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A story of seduction, blackmail and family fun
This is a story of seduction, blackmail and the family fun which followed my discovery of our housekeeper playing rather naughty games with our 14 year old son. But I should back up a little…

My husband, Jim, and I are both still trim and fit at the age of 40, with a 16 year old daughter, Tracey, and, as I mentioned, a 14 year old son, Josh. We enjoy a healthy sex life and, by “healthy” I mean that we enjoy sex but would never have considered involving our children in any way. I won’t say that I haven’t admired my son’s muscular physique and I have certainly seen Jim’s lingering glances at our daughter’s very shapely body, but there’s nothing wrong with that and we have not seen either of our children naked since they were about 10 years old.

Until early last Saturday morning……

We are all very busy with careers and school and so we employed a live in housekeeper about 6 months ago to clean, do the shopping and cook for us. In return for this we provide her with room and board and a small allowance whilst she attends the local University. Daniella is French, 23 years old, tall and gorgeous with long dark hair, legs which go on forever and a body which makes me jealous every time I see her wearing the halter top and “short shorts” she seems to favour.

So back to my story. Last Saturday morning about 6.00 am I was walking toward the kitchen for my usual early coffee when I heard the low murmur of voices from my son’s room. Edging the door ajar, I could see Josh and Daniella sitting on the edge of his bed. He was apparently upset about something and she was comforting him – and, boy! was she comforting him! He was leaning against her with his head being cushioned by her large and very firm breasts, obviously covered by only a flimsy nightgown as I could clearly see her prominent nipples. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I could see my son was definitely feeling comforted by the way he was rubbing his cheeks against her nipples – not to mention a rather prominent “boner” sticking up through the fly in his boxer shorts.

I was definitely shocked at first but then I found it quite cute that Daniella had not even noticed Josh’s erection (I thought!) and, I must admit, I was also fascinated by his cock, the first time I had ever seen it erect , long but quite thin with the tip just peeping out of it’s hood. I was mainly fascinated by the discovery that his cock is nothing like his father’s which is shorter but very thick.

Imagine my surprise, then, when Daniella murmured something in Josh’s ear, at which he nodded, then shrugged off her nightie straps to expose those disgustingly pert breasts. Josh then began sucking on one of them which made my own nipples harden with the memory of him doing the same to mine.

“That’s OK”, I thought, “That’s just maternal.” However, when she reached down and began playing with his erection my reaction was far from maternal! My immediate thought, of course, was that I should barge in and stop my housekeeper molesting my 14 year old son, but when I saw how tenderly she traced the underside of his cock from tip to base with her fingernail and then, holding it between her thumb and two fingers gently moved the foreskin up and down, I felt myself getting very wet between my legs. Josh was moaning quietly and my gaze was, like Daniella’s, riveted to my son’s by now very stiff cock.

I think what tipped me over the edge from concerned Mother to perverted voyeur was when I saw a large drop of pre-cum form on the tip of Josh’s cock and Daniella lean slowly down and, with the tip of her tongue, lick it up. I began to tremble with excitement at that stage – both sexual excitement and the knowledge that what was happening was forbidden. By now though, I couldn’t help touching myself, using my index finger to collect the juices from my cunt hole and rub them over my clit as I squatted outside my son’s door.

At that point, my husband emerged from our bedroom and did a double take at the sight of me squatting outside my son’s door fingering myself. I immediately motioned for him to be quiet and join me at the door. I stood behind him and looked over his head just as Daniella kneeled in front of Josh and took his cock into her mouth. I heard Jim gasp and I put my hand over his mouth to stop him saying anything, but I needn’t have worried, he was as riveted as I. I was just about at the point of cumming myself when I saw my son sit bolt upright and moan “Oh shit!” very loudly as he obviously spurted his cum into Daniella’s mouth. I thought she would pull away but was impressed that she didn’t even flinch, swallowing every drop.

As she continued to suck him gently and he shuddered a few times, I quickly took Jim’s hand and plunged it into my sopping cunt, making me cum with a barely suppressed scream. By the time I had finished clenching my thighs around Jim’s hand and my jaw to prevent making a noise, Daniella was sitting back on the bed beside Josh and by now they were talking just loudly enough for us to hear.

“’Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy?” she asked him in her very cute French accent, to which, as I would have expected, he said “No.”

“Would you like to see mine” she asked as she took his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips. Lost for words my son just nodded vigorously and she added, as she moved him off the bed and had him kneel on the floor between her legs, “I will show you how to please girls, you will like it too.”

She then dropped her nightie to the floor and spread her legs, giving both Jim and I a good view of her neatly trimmed dark bush and glistening cuntlips. By this time Jim was breathing very hard, almost as hard as the solid piece of meat now sticking out of his pyjama shorts, so I reached around and began to stroke him while he used his hand to rub my clitoris and push two fingers in and out of my cunt.

Meanwhile, to our mutual disappointment, our view of Daniella’s beautiful cunt was blocked by my son’s head as he began to lap it with his tongue under her guidance but we had a great view of the delirious expression on her face. It had never looked more beautiful.

“Would you like to fuck her?” I whispered to my husband.

“Are you kidding? Of course I would” he whispered back

“Mmm, so would I!” I added, surprising him enough that he stopped frigging me – “What?”
“Well every woman has lesbian fantasies and I’m no different” I whispered, perhaps a little too loudly as a result of his fingers back at work. “Let’s do something about it.”

By this time, Daniella had lifted her knees high and was saying to Josh between gasps “put your tongue in there – that’s right, in and out like that – I love it!!” Then she arched her back, pushed Josh’s head hard into her cunt and came with a huge shudder and loud scream.

That was too much for Jim and me. I came again with a huge shudder and Jim, with my hand practically strangling his cock, began pumping cum all over Josh’s door. Being a good housewife, one part of my brain said I should clean it up but another part said “Fuck off!” Guess which part won when I saw what happened next.

We heard our young innocent son somewhat sheepishly ask Daniella “C.c..can I put it inside you?”
We all three of us stared at Josh’s cock which was rock hard again!

“Oh my goodness”, giggled Daniella “what a horny young man you are. Well you cannot put it there because I might become pregnant but you can put it in my bottom if you like.”

I thought Jim was going to faint then and it was only the fact that I still had hold of his cock that stopped him from sagging to the floor. I must admit I felt a little faint myself at the idea of watching my 14 year old son lose his virginity by fucking a gorgeous 23 year old in the arse.

Daniella then lay back on the bed and lifted her knees up over her shoulders totally exposing her cunt and arsehole to us as well as Josh who was still beside her. With a somewhat hoarse voice she instructed him “before you fuck me in my bottom you must prepare it by pushing your thumb into my wet pussy and then pushing it into my bottom”.

“Like this?” Josh asked as he pushed his thumb all the way into her cunt and then rubbed it slowly down her slit and pushed it, in turn, all the way into her arsehole. He was a fast learner my son and Jim and I were both weak at the knees, gasping for breath as we watched his lesson. I was actually dripping cunt juice onto the carpet as I couldn’t help imagining Josh doing the same to me, as horrified as I was by my lust.

“OK!” Daniella, obviously close to another orgasm, gasped “Now put it in my arse! Fuck me quick!” Our view was blocked again as Josh moved in front of us and, as we could see from the clenching of his buttocks, slowly inserted his cock into her arse.

“OK, it’s time!” I said to Jim as I burst through the door. “I can see what’s going on here!” I shouted, pretending outrage (which was easy for me as I just had to drop the hem of my short nightdress, but a little more difficult for Jim as he still had a huge boner protruding from his shorts.

Josh quickly pulled his cock out of Daniella’s arse and just stood there, trying to cover it as Daniella, with great dignity lowered her legs and slowly stood up making no effort to cover her nakedness (which didn’t help Jim with his problem at all). I later decided that Daniella’s lack of surprise meant that she knew we were watching her performance all along but by this time I was so sexually aroused at the thought of what was about to happen that I threw caution to the winds.

“I’m not going to report you for molesting a minor” I assured her, “but if you want to fuck my son you can also fuck my husband while I watch”

“Zat sounds nice” she said as she slowly gave a big smile and dropped her right hand to my husband’s rampant cock “I like sex very much!”

To be continued...

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