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Sherri was a bitch to everyone in the neighborhood for over 20 yrs. One day, I had enough and put into motion a plan to get my revenge.
The Koehler family consisted of 4 members. Julie was 17, Brian was 15, Mark was 45, and Sherri was 48. They lived in a country setting after moving into the neighborhood 20 years ago from the city.
Julie had average looks, weighed about 130 pounds, with C sized breast, slim hips, shapely ass, brown hair, and long legs attached to her 5'8"frame. She never caused any problems in the neighborhood and was barely noticed in the day to day life on the quiet country road.
Sherri was anything but a MILF. She was 5'10" about 150 pounds, had a homely face, nasty attitude, wore glasses, and generally looked like she was rode hard and put away wet. Her best assets was her big set of tits and her well used pussy and ass.
Mark was a mouse of a man with no backbone and always yielded to his wife no matter what. At 5'7" tall and 140 pounds, with a receding hairline, and a big nose, he was hardly someone with a lot of girlfriends and suitors before meeting Sherri.
Brian was the spitting image of his father. Small, gangly and not the best looking kid in school, he like his mother was into partying as a means of fitting in.
Sherri couldn’t claim the same well behaved habits of her family and that would be the instigating factor in future events for the Koehler family. Sherri had a habit of pissing off everyone with her busy body habits and interfering manners. She did her best to stick her nose in places it didn’t belong and her family was soon ostracized because of her habits.
Sherri had been a wild woman in her younger years and even through she had a homely face, she had a nice set of tits and a ass meant for fucking. When she was 18-20 years old, she would often be a party favor passed around to anyone looking to get laid. Horney guys will fuck just about anything with 2 tits and a slit, so Sherri was always full of cock. She had no complaints about being fucked by anyone because it got her invited to parties and other events. Mark was the only one willing to marry the town whore. He wasn’t picky and figure she was better then nothing.
I was one of the neighborhood boys who had to deal with Sherri’s medaling habits. She would constantly follow me around when ever she heard gunshots in the fields and woods or a motorcycle running up the road. Sherri would often call the Cops on me when ever she heard a motorcycle run up the road and complain about the bike not being registered. Sherri even tried to get my cousin to swear out a complaint with her. Things got so bad at one time, that I had to threaten filing harassment charges if Sherri didn’t back off.
20 years of Sherri's meddling finally came to a head one winter evening. After a Friday night of partying with friends I was stewing over the latest instance of Sherri’s meddling. It was just after midnight when I grabbed a knife, a length of para cord, a roll of duct tape, large zip ties, and a crowbar before heading to the Koehler home. I was looking for payback for the years of harassment and he had been planning the evil deeds for months. This night was about revenge, and nothing was out of the question.
The Koehler house was built into a small hill and that allowed the ground floor to be the cellar level in most house. I knew where the phone lines came into the house and made sure to cut them before heading to the sliding glass door that would give me access to the house. I popped the door open with the crowbar without making any noise, and surveyed to room before me. On the other side of the family room was a bedroom and a small bathroom. I made my way towards the back bedroom and found the Koehler’s son Brian sound asleep. Finding a baseball bat leaning against the wall, I picked it up and hit Brian over the head knocking him out cold. I stuffed a sock in Brian’s mouth and then taped it over with the duct tape. After zip tying Brian’s hands together, I dragged him out into the family room before heading up the stairs to find the next Koehler.
The first bedroom I came to was Sherri and Mark’s. Clutching the bat, I swing twice striking Mark in the face and Sherri over the back of the neck. The 2 blows knocked both out cold and left only one Koehler left to find. As I opened the door to Julie’s bedroom, I noticed her sleeping on her stomach with both arms by her head. I placed the bat on the floor, got the zip-ties ready, and jumped on Julie’s back pinning her beneath me. When I landed on her back, she woke up and started screaming and squirming under me. Before Julie could react, her hands where tied behind her back and her legs secured together at the ankles. Julie continued screaming and yelling for her parents, but they were out cold. I taped her mouth shut, and then went back to take care of Mark and Sherri. After placing zip-ties around Mark’s hands and ankles, taped his mouth shut, and dragged him down the stairs before dropped him next to Brian. I had plans for Sherri so I picked her up and carried her downstairs to the family room. I placed her on the coffee table and made my way upstairs to retrieve Julie. I pick her up and put her over my shoulder while carrying her downstairs to join her family.
When Julie saw the condition of her family and realized the situation she started sobbing and crying uncontrollably. After placing Julie on the floor, I walk over to Sherri and roll her onto her back on the coffee table. I had special plans for the bitch that made life miserable for me over 20 years and the table suited me fine. I placed each foot and hand near a leg of the table and secured her to the table legs. Now Sherri is spread eagle across the top of the table and will be unable to resist me in anything I do to her.
After securing Sherri to the coffee table, I take Julie and tie her hands to the bottom step of the stairs. The whole time I’m doing this she’s struggling and crying as she comes to understand what is in store for her. I take the para cord out and tie it around one of her ankles, pull it tight, and tie it off to a doorknob to the side of her. I then tie another length of cord around her other ankle, loop it thru the stair’s railing and cut the ziptie off her ankles. Once her ankles are free of the ziptie, I pull the cord going thru the railing tight, and wishbone her legs apart. Now she is completely helpless and can’t fight anything I do to her.
With the family secured, I go searching the house for items needed for the events to come. In Mark’s and Sherri’s bedroom, I find assorted sexual toys including dildos, duotone balls, k-y jelly, and some little blue pills. In the refrigerator I find a bottle of Champagne, some bottled beer, whipped cream, cucumbers, carrots, habanero peppers, and a 2 liter bottle of soda. In Julie’s room, I find another dildo, and notice something else. There on the dresser is a new pack of Mentos breath mints. I smile and I have an evil thought about the possibilities for payback with Sherri. Mentos and soda combined make for a very violent fizzing action that will sent a geyser of soda up to10' in only a few seconds.
When I return to the family room, Sherri is starting to come around and starts to look around her trying to understand what is happening to her. When she finally starts to realize where she is and what is happening, I walk over to her and smile. “Hi Bitch. I hope you enjoy this evening. It’s payback time for all the years you’ve been harassing me and making my life miserable.” Sherri starts to whimper thru her tape as I explain the situation to her. “Brian is tied up and out cold, and Mark is in the same situation so don’t look for any help from them. Julie is trussed up like a turkey over by the stairs and you’re tied to the table for me to abuse as I see fit.”
While Sherri is crying and struggling with her bindings, I take out my knife and show her the long sharp blade. I run the blade under her night shirt and start cutting it off her slowly as she cries hysterically. When I finish cutting it off, I get a good look at her big floppy melons. They droop over the sides of her ribs and have areolas the size of oranges with big half inch wide nipples. Next I turn my attention to her pajama bottoms and slide the blade under the fabric at the ankles cutting my way up on each leg to the waist band. Once the waist band is cut, I pull the remnants of Sherri’s clothing off to reveal her hairy pussy. I smile at the bush before me and know it will serve my twisted plans well.
With Sherri naked and sobbing, I turn my attention to her teenaged daughter. Julie is no model, but she has a nice body and a smoking hot ass. She is wearing a pair of shorts and tee shirt that won’t take long to remove. Unlike her mother, I start with Julie’s shorts and have them off her in 2 quick strokes of the knife. Once removed, I see a nicely trimmed pussy with mousey brown fur stopping just above a tight pair of lips. I lean over and inhale the scent coming from Julie’s tender pussy. I stick out my tongue and run it up over her lips and smile as she starts squirming and crying even more. I grab the can of whip cream, insert the tip between her lips, and fill her teenage pussy with the whipped cream, spaying it around her pubic mound. Once the whipped cream is covering her sexual treats, I start licking Julie’s pussy and eating the cream out of her as my tongue reaches deep into her. I repeat the process again and again pushing deeper and deeper into her teenaged folds with my tongue making sure to tickle her clit at the end of every lick. While sampling Julie’s pussy with my tongue for 15-20 minutes, Sherri is screaming thru her gag and crying non stop. I turn to Sherri and say “ your daughter may not look like a 10, but she sure does taste like a 10. I love the taste of her pussy and her clit is getting bigger with each lick.” Sherri closes her eyes and sobs as she knows there is nothing she can do to stop the violation of her daughter.
After sampling Julie’s pussy, I cut off her tee shirt to reveal her tight young tits. Unlike her mother’s saggy tits, Julie’s stand up firm and proud with plum sized areolas and small hard nipples standing out proclaiming their excitement. I cover her tits with more whipped cream as I lean over Julie and lick each nipple and place them in my mouth for a nice firm suck. With each lick and suck on her nipples, they grow harder and darker as blood rushes to them. All the actions and deeds of the past hour have my cock hard and wanting a release from my jeans.
I strip off my jeans and underwear and release my thick cock for Julie to see. When she sees my cock she screams as loud as she can knowing what is to come next. But, this night is as much about her mother as anything else. I walk over to Sherri and show her my cock and tell her, “before the night is over, this fat cock will be in abusing every hole possible and be the last cock you ever feel in your pussy.” With that proclamation, I kneel down and place my cockhead against her pussy. With one hard shove, I bury my cock balls deep in her pussy. Sherri’s pussy, despite being the party favor of hundreds of guys over the years, is tight and grips my cock like a fist. I pump her pussy harder and harder as I watch her tits jiggle back and forth across her chest. Faster and faster I pound her pussy and soon I feel her juices start to flow as she gets wetter and slicker inside. Sherri continues to whimper and cry but soon her whimpers turn to moans as she is overtaken with the primal feelings of mating. After 10-15 minutes of pummeling her pussy Sherri finally gives in and lets out a long sexual moan as her pussy quivers and contracts with her orgasm. I smile and say “that’s it bitch. You like this fat cock inside your pussy don’t you? I bet that spineless husband of yours doesn’t fill your pussy like I do. I bet you hardly fuck him. That’s why you have all those toys in your room.” With that, she nods her head and confirms my statement. The fact that she likes my cock and confirmed she doesn’t fuck her husband is enough to send me over the edge. I feel my cum churning in my balls as I pull out of Sherri’s dripping pussy. I stand up, straddle the table, sit on her chest, and wrap her big floppy tits around my cock and start fucking her tits. 10-15 strokes between her tits is enough to send my load blasting against her chin, across her face, and up her nose. My seed puddles in her eyes, drips into her ears, and runs down her neck and checks.
After wiping my cock off on Sherri’s tits, I get up and walk over to Julie with a beer and a little blue pill. I ask her “do you know what this is?” She shakes her head no. I tell her “ it will keep my cock hard for hours and allow me to fuck you until you can’t take it anymore.” With that bit of knowledge, she once again starts crying as she watches me wash the pill down with a swig of beer. While I wait for the pill to take effect, I break out the champagne and smile as I open it over Julie’s naked body. As the bubbly flows out of the bottle I direct it over Julie’s body from her pussy to her head. Once she is covered from head to pussy in champagne, I start licking it off her tight trembling body. She shivers and quivers with every touch of my tongue and probe of my fingers. By the time 10 minutes has past, I’ve licked every drop of champagne off her body and my cock is once again hard as steel. Before I sample Julie’s pussy, I break out her mother’s duotone balls and slick them up with the k-y jelly. Since Julie had a dildo in her bedroom too, I doubted she was a virgin. But, I bet she has never had something in her ass before and I was going to break her in good.
One by one I pushed the balls past her browneye and into the virgin depths of her anal cavity. With each ball inserted, Julie squeals out in pain and thrashes against her bindings. Once the balls where inside her virgin ass, Julie starts squirming around. With every movement of her body, the balls started vibrating inside her anal cavity and the look on her face was priceless. It was like a veil was lifted off her and she come to understand what sex could feel like. She started to moan instead of cry and soon she was whimpering like a puppy wanting attention. As Julie was being brought closer and closer to having an orgasm, I decided to push her over the edge. I leaned over and placed my mouth on her dripping pussy and took hold of her clit between my teeth as a flicked it with the tip of my tongue. She instantly screamed out in passion, stopped breathing, arched her back, and started shaking from probably her very first orgasm.
With Julie in the middle of an orgasm I take my assault to the next step. Her asshole is slicked up from the insertion of the balls, so I take my hard cock and place the tip against her and push into her. As my cockhead enters her ass Julie is stretched wider than ever before and she screams out in pain. Harder and harder I push my cock into her ass and drive the balls deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Finally I’m buried in Julie’s ass as far as I can go, and I can feel the balls vibrating at the tip of my cock. Her screams and the vibrating sensations inside her ass have me headed for my own orgasm in a hurry. I withdraw my cock and plunge it back into her ass with all the force I can. I repeat this over and over again as Julie shutters and shakes for the next 15 minutes until I finally feel my cum racing from my balls thru my cock. As my cock swells and jets my seed into Julie’s ass, I lean down and bite her left tit until I draw blood from her areola. Julie cries out in pain as my teeth pierce her flesh and she suffers another orgasm.
As my cock finally stops twitching and depositing my cum in Julie’s ass, I withdraw my still hard cock. It’s slick with cum and Julie’s juices as I head for Sherri’s ass. I take the k-y jelly, squirt it in Sherri’s ass and shove my cock through her ass and don’t stop until my cock is all the why into her. As I pump my cock in and out of Sherri’s ass, I take one of her dildos and shove it into her pussy as far as it will go. I drive the 12" dildo past her cervix and continue pushing it in until her lips completely cover it up. It is now invisible from the outside and Sherri screams out in pain as her womb is blasted open and stuffed with the monster rubber cock. Ignoring her screams of pain, I continue pummeling her asshole with my cock as a small amount of blood starts to trickle out around her browneye. I continue for the next 20 minutes until her ass is nothing but a battered and tattered hole. I then withdraw my cock from her ass and bend down to lick Sherri’s dripping pussy. As I lick and suck her clit, I reach in and pull the monster dildo from her womb as I prepare for my revenge.
Under the table, I have the items gathered from the refrigerator. I open the 2 liter bottle of soda, and get the Habanero Peppers and Mentos ready. Once the dildo is removed from Sherri’s pussy, I take a pepper, crack it, and then shove it into her pussy. As fast as I can, I shove 5 broken peppers into her pussy while using the dildo as a plunger to push them further and further into her until all 5 are deep in her. I say “how’s that bitch? You should start to feel a burning sensation in a minute or so. Incase you’re wondering, I shoved 5 Habanero peppers into your pussy.” Sherri screams out and after about a minute, the peppers start to have the desired effect. Sherri is screaming and crying like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard before. The Habanero peppers are causing a 3rd degree chemical burn inside her pussy and vagina. Her pain filled screams cause me to push the dildo and the peppers further into her until they have entered her womb. As she struggles and screams uncontrollably, I give her the next planned punishment. I lean down, grab her clit with my teeth, tickle it a few times, and then bite it off. The pain is so intense, she nearly passes out before she can see me spit it out on her chest. “Here’s your clit. I hope you enjoyed the sex we had earlier, because it will be the last time you have sex.”. As Sherri struggles to stay conscious, I pick up the soda and Mentos. I drop the Mentos into the soda bottle, jam the bottleneck into her pussy, and watch as the soda explodes into her vaginal cavity. If she thought the previous pain was bad, the explosion of 2 liters of carbonated beverage into her womb is the final straw. Sherri screams so loud she goes completely limp. With that, I shove the 12" dildo up her ass to loosen her up for the next step of my torture.
With Sherri immobile and probably dying, I turn my attention to Julie. She is absolutely hysterical and can’t believe what she just witnessed. I get on my knees, place my cock against her pussy, and start to enter her. Her pussy is so tight I start to wonder about her previous experiences. As I get about 2" inside her, I meet some added resistance. I say to her with a smile on my face, “I guess I get your pussy’s cherry too. What was the dildo for in your room if you were not using it on yourself?” I grab Julie’s hips and push past her cherry until my balls are resting against her ass. Virgin pussy is always so nice. They are tight, quiver continually, grab and hold a cock like a vise while taking complete control over their owners. I rest deep inside Julie’s pussy as I allow her to stretch out and accommodate my width. Once she starts to loosen up, I start driving my cock in and out with more and more force. Harder and harder I pound her pussy and soon have her head beating against the lowest stair. This continues for another 15 minutes before my balls send a load of seed into her tight bleeding pussy. When my cock finally is done depositing my cum in her womb, I pull my cock out and smile at her. I stand there and watch as my seed seeps out of her pussy and dribbles down her ass.
After breaking Julie’s cherry and leaving her with a gift, I head for Sherri to check on her. She is still breathing but is completely out of it. Taking advantage of her situation, I take a handful of Carrots and head for her ass. I take five carrots and slide them into her ass one by one until they are barely sticking out. Her ass is now stretched 3" wide and shows signs of tearing. One by one I shove more carrots into Sherri’s ass until the whole 3 pound bag is jammed into her torn bleeding anus. Her ass is now stretched out to an incredible 6" wide and has blood trickling down. Because she is barely conscious , I tear the tape off her face, open her mouth, and thrust my revived cock into her throat. I grab her hair and fuck her mouth and drive my wide cock past her tonsils with each thrust. I laugh at the situation, because Sherri has never looked better than when My cock is buried in her throat. 10 minutes of raping her throat has another load churning in my balls, and I soon coat her tonsils with my hot cum.
After all the events of the morning, I get dressed and check on Mark and Brian. They are still out cold, and I double their bindings. I pull them out of sight into the small bathroom and lock the door. Sherri, is not so lucky. I take a cucumber from the frig, and jam it down her throat, break it off and re-tape her mouth. Her breathing is labored and heart rate is very rapid as I gather up my things before leaving. It’s still dark outside and only 5 degree with a strong north wind. I point my knife at Julie and tell her to stay still or she’ll get it. I untie her legs from the railing and door knob, and then tie them together at the ankles. I then untie her hands from the stair runner and tie them behind her back. I pick up my things, throw Julie, who is completely naked, over my shoulder, and carry her to my house before the sun comes up.
When I get her to the house, my assault of her body continues. I throw her on the floor and proceed to fuck her ass while she lies face down on the livingroom floor. I drive my cock into her ass for 25 minutes before I feel another surge of cum heading for her anal cavity. As my load blast into her, Julie moans softly as she once again experiences another orgasm she wishes she didn’t. Once I’m done cumming, I roll her over and tear the tape off her mouth as I hold the knife to her throat. I get her on her knees and say to her “ Don’t scream and do as I tell you or things will get messy for you in a hurry. Do you understand? She says softly, “yes, I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t hurt me.” I say, “good, now open your mouth and suck my cock.” With that command, Julie opens her mouth and slowly sucks my cock into her mouth until she starts to gag. She has trouble getting my fat cock to the back of her mouth, so I grab her hair and start slowly fucking her face. Little by little, Julie gets better and better dealing with my cock and soon has my balls stirring again. Julie can sense my pending orgasm as my cock starts to grow and twitch in her mouth. Before she can think otherwise, I pull her head tight to my pubic bone and blast my load past her tonsils. She starts to choke and gag as my seed is shot into her throat and some even comes out her nose. Once my cock is done squirting, I withdraw it and Julie gasps and coughs for air as she finally is able to breath.
I spend the next few days raping and fucking Julie in every way possible. Her father’s little blue pills come in handy as I fuck Julie for hours and hours every day I have her. I fuck her until she becomes a zombie and no longer requires any bindings when I’m with her. I make a few phone calls and soon make arrangements to sell Julie to some guys that are into underground films. When they see her they are pleased with the package and pay me $50,000 for her.
A few weeks later, I received a DVD in a brown paper wrapper without a return address. It was a copy of a movie Julie stared in. She was gang raped by 30 very large men with cocks to match. They fucked her in every hole, DPed her and even had 2 cocks in her formally virgin pussy before they passed her off to the last guy. He was huge and looked like he played football at sometime. His cock was over 10" long and as big as Julie’s forearm. He was fucking her in the ass and Julie had trouble dealing with his size. As he fucked her, he placed a rope around her neck and continued fucking her ass as he gradually hung her with a rope. Before she was choked to death, the guy picked up something off a table. As Julie was getting closer and closer to having an orgasm, the man takes the object, a sword, and pushes it into her pussy. As the sword went in her pussy, Julie screamed out in extreme pain as the sword sliced through her body and came out her mouth as she convulsed on his cock. She died quickly and the film’s final shot was of Julie’s bloody pussy with cum dripping out of her ass. .

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2013-10-15 22:46:25
That story was fucked up.

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2012-05-05 15:49:37
That was highly disturbing, but I came and that was my goal today. Nice job with the storyline though!

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2011-07-06 05:39:47
I liked it good storie. Realy liked the part about selling Julie, I hope he sent a copy of the DVD to the Koehlers if any of them were left alive to enjoy seeing it. Also it sounds like a good future income source. Kidnap good looking under age sluts fuck and abuse them for a couple of weeks and then sell them off for $50.000 or more to make snuff films.


2010-06-17 11:56:43
"The Koehler's suffer " DON'T USE AN APOSTROPHE TO MAKE A PLURAL. grade school level learning.


2010-04-24 21:49:54
Selling the girl was a chickenshit way out. Bad ending. The mother is the one that should have died. Not a very good plot as the father and son are still alive and yadda yadda yadda. Ho fucking hum. You started out well but the ending died. Better luck next time.

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