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My father had some rental houses on our property and we had this young single mother with 2 young daughters to rent one of them.
I could not believe my eyes when Janet came in to rent one of my dad houses that was right there on our property . God she was beautiful. Dark hair, olive skin and brown eyes about 5' 3" tall and every thing in the right place. When she told my dad she was single I could hardly believe it. Expecially since she had two young daughters. I found out later the oldest was Amy and she was 12 then and Tina was 11 and they both took after their mother in looks.
After they started moving in I went over to help and get aquainted with them. I found out in the process that Janet had never been married. She had gotten pregnant with Amy when she was 13 by her so called boyfriend who would not have anything to do with her after he found out she was pregnant. He was 18 and pretty wild and her parents didnt want her around him. Well he did come around again long enough to get her pregnant again right away. So by the time she was 15 she had two girls. Her parents helped her take care of them for her to finish school. The guy tried to come back around after Tina was born but Janet told him to go to hell.
They had lived there for a couple of years and the girls hung around with me quite a bit. We went swimming a lot Listened to music a lot. Just the normal things kids did back then. I had started playing music with a local band. I guess you call it a garage band. Thats what it boiled down too. We played for a few dances and birthday parties. But nothing great. I noticed that the more some of the other girls started paying attention to me the more Amy started paying attention to me. I mean we had always been close, but now she was sort of coming on to me. She started hugging on me a lot and kissing around on me, just sort of acting silly.
One day it was just Amy and me at my house listening to music. She was sitting on the side of my bed. She had on this yellow and white sun dress that was really getting to small for her. It was a little short on her. When she sat on my bed it came up about half way between her knees and her butt. Sometimes when she would move around I could see all the way up. I had never tried any thing with her before so I wasnt sure if I should now or not. Everytime I got a glimpse under her dress, the more I wanted to try. Finally I decided I would give it a shot.
I stood up and moved over to where she was sitting and eased my way between her legs. Of course the way she was sitting I wasnt touching anything. I told her I had been thinking that we had been real close and I thought we should be boyfirend and girlfirend. When I said that she grabbed me around the neck and kissed me and held me for along time. She told me that was what she had wanted. We started kissing again, and this time I moved my hand down on her leg and started easing my hand up her dress. She didnt try to stop me until I got to her pussy. When I tried to move my hand into her panties she grabbed my hand. I ask her what was wrong. She said she was scared. I told her it was ok. I wouldnt do anything she didnt want me to do.
Well we kissed and fooled around for a little while and she let me feel her tits and she let me kiss them. She said it felt really good. I told her if she would let me feel down there it would feel really good too. She told me she had been rubbing herself sometimes and it felt good. I told her I would make her feel real good. (I was going to show her what Donna had taught me. In case you dont remember, Donna was my neighbor that I had my first time with and taught me what to do).
Amy finally let me pull her panties off of her and I eased her to the edge of the bed and I started kissing her feet and worked my way up her legs until I was looking at that wonderful virgin slit. I looked up at Amy before I touched her and she had her eyes closed tight like she was afraid to look. I started kissing her beautiful little slit working my tongue up and down all the while rubbing her clit with my thumb and she was already starting to move her hips. I thought this is going to be great. I just wonder how she is going to react when I put my dick inside her.
I kept working on her beautiful little slit until I could feel the juices flowing from it. She was starting to moan and move and my tongue was steady working on her. Her ass was moving in rythym with my tongue and I moved in and out of her little cunt and rubbing her clit. All of a sudden she clamped down on my head and arched up into my tongue like she was trying to get my whole head in her pussy. I could feel her juices flowing out. I couldnt wait any longer. I had to have her now. I dopped my pants and my hard cock sprang forward. I placed it up to her opening and shoved forward and I felt the hymen give as I sank all the way into her. She let out a small cry as I continued to fuck her. I dont know how long we fucked but before we were through she had a second orgasm at the same time I shot my load. Afterwards we lay there for a long while holding each other. Of course after a few kisses and a little feeling around I was hard as a rock again and ready to go. As I moved between Amy"s legs I leaned down and started kissing her tits one to the other. The nipples were standing hard and ready. When I moved my dick up to her pussy lips and started rubbing she raised her legs and spread wider to give me easy access. I rubbed my dick head up and down her clit and slit for a few minutes and then would slide it in and pull it back out and rub it some more.. After a few minutes of this I guess she wanted more because she brought her legs behind my back and locked them in place and pulled herself into me until I was all the way inside her. For a little bit I did nothing but hold my position. She was fucking me. I may have been on top but she was doing the fucking. I didnt wait long to get into rythym with her and I could not believe how great it was. When we finally finished that time we were exhausted.
Later on after we were cleaned up and dressed I started thinking about the fact I had not used a rubber. I told Amy I was sorry, that from now on we would have to use a rubber so she didnt get pregnant. She said she didnt care becaused she loved me. Sure we new what love was, Me 17, her 14, I think that is called lust. After that day we started having sex just about every day except certain times of the month. She did learn a new method of taking care of me during that time.

If you like this one I will tell you about when I ended up fucking her sister Tina, And later on actually ended up getting to fuck their mother. It turns out mom had not been fucked sinced she found out she was pregnant with Tina. She didnt trust men anymore. I'll tell you how that worked out. Just real luck.

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2011-07-14 14:04:41
put spacing between paragraphs, at least...for readability.


2010-04-23 02:21:26
please tell abt fucking mom


2010-04-03 15:37:28
A good story, but could use some work. Plot is good, but felt rushed. Character development needed. Spelling and grammar improvements needed as well. Wall o' text didn't help.

To those like the "jelis" commenter below, spelling and grammar are obviously useless. They matter to those of us who can read because can get so bad that they interfere with enjoyment of the story so much we can't stand reading it anymore. This story isn't that bad, though, and I look forward to reading more of your stories.


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2010-03-23 15:59:04
verry good i would like to hear more p;ease dont liisten to the negetive feed thay are jelis


2010-03-20 12:07:50
you are damn bad

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