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My little sister had the biggest tits and the hottest pussy in town.
Fbailey story number 497

Little Sister, Big Tits, Hot Pussy

Did you ever have a little sister with tits so big that you thought that she would fall over? Was she eleven years old? Mine was!

Ally had tits when she was in kindergarten and Mom made her wear a bra. In the third grade at nine years old she was wearing a C-cup. In the sixth grade her tits were bigger than any of the teacher’s tits were. She had been the laughing stock of her elementary school her whole life.

She had just graduated into high school. In our small town we only have two schools, K through sixth, and seventh through twelfth. Ally was desperately hoping that the older kids would be nicer to her, after all everyone of them had been in the elementary school with her in the past and everyone knew her, hell she was the most popular girl in town. She was the town freak. Kids would call her Dolly Parton, the twin towers, and top heavy. I was just about the only one that called her Ally.

Early that summer Ally turned twelve and was looking forward to being in the seventh grade when school started up in the fall.

I was fifteen so Mom and Dad decided that I was old enough and responsible enough to watch over myself and Ally too. That way they saved money on a babysitter.

The day after she turned twelve Ally came into my bedroom after Mom and Dad had gone to work and climbed in bed with me. When I woke up an hour or so later I felt her back snuggled into me, I felt my hand up around her throat, and I felt her tits squeezing my arm. I didn’t move a muscle, my arm was up under her big T-shirt, and I knew that was all that she ever wore to bed. I had stopped wearing anything to bed a couple of years ago, so my morning hard-on was pressed into the crack of her bare ass.

Ally startled me when she said, “It’s about time you woke up.”

I backed my cock away from her butt slowly and she rolled onto her back. Her enormous tits released their grip on my forearm and blood started to flow back into it. It tingled as I slowly lowered it away from her neck. Somehow it was not under my full control and my palm rubbed over one of her hard nipples and rested on top of one breast.

Ally cooed and said, “That feels nice. Don’t stop.”

I had wanted to feel of her tits for quite some time so with her permission I was going to do just that. They felt really hard and I was pretty sure that they should feel soft and pliable. Ally said that are always hard and painful but she liked me playing with her nipples.

Ally giggled and said, “I used to call them Thelma & Louise but now I just call them, The Girls.”

I smiled at her, tweaked her nipples and said, “I really like The Girls.”

After a while I started sliding my hand further down her body, then I stopped on her soft belly.

Ally said, “Keep going but be careful, it gets pretty hot down there.”

I moved my hand lower and Ally opened her knees up for me. When I cupped her crotch I felt the heat radiating from her pussy. She was right, it was hot.

Ally said, “I told you it gets hot down there. Mom measures it occasionally and gets around a hundred and two to a hundred and three degrees every time.

I rubbed her pussy mound and her thin hairs felt good on my palm.

Ally said, “I call her my mouse trap.”

I asked, “Why, your mouse trap?”

Ally giggled and said, “Well…pussy…kitty…cat…mouse…mouse trap. It makes sense to me. Slip your finger in and I’ll show you something special.”

I slipped my middle finger up into her moist hot hole. When I had my second knuckle in her and hooked the tip under her pubic bone she clamped her pussy muscles down onto my finger applying a lot of presser to it. Enough pressure that I could not pull it back out.

Ally smiled and said, “I can control her pussy muscles from delicate to strong. I stuck a cucumber in her once and she crushed it. I was flushing cucumber seeds out of her for days afterwards.”

She relaxed her hold on me and let me go back to playing with her pussy again. Somewhere along there I said, “I love your body."

Ally wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me right on my lips. Then she said, “You are the very first boy to ever tell me that. You sounded like you meant it too.”

I said, “Of course I meant it, you’re my sister.”

Ally laughed and said, “You’re not getting out of it that easily. I know you meant it and I want you to keep proving it to me too.”

I asked, “How can I do that?”

Ally said, “By touching my boobs, butt, or pussy every chance that you get. Do it in front of Mom and Dad too if you think you can get away with it.”

Confused I asked, “Why?”

Ally smiled and said, “Because it’s sexy and it’s better than masturbating. I like the way you touch me. You can fuck me too, after all I’ve had cucumbers in there so you won’t hurt me any.”

All I could say was, “Seriously.”

Ally replied, “Sure. Why not! Mom and Dad do it whenever they think I’m not listening.”

I said, “You really are serious.”

Ally pulled her big T-shirt up over her head and arms and then threw it on my floor. She kissed me again on my lips and said, “I’m in your bed naked, I’ve let you play with my boobs and my pussy. Why wouldn’t I let you fuck me?”

She rolled over on top of me, she kissed me again, and then she slipped my hard-on up inside her. She gave it a little squeeze with her pussy muscles and then she giggled. I just lay there as she fucked herself with my cock. We really enjoyed it and both of us came. Surprisingly her pussy cooled down after she had her orgasm.

We didn’t even bother to get dressed for lunch. We ate quickly and went right back to my bed. Ally let me rub my hands all over her very interesting body. I tried to memorize it.

She had a pretty face, soft lips, very large hard tits, flat tummy, and a pussy that was burning up with desire.

We were surprised by a car door slamming shut in our driveway and Ally ran to her bedroom while I got dressed and hid the T-shirt that she had left behind.

Mom entered the front door as Ally and I were both running down the stairs. She asked, “What are you two up too?”

Ally covered for us by saying, “He made me clean my room and it wasn’t even dirty.”

Mom just smiled at Ally, patted me on the head, and said, “Keep up the good work. Make her obey. Don’t be afraid to punish her if she disobeys you.”

Mom walked up the stairs to change out of her office clothes as I was holding Ally’s back to my chest and had my hands holding her big breasts up. Ally giggled and Mom turned around. There I was with my hands under my sister’s breasts.

Mom asked, “Have you felt how hot her pussy gets? Try fucking it. You might cool it off a little.”

Ally asked, “Can he? Really?”

Mom replied, “I think he already has, so what’s the harm.”

I smiled and confirmed that I had…twice that day.

Mom smiled and said, “A chip off the old block. Your father can’t get enough of my hot pussy either.”

With a new lease on life I took Ally right up to my room. Mom smiled as we went in, then she went into her bedroom to change.

After Mom changed she knocked on my bedroom door and asked, “Are you two done in there? Dinner will be ready in an hour and I could use some help in the kitchen.”

Ally replied, “Almost. I needed it a second time. His cock feels so good inside me.”

Mom replied, “I know what you mean. Don’t be too long but do what you have too.”

During dinner Mom told Dad that Ally and I were having sex together. All he wanted to know was when Mom would let us swap girls. Apparently Dad had also wanted to get his hands on my little sister’s big tits and his cock in her hot pussy. I hadn’t given it much thought but fucking Mom could be fun too.

The End
Little Sister, Big Tits, Hot Pussy
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