This is the follow up of "Allison's Confession". It is two years after Jake and I got together for the first time. I am enjoying reliving these moments in our life. I hope you are getting something out of it too.
After our first time together Jake and I were insatiable. Every moment we could get together we took. He was in me for that year more than Jacob, my husband. I don’t know exactly how I was compartmentalizing this, but in my mind they were my lovers. I was theirs and I couldn’t muster any guilt at being with Jake. That doesn’t mean I didn’t contemplate the consequences of having your own son as a lover.

Jacob was an attentive lover, and the love of my life. He was, and is still, a good husband and father. For most women that is more than enough. If the events that had put Jake in my bed had never occurred I would have been a very happy and content woman indeed. But call it sick or blessed, I was in love with two men. And they were in love with me.

I held no illusions about the end game of mine and Jake’s relationship. One day a girl his age would catch his fancy and they would be together, maybe get married. I would tell him that what he and I had was special, but not to give up on his own life. He and I could be together as much as he wanted, but that he should also build his outside interests too. I was very lucky.

He did not fall apart, nor did the relationship of him and his father suffer for the “competition” that might seem apparent to this situation. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I said and did the right things along the way. Maybe it was the maturity that Jake was developing at being with a woman and having to come outside his own desires to have them met. I honestly don’t know.

That last two years in Germany was a lot of fun for the family, and for the two of us. He was typical as a teenager. He played soccer (remember we were in Germany) and he ran track. The girls took up gymnastics and Melissa was even good enough to enter into a few European competitions. She was quite accomplished. Katy went on to study oceananic sciences and won awards at science fairs, finally getting entry into Munich University the last year we were there. You can see then, that we didn’t fall apart. While my lust for Jake increased with each time we made love, I didn’t let it destroy my family. Thank God.

In a previous story I told you about me and Jake getting together on one of his father’s many TDY’s. (Temporary Duty Assignment for those of you not schooled in military lingo) I became pregnant, and I knew it was Jake’s. The timing, though close, meant that it had to be. So at fifteen, Jake became a father.
Jacob was a little surprised at my pregnancy so late in life. I acted surprised too, showing him the pill dispenser with the missing pills. (I had flushed them down the toilet each day until I was sure I was pregnant.) Jake acted the part of the proud brother and the girls were glad to have a real life dress up doll to dote on. For me, it was the fulfillment of my love and devotion to my new lover, my son.

So, that is the situation as Jake’s sixteenth birthday approached. I was happy, Jacob and the kids were happy. My baby boy, Montague was happy and healthy. All was well. I was being made love to sometimes six days a week. My clit was getting so sensitive to sex that all I had to do was wear silk instead of cotton panties, and I could cum just by scouching around on a chair. I loved it.

For a thirty-seven year old woman, I was fucking like an eighteen year old. Both of my men loved the attention I would give them in bed. I even made Jacob into a better lover. Sometimes I would catch one of Jacob’s buddies staring at me and I would get all tingly, but I kept my escapades at home. It was hard with my new found sexual power, but those two kept me so busy, I could not have done anything else, even if I wanted to.

Jake had started dating a darling little German girl, Heidi. I don’t know if they were sexually active, and till this day I haven’t asked. I had my suspicions though. Heidi was a regular fixture at our house till we PCS’ed back to the States. (PCS-Permanent Change of Station. It means we were re-assigned to another base.) She was a lovely girl and looked grown up even in the bikini’s of the day. (ca. 1980) I have to admit, I was a little jealous of how she filled out her swimsuit.

So, on the day of his birthday we were all getting set to go to Amsterdam as a birthday trip. Jacob had managed to get a week’s leave without interference this time. We were all going, including Heidi. The girls adored Heidi, Melissa still writes her. Jake, always the baby till Monty was born liked being the center of attention again.

We had four rooms booked at the Hotel Amsterdam Old Quarter. It is in the heart of historic Amsterdam. From there we walked all over the historic district and saw a lot of beautiful buildings and people. I highly recommend it. Though the ‘Old Quarter hotel might be a little “ruff” for American tourists it is a good way to immerse in the culture while you are there.

The baby had a bassinette in our room, mine and Jacob’s, Heidi and Melissa had a room together since they were so close, and Katy and Jacob got their own rooms. Most European hotels, and at the time this was no exception, had shared baths on each floor. The baths are unisex there, so I suppose for Jacob and Jake it was an interesting time. Most of the time there was some unspoken schedule for women and men, the women getting the morning time mostly, and the men using the showers in the evening. It all worked out.

It was here that I started having my suspicions about Heidi and Jake. They spent a lot of time alone, though I don’t think in the room. Still, with Melissa as an accomplice anything was possible. They held hands and were always smiling. It was a precious thing to see.

But Jake was always willing to help with Monty, and several times took him so that Jacob and I could get away for a little touring of our own. To this day Jake is very close to his “younger brothers”. Anyway, this is all to tell you where we were, and how we almost got caught.

Jacob was tired out from the walk we had taken and was down for a nap. For him that meant that he would sleep through supper and wake up about four in the morning the next day. Heidi and Melissa and Katy had taken off for a girl’s tour of Amsterdam night life leaving Jake with the baby till we got back.
I got Jacob all settled in, closing the curtains and putting out the lights. I told him I was going to get the baby, and sit in the lobby for a while, maybe take a short walk to the delicatessen down the block for supper. I never did get to the deli.

I knocked on Jake’s door softly and he opened it almost immediately.

“Shh…” He put his finger to his mouth. Motioning over his shoulder he indicated Monty on one of the twin beds asleep. He had rolled pillows up on either side of the baby so he couldn’t roll off. What a good father. I admit it hit me then and there I wanted to make love to him.

I stepped into the room and softly closed the door behind me. Jake smiled that Jake smile and hugged me to him. I wrapped myself around him laying my head on his shoulder.

“I missed you.” I whispered in his ear as I kissed his cheek.

He kissed my lips. “I’ve been waiting for you.” He told me.

I kissed him deeply, my tongue wrestling his for supremacy.

He took my face in his hands and said, “I love you Alli.” It is his pet name for me. I don’t let anyone else call me that.

“I love you to Jake.” I kissed him again. His hands moved between us finding my breasts. He smiled at me and winked.

“Now?” I asked “What about the girls? What about Monty?” I was being such a mom.

“They won’t be back for hours. We’ll be here if he wakes up.” He answered as a man.

I nodded. He took me arm in arm to the foot of the bed and kissed me again. He was unbuttoning my summer dress. I kissed him, offering no objection. When the dress was undone, he took it and hung it on a hanger in the little alcove of a closet. (They don’t have closets there because of the room tax, and for tax purposes anything with a door on it is a room.)

I hadn’t waited and removed my bra and panties while he was doing this. It makes my heart skip a beat every time he looks at me when I am naked. He doesn’t see the flaws, the sag of my 36 C (thanks to the pregnancy and milk) breasts, or the little fold of stomach that says I just had a baby. I was still carrying a little bit of the baby weight on me so I weighed about one-hundred-thirty-six then. On my 5’6” frame I still looked like a skinny woman with big tits.

Jake had gone through a growth spurt and was now a filled out young man at 6’2”, one-hundred-eighty-five pounds. All of it muscle. Of course there was that wonderful cock now at nine inches and almost three inches around. Lord I love that cock.

He removed his clothes and walked passed me to check the lock on the door. Coming back to me he took me into his arms and pressed me close to him. The feel of my milk laden breasts crushed to him, his pelvis on my stomach, it was almost too much for a giddy middle-aged woman to bear. Best of all, without any help from me but mere a look at my nakedness, he was hard.

I took his hardness in my petite hand and held onto it like a prize. Slowly I began to slip my hand up and down his shaft. He kissed me as I did this and I felt the breath catch in his throat as I touched him.
Breaking the kiss he lifted me in his arms and gently put me on the bed, while moving to lie on top of me. Supporting himself on his elbows he kissed me and reached his hand to run through my hair. The look in his eyes as he looked into mine was magnetic. I didn’t deserve so much love, and I was grateful to have it.

He bent his head to my neck and kissed it. He kissed under my chin, and slide down me, planting a kiss on my sternum, until he could reach a breast. Taking my nipple into his mouth he fed from my milk filled breasts. My girl, already wet, was beginning to leak just like my nipples. As he sucked I could feel the sympathetic rhythm in my vaginal muscles.

Hungrily he drank from first one breast and then the next. All the while, he was massaging and playing with my breasts, stopping to plant a kiss from time to time on my chest. When his feeding was done, he moved lower on my abdomen, kissing his way down my stomach, stroking the side of my breast and ribs as he went. I was about to pee myself. He French kissed my belly button. I giggled like a young girl.

“I love you so much Alli!” he meant it.

Then his tongue was on my girl. I cannot adequately describe Jake’s technique. It feels too good. But he actually “makes out” with my vagina while paying close attention to my clit, but not singular attention. It drives me crazy and he knows it.

I could feel my orgasm building, the little hound. He always made me cum first. I put my hand on his head, an unspoken signal, I was getting close.

“That’s my girl, cum for me Alli.” He teased.

And so I did. I arched my hips off of the bed, I bit my lip to keep from waking the baby as I moaned, my girl’s muscles were contracting, my stomach felt like a wave of pleasure was moving up through it to my nipples and my mouth, to the top of my head. And I squirted my lover’s nectar into his mouth.

Jake loves the taste of my girl cum.

He licked her, lapping up what he hadn’t caught in his mouth. Moaning as he did, I was in heaven to have so talented a lover, let alone my son, with whom I felt so strong a bond.

With a final kiss on my girl, he moved back the way he had come kissing me along a path that drove my body wild. Arriving back at my breasts, no feeding this time, just short kisses, and a flick of his tongue on my nipples his desire communicated by the protrusion of his penis against my Mons.

I reached between us, and guided the head of him to my vaginal opening. He thrust slightly forward, entering me slowly.

“Oh, Jake, fill me up with that cock baby.” I pleaded. “Mom needs you in there so bad.” I was beside myself with lust.

Jake was kissing my neck and moving in and out of me. My nipples were leaking onto his chest. The sweat and milk made us slick as we moved, heightening the sensations of our bodily contact. His cock in me was a piston of joy and ecstasy. I could feel the impending build of another orgasm.

“Oh, mom, when I’m in you there is nothing else like it anywhere. I love you so much!” He grunted through his rut.

“Harder, Jake, fuck me harder!” I said through my clenched teeth. He began to thrust into me in earnest. I don’t know how long we had been at it, but the build was nascent. I could feel the release almost there. My breasts were swelling. I could feel the tightness in my nipples.

My stomach fluttered as it does with my orgasm, transmitting it through my entire length. My vagina was in its orgasmic spasm. And there it was the spray of my girl cum running down the crack of my girl to my butt then wetting the bed. His pubic hair dampened by the spray was rubbing me raw, and then he clenched that sweet butt of his.

“OHHH….MOM…” He signaled his release to me. As he pumped his seed into me I could feel the short tremors of aftershock as I had first one, then another mini-orgasm.

We lay there entangled, his arms on either side of me, my legs splayed wide, and my beautiful Jake still in me. He kissed me on the lips a soft gentle lovers kiss. He brushed my hair out of my eyes, supporting himself on one arm. Then he kissed me again.
“I love you so much Alli. And making love here in the same room with our son is such a turn on.” He smiled a wicked smile.

“It is so wonderful, Jake, to be your lover. I was so proud to bear you a child. I would give you a hundred of them if you asked me.” I told him. I meant it too.

“Maybe just one more?” He teased.

I nodded my head. I knew he meant a child, not one more round of loving. That was a given.

His cock had not gone down such was the vigor of his youth. He moved in me again, and I could feel him. Slowly he moved in and out of me and I responded by raising my hips to meet him. Our rhythm established so early in our love making and second nature to us now served to stimulate my swollen clitoris.

The mushroom head of his penis rubbed against my G-spot. I cannot tellyou what was going on with us. I don’t pretend it was all innocent love, blossomed between a mother and son. There was lust and passion, and just plain old fucking. We had just made love. Now we were going to fuck.

“That’s it baby, fuck your mama. I need it so bad. I want it so much.” I said. The husk in my voice gave my lust away.

“I am going to fuck you so hard now.” He promised. And then he began to piston in and out of me with the rage of a bull.

“Oh, yes, Jake…fuck me.” I was almost screaming. I hoped the baby would sleep through this.

“That’s my girl, beg me, you want it don’t you.” His movement was frenzy now as he built to his second cum. I could feel my fifth cum building.

"!" I stammered.

My legs were wrapped around him trying to pull him in deeper. Each thrust threw me around under him. His penis would pull back stretching the vaginal opening, but never leaving me. His forward thrust would hit bottom and I felt the tension in my vaginal muscles contracting to milk him.

“Jake…I’m Cumming again.” I held my breath at the wave of pleasure as it passed through me like a Mack truck.

And then he held his breath, squirting more of his seed into me. I know it is a conceit, but I could have sworn I could feel the warmth of his liquid hit my cervix, splashing backward into my vaginal canal.

“Alli…” He said my name like a love sonnet. He pushed his pelvis into mine and held there. I thrust up to meet him. My legs were shaking, but I was managing to hold onto him.

With one accord we took a breath after what seemed like an eternity. He was looking at me, seeing me, and loving me, and joined to me. How much better could love be between two people?

“Alli, I love you so much.” He bent down and kissed me.

He pulled out of me. I felt so empty. Had he not held me in his arms I would have felt abandoned. Rolling to the side of me, he pulled me into a hug. I threw my arms around him and kissed him deeply, wetly.
We lay there for just a few minutes in our afterglow. When the drowsiness started to get too much to fight we both got up and got dressed. God bless that Monty, he had slept through the whole thing.

I knelt over the trash can in his room with some tissues draining what I could. It wouldn’t do to walk down the hall to my room with this much sperm in me. It took forever to stop running. I wiped myself and wadded the tissue up placing it at the bottom of the trash can.

Jake took a wet-nap and wiped me. I almost came again, the bugger. Getting my panties on and my bra, I was pulling on my summer dress when a knock came at the door.

I froze.

Jake called out, “Just a minute.” He motioned for me to button up the dress. I broke my deer in the headlight trance and buttoned my dress up quickly. Jake motioned for me to pick up the baby as he went to the door.

When he opened it Jacob was there.

“Hey dad; come on in. Mom was just getting the baby and we were talking.” He moved to let Jacob in. Jacob patted Jake on the shoulder as he passed him.

I couldn't help thinking when he did, "Job wel done!"

“Hey you; I didn’t expect to see you till tomorrow morning.” I teased Jacob. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I wanted to run.

“I don’t know, I just woke up a few minutes ago and was hungry. Did you guys eat?”

I looked at my watch. It was almost nine o’clock. I had been with Jake for two hours. It was dark outside. I shook my head.

“No, I guess we just let the time slip by. I didn’t want to wake Monty, he was sleeping so well.” I had picked him up in my arms to hide the wet of my dress. He was waking, still sleepy, but not fussy.

“Well, let’s get the diaper bag, and the four of us go out then.” Jacob suggested.

“Sure, you boys watch the baby, let me freshen up and we can go. I’ll meet you downstairs in ten minutes.” I was shaking as Jacob kissed me. Taking the baby from me he nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.” He told Jake to get the diaper bag. And we left the room together.

They went down the stairs as I knocked on the bath door. No one was there, thank goodness, and I was able to clean myself up. I snuck back to the room for a clean pair of undies and straightened the buttons out on my dress where I had crossed buttoned it. Fixing my hair, I shut off the light and went down stairs on shaky legs.

Nine months after that Robert was born.


2014-12-12 22:30:45
"A Boy No Longer" - Thirty-seven Year Old Married Mother And Parent (And Wife Of Husband Jacob Bodiford Sr) Allison "Alli" Bodiford And Seventeen Year Old Son Jacob "Jake" Bodiford Jr, and Their (Now) Two Sons Together, Two Year Old Montague and Infant Robert.

Without a doubt this series of stories by this writer are the very best I have ever, EVER, read, from a pornographic point of view!!! Allison "Alli", this wife, mother and lover of her seventeen year old son Jacob "Jake" Bodiford Jr, is undoubtedly the most awesome mother (and wife) ever!! She is so very much in love not only with her husband Jacob Sr, but she is as much--maybe moreso--in love with her son "Jake" Jr that she gladly and WILLINGLY allows her seventeen year old son Jake Jr to impregnant her and she gives birth to and becomes parents of their two sons (two year old Montague and new infant Robert (Jacob Sr--her husband and Jake's father--forever believes the boys are his)!

She is a Saint to be Worshipped!!!

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2014-11-09 02:05:49
U are messed up woman


2014-03-28 07:40:33
"A Boy No Longer" - Allison Bodiford and Jacob (Jake) Jr, Katy and Melissa, and Montague and Robert - (Mother and Son, Old Teenage Daughters, and Sons/Grandsons and Sons/Brothers

Allison and her man/woman lover, son Jacob (Jake) Jr, now have two sons together! No one in the family is the wiser; Allison has made sure that she makes love with her husband Jacob Sr in order to allay any doubt that he "thinks" he is two year old Montague's and new infant Robert's father--both sons are the children of mother Allison and her first son Jacob (Jake) Jr.

The writer of this story, which has merits and feeling of being factual (non-fiction), but however is absolutely the most amazing and beautiful mother/son incestual affair possible--the birth of their two sons being the reward and blessing of their lover's relationship and consummated incestual copulations!!

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2013-11-25 02:42:16
I like everything except the deception between dad and mom. If shes going to fuck her son cool but why lie about it, he has to deal with that. It would be better if they both just shared her knowingly and the kids had a question mark for daddy.

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2013-11-25 02:42:15
I like everything except the deception between dad and mom. If shes going to fuck her son cool but why lie about it, he has to deal with that. It would be better if they both just shared her knowingly and the kids had a question mark for daddy.

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