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Teen Exhibition
It was the summer before my senior year in high school. I was seventeen and working at a quick convenience store. I was going into work and there were 3 guys making fun of Patty. Now I thought it was stupid to make fun of Patty. She was a 16 and about to be a sophmore in high school. The main thing you need to know about Patty was her tits. Ever since she was twelve, you could see her coming before she turned the corner. We all know how cruel kids can be. Girls were jealous and boys, I guess, are just stupid. But with her 5’ 2” frame and those double D’s, she was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. I told the guys to knock it off. I added that they wouldn’t be picking on pretty Patty if they thought that they would ever have a chance in dating her. Then I chased them away from the front of the store. As I walked into the store for work, I told Patty to have a nice day. She hopped on her bike and rode away.

About an hour later, my cousin, Marie who is a friend of Patty’s, came into the store. I was working alone because the boss was out to lunch. “What did you say about Patty”? I looked at her stunned, “what are you accusing me of”? I asked. Marie responded that Patty was talking like I was the greatest guy in the world. She continued to say that I stuck up for Patty and said that she was pretty. “Ok”, I said. “I did. Some stupid guys were picking on her and I made them knock it off. “Well, I think you made a friend for life or at least for the summer”, said Marie.

The next day, I was scheduled at the store again. This afternoon I would be alone for 4 hours. As I arrived at work Patty was sitting out front sipping a soda. She smiled and said “Hi, Bill”. I said hi back and went into the store. The boss gave a list of things to do and left. I started filling the shelves that were on the list. About an hour went by and no one had come in. I was almost done when I heard the door open.

I looked up to see Patty come in by herself. She looked around the store and when she spotted me she walked to where I was working. She said she had a question for me. She wanted to know if I really thought that she was pretty or was I being nice to her. I told her that I thought she was pretty and would tell anyone who asked. That brought a big smile to her face. She looked like she was thinking something over. Then she asked me in a whisper, “Do you want to see them”? What”, I asked back? She replied by asking if I wanted to see her tits. She said that all the boys want to see them but she had never done that before. But I was so nice to her she thought she would let me see them, if I wanted.

Did I want to? Fuck yes!! I have a motto my older brother told me, “Seen one tit, want to see more”. I told her that it wasn’t necessary but yes I would like to see her tits. She looked around and asked where and when? I wasn’t going to put this off because she could start thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea. I told her we could do it now. We could go into the backroom. No one could see us there and I would hear the door if someone came in.

We went in to the backroom where the stock is stored. I stopped by a table that we work at. I made sure it was clear and then I picked her up and sat her on the table. She looked around to make sure no one else was there. She was wearing a halter top that tied behind her neck. She untied it and let it fall forward. There they were. The two most beautiful tits I have ever seen. Granted in my 17 years I haven’t seen many up close like this but I have dated and have batted around the bases a couple of times. These were nothing like the girls I had dated. The other girls’ tits were perky. They were never bigger than a handful. Nice but not like the ones Patty was now showing me. Her nipples became hard in about 2 seconds of being exposed.

I told Patty that they were beautiful and I thanked her for showing me her tits. I wondered if she would let me touch them. I asked. She thought for a moment and said yes. I softly grabbed her left tit with my right hand. I tried to grab the whole thing and was having difficulty. I softly pinched her nipple. My left hand just reached up and grabbed her right tit. I started to play with them, mashing and pulling on them. I would release them and watch them bounce. I pulled on her nipple and she cried out ouch. Not even thinking about it, I bent over and kissed her nipple. She inhaled sharply but said nothing. I realized what I had done but I also realized that she didn’t say anything. So I bent over and started to kiss and suck on her left tit. After a couple of minutes, I switched tits.

Her breathing was becoming labored and we had been in the back for about 20 minutes. It was time to stop. I told her thanks for allowing me to enjoy her tits but I had to get back to work. While she tied top, I adjusted my pants because my cock was hard and uncomfortable. She looked down and asked if she had caused that. I told her yes that she and her beautiful tits had made my cock hard. She asked if I would be alright. I told her I would.

I went out into the store first. Made sure that no one was outside and told her she could come out. We said bye to each other. Patty went out the door, hopped on her bike and rode away. I went back in to the back room and whipped out my cock.. It was as hard as I could remember. I started to jerk off. I came more quickly than I had in a while and it seemed like I came in bucket loads. I quickly cleaned up, washed my hands and went back to work hope no one would guess what had happened.


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2012-08-10 03:50:48
good great write more plz.

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