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a story of how my sex life began
Hi before I started my story I would like to tell you something about me and my family. My name is Alex I am part of a twin my sister Anne is the other half we are 15 years old. When my mom was pregnant of us she had a ultra sound too see what our gender was it was hard too see but the doctor said we where both girls. So my parents bought all kind of girly stuff but when we came I turned out to be a boy. But my dad never knew that when he went too city hall too register us when he found out his mistake he was so ashamed that he didn’t dare too go back. As we grew up it was at the age of 5 that I began wearing my sisters clothes of course my dad wasn’t happy about that and every time I wore something girly he spanked me. But still I kept dressing like a girl I had long hair and looked just like my sis. When I was 8 my dad finally gave in and he began treating my like a girl and at the age of 11 I got this very special brain surgery a little device was planted on a part of my brain making my male hormones into female hormones they also pulled my balls back into my belly so I could wear a thong. And now we are 15 years old with nice cup C breast long honey blond hair and the bluest eyes you have ever seen.

Daddy fucked me

Waking up on Saturday I heard the TV from the living room I got up too take a look. It turned out too be a porno that my dad was watching while masturbating a scene that wasn’t new too me as he always did this when my mom was away for a couple of days. Hi dad I said with a sleepy head as I walked passed him he noticed that the cotton pants I wore where slid down reviling a part of my ass and thong. Grabbing me playful by the waist he pulled me on his lap and my bare ass made contact with his hard dick. He kissed me in my neck like normal but he looked at me differently with lust in his eyes.

His hands went from my waist too my breast rubbing them thru the thin fabric of my tank top. Kissing me again in my neck but this time with more passion one hand dug its way into my thong. When he hit my penis he recoiled some because he was expecting a pussy not a dick but when he came over his initial shock he began rubbing my dick very gentle. I turned around his hand that was on my breast was on my back and the one on my cock was on my ass. Kissing him on the lips his tong entered my mouth the French kiss was wonderful. Grabbing my ass he lifted me up and carried me too his bedroom where he laid me down on the bed. Sitting between my legs he grabbed the top of my cotton pants and thong pulling it towards him he pulled it of in one motion. My hard dick lay exposed as he came towards me one more time we kissed as he pulled my tank top over my head. Kissing me some more our dicks where pressed together until he began to slowly kiss his way down my neck over my nipples and belly until he reached my dick.

He hesitated while he looked at my cock and the drop of pre cum that was leaking out of it when he finally made the move. Sucking the drop of my cock he sucked my cock in until he reached the base of my tiny 3 inch cock. Moving his head up and down my cock as he sucked on it made me extremely horny. His hands that where holding my ass went on a little journey to my ass hole probing it he tried too enter a finger in there it was tight but he succeeded. Finger fucking my ass while giving me a blow job was a great way too get me close to an orgasm but it wasn’t till he poked in another finger that I cam filling his mouth with sperm. Sucking on my cock till it was empty and limp my dad finally stopped.

Turning me on my belly my dad pulled me up on all fours he got behind me and I felt something being pressed at my ass hole at first I toughed it where my dads fingers again. But as it was pushed further in it was too long to be one of his fingers at least 10 inch of cock was pushed into my ass. Giving me some time too recover my dick went hard again. Beginning his trusting he moved his hips first slowly with short strokes he quickly build up speed and the faster he went the longer the strokes became. Moans began too come out my mouth as my ass was pounded by my dad hearing him breath heavily I got more aroused moving my hips too make sure his cock was slammed harder and further in me. Eventually my tight ass was too much for him shooting my ass full of sperm his orgasm was so strong it even made me cum shooting a load on the bed.

Licking his cock clean it became hard again in my mouth looking at my dad he simply replied with that he is hard too please. I wonder if you tits are as good as your moms or you sisters he said too me while playing with my tits. Ly on your back now Alex and press your tits together he said too me after he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Sitting on my stomach he put his cock between my tits and started fucking them. The head of his cock was the only part stuck out above my tits my mouth could just reach it. Licking the head of his dick it felt so good my own cock hardened again being fucked like this felt good until I heard the door close. My mom yelled hello is there someone here honey have you been watching this porn? Shit dad get of me there home already what if they find us like this? But my dad didn’t stop instead he yelled back too my mom where in the bedroom. I couldn’t move a muscle as I watched my mom and sis enter the room I was terrified of there response.

My dad just kept tit fucking me as my mom walked too us and gave me an my dad a kiss you two are having fun she said casually. Want to join us my dad proposed no thanks I am tiered I want a nice hot bath my mom said. My sis on the other hand was naked in no time and was trying too mount my cock pressing her tits against my dads back. Kissing his neck and rooming her hands around on him Ann had him cumming in no time. Shooting sperm between my tits and in my face he got of me and walked into the bathroom saying something about getting ready for work.

Ann eagerly licked me clean before we went too our own bathroom for some more fun.


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wtf... oh i get it personally didnt like it

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mmmm i would like 2 be in ur family lolz :)

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Sadly sounds way to fake

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to the people below me. ok, hes a boy that had a sex change darlings

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