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What Happens in Vegas

"Fuck those Bitches" Cindy thought as she stumbled back into the casino. This was suppose to be her weekend, her chance to cut loose and have fun with the girls, but NO those bitches run off to fuck the first guys that buy them a drink. "I don't need them to have a good time I will find one on my own" she told herself. "Shit, damn shoe" looking down she noticed the buckle of her shoes had come undone again. Bending over she worked on getting it rebuckle, but doing it drunk was a little of a challenge.

"Man, I wish break time would hurry up and get here" Dan thought to himself. His girlfriend, Sharon was suppose to be coming by, maybe he could get a quick blowjob in the elevator before he had to come back on shift. He was sitting at his blackjack table waiting for someone to sit down and play. Looking straight ahead he saw a hot little brunette coming his way. She had on a sleek, short black mini dress and the V down the front left little to the imagination. "How on earth did she keep her tits covered in the dress" he thought and just then she bends over to fasten her shoe. "Well their not covered anymore" he smiled. As she leaned forward he could see both breast very clearly, nice firm round perky C-cups he would guess. Probably fakes, but he didn't care they were hot. He just couldn't turn away and he could feel his cock getting stiff in his pants. He shifted in his seat trying to get his cock into a more comfortable position and as he did the girl looked up catching his stare. She smiled walking towards him.

Cindy finished buckling her pump, but had the strange feeling someone was watching her. Looking up she saw a blackjack dealer with is eyes all over her tits. "Who the hell does he think he is just sitting there looking down my dress" she thought. I guess it was my own fault I should have known better than to bend over in this dress. She had a hard enough time keeping it over her tits when she stood up straight. Her roommate Marcy was the one who had picked the dress out for her. When I had tried it on in the store, Marcy had gone on and on about how awesome it was on me, but I thought it was too revealing. "But were going to Vegas everyone shows their tits off in Vegas" Marcy had said so I got it but now I was having second thoughts. She continued to look the dealer in the eyes as she walked over to his table.

"Nice dress" Dan said. "I don't think it was my dress you were staring at" Cindy said with a smile. "Ok then, nice tits" Dan said with a grin then he added "if you want to continue this conversation you will have to sit down and play". Cindy sat down and put money out for some chips. "So are you here alone?" Dan asked. "Right now yes, my girlfriends went off with some guys we met at the club" Cindy said. "And you did meet anyone" Dan asked. "Not the right one, but maybe things are looking up" Cindy said with a smile. She looked at his name tag "Dan that's your name?" Cindy asked. "yeah do you have a problem with that?' he asked. "No it's just fun the guy my friend Marcy left the club with his name was Dan too. Crazy huh" Cindy said.

Looking at his watch Dan said "I get a break in about 5 minutes so why don't you wait for me over by that elevator" he pointed over to the corner. "Isn't that the elevator to the penthouse suite and don't you need a special key to use it" Cindy asked. "you leave that to me, just meet me over there" Dan said so Cindy headed off towards the elevator.

"What was she doing?' She asked herself. Well wasn't this what this whole weekend was about. Going out, having fun, maybe having some revenge sex since her boyfriend had cheated on her. "Yes that was exactly what she was going to do" Cindy told her self and she was going to enjoy it and rub it in Tim's face when she got home. She saw Dan coming towards her and as he reached the elevator he was pulling a key from his pocket, inserting it into the lock and the elevator opened. "After you" Dan said. "Well thank you" Cindy said.

As soon as the doors closed he was on her. Kissing her mouth, neck, squeezing her breasts. The elevator had gone up several floors then stopped. Surprised Cindy asked "Why did the elevator stop?" Moving behind her Dan said "Well at this time of night my good friend Bob is working security say HI to Bob, Dan was pointing up the the globe covering the security camera. "Hi Bob" Cindy said waving. "You see Bob doesn't really get out much so he lets me come in here from time to time for a little alone time he just likes to watch" Dan said "is that alright with you" he asked. 'I guess" Cindy said a little apprehensive "yeah sure why not".

"I know Bob would love to see your tits and find out what you have on under this dress if anything" Dan said. Standing behind her he pulled down both straps of her dress totally exposing her breasts. Reaching up with both hands he cupped her breast towards the camera "Nice aren't they Bob" Dan asked. Then he slide on hand down and under her dress. "No panties I like that" Dan told her as he slid a finger up and down her pussy. Cindy gave out a soft moan. The elevator had handrail on all three sides, he grabbed her by the waste and started to lift her up. Cindy started to protest, but Dan told her "Just trust me" so she did. Lifting her up he sat her in the corner on the end of two of the handrails, lifting each foot up to rest on the handrail just where the attached to the wall so she could hold herself up there.

Her legs were spread wide open exposing her pussy. Dan dropped to his knees and started to lick her pussy. Sticking his tongue inside her then sliding it all the way to the top flicking her clit. Sliding 2 finger into her pussy he started to work on her clit. "Fuck yes that feels good" Cindy moaned. But then he stood up already with is cock out shoving it inside her starting to fuck her. "Come on baby, push with your legs and fuck my cock" so she did, she started riding his cock up and down push up with her legs then letting her pussy slide back down on his cock. He had both hands on her tits with one in his mouth. With every forceful thrust of his cock their body's slapped together. "That's it fuck my pussy" Cindy screamed thinking if he kept this up she was going to cum for sure, but no sooner did that thought cross her mind when she heard his moan of release. "Fuck yes I'm cumming" Dan said. Just as quick as it all had started he was pulling out of her and zipping up. "What the fuck" Cindy thought, that is it. "Your not finished" she said to him "I didn't cum". "Oh baby I'm finished and you better straighten up before Bob opens the door and all of Vegas sees your sweet pussy" Dan said and just then the elevator started to move. Dan helped her down and she straighted her dress. "You're a fucking dick" Cindy told him. "And isn't that just what you were looking for?" Dan said with a smile as he walked out of the elevator.

Cindy could not believe what a prick he had been. Damn, she was still so horny all he had managed to do is heat her up. She opened the door to her room, walked in and saw Marcy's purse and shoes. "Good Marcy was back" Cindy thought. "March you will not believe it but I just fuck a guy in the eleva" Cindy stopped in mid-sentence because when she walked into the bedroom Marcy was on her knees with a mouth full of cock. Looking up at her Marcy pulled the cock out of her mouth and said "That's great I told you Vegas would make you feel better".

"I'm sorry" Cindy said "I didn't realize you weren't alone"

"you remember Dan you guys met at the club" Marcy said. "Hello again" Dan said.

"I'll leave you guys alone, sorry I barged in" Cindy said.

"No Cindy why don't you stay, you can tell us about your elevator guy" Marcy said.

"Have you guys ever, you know fooled around" Dan asked

"NO" Cindy blurted. "Not because I don't want to, but she is too straight arrow" Marcy said.

"What" Cindy asked.

"Come on Cindy, you know that I am bisexual and ever since college all those late nights seeing you in baby doll nighties I have always wanted to be with you" Marcy said. Marcy was cute you might say we were exact opposites. Me tall, long legs, big breasts and long straight haired brunette. Marcy was petite, blond curly hair with what Marcy called small B cups but I suspected they were large A cup breasts. All our guy friends called her Mouth full Marcy.

"so why don't you join us?" Dan asked

Marcy came walking over to Cindy taking her by the hand. "Come on Cin it will be fun. It will be our secret. Look at Dan's cock there is enough for both of us" Marcy said.

Cindy thought for a moment. She was horny as fuck the trip in the elevator just made it worse. She did like to watch girl on girl porn and was always curious. Dan was hot too and maybe he could finish the job the blackjack dealer had started.

"Ok" Cindy said. "What should I do" She asked. "you don't have to do anything let up take care of your" Marcy said taking the straps of her dress off her shoulders and letting the dress fall to the floor. "Fuck Dan have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of tits" Marcy asked leading Cindy to the bed and pushing her back onto the bed. Marcy laid down beside her and took her nipple into her mouth. Dan laid on the other side of her sucking her nipple and sliding a hand down to her pussy. "My, my you are wet. I guess that is the from the fucking you took in the elevator" Dan said.

"Yes, but the bastard didn't finish me I never got to cum" Cindy said.

"Oh we will take care of that" Marcy said and rolled over on top of Cindy. Marcy moved her knee between Cindy's legs urging her to spread them apart so she did. Marcy started kissing her one the mouth at first it seemed weird, but Cindy just decided to go with it and started kissing her back. Marcy had kind of pushed Dan to the side which at first kind of pissed him off. But as he watched these two beautiful women kissing, touching each other and grinding pussy's together he changed his mind. He was liking this as he watched Marcy moving down Cindy's body. First stopping at her breasts taking one in each hand and sucking on each nipple individually first but then together. Then she worked her way down to Cindy's pussy.

Cindy looked over at Dan and asked "Are you feeling left out?"

"A little" Dan said "but this is pretty fucking hot"

"Do you want me to suck your cock?" Cindy asked. "yes" Dan answered and turned the other way on the bed so Cindy could have better access to him. Cindy took his cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. At first just taking the head of his cock in her mouth sucking and licking it like it was aTootsie Pop. Then taking it all into her mouth "Fuck this girl sucks like a vacuum" Dan thought to himself. "yeah baby suck my cock" he said to her. Propping up on one elbow he watched as she continued to suck his cock in and out of her mouth. Looking over now he also had a perfect view of Marcy licking Cindy's pussy. She was really going after it, licking, sucking sliding 2 fingers up Cindy's pussy. He reached out and slide his hand between Marcy's legs sliding his fingers inside her she let out a low moan turning her hips towards him and spreading her legs. He understood exactly what she wanted him to do so he put is face into her crotch and starting licking.

"Fuck how did I get so luck" Dan thought to himself. Going out tonight he had hoped he would get lucky, but never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be this lucky. Two women had always been his fantasy, but this even beat out anything he had ever thought up. He was glad he'd jerked off earlier that was the only way he was able to last now. "Okay ladies I need to fuck someone who wants to go first?" Dan asked. "Fuck Marcy" Cindy said "She has me so close to cumming I don't want her to stop"

So Dan go up and came behind Marcy, bringing her up on her knees he entered her from behind. Sliding his cock slowly into her soaking wet pussy. "Oh my god, your pussy is so wet and hot" he said. Looking down watching Cindy squirm under Marcy's tongue was making him even hotter. "You're going to make me cum" Cindy said as her body started to shake with the first contractions of her orgasm. "Lick her, lick every bit of her cum up" Dan said pressing Marcy's face into her pussy as he began to slam his cock harder and harder into Marcy. "Yes, I'll lick up every drop" Marcy said in between the sucking slurping she was still doing between Cindy's legs. "Fuck yes lick me" Cindy said.

When Marcy was finished she looked up at Cindy with a smile and said "I think it's Dan's turn now". "Yes, I think you are right" Cindy said sitting up and telling Dan "Come and lay down on your back". Dan did what he was told. Cindy then climbed onto his cock and Marcy straddled his face. As he started to lick Marcy's pussy he couldn't believe how great it felt to have another woman ride his cock while he did it.

Cindy was riding his cock, but more in a back and forth motion instead of up and down. She had climbed on him facing towards his feet so she could easily slid back and forth grinding his cock deep inside her. He continued to lick Marcy's pussy feeling her juices drip onto his face she was so wet. "Fuck you are going to make me cum' Marcy said. "Do it Marcy cum all over his face" Cindy said. So she did her orgasm was long and powerful sending shivers throughout her body. When her orgasm had ended she rolled off Dan's face lying on her side watch he and Cindy fuck.

"Turn around' Dan told Cindy. She got off his cock just long enough to turn around to face him. "She is go gorgeous' Dan thought and those tits are to die for. Pulling her down close on his chest he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest. "Your going to make me cum" Dan whispered into her ear. "Tell me when you are close because I want you to cum in my mouth" Cindy said. Fuck Dan almost came as the words came out of her mouth. 'this girl is too good to be true"

"Ok I close very close' Dan told Cindy. So Cindy climbed off his cock and sucked his entire dick into her mouth. Sucking and stroking Dan could feel his balls start to contract then he could feel the streams of cum shooting out into the back of her throat. "Yes, suck every drop out of my cock" he told her. Even after he was done cumming she continued to suck him until he started to go soft in her mouth. Rolling over to the side of the bed panting Cindy said "That was fucking amazing".

Now lying there with a woman on either side of him Dan thought he just couldn't wait to tell the guys at the office all about this. He knew the saying "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas' but he thought 'Fuck that I will be the envy of every guy at work" so this story is definitely going home with me.

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2010-04-18 17:02:28
Great story Baby Hope to see a sequel to this

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2010-03-20 22:49:59
excellent story

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