This is my first story... I am not a writer so all constructive criticism will be welcomed as I would like to get better at writing these.
My name is Emma, I am 32 have shoulder length blonde curly hair and blue eyes, 5ft 6inch tall and measure 34D-25-36. I have had some strange and some wonderful (and a few that were both) sexual experiences in the past and thought I would share some of them with you all.

The Guitarist

My first sexual experience (other than masturbating) was when I was 14. I was at a friends birthday party, her parents worked alot of the time and wouldnt be there but had arranged it all and even got a band to play in the garden. It was the summer holidays and I had gone in a tight tank top and hot pants.

I think I spent most of the time watching the band, but only because the guitarist was really cute, he was like in his mid 20s but it didn’t stop me looking, or most of the other girls for that matter.

After the band had finished the party started to moved inside and I really needed a pee so I headed for the toilet but there was quite a waiting line so I figured with everybody heading in I’d sneak into the woods behind the garden wall for a pee there. As I was heading for the gate I saw the guitarist who gave me a smile and a wink from the kitchen window which made me go red and head out faster.

I made my way into the wood and found myself a nice bush to hide behind squatted down to pee, as I finished I looked up and noticed the guitarist standing there watching with a grin on his face. “had a good look have you” I blurted out puling my clothes back up as fast as I could. “yeah... I had great view from here” he replied. I stood there embarrassed for what seemed like forever with him grinning at me.

The he walked closer to me until he was face to face with me, or rather my face to his chest seeing as he was quite a bit taller than me. “want me to even the playing field for you” he whispered “I noticed the way you were looking at me” and with that took my hand and unzipped his jeans pulling out his hard cock and placing my hand on it, and gripping my hand tight around his long shaft made me stroke it slowly back and forth as he looked up and down my body.

I’d only ever kissed a boy before, and been groped by them, usually my ass and tits and never under the clothes. I’d never actually touched a cock before though, I was terrified and excited all at once, I could feel my heart beating faster, my face blushing, my nipples getting hard and that familiar warm and damp feeling between my legs I’d only ever got when playing with myself or watching my dads porn videos that he hid in his closet.

As he helped my hand stroke his cock his grip got looser as I started doing it myself, scarred of never doing it before I quickly reached my hand down and gripped his hand back on top of mine “sorry” I said under my breath. “you gotta relax baby” he said as he withdrew his hand from mine. I smiled, looked down and continued stroking his cock nice and slow feeling it throb and pulse in my hand. I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet as I watched myself stroke him. He leaned in and whispered in my ear “why don’t you go use your mouth a little”. I looked up and nodded giving a smile as I did, I dropped to my knees and took a good look at his hard cock as I worked it with my hand, it was about 7inches long and I could barely touch my thumb and index finger together around it, I loved watching how the foreskin rolled back and forth over the head as I stroked the shaft. “come on baby.... suck it for me” I heard him say.

I’d only seen girls giving blow jobs in my dads porn videos before and practiced with a banana a few times when I watched trying to copy them, but now it was with the real thing. I pulled back on the shaft rolling the foreskin back all the way to reveal the head of his cock and licked it with the tip of my tongue, working it around the head as I’d seen the girls in the porn films do. I could hear him moaning as my tongue rolled around the head of his cock and felt proud of myself, at the same time I could feel my pussy pulsing and getting hotter and damper in my hot pants. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and I gripped his hips as I slid my lips onto the head and sucked, rubbing my tongue against the bottom of it as I did. “mmmm baby... your a natural at this” I heard him say as I worked his cock. Then he started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his cock slowly in and out of my mouth. I sucked harder and rubbed my tongue faster as he started getting deeper into my mouth. Then he hit the back of my mouth and my eyes started watering up and I gaged, pulling back I coughed at the ground. I look up and smiled “sorry” I said, “too much baby... its ok... time for something else anyway” he told me as his hands wend down towards my hot pants, undoing them he said “there’s a tree stump over there, go bend over it for me will you”. I smiled nervously then turned to walk over to it feeling a slap on my ass as I did.

I reached the stump and knelt down in front of it, I felt his hand pushing gently at my back down onto the warm wood heated by the summer sun. He pulled my hot pants and thong down to my knees and gave me another slap on my ass “now spread your ass cheeks for me baby ” he said. I did as he asked and I felt his finger touch the small of my back and slowly run down my back and the crack of my ass, when he reached my arsehole he gently pushed against it a few times. I’d never gone near it myself when masturbating but I loved the sensation he was giving me there now. He pulled his finger away and said “ready for some cock baby” and I felt his hard cock rub up and down the slit of my pussy “god your wet” he told me and gently pushed himself into me.

As he went in I felt a tear and felt a pain shoot through me and I let out a yelp “it hurts... your too big for me” I barked back at him grabbing onto the sides of the stump, he paused “its ok baby... it only hurts the first time” he replied and then continued pushing his cock deeper into my pussy. Slowly he drew his cock back out all the way and back in, building up speed he pumped his cock in and out of me, my eyes started watering up from my pussy feeling sore and aching. “your hot cunt is so tight baby” he told me. He pounded my pussy slapping his stomach against my ass on each thrust faster and faster and I heard him say “I don’t think I can take much more” and just as the pain was starting to give way to waves of pleasure he pulled out and quickly threw me off the stump onto my back next to it and stroking his cock hard and fast moved himself next to me. “here it comes baby" he remarked and shot his cum on my face.

“We should get back in before they wonder what happened” he said putting his cock away and zipping his jeans back up, and walked back towards the house. I laid there for a minute with my hand on my pussy unsure about how I felt with what had just happened. I got up pulling my thong and hot pants up, then wiped my face rubbing his cum on the leaves of a bush hoping I got it all and headed back in.

When I got back people were staring at me and giggling, nervously I went over to the guitarist and dragged him over to a corner and asked him what he had said to them. “I didn’t have to tell them anything, someone noticed us from one of the upstairs windows and they watched the whole thing” he paused looking round the room and then down at my crotch “besides if they didn’t know they would know something had happened looking at that wet spot down there” he said laughing to himself. I looked around the room at everyone and felt a terror build up inside me of what they were all thinking. With that I ran out of the house and back home (which was only a little down the road) and went to my room to hide in my room.

I don’t think I left the house for a week after that and pretended I was ill to my parents to keep them from letting any of my friends see me, I did spend a lot more time than usual masturbating and watching my dads porn collection though.
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