I woke up a little later than usual the next morning.
Sabine had already gone to school, and when I walked into the living room I could see that Sylvia had gone as well, but she left a note. It read simply, "Call me. PLEASE!"
I chuckled as I wadded it up, and threw it in the trash.
I had bent over backward to try to please that woman, and she'd given me very little besides grief, but I spend one night treating her like a whore, and now all of a sudden she's all about me.
Didn't that just take the fucking biscuit.

I made some coffee, and sat down to have a serious think about this situation.
It seemed to me that things were spinning rapidly out of control, and I had no idea how to handle it.
I felt that I should confront Sabine about her voyeuristic tendencies, but how?
She couldn't even talk to me about accidently seeing my erection, so a conversation about her spying on me as I face fucked Sylvia was simply out of the question.
And what about Sylvia?
Did I really want to get into a relationship with that bitch, again?
No, I didn't, not really, but on the other hand, fucking Sylvia might be my best bet for keeping my hands off of my daughter.
The whole thing was making my head hurt, and besides, it was time to go to work.
So once again, I decided the best course of action was to do nothing.

Sabine got out of school for summer break, and we started spending a lot of time at the pool.
When the new owners had purchased our building they had thought it would be just smashing to install a pool on the roof.
A great idea, but most of the tenets were older people, and so other than Mr. Smiths' early morning constitutionals, Sabine, and I were the only one's at the pool most of the summer.
Sabine had this really ugly bathing suit. A one piece number that did not flatter her at all, so one day as we were about to go out too the pool, I pulled this up on the Internet.
"So what do you think of this sweetie?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Jesus dad." she exclaimed, looking disgusted. "Does it come with the collar?"

"No Sabine." I said, rolling my eyes.
I really shouldn't have been surprised.
If she could have gotten her hands on one of those nineteenth century bathing costumes that covered ones whole body, she probably would have worn it.
For a girl her age she was strangely prudish.
"So you wouldn't wear something like that?" I asked innocently.

She rolled her eyes, and said, "I don't know. I mean it's so, indecent looking."

"I think that you're forgetting that I wash your underwear." I quipped.

"Yeah, I try to forget." she said sarcastically. "Thanks for reminding me dad."

"The point is," I said with a sigh. "That I know your tastes. Now you look at this, and tell me that you don't think it's cute." I demanded.

"Well, Okay, yes its cute." she admitted, but then quickly added, "To wear under my clothes."

"Oh come on. who's going to see you in it?" I asked, chuckling, " It's not like you swim anywhere but on the roof."

She glanced away uncomfortably, biting her lip, and I decided I'd had enough of discussing it, so I pulled the small pink bag from behind the computer desk, and handed it to her.
"Look," I said firmly. "Wear it, don't wear it, but take it anyway. I bought it for you."
and with that I picked up my book, grabbed my towel, and headed out the door saying, "I'm going to the pool to read. I'll see you later."

So I took up a position on one of the lawn chairs by the pool, and commenced to read.
After a few minutes Sabine joined me, but I was so engrossed in my book that I didn’t even realize that she was standing in front of until she cleared her throat.
As I looked up from my book she asked, "What do you think?"

She was wearing the bikini I'd bought for her, and I have to say that she put that model to shame.
"Wow," I said, "You look really nice sweetie."

"Really?" she inquired, biting her lip, and blushing.

"Yes," I insisted, "Really."

I put my book down in my lap, partly to show her that she had my undivided attention, but mostly to hide the raging hard-on that I'd suddenly gotten from seeing her sexy body in this little bikini.
"Come on love," I said, trying not to sound lecheress, "Give us a spin."

She put her arms out, and did a quick twirl for me, and I know this sounds bad, me being her father, and all, but the sight of Sabine's thick, juicy ass in what little there was of those bikini bottoms made my cock twitch.
"Well," she said shyly, "Thanks daddy."
Then she quickly came up, and kissed me on the cheek, before running, and jumping into the pool.

I lifted my book back up, but kept it resting on my thighs so that Sabine couldn't see the bulge in my trunks, and with my sunglasses on she couldn't see me watching her as she swam to the other side of the pool, and back, climbing out of the water in front of me, and stretching, pushing her wet hair out of her face.
The way her hard nipples strained against the thin fabric that was barely covering her ripe melons as she stood before me all wet, and dripping, completely unaware that I was staring at her, made me think about her masturbating in the shower.
Although part of me was screaming, 'Get a grip man! She's your daughter!' I still reached down, and rubbed my hard cock, a wet stain almost instantly appearing on my swim trunks as I practically squirted precum.

"Can I get your towel dad?" She asked, breaking my reverie.

"Sure love." I answered, setting my book down over my stiff penis, and tossing her the towel.

She rubbed the towel over her head, drying her hair a little, and causing her marvelous breasts to sway, and jiggle in her tiny bikini.

Then she proceeded to lay the towel on the deck next to the pool, basically laying her pretty wet body down at my feet.

As much as I tried to resist my eyes couldn't help but wander down her smooth, kissable neck, over her heaving bosom, across her sweet tummy, and right down in between her long legs.

My cock ached to split that tight pussy open as I zeroed in on the way that the wet bathing suit clung to her fat little labia, the shape, and curve of it making my mouth water.

As I watched her wet, pale skin dry in the sun it suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't bear to see that beautiful body damaged.

"Sweetie." I called, picking up a tube of SPF 50 from the table next to me. "Don't forget your sun block."

She sat up, and put out her hands to catch it as I threw it down too her.

"Thanks daddy." she said in a warm voice, flashing one of those smiles that just melted my heart.

I suddenly felt a sharp pang of guilt.

I could I even think about plucking this sweet delicate flower, beside the fact that we sprang from the same roots.

Then she squirted some of that creamy lotion into her hand, rubbing onto her young, nubile body, and the little head took over, with a vengeance.

In my perverted mind I imagined that she was rubbing my cum all over herself, causing my cock to strain against the book on my lap, and when she knelt in front of me, handed me the sun block, turned around, and said, "Could you do my back daddy?" I felt my penis pulse as if I were about to climax.

You see I'd noticed something about Sabine's use of paternal pronouns.
Whenever she was cross, disgusted, or just plain frustrated with me, which, let's be honest here, as a teenaged girl suddenly living with a father who's lived like a bachelor most of his life, she was quite a bit, I was "dad".
However, when she was pleased, or especially if she wanted something, I was "daddy".
"Please daddy, can I have it?" was not an unfamiliar refrain to me, so the subtle implication that she was pleased, and/or wanted something as she asked my to rub this cream on her back, that I'd just been imagining was my cum, drove my mind into an erotic frenzy.

"Sure thing sweetie." I agreed, attempting to keep my voice steady, but just squirting the sun block into my hand in preparation of touching her beautiful body was driving me to the point of ecstasy, and when my hands began caressing that soft, smooth skin, it was a struggle not to ejaculate.

"Don't forget under the strap." she instructed, turning her head slightly, and as my hands slid up under that tiny string, pulling her top even tighter against her breasts, I lost it.
I had to practically bit a hole in my lip to keep from grunting loudly as the first blast of sperm pumped out into my swim trunks.
As my hands slid up, almost to her neck, I muttered, "Shit."

"What is it?" Sabine asked, turning her head to look at me.

I had to play this off somehow.
I immediately started twisting my back, grunting, and groaning to the rhythm of my cum squirting out as I said, "Oh no big Deeeeaaaaaal, it's just a baaaaaack cramp, uuuuggghhh."
She eyed me dubiously as I twisted the other way, finishing my orgasm with, "Uuuuggghhh, yeeeeaaaaahh, thaaaat's better."
I tried not to pant as I squeezed her shoulders, and said, "There you go sweetie."
Then for some dumb reason I leaned over, and kissed her lightly on the neck before saying, "All done."

Her body stiffened, and she said, "Thanks dad." in a cool tone, before getting up, giving me a strange look, and then walking back over to lye down on the towel.

Now this was truly fucked up.
I'd just ejaculated in my swim trunks from simply rubbing lotion on my daughter's back.
I was starting to creep myself out a little.
I mean there was just nothing that was right about this.
As soon as she settled in, and closed her eyes, I quickly got up, closing my book, and making for the door, taking care to keep my back to her so that she wouldn't see the huge, slimy wet stain on the front of my bathing suit.
"Got to pop to the loo pet."

The first thing I did when I got into the bathroom was turn on the tap, and splash my face with cold water.
"Get a hold of yourself man." I muttered, staring at my reflection in the mirror good, and hard.
Then I stripped off my trunks, and got into the shower to rinse the cum off of myself, and as soon as I'd finished with that, I went into my room, and locked the door.
I was panting a little as I sat down on the bed, and began running over, in my head, what had just transpired.
Before I knew it, my cock was rock hard again, and I squeezed my thick shaft thinking, 'This is getting ridiculous.'
Then I just started stroking it, thinking about Sabine’s luscious young body, and all the things that I wanted to do to it.
I must have really been absorbed in my maturational fantasy because I didn't even head Sabine come in until the shower suddenly started running.
It startled me a little, but as soon as I realized what was going on, and that Sabine was in the shower, I got up, and walked over to the door, pressing my body against it.
I started stroking my cock again as I imagined going into the shower, keeling, and then grasping my daughter's creamy thighs, opening them up, and licking the hell out of her sweet pussy.
I could feel my meat stiffen even more as I saw myself worshiping her tender, pink flesh with my tongue.
My thick shaft suddenly pulsed, and as an intense shudder wracked my body, precum dribbled from the end of my dick.
If I hadn't just had an orgasm, I would have cum right there, and in fact that's what it felt like, a mini orgasm.
I walked back over, and sat on the bed, my breath settling into a deep pant as I slowly pumped more lube out of my cock, spreading it out too just the right spot, and then giving it some nice long strokes as I pictured Sabine's trepidation.

"Oh no daddy! What are you doing too me?" she'd cry, all fear, and confusion, but than as I continued to lick, and suck on her creamy flesh, her voice would become more lustful, "Ooooodaddy, it feels so good."

I must have once again become really, deeply involved with fantasizing about my little girl, because I had her out of the shower, and bent over the bathroom sink when I was suddenly startled by a light rapping at my chamber door.

"Daddy!" Sabine called from the other side, "I'm going too my mate's for that sleep over."

"Which mate is that?" I asked, gripping my cock hard in an attempt to steady my voice.

"....Alice.... from the team, I told you about it." she explained, sounding a little perturbed.

"Right sweetie." I answered, suddenly remembering, "Have fun."

"Bye daddy." she called out on her way too the door.

I picked up the phone, and dialed Sylvia's number.
I was horny beyond all reason, and a wank just wasn't going to cut it.
I needed relief, I needed Sylvia.
Just as I heard Sabine go out the door, Sylvia picked up, and I said, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

I had spoken to Sylvia since the night I'd face fucked her, and I had let her know that my daughter was living with me now, and that Sabine had to come first, but I left the door open to future trysts with, "I'll let you know."

"What?" she responded, sounding a little taken aback.

"Look," I explained, "Sabine is gone for the night, I'm alone. Now, are you ready to get fucked?"

I could hear her breath quicken as she pleaded, "Oh yes, please."

"Yeah?" I shot back, "Well, I'll tell ya what, when your little whore ass is REALLY ready to get fucked REALLY hard, why doncha come over." and then I hung up the phone.
She lived on the other side of town, but within fifteen minutes she was knocking at my door.

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