In this chapter we learn about Jim Smith's journey into family love
Monday, March 01, 2010

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The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller’s young family exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE BOAT ( It is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip they met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family. Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other families to join his family on Incest Island.

We will spend the early chapters of Incest Island really getting to know the families that have moved to the island. Zach (14) and Hannah (12) Miller and Mike (15) and Kaitlin (14) Taylor are convinced that they can help change the world’s view of family love. They have conceived an idea for a very secure website that will begin to tell the stories of the families of Incest Island. They are starting to interview the families.

The beginning of this chapter finds Ryan and his family back in Marsh Harbor to get their sailboat and eventually talk with Hank and Bill. We join them for a fantastic day of sailing to a nearby small island. Ted and his family are back on Incest Island caring for both Thunder and Lightning who are into all sorts of mischief. Kaitlin and Mike had interviewed Jim, Maggie and Maryanne Smith yesterday. Amy discovered what Kaitlin has written and is deeply touched.

Kaitlin’s account of the interview with the Smiths will help us get to know Jim Smith’s family. Jim has been Ted’s corporate attorney and good friend for a while. When they discovered their share love of their families, they became inseparable friends. Jim first discovered family love with his Dad when he was 11. It was the beginning of an amazing journey.

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MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah 11)
TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11, Josh 9 months)
COLBY FAMILY (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12, Eli 27 months and Grace 9 month)
SWENSON FAMILY (Marty34, Kathi 32, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)
GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)
JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 14, Mary 8, Tony 10 months)
SMITH FAMILY (Jim, Maggie, Maryanne 14)
WONG FAMILY (Steve, Mary, William 18, Leah 17, Grayson 16, Zoe 15, Kira 8)
HALSTON FAMILY (Phil, Mary, Max and Marie)
GIBSON FAMILY (Tom, Sally, Kiera and Landon 14, Lucy 13, Owen 12, Abigail 10)

Ryan and Christie knew that Bill and Hank would not be there until tomorrow. They decided to sail to one of the nearby cays and swim and snorkel for the afternoon. Zach plugged in the coordinates into the GPS and took the helm. Christie marveled at how good he was at it and his self confidence. As soon as they were out of the Marina, Zach pulled off the Speedo that he was wearing and asked his Mom to put sunscreen on him. Christie started with his back and she noticed how in a few weeks his shoulders were broader and his back was much more muscular. He looked so sexy wearing only a pair of Oakley sunglasses he swiped from his father. His white blond hair was almost to his shoulders in back. She rubbed the lotion on his hips and thighs. Her fingers massaged the sunscreen into his well developed calves. All of the running on the beach with Kaitlin and swimming had done amazing things for his body. She watched as he switched on the autopilot. When he turned around, Zach’s boy boner was standing at attention. Emily laughed.

-He didn’t really want sunscreen…he wanted his Mom to suck his hard boner. His little sister taunted him.

-You sure seemed to like it last night…what was it….oh yeah…three wild orgasms… Zach teased Emily back.

-You were pretty awesome bro. You know how to use that thing. Emily told her sexy big brother. Mom you wouldn’t believe it…Zach got me off 3 times before he came. I was so hot I was squirting all over us and he just keep going until I was crazy with pleasure…it was awesome!!

-What about Hannah? Christie asked.

-She was having fun with her birthday present. I don’t think she has turned that vibrator off since you gave it to her. I hope I can measure up after it. Zach said with a laugh.

His 12 year old sister snuck up on him while Mom was putting the sunscreen on him. She spun Zach around and told him she wanted to see how he measured up. Hannah jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. The sexy pregnant girl allowed herself to slide down Zach’s chest until she captured his throbbing penis with her vagina.

-Mmmm…god you feel good Zach. Hannah said as she wrapped her arms and legs around him tight.

-Mom you’d better take the helm…I’m being raped by a sexy 12 year old pregnant girl. Zach yelled just before he began to passionately kiss his little sister.

As he broke the kiss, he told her that pregnancy really agrees with your breasts and body. You are sooooooo sexy! Her 14 year old brother told her as he took her to one of the seats and spread her sex body out. He thrust his thick 14 year old boner deep in her steaming hot pussy and wrapped his lips around one of her succulent nipples. His hips began to flex as he drove his steel hard erection deep in her steaming pussy. His thumb found her stiff clit and he began to massage it as he thrust deeply in her hot sex.

-Oh yeah Zach…right there…oh god bro…fuck me hard. Hannah begged him.

Zach loved how his sweet little 12 year old virgin sister from 6 weeks ago is now begging her big brother to fuck her hard. Zach slammed his stone hard 14 year old cock in her as he flicked her nipple wildly with his tongue. In moments between the thrusting, clit and nipple play Zach had his little sister groaning as the wild orgasmic feelings crashed through her young body. Zach loved how her hot cunt would flood with her juices every time she came.

Zach was thankful that he and Noah had 69’d twice this morning. It took the edge off of his need to come and he could drive his beautiful 12 year old nymph crazy a lot longer with his raging hard boner. He kept thrusting long after her orgasm faded.

-Oh god Zach…not fair…you didn’t cum…oh shit…

Zach kept pounding her pussy. He kissed her passionately. Their tongues intertwined in a wildly sexual manner that drove both of them wild. Zach began to finger Hannah’s ass and that drove her over the edge a second time.

Zach carefully skated around the edge of orgasmic bliss and kept slamming her soaking pussy with his hard cock. Hannah was breathless…Zach you gotta stop…too much. Zach kept going and moments later he was rewarded with his beautiful sister having a mind numbing orgasm. The wild feelings were so intense that her eyes literally rolled up in her head. Hannah’s pussy began to squirt and she made the deck so slippery that Zach could barely stand up. That was when his rock hard boner erupted. He shoved he cock forward stretching her cervix and shot all of his hot cum deep in her womb. The two of them were completely spent. They were lost in the afterglow until their Mom cried out for Zach to take the wheel. Christie screamed as her 11 year old daughter, Emily, licked and fingered her pussy to a wild orgasm.

Zach took the wheel and saw that they were two miles from the cay they were sailing for. He could see the small island in the distance. He watched the GPS and depth finder carefully as they sailed close to shore. He started the engine and had Hannah help him furl the two sails. He saw the perfect place to anchor about 200 feet off shore. He motored to the spot and yelled for Hannah to drop anchor.

Noah came up on deck with a huge grin and looking all sweaty.

-What have you been doing bro? Zach asked as Hannah called back for Zach to back down and set the anchor. Zach put the boat in reverse and felt the anchor bite into the sandy bottom. He shut off the engine.

-Ummm….Daddy has been fucking me…it was pretty awesome…It was the first time we have ever been alone…really alone. He is so awesome Zach. He took me in his arms and tenderly kissed me…it was an awesome kiss. He whispered that he wanted to make love to me. His hands were all over me…stroking my back and legs. Then he licked and sucked my nipples. He picked me up and carried me to his bed. I watched him get the lube. He lubed his fingers and then my pucker. His fingers entered me. I was breathless it felt so good. Daddy never touched my cock.

I watched him lube his awesome cock. I still wonder how that beautiful thick boner ever fits inside me. I felt the blunt tip of his sex pressing against my boy pussy. He pushed the head of his cock through…god Zachy…it felt like I was a virgin again. He is so thick.

Then…It was so cool he was standing over me with the head of his boner in me. His body looked so awesome. He wiped the lube off of his hands and then he smiled at me. He leaned over and began to kiss me as the 7 ½” boner slipped deeper and deeper into me. He kept lightly kissing my cheeks and eyes and whispering to relax and push out. I was gasping…and then I felt his sandy brown curly pubic hair against my cheeks.

Daddy stayed still…you know…all the way in me…and kissed me…awesome sweet loving kisses at first and then hot fiery kisses.

I was so hard. His tongue licked my nipples as he began to make love to me. His thick cock was sliding in and out. He hit that awesome pleasure place every time. I felt this really weird feeling…like intense pressure at first. He just kept going…the pressure kept getting greater. I was…like…precumming for the first time. Then without warning…the good feeling happened…all at once…I was…like…squirting cum everywhere. He ummm…like…did me so hard one time that I came all over us without…you know…touching myself. He just kept fucking me and then I felt his hot cum…it felt like gallons…shooting everywhere in me…and then he just kept going.

Zack he had cum like crazy and he was still rock hard…and then I saw I was too. He just kept going with sweat dripping off of him and he kept hitting the pleasure place and the feelings started to build again. Then he just started fucking me wildly and the kissing was so hot. And then we both exploded again…at the same time it was awesome. He rolled over…I was sitting on his cock and it was still way hard. He just…like touched me…my face…my ears…my hair…not sexy…like loving. It was awesome.
-Dude…you got me all hard…and I just made crazy love to Hannah. Zach told him as he hugged his sexy little 11 year old brother. Noah was looking more and more like a copy of his big brother. Zach looked over and his sexy Hannah was putting her swim fins on. She had her legs parted as she put the swim fin on her right food. Her precious almost hairless pussy lips parted and a thick drop of creamy teen boy seed was trying to leak out.

-Whoa…Hannah you look so hot with my seed leaking out of you. Zach told his beautiful blond 12 year old sister.

-No way…you sex maniac…I am going snorkeling. She told her sexy 14 year old brother who stood there with his 5” boner waving in the wind. Come on…you need some exercise other than filling my sexy ass with your hot semen.

Their Mom coated them with waterproof sunscreen and one by one they went over the side of the boat into the crystal clear water.

Hannah jumped over the side quickly followed by Noah as he called out to Zach and Emily to hurry up in his new deep voice. Zach still couldn’t get used to Noah’s sudden entrance into puberty. His body had gone through an amazing transformation in the 5 weeks since Dr. Amy gave Noah the growth hormone shot. His sexy 11 year old body was suddenly sprouting a little white blond pubic hair, his boy bone is half again longer and much thicker, his voice is deep and Zach wasn’t sure but Noah seemed taller. Wow what a change. The biggest change was that sexy boy boner was now squirting thick creamy semen like a fire hose. Zach jumped in the water and while he was under water he saw that Noah’s boy balls were really starting to hang down like a teenager. The little dude had 4 orgasms this morning and he had a boner again. As Zach swam toward the surface he fondled the not so little dude’s hard shaft.

-Dude…I can’t believe you have blown 4 loads this morning and you are still boned up. Zach teased his 11 year old brother.

-Come on Em! Noah called in his deep voice.

Zach cleared his mask of water and went under water just as Emily jumped in. Zach marveled at her sexy 11 year old body. Her breast buds seemed to be filling out nicely and those awesome pink nipples looked hard and taste tempting. There was a small patch of silky white pubic hair above her hairless puffy pussy lips. Zach realized that he was fully erect. Em swam underwater toward her sexy 14 year old brother. As she swam up to him, his fingers lightly grazed her perfect little hard nipples.

Em wagged her index finger back and forth telling her always horny big brother that they were not going to fool around under water. They swam toward the edge of a reef where there were thousands of tropical fish. The colors were way beyond high definition. They swam through swarming schools of fish. Noah pointed at a big sting ray that was embedding himself on the sandy bottom. They heard their parents start the outboard motor on the dinghy and head toward shore.

Their Mom and Dad watched as the kids swam to shallow water and took off their swim fins and masks. When the kids were in knee deep water Ryan put his arm around Christie and pulled her to him.

- You know Mrs. Miller…you do make beautiful children. Ryan told Christie as his hand caressed her flat belly. I can’t wait to see what this next little beauty will look like.

-Any regrets…you know…about the baby maybe being Zach’s. Christie asked hesitantly.

-Not a one…I kind of hope it is Zach’s baby…that would be very cool. He told her before he kissed her passionately.

The two of them turned and began to jog down the beautiful beach that they had all to themselves. The kids watched their sexy parents running stark naked down the beach and then ran up to see if their parents had brought the Frisbee.

It was an awesome afternoon of family Frisbee, swimming and sex on the beach. Ryan told Christie that the weather was perfect to anchor out beside this beautiful little island for the night. As the sun started to set all of the kids were ravenously hungry. Christie had boiled and iced some awesome fresh shrimp. Noah and Emily made fresh fruit salad. Zach spread the blanket on the sand and Ryan found the white wine, cheese and French bread.

Hannah fed Zach a grape as she straddled him and gently rode his rock hard boner. They weren’t really having sex…just enjoying being joined as one. They joked about the sun sizzling as it hit the water as it set in the west.

Hannah reached over for more grapes and as she settled back on to Zach’s boner she felt his body shudder. She felt his penis filling her full of his hot boy seed.

-Oh Hannah…sorry…just too much. He gasped as he continued to ejaculate. Zach was worried that he had spoiled the moment.

-Mmmmm…it feels so good when you squirt in me. She told him as his orgasm subsided. She combed his fine white blond hair with her fingers as her vagina contracted with a minor orgasm.

The family lay back on the blankets and watched the amazing display of shooting stars in the pitch black night sky. There were millions of stars.

-I miss Thunder. Noah told them as his voice cracked.

-I am sure that Thunder and Lightning are having a great time together. They could all envision the chaos the two Labrador retriever puppies were causing at Ted and Amy’s villa. Little did they know just how much chaos the puppies were causing.

The six of them never made it back to the boat. The gentle warm breeze and the sounds of the small waves lapping on the beach put them to sleep. They slept in each other’s arms naked blissfully unaware of God’s exquisite canopy of stars overhead.

Back on the island earlier that morning, Mike knelt on the floor looking at the prints of the photographs that Jane Colby had taken during the interview with Jim Smith and his family yesterday. Mike was naked as usual. They were keeping Thunder, the black lab, while the Millers were gone to get their sailboat. Mike was intently reading the story that Kaitlin had written and typed while looking at the pictures trying to imagine how Jane might illustrate them. His penis was hard and leaking precum on to the dark hardwood floor.

Thunder came sniffing around and found the puddles of precum on the floor. The puppy quickly licked them up and sniffed around for more. He moved the puppy away from his leaking penis and went back to reading the story. Kaitlin had done another awesome job of capturing the Smith’s story. The true story was awesome. Mike knew that they would figure out how to disguise the family to protect their privacy later.

As he got into reading the story, Mike bent over and rested on his forearms with his naked ass up in the air. His cheeks were naturally parted and Thunder decided that they needed a closer look. The adorable black puppy sniffed and then began to lick Mike’s ass. Mike was giggling as Kaitlin and Noah walked in the room.

Kaitlin laughed and told him he’d better be careful.

-Why? Asked Mike.

-Lightning is in heat and it is driving Thunder crazy. Will found Thunder and Lightning getting it on a little while ago. Kaitlin told him. He might decide that he wants to mount you too.

-Mike you should see his cock when it’s hard. It is huge. Will told his brother. And once they are joined together they can’t separate. I…umm…just Googled it. They call it knotting. Thunder wandered off as if to say he wasn’t interested in their discussion. Once he gets his bone in her it expands and he can’t stop for a long time. Will told him. Thomas came out and told them that Thunder was humping Lightning again. They all went over and watched from the doorway.

Thunder was having some trouble penetrating the blond female. Mike got a good look at the erection as it slipped all of the way out of the sheath. It was huge. They watched as the dogs mated. It took about 30 minutes before they could separate. Thomas and Will masturbated to orgasm watching the dogs couple. They both squirted their semen all over the floor. Kaitlin just shook her head. Sara walked out of their parents’ bedroom smelling of sex. She looked into the bedroom at Thunder and Lightning.

-Oh oh…I hope you guys were right about a lot of people wanting puppies. Sara said as their Daddy walked out of the bedroom with his penis still shiny, slippery and half hard.

-Oh shit I wondered when Lightning would go into heat. I guess I know now. Ted said in amazement.

Mike stood there rock hard and wondering what it would feel like to take that huge stiff dog cock up his ass. As the dogs separated, Mike went back in the living room to continue reading the Smith family story. He knew he was going to need to jack off during or after reading the story. His cock was so hard that it ached.

He sat down on the floor and leaned back against the couch. He was reading about Jim’s first time with his Daddy and it was making him very hot. Mike was leaking precum like crazy.

The other kids were still watching Thunder and Lightning. Kaitlin said in a very motherly way that the show was over.

-I want Thomas and Will to clean their cum up off the floor. Then I want the three of you to jump in the shower together and clean up…you smell like day old sex. Will was listening but his eyes were glued to the 5 ½ month baby bulge.

-Whoa…sis…I just saw him kick. Will told her.

Kaitlin smiled and told Will that the baby had been doing that for about a week. Will’s splayed fingers reverently explored the beautiful baby bulge.

-You are one sexy Mama. Will told her.

-Look Will. Thomas cried out. Guess who likes to eat cum?

Will glanced over and Thunder was licking up all of their cum off the floor.

We can shoot cum all over the place and he’ll clean it up. Thomas announced in a very satisfied voice that occasionally cracked a little as his voice changed.

You two are just gross. Kaitlin said as she shook her head and followed Thunder into the living room. Mike glance up from reading what Kaitlin had written about the first father and son sexual exploration.

-This is hot sis…way hot. Mike said as he held up the pages. He went right back to reading.

Kaitlin watched Thunder sniff the air and then he went over and sat in front of Mike. Thunder leaned forward and sniffed the air between Mike’s legs. Mike was so intent on reading that he didn’t notice. She sat on the barstool so she would have a good view of the show.

Kaitlin could see the continuous stream of clear precum that leaked from the tip of Mike’s cock. It ran down his thick boy boner and over his balls and dripped on the floor. She could tell the scent was driving Thunder crazy. Thunder sniff the air again and was sure of what he had found. He gently leaned forward and Kaitlin watched his big red tongue lap Mike from his balls to the tip of his cock.

-Whoa… Mike said as he moved aside the papers.

Mike was just in time to see the cherry red tongue begin to lap him again. The roughness of the tongue made him shiver…and of course…leak more precum. Thunder began to sniff the source of the male scent and began to lap the head of Mike’s throbbing erection. Amy, Ted and the other kids watched as Mike lowered his knees to give the puppy full access to his aching boner. Thunder continued to happily lick the source of the good taste and his tail wagged to show his delight. Mike began to groan as the licking became more intense. Seconds later thick creamy cum erupted from the tip of his penis all over Thunder’s wet black nose and tongue. Thunder began to lick faster to capture as much boy seed as possible. Thunder meticulously cleaned Mike body of all of his seed until Mike became too sensitive. Mike hugged Thunder and pulled him away from his sensitive penis.

-Whoa…that was way cool. Thomas said as he watched Thunder’s tongue snake out and clean the semen from the end of his wet black nose.

Amy kissed Thomas’ shoulder and told him that Kaitlin was right. He could use a shower. She shooed Will, Sara and Thomas toward the large shower in the master bedroom. Amy smiled at the irony of sending three of her sexy teen/preteen children to shower together knowing it will probably result in one of the brothers penetrating Sara. It was awesome how their life had changed.

She hugged her two older kids and told them they could use a shower too. She watched as Mike led the beautiful pregnant girl to their outside shower.

This was pretty close to heaven. Amy thought as she sat on the couch and picked up the papers that Mike had left on the floor before one or both of the dogs got to them. She glanced through the pictures that Jane Colby had taken of the Smith family. She only said “Wow!” as she passed them to Ted.

Amy started to read the account of the Smith family journey into family love. She had read about two pages when Ted saw the tears running down her face. He tenderly stroked her face. She paused.

-This is a powerful story…and I can’t believe that Kaitlin wrote it…It’s awesome. Amy said and then paused for a moment and started to read out loud. The younger kids had finished their shower and were considering their sexual options when they heard their mother reading. They walked into the room quietly and sat down to listen. Mike and Kaitlin were amazed that their Mom was reading their story out loud and the other kids were quietly listening.

They saw that her cheeks glistened with tears. They said nothing and Mike sat in a chair and Kaitlin sat in his lap. As their mother read, Kaitlin rested her head on Mike’s shoulder.


Amy began to read…

Jim and his Daddy just got back from Jim’s soccer game. They had just played the Titans, the best team in the league. They beat them and father and son were joyous. The only thing that could have possibly made the victory any better was having his Mom there to see him win…but she had told him she was busy and would go to his next game.

As they drove in the driveway of their duplex house, they both noticed her car was not there. Things seemed strange when they walked in the house. There was an envelope on the kitchen table addressed to his Dad. Jim watched as his Daddy’s face went through the full range of emotions from surprise, to shock, to sadness and then white hot anger.

Jim watched his Daddy crumple the paper in his strong left hand as he released a cry of anguish. Jim was only 11 and he had no idea of what could possibly be this bad…but it scared him. He was still perspiring from the game and his sandy blond hair was wet with sweat. His brown eyes were filled with fear and the handsome young boy was on the verge of tears. His Daddy saw the fear on his face and he swept the lean muscular 11 year old boy up in his arms. His Daddy held him tight and he sobbed. We’ll be okay Jim…just different. His Dad told him to take a shower.

When he got in the bathroom the tears started to stream from his big brown eyes. He just looked down at the sink and watched his tear drops land on the white porcelain. He had never been this scared. What could possibly be this bad?

Then he heard it.

-Yeah Billy you are not going to believe what she did.

Good! Daddy was calling Uncle Billy…he would know how to help him. Jimmy thought.

-She left me. The fucking bitch ran off with a Navy fly boy...she just left me and Jimmy with out a word….No…she took every fucking thing! The closet is empty.

Jimmy was numb. He turned on the shower. He robotically stepped into the shower and as the warm water cascaded over him, the tears streamed down his face. She just left him…didn’t even say goodbye. His mother was gone. Jimmy stood there and just sobbed.

When the water went cold in the shower he got out. He heard Uncle Billy and his Daddy. Daddy’s voice was raised and angry. It just made Jimmy more upset.

Jimmy lay naked on his unmade bed. He just stared at the ceiling until it got dark. He got up to get something to drink and he looked out in the back yard and saw his Daddy and Uncle Billy. Billy jumped up when he saw the light go on in the kitchen. Jimmy saw his Daddy with his head in his hand and he was sobbing.

Billy ran in and swept his nephew up in his strong arms. It was hard to believe but Uncle Billy is a doctor now. Billy held Jimmy tight. He looked in his Uncle’s big brown eyes.

-She left? Why wouldn’t she tell me goodbye?

-I don’t know buddy…it is really pretty shitty.

Jim was 11 at the time. His Uncle held his naked 11 year old body tight until the sobbing stopped.

-Are you going to be okay for a while? Billy asked him. I could have Sean or Maggie come over.

Jimmy thought about it for a moment.

-I think I just want to be alone. Jimmy went to his room. He pulled on a pair of sleep shorts which was unusual. He slept naked a lot. He could still hear Billy and his Daddy in the back yard. Things sounded calmer. He was so exhausted from worry, Jimmy finally drifted off to sleep.

It was 3:30 when Jimmy awakened from a bad dream…then he realized it wasn’t a dream. She was gone and he began to cry…softly at first and then deep gut wrenching sobs.

His Dad heard him crying. He went to Jimmy’s room and gathered Jim up in his strong arms and carried him to his bed. His Dad held him tight.

Jimmy wrapped his arms tight around his Daddy’s neck. Jim felt himself getting a boner and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His Dad stroked his shaggy sandy brown hair and whispered that it was okay and not to worry about it. That only seemed to make the boner harder. As Jimmy moved around the head of his boner slipped out of the front of his sleep shorts and his bare boner rubbed against his Dad’s bare abdomen. His Dad kissed his forehead as he stroked Jimmy’s bare back.

His Daddy’s hands were soon sliding into the waistband of his sleep shorts. Jim moaned as his Dad stroked the globes of his muscular hips. He felt his Daddy sliding his shorts down. He felt the fabric of his shorts as it slipped off of his feet. His boy boner had never been harder. As his Daddy slipped his shorts off he turned him over.

Frank looked down at Jimmy’s naked body cradled in the crook of his arm. The street light outside his window revealed Jimmy’s 11 year old boy boner. Frank had seen his son naked a lot because they were pretty casual about nudity around the house. Frank worried that it was wrong, but he had always found looking at his son naked sexually arousing. He would slip off to the bathroom and jack off when the stimulation became too great. Frank had also seen Jimmy with boners…but never naked in his arms with a bone. It was a thin boy shaft with a lovely flared head. Jimmy was still sniffing from all of the crying. His Daddy rubbed his chest and his fingers toyed with the nipples that became hard after a few minutes. Frank’s hand began to rub Jimmy tight abdomen and as he widened the circle of his massaging hand his knuckles bumped Jimmy’s throbbing boner. The fingers felt the base of the boner and Frank wondered if he felt a pubic hair or two. Frank rubbed Jimmy’s sturdy legs and his fingers then began to stroke the inside of Jimmy’s leg until they lightly brushed his scrotum.

Jimmy felt his Daddy’s fingers begin to explore his testicles. Jimmy wondered if his would ever get big like his Daddy’s and hang down like that. Then Jimmy felt Daddy fingers begin to touch his boner. He was so hard and Daddy’s fingers felt so good. He was lost in the wonderful sensations. Daddy knew just where to touch.

Frank’s index finger began to trace it’s way around the circumcised head of Jimmy’s erection. The 11 year old had an amazing flared head on his sexy little boner. Frank’s finger traced it’s way around the ridge of the corona. He found the sensitive spot on the underside of the shaft. Frank leaned up and studied the magnificent stiff boy flesh in the dim light. It looked so beautiful and inviting. Frank could feel the stiff boy flesh throb as he touched it. Frank knew that he could no longer resist it. Frank leaned down and began to suck on the hard shaft. He started by licking the head with the tip of his tongue. That just wasn’t enough. He kiss the head of the penis and then felt the stiff flesh slide into his mouth.

At first his rational mind told Frank that he must stop. But he thought about a conversation he had with Billy. Billy sucked Sean earlier in the week. Frank knew he could not stop. He mouth watered and he savored the taste and smell of young boy.

At first Jimmy thought it was gross that his Daddy was sucking his boner…but the feelings were so awesome he didn’t…well couldn’t…say anything. Frank expertly sucked his son. He slowly lapped the stiff boy flesh from base to the beautiful flared head.

Frank’s fingers cupped and then explored the tender boy balls in their lovely scrotum hanging beautifully below the sexy boy boner. Frank’s thumb explored the base of the shaft and he felt a few silky hairs. Frank knew that the beautiful blond haired boy was probably ready to ejaculate if he hadn’t done so earlier. He decided to ask about it later. Right now all he wanted was the awesome taste of boy nectar.

Frank’s brother Billy told him earlier in the week that he had sucked his 11 year old son to his first wet orgasm. Billy had milked a first orgasm out of his sexy 11 year old Sean. As Frank sucked his sexy little boy, he wondered if he would get to taste the wonderful clear first boy semen that his brother Billy described to him. All Billy could talk about was the awesome sweet taste of Sean’s first seed. Billy was lucky enough to give Sean his first orgasm.

-Oh Daddy…better stop…I am going to pee….need to so bad…OHHHH…Daddy…I can’t stop.

Frank held Jimmy’s hips as the 11 year old thrust and bucked. And there it was…a few drops of sweet boy seed on his tongue…It was as awesome as Billy had described.

Frank held Jim tight against him. Jimmy squirmed against him and the sensation of the boy’s naked body against his own was too much. Frank’s throbbing 6 ½” erection began to ejaculate hot semen all over his sexy boy. His nuts felt like they were turning themselves inside out as rope after rope of hot creamy semen erupted all over Jimmy’s tender young 11 year old body. Jimmy and his Daddy were totally slimed with hot semen.

Frank led Jimmy by the hand to the shower and he quietly washed all of the semen off of their bodies. He washed every part of the beautiful boy including Jimmy’s beautiful boy boner. It was even more amazing than it looked in the dim light in the bedroom. The small shaft stood straight up and the pink head begged to be sucked. Frank could not resist the awesome shaft waving back and forth with Jim’s movements.

Frank took the boy shaft into his mouth and he began to suck it again and found the taste was even better. This was the most awesome night of Frank’s life. It reminded him of the night that his older brother Billy pleasured him for the first time. Frank stroked the globes of Jimmy’s little soccer butt. He parted them and he began to play with the tiny pucker. Frank inserted his index finger and began to massage the boy’s prostate.

Jimmy felt his Daddy’s finger in his butt. It seemed so gross at first and then it began to feel awesome. Jimmy felt that strange awesome feeling starting again. Jimmy moaned and groaned as he felt the hot boy seed race up through his boy boner on to Daddy’s hot tongue. Jim knew all of this had to be wrong…he didn’t care. It was the most awesome thing ever. His body bucked and thrust as he ground his boner against the rough roof of his Daddy’s mouth.

There was only one drop of boy essence this time. Frank thought it was wonderful. He held the sexy boy tight until the afterglow of sex faded. Frank dried them off and they went back to bed.

Jimmy had studied his Daddy’s boner in the shower. It looked huge to Jimmy. He wondered if Daddy would get mad if he touched it. Jimmy could see it in the dim room light as he lay beside his sexy strong Daddy. Jimmy wrapped his hand around his Daddy’s thick man shaft. He slowly and shyly explored his Daddy. His fingers felt the large orbs in his scrotum that were heavy with seed while his other hand explored the thick dark patch of black pubic hair. His hands then began to explore the thick pulsing shaft. Neither of them said a word as Jim found the stream of clear precum and began to spread the slippery substance up and down his Daddy’s shaft.

Frank held his breath wondering if Jim would suck his hard cock. He ached to have the boy do so…but it had to be something that Jim wanted to do.

Jimmy played with the shaft and the precum for a long time.

Frank could feel himself getting close to orgasm. He decided that the boy wasn’t ready for oral sex…just yet. Frank closed his eyes and enjoyed the awesome sensations as Jim explored his penis. Then suddenly that feeling became super intense. Frank’s eyes snapped open and watched as his son took the head of his cock into his mouth. It was just too much.

All of the foreplay and now seeing Jimmy suck him pushed Frank right over the edge. His testicles heavy with seed erupted. Frank felt the hot semen race through his body and he watched as the first huge jet squirted into Jimmy’s mouth. It squirted out of the sides of Jim’s mouth and the thick man cream ran down the shaft. Frank watched Jim’s throat try to keep up with the huge flow of man seed that he pumped in the beautiful boy’s mouth. Frank was in awe that his beautiful little boy was devouring his seed.

As his orgasm subsided, Jim looked up at his Daddy with watery eyes from trying to keep up with the huge flow of semen without choking. Frank swept the boy up in his arms and kissed him passionately he opened his mouth and Jimmy did too. Frank loved the taste of his semen on Jimmy’s tongue. Their tongues danced in each other mouth. It was awesome. Their hearts still ached, but the healing process had begun.

At 9:00 the summer sun was too bright to sleep any more. Frank looked down at Jimmy’s naked body. It made his morning boner even harder. Frank kissed the boy’s chest as he thought about the awesome taste of Jimmy boy nectar. The boy’s sleepy eyes opened and he looked up at his Daddy and smiled. That smile wiped all of the bad shit from yesterday away.

The two of them went in the bathroom and both wrestled with their morning boners as they tried to pee. They stood there side by side and eventually both of them softened enough to relieve their bladders. Jimmy giggled as their streams crossed in the toilet bowl.

The two of them walked out to the kitchen naked as the day they were born. Frank started a pot of coffee and then got the two of them cereal and orange juice. Father and son ate breakfast naked. They were starving. Neither of them ate dinner last night.

As they sat there, Frank called his brother Billy and told him the graphic details of last night. Jimmy blushed as he listened to his Daddy tell his Uncle Billy about how awesome last night was. Jimmy and his Daddy both had boners when Frank ended the call. Frank leaned over and kissed the top of his Jim’s head. Jim love the scent of boy and there was even a hint of semen on him.
Frank hadn’t bothered to mention that Billy was on his way over with his 11 year old Sean and his beautiful 12 year old girl Margaret…who everyone called Maggie.

Billy was 2 years older than Frank. Billy began to play around with Frank sexually when Billy was 11 and Frank was 9.

Billy had always been a jock. Jack O’Dwyer who lived next door taught Billy about soccer. Jack was 4 years older than Billy and as Jack started puberty he began to teach 8 year old Billy how to wrestle…like the Greeks did…naked. It didn’t take very long before the pretense of wrestling went away and Jack was dry humping the sexy 8 year old. Then they sucked each other. That continued until Jack went away to college.

Billy loved it. He loved the attention of an older dude and he really loved all of the sex stuff. When Billy started puberty, it was only natural to teach Frank the joys of boy sex.

Frank loved being naked with his big brother and the two of them slept naked most nights. They boys were wrestling naked one afternoon when they were home alone and that is when Billy had his first wet orgasm. He shot boy semen all over his little brother. Frank really didn’t understand anything about it other than his awesome big brother had rubbed against him and it made him feel really good. That was enough for Frank. That night in bed…

-Ummm…Billy…you can…ummm…rub your thing against me….you know…like this afternoon…that is…ummm…if you want to do it. Frank stammered out to his big brother.

Billy took his little brother in his arms and his kissed him. At first it was a loving kiss and then it became passionate. Frank felt Billy begin to rub his boner against his abdomen. Soon Billy was thrusting hard and fast while he groaned. Frankie just held his big brother tight and felt the warm fluid squirt on him. He knew that Billy just got the good feeling.

Billy and Frank continued on through the years. Both boys loved sports. Billy was on both the Lacrosse and soccer teams. Frank followed in Billy’s footsteps. Academics came easy to both of them and they were both straight A students.

In senior year of high school, Billy began to date Mary Louise Stephenson. She was one of the sexiest girls in school. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Billy filled Mary Lou with his seed one summer afternoon and impregnated her. Being good Catholics there was no discussion about the situation. They were married and Mary Lou and Billy lived in a basement apartment in his parents’ house. A few months later Mary Lou had a beautiful little girl that she named Maggie. Billy had never discussed it with anyone but he realized early that he was bisexual. He loved having sex with Mary Lou and he also craved having sex with his 16 year old brother Frank.

Frank had started dating Becky Jefferson. She was a beautiful blond cheerleader. They had been dating about two months when they started having unprotected sex. Both of them were virgins and didn’t give much thought to contraception because the church taught that it was wrong. As near as they could tell, Becky got pregnant that first night. There was another quiet wedding and a few months later they had a beautiful boy named Jimmy.

Frank and Billy’s parents were wealthy enough to be able to move into a larger house. The three families lived together under one roof. Billy and Frank continued to have sex regularly. Mary Lou became pregnant again and this time she had a boy that they named Sean. Billy, Frank, Mary Lou and Becky were all in college.

Billy loved it when Mary Lou was pregnant. He thought that her belly full of his baby was about the sexiest thing ever. Everyone knew it. It didn’t come as a surprise a when few months later Billy impregnated Mary Lou again. They were both seniors in college. Billy had just been accepted to Medical School. Midway through his first year of medical school, Mary Lou went into labor. Her sexy husband held her hand in the delivery room. Everything was proceeding normally when suddenly Mary Lou began to hemorrhage. That was when they lost the baby’s heart beat. The OB/GYN made Billy leave the room. Billy ran to the observation room above the operating room and watched in horror as he lost his wife and his baby.

Billy buried himself in his studies and his kids to deal with his grief.

Frank finished his Master Degree in Psychology the same year that Billy graduated from Medical School. Their kids were all starting puberty. Their Daddies let them all run around naked from birth so they were all used to seeing each other naked. That changed when Maggie began to develop breast buds. Suddenly Sean and Jimmy were fascinated with her chest. They both liked to touch and explore her body as well as each other. None of them had discovered the joys of orgasm…yet.

That all changed in one week. Sean and Jimmy both had wet orgasms in the same week.

When the back door opened, Billy, Maggie and Sean were all standing there looking at Uncle Frank and Jimmy sitting at their breakfast bar stark naked having a bowl of cereal.

The kids were used to seeing each other naked. Maggie and Sean had never seen Uncle Frank naked.

They rushed over to their naked cousin. Sean hugged Jimmy.

-Whoa dude…Daddy told us you made seed for the first time. Very cool! Sean told his 11 year old cousin.

-It was awesome. Jimmy said. I hear you shot off too.

-Yeah…ummm…it was really hot…didn’t know anything could feel that good. Sean said as he rubbed his cousin’s naked back with one hand and rested his other hand on Jimmy’s thigh.

Sean was way hard and everyone watched as he leaned over and kissed Jimmy on the lips. Sean held the kiss for a few moments and then deeply blushing he broke the kiss. Both Maggie and Jimmy noticed that over the years Sean became more attracted to Jim. He loved to touch and hug his naked cousin. Billy and Frank watched as Sean kissed Jim’s lips for the first time. The brothers grinned.

-Like father…like son! Billy said.

-Very cool! Frank responded.

The kids all went in the family room together. The brothers hugged and Frank slowly stripped his older brother and lover naked. Frank reached in a kitchen drawer and found a tube of lubricant. He lubricated his big brother’s penis. Frank bent over and presented his ass to his brother.

The kids were in the family room exploring each other’s bodies. As Jim explored Maggie’s delicate labia, Sean caressed Jim’s erection and scrotum. That was when they heard a slapping sound coming from the kitchen and groans. As the kids walked into the kitchen they were surprised to find their uncle and dad making love.

Maggie stood between Sean and Jim. She looked over at Sean who was rock hard and furiously masturbating. He was staring intently at his Daddy and Uncle making passionate love. Just as Billy filled Frank’s ass with a huge load of his man cream, Sean groaned and unloaded small jets of clear boy seed all over the hardwood kitchen floor.

-OMG Sean…you are hot for guys. Maggie said. Cool!

Sean turned bright red from embarrassment. Maggie saw that what she had said caused Sean to blush.

-Oh…baby…I’m sorry. She hugged her little brother against her. I think it is cool when dudes do it.

-You do? Sean asked her.

-Yeah I have seen it on the internet…and…um…well it gets me hot. She told Sean.

-So you think it would be cool if me and Sean…ummmm…like…did stuff? Jimmy asked Maggie. Because I think he is pretty hot…but was afraid…you know…everybody would freak…you know…if I was hot for a dude.

-So um….would you…you know…want Sean…to um…well…fuck you? Maggie asked Jim.

Jim hesitated for a second worrying about what Maggie would think. He decided to tell the truth.

-I think it would be really cool to do stuff with both of you…and ummm…well if Sean wanted to do me…that would be cool too. Jim told his 12 year old cousin Maggie.

-This is going to be so cool. Maggie said as she took the two boys by the hand and led them back to the family room.

Frank put his arm around brother Billy and said, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

The three naked kids went into the family room with their father’s trailing along behind them. There was a big oriental rug and they stopped on it. Maggie took Jim into her arms and began to kiss him passionately. She continued to hold Sean’s hand. When she stopped she put the boys together so that they could kiss. The handsome 11 year old boys kissed each other passionately. After a few minutes she kissed both of their cheeks. The boys broke their kiss as the three of them held each other.

-Jim I want you to make love to me while Sean makes love to you. She told the sexy 11 year old as she pulled him to the rug.

Billy handed Sean the tube of lube as he kissed his sexy 11 year old son.

Jimmy was kneeling between Maggie’s legs. He had his penis at the mouth of Maggie’s vagina. He was kissing her passionately as Sean lubed his pucker. Sean put the flared head of his 11 year old boner against his cousin’s pink pucker. Sean thrust his boner forward penetrating his cousin’s virgin ass. Jim grunted as he felt the intrusion of the thick boy shaft. The force of the invasion pushed Jimmy penis into Maggie. Jimmy felt his penis surge through her hymen. Maggie yelped with the brief pain. Jimmy looked deep into Maggie’s beautiful brown eyes. Her eyes were unfocused and clouded with lust. Maggie love the feeling of Jimmy deep inside her. The idea that Sean was making love to Jimmy at the same time made it even more awesome. The three of them found a rhythm that sent jolts of pleasure through their young bodies. Jimmy sucked on Maggie’s breast bud and she held his head tight to her. Maggie was a very sexual girl. She learned to masturbate when she was 10. She rocked her pelvis toward Jimmy so that his pubis would keep banging against her hard clit. She heard Sean cryout with orgasm and that pushed her over the edge.

Jimmy love the feeling of Sean’s boy boner pounding his ass and that intensified the feelings he was getting from Maggie. Jimmy hung on the edge of orgasm as long as he could and then he felt the incredible tension in his loins release as the hot semen raced through his boy cock. Jimmy squirted his immature boy seed directly into Maggie’s womb.

That night the 5 of them had dinner. Being a doctor, Billy knew that Maggie was on the verge of being fertile. Over dinner he asked what she would think if Jimmy filled her belly with a baby.

She looked at her Daddy with a puzzled look. What do you mean? She asked.

What if Jim got you pregnant? Billy asked his 12 year old daughter.

-Oh…well I think that would be very cool…but why just one. I want him to get me pregnant lots of times. Maggie told her Daddy. I have always wanted him.

They all began sleeping together at the same house. Billy and Frank slept together and the three kids slept in a king size bed. Over the next few months all of their young bodies began to mature. Both boys had lovely little patches of pubic hair and were shooting creamy thick boy seed. Maggie’s breasts developed beautifully and she too had a nice pubic bush. She had her first period and Jim asked her if she was sure she wanted him to impregnate her.

-More than anything…sexy boy…more than anything. I want lots of your babies. Maggie told him.

The kids had sex several times a day and it wasn’t long before she missed a period. Billy took her to the clinic at the hospital and had his friend Omar, who was Chief Resident and an OB/GYN, give Maggie a physical. Omar said everything looked good and wanted to know about the father. Billy quickly told Omar that it was a boy friend of Maggie’s.

Omar nodded and didn’t press the issue any further.

All during the pregnancy, Maggie kept telling Jim that she wanted a lot of his babies. It was an easy pregnancy and when her water broke the entire family took her to the hospital. Her Daddy went in with her and everyone else had to wait in the waiting room. It seemed to take forever. Finally Billy came out and he was white as a sheet. He told them that Maggie had started to hemorrhage and they had to do surgery.

About an hour later, Omar came out and hugged Billy and told him that Maggie and the baby were doing fine. The only bad news is that we had to do a hysterectomy because we could not get the bleeding stopped. The entire family was stunned knowing how much Maggie wanted lots of kids.

Maggie was both upset and overjoyed at the same time. Her baby girl was so precious. She ached to have more children. Jim hugged Maggie and told her that somehow they would find a way to have more kids. They named the beautiful girl Maryanne.

They delighted in everything about the beautiful child. They loved having the baby in bed with them. The baby grabbed hold of Jim’s erection one evening and began to suckle on it. Jim tried to move the baby away as he neared the point of no return. Maggie held the beautiful little girl in place and Jim’s throbbing boner erupted hot semen into the baby’s mouth. After that, the baby seemed to crave semen and she would suckle on both Jim and Sean’s boners. The beautiful child was showered with love.

Jim and Sean were both exceptionally bright and the each skipped two grades. They both went to a local excellent private college and were accepted when they were 16. The each managed to graduate college when they were 19. Jim choose law school and Sean choose medical school. Sean ended up going to an Ivy League medical school. For the first time the three of them would be separated. In two years Jim graduated at the top of his class and was recruited by an excellent law firm.

Two years later Jim met Ted and they became friends. They became very close friends and Ted asked Jim to go to work for his company. After they had worked together for a while, Ted invited Jim and Maggie to go to dinner with them. Ted only knew that Jim was exceptionally bright and very young to accomplish as much as he had at such a young age. Over diner, Jim and Maggie told Ted and Amy that they had a daughter.

Amy asked Maggie how old their little girl was. She was shocked to learn their daughter was 12 years old.

-So you became pregnant almost immediately when you became fertile. Amy asked.

Maggie nodded.

What did your parent do? Amy asked.

Well there was really only my Dad and my Uncle. They were both awesome about it. Maggie told Amy.

I guess we’d better tell you this…you will figure it out eventually if we are going to be close friends. Her Uncle is my Dad. Jim told Amy and Ted with a horribly worried look on his face.

Amy and Ted looked at each other and got huge grins.

-Oh thank God! Amy said. We needed to tell you some things about us too. Our daughter Kaitlin just had a baby. She is 12…and ummm…the Daddy is her brother Mike.

It took the news a few moments to register.

-Wow…so our families are alike. They started spending lots of time together.

-Ted and Jim got very involved with the family love group on the internet. After the last gathering at the Gibson’s ranch, Ted became committed to find a place where they could all live openly.

While Ted and Jim were busy trying to find a place for them, Maggie told Amy about her desire for more children and her hysterectomy.

Amy tested Jim and Maryanne for genetic compatibility as a part of a routine physical. She had never shared the results. She took Maggie for a walk in their garden and told her about the testing.

-They are compatible. Amy told Maggie.

That night Amy talked to Jim. He was so hard they had to have sex 3 times to get his raging boner under control.

The next night at Dinner, they began talking about family sex. Maryanne hugged her Mom. I have talked to Kaitlin and Mike and I wanted to ask if we could…you know…have sex as a family.

Before she could even ask Maryanne about it, Maryanne told her mom that she wanted her Daddy to get her pregnant. Maggie hugged her 12 year old daughter and told her that was awesome.

The three of them went upstairs and Maggie began to strip Maryanne naked. As the beautiful girl stood before her Daddy naked, Jim gasped for breath. Her beauty was breathtaking. Maggie then stripped Jim naked.

She watched Jim take Maggie into his strong arms. They kissed. It was a tender kiss that soon became very passionate. Jim began to kiss Maggie’s small breasts. He sucked the nipples until he had them rock hard. He took his beautiful girl to the bed and knelt between her legs. Jim began to pleasure Maryanne with his tongue. He found her clit and licked and sucked it until Maryanne begged him to make love to her. Jim kissed her as his the head of his erection penetrated her vagina. Jim thrust forward quickly and he felt her hymen snap as he took his beautiful girl’s virginity. He kissed her and played with her turgid nipples until she adjusted to his thick member in her pleasure core.

-Daddy….fill me with your seed. Maryanne begged her father.

Their sexy bodies, united as one, rocked in each other’s arms. It was a slow, passionate coupling until Jim cried out with the release of his seed. Maryanne wrapped her sexy legs around her Daddy and pulled him deeply in her vagina until he had emptied his seed fill orbs into her fertile womb. Father and daughter made love to each other morning, noon and night until she missed her period.

Not wanting to leave Maggie out, Jim and Maryanne took turns orally pleasuring Maggie. It was awesome and soon Maryanne was throwing up every morning…their baby girl had Daddy’s baby growing in her belly.

Maggie, Jim and Maryanne were joyous. Amy gave Maryanne a thorough physical and told her everything was great.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We are slowly beginning to meet the other families on the island. In the next chapter Mike and Kaitlin will interview the Smith family. Jim Smith is the attorney that helped Ted negotiate the deal to buy the island. We will learn about their journey into family love.

Let me know what you think of the story of Incest Island so far at I would love to hear your reactions to the story, thought and ideas. When the story line allows it, I try to work in reader requests. A reader wrote me this week and told me he thought it would be lovely if Ryan took Hannah’s anal cherry. The idea of penetrating that beautiful little 12 year old from behind was very stimulating and I was able to add it to the story. Another reader is fascinated by Noah’s sexual development. His new deep voice and boyish looks came from that suggestion. What are your thoughts and ideas? I can’t promise to use all of them. I will use them where I can.


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