New Interracial SEX behavior reality
Hello everyone!!!

I posted this before, and I had SO MUCH success with it, I decided to put it back out there, add a few things, and capture some new fans!

First of all,... you should know that * This IS NOT a story, IS a blog!!! *

NEXT,… I want to make myself EXTREMELY CLEAR,… about who I am and what this blog, what my stories, and what I am all about!!!

This post, and all my stories center around, strong black men sexually dominating feminine white males, interracial sex, interracial relations, racial-sexual concepts, sociological implications, social reality, and the nature of racial sexual gender roles.

I will post true stories about me and other blacks fucking white boys like white females, as that is what they are! Not all white males, but a HUGE percent!

Who am I? I am a black man, and I like to fuck white people! White girls, and white boys,…it is just that lately I’ve just found white males are bit more useful for purely sexual purposes, but the fact is if something is white, young, shy, and feminine ……there is a good chance I wanna fuck it!

At the very least,…I want it fucked by SOMETHING meaning SOMEONE BLACK! What I have learned through certain events in my life,…is that a LOT of white males,…aren’t males AT ALL! We just happen incorrectly to call them that.

This is not true for ALL white males, but the truth is that a HUGE PERCENTAGE of “white males” are really just white bitches in disguise, and they NEED to be FUCKED like the bitches that they really ARE! Most of these potential sluts, HAVE NO idea whatsoever!!!

They have wrongly been convinced by society that they are men. Most of them are hopelessly confused, and most will never understand why they have never known real sexual satisfaction. Or why their white women, their white girlfriends, their white sisters, white daughters, and white wives fantisize about and seek out for black cocks to give them satisfaction, that THEY cannot give them.

In their confusion, they react illogically,... becoming jealous and angry,... even hateful and racist. They hate black men for having the ability to truely sexually satisfy the women that they can not! The don't even realize that black men are NOT the problem! Even without us, they will leave their women sexually unfufilled. In their anger, they don't realize that we are the solution! Not only to satisfy their white women, but their own naked unfufilled white bodies as well!

Nature, has ALWAYS had dominant ALPHA males, who dominate the other, weaker, more feminine males, and have sole breeding rights to females. The other, weaker, more feminine males serve an important sexual purpose, but it is certainly NOT having sex with females. This only results in sexually unsatified females and males! The female will be left unsatified as that male was not intended, made, or capable to properly,... physically and/or sexually please a female body. Likewise, that male is unsatisfied sexually because of inadaquacy, trying to be something he is not, and do what he was not meant or designed for.

Now, not all black males are Alpha males, and some white males are,...BUT,... The overwhelming VAST,... VAST MAJORITY of black males ARE Alpha males,...and they majority of white males are NOT!

Yea, yea,...yeah,... All races are, equal, and beautiful and, all that politically correct bullshit. And, sure there ARE smart and stupid people, and strong and weak, and so on, and so on, blah blah blah in all races.

Just like how there are,.. ARE ugly and attractive people of all races,....Whatever??? But, the FACT IS as a whole, a Race,... Whites are the most physically beautiful period. Male and Female. They are also most feminine! Beauty and femininity always go hand in hand! While there ARE lots and LOTS of very manly whites out there,....irrespective of that,... while being the most beautiful,....they are also the most feminine in physical appearance.

You readers,...probably will NEVER agree with my view on the femininity of the white race,...especially if you’re a white guy. And, I'm not saying that YOU or, the whole race is feminine but, rather that the features characteristic to the white race are feminine. More so than ANY other race. And, that as a race, whites ARE most feminine as a whole, and also on average. While blacks are the opposite of that! With intermediate races such as, Mulattoes, Non-White Hispanics, Native Americans, Polynesians, South Asians, Orientals, and Middle Eastern people being somewhere in-between the two extremes of White and Black.

Also, In general, there is just something innately feminine about the color white and, all light colors. While there is something masculine about the color black and, all dark colors.

Therefore, light white skin, light hair, and light eyes are certainly more feminine than black skin, or dark skin with dark black hair, and dark eyes. Additionally, when you have a white person naked you'll find a lot of pink,'s that not feminine? It IS!!! It’s also influences what makes them more beautiful than other races. The list of goes on and on with the differences in facial features which are also most feminine in whites. Another fact is that on average whites have low male hormone levels when compared to blacks and, so on.

See, Blacks are on the opposite end of the spectrum, as we are the opposite of whites ,...Blacks are generally the ugliest of the races but, at the same time we are THE MOST MASCULINE. Again, with the intermediate races such as, Mulattoes, Non-White Hispanics, Native Americans, Polynesians, South Asians, Orientals, and Middle Eastern people being somewhere in-between the two extremes of White and Black.

Blacks being aggressive, and dominating by nature, the MOST Masculine and, LEAST beautiful and, Whites being passive, and submissive by nature, and ARE the MOST Feminine and, MOST Beautiful.

With excessive beauty comes femininity, period

And,...honestly,... I cannot understand WHY or HOW anyone,...How could ANYONE of ANY RACE logically disagree. It’s simply beyond me. The white race IS the MOST beautiful and, most feminine of all races.

Their physical beauty is unmatched by anything in nature. Male and female alike. With their creamy, lily white skin, light Caucasian textured silky hair, those light eyes,... icy blue, emerald green, stone Grey, or, that golden hazel. Fuck! I even equally love the race's brown eyed beauties. This is why blacks are so compelled to fuck you!

And, everything in nature seeks balance! Masculine craves feminine, and feminine needs masculine, which is why so many whites are compelled to submit and be fucked by us!

It is very simple, it is nature, OPPOSITES ATTACT!!!

On our end, we love white's for their beauty, femininity, and weakness! I mean really,... there are so many things that make white so beautiful,...

There is the White race's characteristically thin noses,... the sharp yet, delicate and doll-like feminine facial features. With those lovely kissable,... suck able pink lips. That were just made for sucking but, MOSTLY for sucking black dick. Then, there's that naturally bouncy, curly, wavy, or beautiful straight Caucasian textured hair of theirs. That comes in Blond, or the various and delicious shades of Brunette with the occasional but, rare, and,... ever so lovely redheads.

Best of all,... that milky, lily white skin!!! With their rosy red cheeks, their scattered freckle patterned faces, and when you've got one ass naked,... there's their pink succulent nipples, that soft, plush white complexion that instantly turns pink with a single stiff ass slap.

In my opinion they have but, one flaw. The size of their butts. I LOVE big butts and, I cannot lie!!! A big round butt will drive me lustfully insane!!! I'm talking about OUT of my fucking mind,...Sex crazed,...Primal, Savage, Animal, and utterly Insane.

It used to be that if,... that big round ass is White,... hopefully Male, or even female I will stop at NOTHING to fuck it!!! EXCEPT for the OLD and/or OBESE, ANY big white ass that passes me I will devote 100% of my energy and do everything within my ability to butt fuck its owner. Even if rape is required.

Preferably Male but, also Female,... However,... if it is a Small, Timid, Young, GUY being obese won't save white ass from a big stiff black cock either. Not even the morbidly obese. Many a chunky white boy got impaled on my black dick because his fat fucking white ass walked passed me.

Then on their end, in the case of whites,... there are some very important things that cause them to throw themselves at our feet, take their clothes off, jump into our beds, and submit their white bodies to please our black cocks. Because we have the strength, raw masculinity, and aggresiveness that turns them on!

In the case of the tragic non-Alpha white male, we ALSO can give them the ONE thing they have always wished for, the one thing they want more than ANYTHING in the universe, the one thing that they NEED, and never got,...A BIG DICK!!!

Sure they never thought it would be black, and thought it would hang between their legs, NOT enter inside their mouths and up their asses, but THAT is how nature intended it, and how they come to LOVE IT, once they've gotten it! And then they want it ALL THE TIME!!!

But,...societies world wide, and long standing human history has trained him to want what makes NO SENSE for him to have. To live NOT as nature intended, and as a result has only created a screwerd psedu reality that leaves the vast majority without sexual gradifacation. Women always want the "Bad Boys" because those are the ALPHA MALES! What they want is the ALPHA MALES. What the shy, timid, sensititve males don't realize is,...THAT is exactly what THEY WANT TOO!!!

These little whores are EVERYWHERE! They are the shy, meek, quiet, timid,….hopefully YOUNG white males that can be found all over the world.

99.9% of these white males think they are straight! The simple fact is, that they have just never been in a position where a black man could get their hands on their lily white flesh, remove their clothes, pressure them into submission, and fuck them like the white whores they were born as!... THIS IS WHAT I DO!!!

I expose these little fuck dolls for what they really ARE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into young, shy, timid white males who say they are 110% straight, who even believe that, who are SURE that they were not gay, not even a little, not even curious, some even having girlfriends, resisting, and adamantly insisting that they ARE NOT gay,…only to find themselves behaving feminine, and NAKED, on their lily WHITE knees, sucking BLACK COCK, and on ALL FOURS,..while they are getting interracially BUTT FUCKED,….10 minutes after I’ve gotten them alone with me! AND,…THEN,…they’re slaves to BLACK COCK,…THEY FUCKING BEG FOR IT!!!

I’ve been through this a million times,…and it always ends the same way! A little time alone, and a little pressure is all it ever takes! Because they will do what is hard-wired into them, what is natural for them to do, they are already gay,…they were born as bitches,…all I do is expose them!

This is what my shit here is ALL About! …This is the basic premise of the stories I will post! Everything I do here on will center on THAT basic IDEA!

IF you DON”T like it, If you don’t agree with it, if this makes you angry,….Well, that’s great! But,…I don’t give a fuck!!! I already KNOW I’m right!!! I could care less what you think about it! NO ONE IS MAKING YOU READ THIS!!! You ALREADY know the basic concept!!! SO,…IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT,…..STOP FUCKING READING IT!!! How fuckin’ hard is that??? Don’t leave your stupid fucking comments like,… “fuck you nigger! That’s NOT true! You’re a racist!!! Etc,… Because I don’t fucking care!!! Nothing you say is going to change ANYTHING about me, or what I DO,…. SO do us BOTH a favor, and go away,…AND go read some shit that YOU LIKE!

If you continue reading this,…I have to assume that you want to hear my point of view,…which just so happens to be the TRUTH!!! My stories are TRUE! What I’m saying is a fucking FACT, and I live this every day!

So this is where you should STOP reading if you don’t like where this is going! This is like that part in the Matrix where the black guy asks the white whore if he wants the red pill, or the blue pill. The red pill, is reading everything here, and maybe learning that what you thought you thought was real,... is bullshit, and learn the little known actual truth!

Or, you can take the blue pill by STOP reading, and going on with thinking the same fucking shit you always thought. The reality,…whether you like it or not, it always ends with Morpheus fucking Neo up his white ass! Neo has no sexual place with Trinity, except maybe working together serving Morpheus' black cock in a threesome with both their white asses being penetrated!!! The way it ought to be!

Take the fucking blue pill,… believe what you want,….While I and LOTS of other black men dominate, own, and butt-fuck the brains out of your white sons!!! We will also fuck your daughters too!!! Except we are already doing plenty of that!

Once again,…I don’t want stupid comments from people who disagree with me. If you disagree with me, just STOP READING MY SHIT!!! It is so fucking simple!!! If you disagree with me so vehemently that you cannot help yourself and, you JUST HAVE to leave a comment voicing your opinion. Then, I will only assume that on some level you know that I’m right, the truth angers, or upsets you, and you are taking out your denial here by leaving an unwanted comment over the safety of the internet out of your deep fears and insecurities.

If you are able to see the truth, and like what I have to say, or have questions, then PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

Moving on,…

My name is Steven,

My xnxx profile is BlkGorilla.IN.Vanillaboys

If you want to contact me,…contact me there,...on my profile, which AGAIN is


I just wanted to take some time and introduce myself to everyone here, tell you a little about me, and what it is that I'm doing here.

I also REALLY want to invite you all to stop by my profile and look at my photo galleries, One is Called "black fucks white" and the other is called "black men on white boys" both photo galleries are 100% black male on young shy white male interracial porn! These photos provide the visual images that give you a VERY good idea of what my stories are about. Stop by check them out, READ the captions, and leave comments!

Once again,... to see these photo galleries, you have to go to my profile,...which once more is


So to quickly re-cap, if you want to contact me, send me a friend request, or see my photo galleries, just go to my xnxx profile which is BlkGorilla.IN.Vanillaboys my yahoo address got flooded with e-mail, and has made it very difficult to keep up with. So use this to read my stories, see my photo albums, contact me, whatever,….

Ok,.... NOW,....

Like my name suggests,... AND, I have said before,… I REALLY DO Fuck soft young white males, but I do also fuck white females, I fuck them a LOT actually,...

However,... most stories I post will be about the white males. Additionally, almost ALL stories will be TRUE stories! I will specifically state it when/if I post a fictional fantasy story. Additionally, I will occasionally have OTHERS write stories,...These OTHER Authors are "White boys Who I Fuck." Right now, there are two of them that are interested in writing, Ryan and Nate. They will post stories about previous forced gay interracial experiences that they have had with and before me.

About me,…

I've often been described as being a Gorilla. It used to be something people that didn't like me would call me behind my back. After a while it became a nickname that I came to tolerate. It wasn't long before my own Mother used it to describe me and my behavior. I learned to accept that, even like it. People have been afraid of me my whole life, and with good reason! I really am a Gorilla!

It is hard to disagree when there are so many commonalities that I do share with the African Gorilla,...namely size, strength, muscular build, black skin, and a primal aggressive nature. We share origin in Africa, and raw POWER. Lastly, there is the Hollywood portrayal of "KING KONG" a character straight out of the movies that described me exactly!!! My attitude, my personality, shit,... we even look alike! Also,… we've got the same desires in life,... White bitches,...and we BOTH prefer blondes!!!

But, I'll say this much,...if I'm going to be a made out to be a Gorilla,...then I'll be just THAT,...I'll be KING mutha fucking KONG!!! I'll make crazy trouble, terrorize a cities, take me white blonde (boy) bitches, climb to the top, and smack fucking airplanes outta the fuckin' sky,...before they ever bring me down!

I'm almost scary to look at, not only because of my incredible size, but also because of my complexion. A lot of "black" people are really just brown, I am BLACK. My mother is pure BLACK of Jamaican descent, known for her infamously,… dark DARK black BLACK skin. My father although I never met him, was from Africa. He was from southern Uganda. I saw a picture of him once. In the picture he was standing next to my mother. Other than me, he was the only person I had ever seen that was darker skinned than my mother. I am darker than both!

I am like the color of night, painted black, wrapped in utter darkness, painted black again, polished, and painted black once more. Even now, I have never, in my life, seen a person darker skinned than me! That together with my size, powerful, and extremely muscular frame makes me seem scary to most people.

I am a big and, intimidating man standing at less than a quarter inch shy of 6 foot 5. My natural weight even when I'm NOT working out is a lean, naturally muscular 240 pounds. I'm just naturally muscular and, a NATURAL athlete. I was born to dominate and subjugate smaller, weaker,... white males.

Now don't get the wrong idea here,...I still fuck White Women! I fuck them A LOT actually!!!

It is just that if I meet some gorgeous white women, and she has a younger sissy white brother is hanging around,...I will NOT hesitate to get him alone, and stuff him up with a big black dick too, and he WILL probably get stuffed with big hard black dick HARDER, and MORE frequently than his slut sister.

Now, may disagree with me about THIS, but I see things VERY CLEARLY,...I am NOT gay! Frankly, I truly don't think fucking white sissy boys is gay,...because to me a white bitch is a white bitch male or, female. I've fucked white boys and girls, and believe me,...IT IS exactly the SAME!!! Black fucks White, White sucks Black, is just as simple as that!!!... AND, IT IS NEVER EVER the other way around!... NEVER!!!

You see,... Those who suck dick ARE gay and, those who willingly get fucked with cock are too! There is nothing gay about getting your dick sucked, or giving a feminine bitch a serious fucking!!! I think it would be a considerable stretch of the imagination to even consider me bisexual. Straight guys fuck bitches, and ALL I fuck is bitches, it is just that some white bitches just happen to have slightly over-grown clits that they think is a penis. And, have incorrectly grown up believing they were males. All I do is expose then for what they REALLY ARE and fuck their sissy brains out!

See, I discovered a few years ago that, the SHY WHITE MALE is the ideal whore for the black man!!!

And, since then I've decided to do some writing about it, and I'm writing this blog to hopefully attract some readers. So if you are interested in what I do, or in reading my future stories then please leave me a comment and/or send me a friend request.

*AGAIN,... to be very clear, stories are generally about a big black guy (me) forcing a submissive, young, white boys into sex, LOTS of sex, oral, anal, and eventually even running "trains" on him. They are true, and extremely descriptive. If you don't want to hear a real stories about big black guys fucking shy little white kids,...then my friend,... THESE ARE NOT the stories for you!!! *

So AGAIN don’t bother, leaving pointless comments saying stupid shit like,..."OH how could you do that?" Or,..."Fuck you niggers" "You’re fucked up" "You’re racist" etc,... Do you really think that's going to change my point of view, or what I do? What is the fucking point of that??? OF COURSE I'm RACIST,...I don't deny it. Except I don't hate white people, I want to fuck them. And, believe me I DO!!! If you don't like the premise then,...DON'T READ IT!!! How easy is that???

I will be posting a few stories very soon,…

Who are my stories geared for???

1. Shy (straight) White Males

2. Gay White Males

3. Straight Black Men

If you are confused,…Let me explain,...

If you are white and you've ever secretly fantisized about being sexually dominated, ...even if you'd NEVER admit it, to ANYONE,...ever! THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

I specifically target shy white males who've never actually had,...or even thought about a gay experience. And, I target them for SEX. Many have never even had "a single sexual experience" of ANY kind, but before they even know what's really going on they're naked and exposed on all-fours, with a powerful black man all over their naked subjugated Lilly white bodies, with a black man's hard negro cock SO DEEP inside them that they actually get to feel huge black dick slamming around in their needy Caucasian tummies, and with the taste of black dick and African pre-cum fresh in their mouths! If this excites you sexually,… You NOT only will like reading my stories, NEED to read them!!!

You NEED to read it because,...if you are a white, shy, submissive, sensitive type of guy,...who is sexually frustrated, and un-lucky with sex, like SO MANY tragic shy white males, is because you are trying to be on the wrong end of the dick, in the wrong position!!! You belong on the receiving end of the cock getting fucked,...not fucking, but getting fucked!!!

You are a bitch, and you need to be fucked like one! That's why you’re sexually unsatisfied, that is why you secretly fantasize about being sexually dominated! And, even an average black man can easily, and quite naturally put you in your appropriate sexual female role, and fuck you like a woman, and make you feel like one, like the woman you really are! And, once you've experienced it, WILL know that,...THAT is the sexual role you were meant for, and you'll LOVE the feeling of a REAL dick, a BLACK dick and BLACK balls, instead of that slightly oversized white clit you call a penis, and your little outside ovaries you think are balls.

Once your white body has been conquered by a black male, a REAL male, you will realize that YOU were never a male at all! You were born as a pregnant-proof, drama-less sex toy! So that REAL men, MOST typically BLACK MEN can fuck you delirious, and never worry about getting you pregnant, or stupid drama. You serve an important purely sexual purpose. You need to made conscious of this and embrace it. This happens naturally in the animal kingdom, but human (Mostly white) society fucked up the natural order at some point, and it has resulted in millions of unsatisfied, sexually frustrated, and most typically white men.

Real men, most typically Black men can provide this common type of shy white male with the one thing,...the ONE THING they have wanted their WHOLE lives,...the one thing that this type of white male has dreamed about, and wished for,...for their entire time on Earth,...the one thing they have always wanted more than ANYTHING in the world,...... A BIG DICK!!!

Whites who already know their gay, and like the idea of big black men dominating, and conquering their white bodies will LOVE my stories too! If this is you,...Congratulations cream puff!!! I'm trying to make most of the white world just as conscious as you!!! One white ass at a time! Because that's how it SHOULD BE!!!

Black guys, who DO, or are Interested in dominating the local white whores, YOU need to read these stories MOST OF ALL, because in this story I show you how it is done!!! You need to be pro-active in finding these little shy white boys, and banging their Lilly white bottoms out! It exactly the same as fucking a woman, only without the Hassel! Once you get them alone, they'll submit to you, and they'll do ANYTHING you command them to! The shy white male is the ideal whore for the black man!

See,...No matter how much you fuck them they never get pregnant! Although, that won't stop us from trying! They will never try to make you buy them expensive gifts, you do NOT have to talk to them for hours on the phone, no anniversaries, they don't get lawyers and ask for child support,...NONE of that shit, they do what you want, when you want, how you want, and they LOVE black dick as soon as they get it. They were born without a real mans dick, and need to get it from you on a regular basis! They are the ideal whore for the black man! It is just sad that 99.9% of them just don't know it yet!

Now,...I only add this part because I have gotten hundreds of messages from white males, who after reading my blogs have requested to hook up with me, and get fucked and so on,...

Sadly, many of you white bitch-boys have contacted me, and are looking for me to contact, and fuck you! And,...though that would be great, it is highly unlikely, as at this point in my life I have more white ass then I know what to do with, and as a result, I have become extremely picky.

I am NOT here to recruit new white fuck-boys, I have methods of recruiting them, and I already have many, and they are all of HIGH marketable, profitable quality. I'm just here to post stories, and hopefully motivate lots of whites to go out and get their lily white butts stuffed with black cocks, and motivate blacks to go out and start dominating their near by whites!

My ultamate goal would be to popularize this kind of race relations on a massive scale. Though, the exsisting social norms make that difficult.

With that said,...I DO still recruit white fuck-boys and some girls, but it is ALL about quality, NOT quantity, especially as I have lots of both. So, since I get SO MANY requests,... if you really think you have what it takes, let me know.

What I'm looking for,...

I like YOUNG or at least YOUNG looking, extremely attractive, cute -looking, physically SHORT and petite, light haired, light eyed, VERY white WHITE skin, long legs, big butt, shy, timid, virgin or mostly un-fucked boys and, some girls who are eager to be properly trained, and fucked by multiple black men, including myself of course.

I run a discrete esscort service that caters to black men, and provides them these young, cute lil' white boys that match, or come very close to matching the condtions above. Most of them are also working for me doing extreme low buget interracial porn.

So if you are YOUNG, and by young I mean 13-22, or you are older, but regaurdless of how old you are, can LOOK like you are 13-22, and you are extremely attractive,...with a cute-like-look, with light hair, light eyes, and are short, and small, and you have very white skin, and can provide pictures, THEN, maybe I can work with you. If you match the above critera and have long legs, and a big butt,... those things are HUGE bonuses!!!

I can bend on the issue of light eyes as eye color contacts are available, and on light hair as you can be made blonde. Long legs, and big butts are GREATLY valued, but not nessicary. I do require white would-be's to be short,...under 5 foot 9 inches, 5 foot 5inches and UNDER is optimal. Very white skin is a BIG plus, but regular white will do. AND, EVERYTHING,... EVERYTHING can be adjusted and EVERY qualification over looked provided you are white, EXTREMELY attractive, and can pass for being 13-22 years old.

Extremely attracive and you MUST posses a "cute-like-look." If you have those qualities and you look young, and you are white, with a desire to look sexy and get fucked by big black cocks, I can work with you. Certain qualities, or not having certain qualities can be overlooked.

I realize that most of you do not have these qualites, and it is not a big deal. Its just that I have made a way of doing things after doing this for several years that works for me. Belive me, there are PLENTY of black cocks eager to fuck your sissy lil' lily white asses up! FIND THEM!!! You need it!!! There are yahoo groups for white men who love black cock, there are many ways to get a quality black male to butt fuck your brains out, and places you can go to meet them. I merely have had a LOT of sucess, and have specific qualities that work well for me. Six years ago I'd be all over each of you!

But, the reason I'm here is to post stories.

Well there you go people that's my blog,... those of you interested stop by and let me know!!!

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2014-11-10 07:13:07
to the black gorilla. I hate to tell you if a man plays with other mens junk. it doesn't matter who is getting banged or who is doing the banging. two men in the bed fucking is gay for both men. you say you screw white boys in the butt well dude you are still having sex with a man. that's gay so yes you are just as queer. you are doing another male its gay face it. and you should also seek counseling you sound nuts. talking blowing up shit. one day you may end up with a bullet in your head by someone. dude you need help you really do. I am here to tell you sir you are a police officers worst knightmare. I certainly would not turn my back with you. you would be on the ground cuffed and gun stuck in your ear. I feel you are very dangerous. I really feel for society and young teen white boys that you turned out. you twist there heads making them believe there is called conditioning them into this type of sex. that's wrong. and I myself am gay. your thinking is not normal.


2014-09-27 16:19:40
I'd love to be introduced to you & some of your friends! I've got a craving for black dick!

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2014-07-24 09:12:02
Stop lying to white men about European skin and facial features being feminine, they are not.

You are just a fag trying to maintain your faux masculinity by turning white men into women in your mind.

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2014-07-13 19:58:48
think of all the poor white sissy bitch's out there your lined up out here suck and fuck your Big Black Dick. :(

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2014-04-15 07:00:40
I read your blog i was absoultley amazed how you know my personal true feelinngs. I'm a wht very feminate an truly am infactuated with very dominate blacl men.
I stand 6 ft an my petite 140 lbs body begs to be used
by well endowed blk men.
Without a doubt I'm most happy when service 2 or more blk cock. An my lil wht boi pussy is being used.

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