her nails raked his chest as she sucked his lips his neck her tongue tracing circles on his chest suckling his nipples. “I want your baby” She screamed as her orgasm contracted around his pulsing cock, which exploded a white-hot stream of cum inside her.

More to Come....

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