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They were two really sweet college girls who were about to live a horror they would never believe.
I met these two hot little college girls at the local MUB. They were interested in cutting loose after a week of mid terms. Rebecca was a short redhead. Great little tits that were encased in a thin bra, her nipples seem to erect with every breath she took. She also wore daisy duke skin tight jeans and I could see her nice camel toe. Her friend was a blond named Alison. She was a tad taller than Rebecca with huge tits that she had in a halter top. She too wore cut offs that showed off her hot little ass. They wanted to come to my place and party with me. Well what they did not know is, they were about to endure a living nightmare that they would not be able to end.

I got them to my house and gave them both drinks that were spiked. It took about ten minutes for these two sluts to fall asleep, and I moved pretty quickly. I removed both of their clothes, exposing their tight little bodies. I slowly licked each of them, tasting their flesh for the first time, the hunger slowly starting to grow in my belly. I bought them into the room and bound them spread eagle to the tables I had set up and ate my other meals at. First though, I was going to tenderize the special area I was going to eat first. I am not like other cannabals though, I love to eat my pussy while the meal is still alive. Something about them feeling me eating their pussy flesh makes their hormones race and their meat taste even sweeter.

Allison woke up first. She cried out and asked me what was going on? That they wanted to fuck me anyway so why was I doing this to them? I whispered in her ear that this was her last day of life on this earth. I told her I was going to prepare her for something very special, that I was going to spend the next hour or so pounding the hell out of her pink pussy. After I was done fucking her silly I was then going to show her that I ate pussy like no other man. I then slid my hard cock into her hole and started fucking her in long, slow, deep strokes. I could actually feel this sluts pussy muscles gripping onto my big cock as I started to fuck her harder and harder. I started to really pound this little tramps pussy harder and harder, and she actually came a couple of times from all the hard fucking. Meanwhile her friend Rebecca woke up and saw she was bound and that I was now raping her friends cunt. On and on I slammed my hard, throbbing cock in and out of Allisons pussy, finally reaching the point of no return and shooting my hot load of cum deep into her freshly fucked pussy.

I then started to lick and kiss her body and worked my way down to her now steaming and tenderized pussy. I slowly started working on her clit, sucking on it, running my tongue all over her clit, labs and deep inside her pink hole. She had one orgasm after another, then when she was right on the brink and pushed over the edge I clamped my specially designed dentures razor sharp teeth on her clit and bit it off. She screamed in horror as she realized I was now eating her flesh. Rebecca too started to scream and beg me to stop. I then ate Allisons pussy lips, chewing them off of her cunt like they were on an ear of corn. She tried to pull away her crotch from the brutal assault but I held her firm and continued to dine on her sweet pussy meat. I took a huge bite out of her vulva area. Chewing the meat slowly, savoring the taste of her. She screamed, along with Rebecca as I took bite after bite of her tasty flesh. After about ten minutes of just eating her flesh I reached the bottom of her vagina. She was laying limp, whimpering, begging me to stop, yet, she no longer had the pussy she was born with attached to her, it was now digesting in my stomach. Licking my lips, I looked her dead in the eyes and told her after I was done with eating Rebecca I would then cut her throat and butcher the rest of the meat from her body.

I got up and walked over to Rebecca. The look of sheer horror in her eyes drove me wild with lust. I took her right there, raping her exposed pussy at my will. The combination of having just eaten the pussy of Allison and knowing as soon as I was done fucking this bitches cunt I was going to devour her too made me go wild, fucking and pounding her cuntal flesh hard. I raped her for an hour, slamming my cock into her pussy and asshole again and again. All the while she is begging me not to kill her, not to eat her, to please let her go and she will never tell anyone what I did. I laughed at her. I whispered into her ear exactly how I was going to savor each and every bite I took of her cunt. I soon came into her vaginal vault and procceeded, like I did with Allison, to work my way down to her freshly fucked cunt meat. She was in literal terror, knowing that soon, she would be eaten alive and there was nothing she could do but accept her fate. When I did bite off her clit she spewed a huge shot of pussy juice right into my mouth. That was it for me, I just went wild, devouring this whores pussy. All the time she is screaming, begging for me to stop, but I will not. Soon, her pussy too is now in my belly, digesting. I then walk over to Allison to see if she was still coherant by bitting off her left nipple. She screamed and moaned. I told her it was time to meet her maker and took out my razor sharp butcher knife and slit her throat. Then as Rebecca was screaming in terror, I bit off both her nipples then cut her throat also.

I now had alot of fresh meat for the rest of the week to eat until I found my next meal.

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2014-06-13 05:38:53
More please. Maybe a doctor with a scalpel.

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2012-03-20 23:09:26
wow wow wow i wish i was the girl in your story well other then having my neck cut i would rather wach you eat me alive

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2012-01-09 21:35:55
That was AWSOME!!!! Besf rape and cannibalism i've ever read!! People should read your stories and take note.

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2011-02-26 23:56:17
thats how I want to die!!!!

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2010-04-07 23:01:06
You are very very very sick. Get therapy.

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