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amazing night with amazing cougar
there are three things you need to know about wendy: 1. wendy is her real name (no alias) but i've left out her last name so i don't get into any shit, 2. shes not the most attractive woman in the world or the slimest, but she was a good size 12 and standing 5'9" with shoulder length blonde hair and 3. she had a set of legs that were as fit as fuck and went all the way up ending at the roundest most fuckable ass in the world.
she also wore the shortest skirts or dresses imaginable and always accompanied by three inch long stilletto heeled shoes. and the only problem was i'm a boot man (i love seeing a woman wearing black leather knee high "fuck me" boots) and although i loved looking at her legs whenever in her company i always wanted to see her wearing boots.

which brings me to this paticular day in 2004, i had not long come back from work and was watching tv with my cousin who lived with me at my mums house when there was a knock at the door. and leaving my cousin to go see who was there i settled in for what was going to be a boring uneventful evening (my current girlfriend was working til eleven and i was meant to meet her when she finished) it was then that my cousin came back in the room to say there was a blonde woman at the door wanting to see me, intriged i got off the sofa and went to the door.
to find wendy standing there wearing a short black leather jacket, a short black dress showing ample cleveage and enough leg and almost her snatch and finaly to my disbelief and amazment the sexiest pair of black leather knee high "fuck me" boots i had ever seen (the way the leather incased her lovely legs before ending tightly just below her knees, allowing that where the knee seems to be popping out because of the tightness of the leather) my cock was starting to get incredibly hard know and i was trying my best to stop staring at her legs only to end up eyeing up her cleveage of her 38DD breasts.
she mentioned something about wanting find her home for her boxer dog and asked if i knew of anybody willing to take him on, and using this to my advantage i quickly told her i would need to come to her house to see the dog for myself. climbing into her car we drove over to her house and i didn't notice her 11 year old son in the back of the car because i was to busy watching her boot covered legs as they pushed down on the accelartor and clutch, i just sat there feeling my dick growing bigger with every minute and wanting to take it out and start masturbating right there and then.

eventully we got to wendy's house and we went inside to find her 8 year old and 6 year old daughter with the neighbour who was babysitting for her. after having a look at the dog i watched wendy as she went round her house quickly cleaning things up and bending over to look in the kitchen cupboard when i almost shot my load.
it was then that i realised the babysitter was still there and wendy was taking her son to the cinema to see lord of the rings and said she would drop me home on the way, whilst in the car we got talking about this and that and onto relationships (she asked if i was seeing anyone, to which i lied and said no) and wendy said as a single mum of four halfcast kids (the oldest having left home at sixteen) that it was hard to find a decent man and that most men only wanted her for one thing.
but knowing the reputation she had as a cougar and the way she dressed and looked i couldn't blame them, then she said i was a decent guy and it was a shame she wasn't with someone like me. and that was it that was my cue, i quickly told her she was a very attractive woman and any guy would be lucky to be with her and then commented on how sexy she looked with her amazing long legs and her leather boots, she glanced over and blushed and i instantly knew two things for sure by the look in her eyes. the first was that she knew i'd been perving on her all night and secondly i was gonna fuck her that very same night, i then asked her about the film to which she replied she was "only going to see it for her son and wasn't looking forward to it" so i said i it was over three hours long but i could with her and probably make it more enjoyable.
"and how would you do that" she said as she glanced over "i'm sure i can think of something" i said staring at her booted legs and already knowing what i would do.
after the first twenty odd minutes i could see wendy was getting bored and looking round i quickly realised we were three of only about five people in the cinema sreen and quickly put my plan into action having gone and buying drinks and eats for us all told wendy's son that if he sat halfway down in the seats he would have a much better view and gave him his drink and sweets let him go six rows infront of us, leaving myself and his mum on the back row were i handed wendy the popcorn and went to give her son some more sweets and came and sat back down next to wendy who still had the popcorn on her lap. it was then that i reached for the popcorn and instead placed my hand on her leg, she just turned to me and smiled so i moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and under her short dress (which had rode up showing her tasty black panties that i had been perving at for the last fifteen minutes) rubbing her clit through her panties she quickly became wet allowing me to slip two then three fingers inside her juicey snatch and finger fuck her for the next two and a half hours making her hit with orgasm after orgasm and allowing her juices to run down her fuckable legs and drip onto her knee high boots...

part two to follow...
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