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i fuck my dream girl, and ensure i get more ass, later
There is always someone like that. The beautiful women who was aware of the fact that every other women in the room will be jealous. In my case, it was a chick named Alex. She always wore skimpy clothes. She never left anything to the imagination. Ass like a goddess, breasts like melons, lips like pillows.
I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Adrian Stewart, and I've had a crush on the hottest girl in school since 7th grade. Currently I am a senior at a high school, and she is still the hottest chick around. Never knew I existed. She will, trust me.
It started on a day like any other school day. My 5th period was yearbook, because Alex had that class, and i was working on a layout when i picked up on the conversation she was with her friend.
"My boyfriend is such a prick,” she said to her friend,” the only reason I’m still with him is because my parents approve, I know I don't. He has such a tiny dick. But my ex is in town tomorrow, and I’m getting him to come over, and I’m finally going to get some relief." "Do you think he will think you want him back?" her friend asked" nope'" said Alex,” ill trick him into thinking I want back with him, and then ill boot his ass out the door." with that Alex and her friend laughed.
I was thinking this over when I got home. I wanted her bad enough that I would do anything, even blackmail, when it hit me. She won't want her parents to find out, or her boyfriend, because she would be grounded for life. I thought, why not blackmail? I could fuck the girl of my dreams, and get away with it several times. Why not blackmail? Why not indeed...

I hid in the bushes by her house. I had a good view of the window into Alex's bedroom. I brought with me a video camera, and I was ready to film. Then her bedroom door opened and she entered with her ex. I began filming, while they stripped out of their clothes. I filmed them kissing and fucking until Alex had cum, and then she kicked her ex out of the house. Grinning to myself, I worked my way home, ready to edit the tape until it was ready. I had a big night tomorrow, and I was looking forward to it.
(Don’t worry the sex is coming)
School passed in a blur, and the next thing i knew, it was almost 11 o'clock at night time for me to make my big entrance, pun intended. I crawled swiftly up the side of the house to Alex's window. Flicking it open, I slipped quietly into her closet, and waited for her to come up. She entered the room wearing nothing but a towel.” What the fuck?” She said, “Why is the window open?” Alex walked over to her window and slid it shut. I opened the closet and tapped her shoulder. She screamed, and then my hand closed over her mouth. Her hands flew up to her mouth in an attempt to pull my hand away, and her towel fell open, showing me Alex’s glorious tits. “Be quiet. I am going to let my hand off your mouth, and if you scream, you die. Got it?" Alex nodded, and let go of her mouth. I sat her on the bed." You!" she said," What are you doing here?" I smiled grimly, and started explaining. “I overheard you when you were talking to your friend in 5th period two days ago.” Her eyes went wide with fear. “What? How did you hear that? There was no one around when I told her!” I smiled grimly, and said, “When no one knows you exist, know one is careful with their words.” She licked her lips nervously, and asked me “What now? What are you going to do?” I smiled and licked my lips, and replied, “I think you know what I’m going do.” I smiled and leaned forward, “I want you to do what I say, whatever I say whenever I say it.” She began to interrupt, and I cut her off. “If you don’t comply, I will send the video to everyone in school, even the teachers, and your parents, and your boyfriend with the tiny dick. I recorded that conversation, too. If you don’t do what I say, your life will be ruined forever.”
She looked down, and mumbled. “I’m sorry, what did you say? You should speak up when you speak to your new master.” She looked up, and said, “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t send that tape, please.” “Please what?” She gulped, and said, “
Please, master.” “That’s better,” I said, “Now lean back, and close your eyes.”
She leaned back, and closed her eyes, shaking slightly. I leaned across her naked body, sliding my fingertips across her stomach. She shivered. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. I slowly added pressure. She didn’t return the pressure, and I growled, “Respond, dammit.” She slowly returned the pressure. I ran my hand down her stomach, near her crotch. She closed her legs, and I said, “I heard what you said. You aren’t satisfied. I can satisfy you. You might just enjoy this time we’ll be having. There will be a lot of it. Enjoy yourself. It will make it easier. For us both.” Alex slowly separated he legs, and I ran my hands across her shaven pussy. Almost instantly, she became wet. “You really haven’t been satisfied in a while have you?” Her eyes were open, and she nodded. “Don’t worry; your pleasure will be foremost.” She smiled a dazzling smile, and threw her arms around me, and crushed her lips against mine. Surprised, I drove my finger into her pussy, and she gasped into my mouth. I began finger fucking her, her pussy dripping with juice. Put two fingers in her, and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She squealed and came like a storm, juice almost squirting all over my fingers. I brought my hand up to her lips and she sucked my fingers in to her mouth. I smiled and said, “I’m not done yet.” I pushed myself down, flicking her nipples with my tongue as I went. I reached her pussy, and ran my tongue around her labia, tasting her juice. I shoved my tongue down her hole, and used my thumb to play with her clit. Cum was running out her and I lapped it up, and then began tongue fucking her with a vengeance. She came again, and I sucked her clit into my mouth, prolonging her orgasm. She was panting, and I said, “There is more to come.” Alex said between pants, “What could you possibly do?” I laughed once, and said, “What I originally came to do.” I unzipped my pants, and my cock, which is about 8 inches in length, sprang out. I lowered my self toward her opening, and gently pushed my dick in. Alex said, “Quit fucking around and fuck me already!” she slammed her pussy all the way up to the hilt. She gasped in ecstasy, and I began moving, slowly at first, and then picked up speed, slamming into her with as much force as I could get. She gasped and groaned, and she came again, squirting pussy juice all over my cock and balls. I felt a familiar tightening in my balls and I pulled out of her with a pop. I pulled myself up to her face and shoved my cock in her mouth. “Suck it all down, bitch. I command you to.” She slowly licked my dick, and then began to bob her head up and down. My balls tingled, and came, and came, and came spraying cum all into her mouth, and she swallowed my cum down. She liked her lips and smiled. I said, “I think we are both going to enjoy this.” I smiled and leaned down and kissed her. “Get some sleep. We have school tomorrow, and I want you to rest. We’ll be doing this a lot.” I zipped my pants up, and moved to the window. “Try to wear less skimpy clothes. You might not like if I fucked you in the middle of class. Meet me in the bath room during 4th period. I couldn’t stand to not fuck you in the middle of the day. Get some sleep.” I winked then slinked out the window.

this is my first story, so any critisim is welcome. feel free to PM me. :)

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2012-11-15 16:24:12
Pleadse contiue the storie and make sure that there are a lot more sexy. Details like what she is thinking and stuff like that

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2010-04-11 08:45:31
Good story, but I don't see much of reluctance here.... Try to stress it more in the future... Positive rating, anyhow...

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2010-04-10 22:41:40
It was ok make it longer

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