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Connie Finds She Can Get Some Big Satisfaction from Brad
As soon as the car pulled into the driveway of a very nice and expensive two story house, Brad reached into his pocket and activated a remote garage door opener. He smoothly pulled inside and turned off the engine while he closed the door to the attached garage, The boys all flung open the car doors and bounced out to begin their evening with Connie. In her mind she wondered where the parents were since obviously they must be out for the evening. As if Brad was reading her mind, he told her that Drake’s parents had gone skiing in Utah and would not be back until next Friday. In a way, Connie was relieved but it left her powerless to avoid her fate with them.

Drake offered Connie his hand to help guide her out of the car and into the house. She extended her hand and softly squeezed his hand in both appreciation and reassurance that nothing terrible would happen to her with him around. They entered through the kitchen and Drake asked Connie if she wanted anything to drink. “She’ll be getting all that she needs to drink as soon as I get her upstairs” Brad interrupted. With that, he grabbed her arm and began dragging. the apprehensive Principal’s wife towards the stairs. “You all remember the rules. The first time through we only get to fuck her once so everyone gets their share of fresh pussy. That’s fair isn’t it bitch?” insisted Brad. Connie didn’t say anything, but was relieved they weren’t planning on a gang rape, although she knew her sopping pussy might disagree. She looked back at Drake hoping for reassurance but he wasn’t looking at her. His head was down and he had his back to what was about to happen to the woman he loved.

Resigned to her fate and desperately seeking the sexual fulfillment that she craved, Connie allowed herself to be taken upstairs into what clearly was the master bedroom. As soon as they entered the room, Brad locked the door and pulled Connie to him. He placed one leg between hers and forced them wider apart. Just as suddenly as he had done in the parking garage, he thrust his hands between her legs and penetrated her cunt with two fingers. Just as before Connie almost collapsed as another rush of urgent sexual need overcame any doubts of what she wanted. “You’re still as hot and wet as before.” Brad insisted. “ Get the rest of your clothes off and I’m going to make you my bitch for life. Tell me. Do you want me to fuck you. I can tell from you pussy that you need a man to take care of you.”

Connie meekly nodded her head. “That’s not good enough.” Brad yelled. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to cum” she said softly. “Just let me cum. You know that’s what I need.”

“That’s not good enough” he said as he ground his fingers into her dripping pussy.” Tell me exactly what you want or maybe you won’t get it. Maybe I’ll get some guys over here that won’t be so easy on your body. Would you prefer that?”
A tear slid down her face. “No. Please don’t do that. I want you. I want all of you boys. I’ve never felt like this before. I don’t know why but please please fuck me. Then have Steven and Drake fuck me. You’re right. I need to be fucked harder than I have ever been before, “

“That’s what I thought. Now get your fucking clothes off and prepare for the night of your life.” Brad declared. With that he began undressing while she removed the few remaining things she had on. As she slide the dress off her shoulders and let it drop, she looked up to see Brad was already naked. As she looked up at him her mouth opened and an audible sigh surged from her throat. My god, she thought. Her mouth remained open as she stared at the most incredible cock she had ever seen in real life. As she stood there Brad was able to notice juices running down her thighs. In poker it’s called a tell. Connie was telling him everything he needed to know. “Tell me what you see, baby. You think this cock can satisfy a happily married woman like you? Or are you disappointed? Has Principal Farrell been spoiling you with his big long cock?”

“No. Hell no. Not like that. I wish, but no. Yours is definitely bigger and thicker than his. In fact I’ve never seen any cock in person that is the size of yours. Even my vibrator isn’t that big. I hope it fits.” Connie stuttered. By now she was ready to have Brad split her apart if he had to. She needed to find out just what it felt like with that monstrosity inside her. She reached down to take that wonderful prick of his and get the mystery over. A long smile came over Bard’s face. She was hooked.

“Well, bitch. I want the first time I fuck you to be a memory you’ll never forget. I want my cock to satisfy you. When you go home, I want you to think of me whenever Principal Farrell is inside that cunt of yours” he said with a scorn.

“No Brad. Trust me it’s something I’ll never forget. I want you inside me now. Please, don’t make me wait any longer.” Connie pleaded.

“Not just yet bitch. I want you to get the full Bradley tank. It’s still got some growing to do,” he boasted. With that he walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. “Get on your hands and knees. I want you to crawl over to me and beg me to let you suck my cock like the desperate married woman you are. You’ll be the best cocksucker you’ve ever been so this dick of mine can fuck your cunt in places you’ve never been fucked before. When it’s as big as it can be, I will give you the hardest deepest fuck you’ve ever dreamed of. Now got on your knees and get to work.”

Connie was amazed. She was offering herself to this boy in high school but it wasn’t enough, Why was he making her beg for him? And, more importantly, was she willing and eager to obey him. Dropping to all fours, she approached him as his bitch. If he had told her to bark, she would have done that. “Please Master Brad, allow your bitch Connie to suck your most wonderful cock. I only hope that I please you as much as you deserve,” Connie spoke as a woman possessed. She was feeling things that were new to her, As she reached him, he grabbed her hair and Connie opened her mouth to receive her Master’s offering. Certainly she had never had any of her openings filled with such as this cock which she needed inside her thirsting pussy. A few times she began to gag, but each time her need for satisfaction overcame the urge to pass out. Brad was rougher than she hoped. But perhaps that was really what she craved.

Finally he pulled her head back and removed his dick. She didn’t know It had grown while she sucked him, but she really didn’t care. She knew that she was about ready to finally have the orgasms she required. He pulled her onto the bed. She wondered how he would take her, She guessed doggy style, but no. He rolled her on her back and reached under her firm round ass. Then he told her to raise her legs over his shoulders. When that was done he pulled her hands together over her head and secured them with his left hand. She was at his complete mercy and it made her wetter than she had ever been. Finally he reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock. It was placed at the tip of her opening. Slowly he massaged her slit with the tip of his dick. She tried raising herself so that she could feel him inside her. But he was not ready for her yet. She moaned in despair. “Please don’t make me wait any more. I need your huge cock inside my cunt. I’ll do anything but please don’t make me wait any longer. “ Connie begged while tears fell down her cheeks,

“Is this how you beg your husband when you’re hot,” Brad asked. “ Do you need his cock fucking you as much as you need mine? Are you his little cocksucker when you need a hard cock? Has he ever made you his wiling bitch?”

“No. No. Never” she told him. “We never do any of those things. We make love. And sometimes I cum but not always, But I’ve never had to beg to get fucked by him. I’ve never been the slut you make me. Please Master, have mercy on your unworthy bitch. I’m your cocksucker, Your whore, Your slut, I’ll be whatever you command me to be. But please let me cum.”

Brad knew that she had crossed the line with him. He loved having that power over her, He knew that eventually he would have her tell her husband how she had begged him to fuck her, And so he began sliding deeper within her body. She could feel every stroke of his incredible cock as he drove deeper inside her cunt. Connie began crying out. She knew she was finally being allowed to reach that place inside her that was his to have however and whenever he demanded. “Oh god, Oh fuck. That’s it. That’s what I need. Pound me with that incredible dick I need. Fuck my cunt. Make me your whore, I’m your slut. Let me suck your beautiful cock. Make me swallow it whenever you want.” Connie began screaming and wanted everyone to hear her.

Brad increased his pace. He hadn’t hit bottom yet but he was sure he was deeper that she had ever felt before. He asked. “Is my cock big enough for you baby?”

“it’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had. “ she answered. “it fills me better than I have ever been filled before.”

“Would you rather be with your husband right now? “Brad teased. “Would his prick satisfy you like you feel with me? The next time he makes love to you, will you be thinking of us fucking? Will he be able to satisfy you the way you need.”

Connie screamed. “Just fuck your whore. Use me like the cum slut I am. I know his cock will never satisfy me like yours does. You know that I need more of you. What more can I say. Just use me whenever you want. Oh god. I’m cumming. Your bitch is cumming because of your cock fucking her. That’s it. Pound my cunt harder. Harder. More. Please more. Don’t stop. OHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Just as soon as Connie lost all control Brad began to cum inside her gushing pussy. She felt his hot juices fill he and begin running everywhere outside her cunt. More and more of his seed filled her until she knew that her sexual needs had just begun to be realized. She smiled as her acceptance of a new woman within her became real. What next?

“OK Bitch. Go take a hot shower. Steven will be up here in 15 minutes and he doesn’t like to wait for white women,” Brad told Connie. Connie had forgotten she was promised to two other boys for the night. It couldn’t possibly be as intense as her time with Brad. Ot could it?


2010-03-28 12:28:56
A great story, very sexy. I wish I had an encounter like this


2010-03-19 16:46:45
A great story I have read the first one. It got me so hot.

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