The consequences of my last escapade catch up with me. For those of you who haven’t read my earlier encounter I would recommend reading “Hotelier 2” because this story picks up more or less where that leaves off.
I was pretty well spooked after Katy left. I reckoned that she would miss her first period in the next two to three weeks. Maybe that wouldn’t raise any suspicions- I had no way of knowing how regular she was, but I assumed that as a fit, healthy, young woman, her complex gynecological systems would probably be working perfectly, firing smoothly on all cylinders and reliable as clockwork. Even so maybe she would pay it no heed- but by the second month the conception would be obvious, and by the third the delicate “How could this happen?” and “What do we do now?” conversations must surely have taken place. Consequently I spent the first 3 months on tenterhooks, I was too worried to try out my "special" olives; I was expecting all the while a knock on the door or a policeman in the lobby. As a result my guests slept safely in their beds, their panties undisturbed and their pussies unviolated. After three months when nothing happened I began to relax. By six I had convinced myself that provided, I wished I had done more, spent longer and idly I planned what more I could try with wistful longing. Reassured by the silence I was now visiting one or more of the more attractive female guests pretty much on a weekly basis once more but none could reproduce perfectly the rich sensations of Katy's body.

That’s when I got the shock; I had vaguely recognized the name when the family room reservation was made- double bed and cot, but had paid it no heed. The family parties were good business but not usually of much interest as far as my “extra activities” went. It was Friday evening and I was on the reception when I heard a familiar voice.
I looked up and my blood froze, I would recognize Katy anywhere, she was standing on the lobby surrounded by the accoutrements of parenthood- buggy, change bag, carrycot… She looked happy. Her hair was different, less formal but still soft and attractive, her body looked fuller- her breasts large and firm but it was the swelling of her body below her breasts that showed clearly she was expecting. My breath caught in my throat- was this to be a confrontation? Then she smiled at me and I relaxed. James emerged from behind the pile of equipment pushing the buggy. I didn’t really recognize him, having paid him far less attention than Katy on our previous encounter, but he was sort of familiar, so I greeted them both like old friends.
“I didn’t think you’d remember us” said Katy, obviously pleased that I did.
“Of course, I remember you” I replied, “I recall most of my guests… and I can see you’ve had a busy year”
James and Katy both grinned. I continued,

“I had you down as a committed career woman on the last visit”

Katy flashed a smile that could melt the arctic icecaps and put global warming clean out of business.

“Me too, but that all changed when this little fella came along”
She pushed the buggy forwards, in it I could make out a tiny sleeping form.
“James junior” she said “A bit of a surprise maybe, but he changed everything”

I reached out with a tentative finger to gently stroke the youngster's face
"It all started shortly after the conference. I have always thought that our week here marked a sort of turning point for James and I; anyway I’ve always remembered this place as special and promised myself we would come back one day. James has some leave, so here we are!”

James looked a bit sheepish, perhaps he didn’t remember the foundation of their family as fondly as Katy, but he went along with it. At that point James junior gurgled and rolled over, opening his eyes to size up the root cause of this disturbance. I glanced over and froze! I found myself looking straight into my own eyes! The resemblance was unmistakable, it’s a wise child that knows his own father- and thankfully there was no sign from the infant, but I gasped; to me the resemblance was obvious. No one else seemed to notice, God I hoped they never would!
Katy leaned over and cooed at the waking child, no sign of recognition. I made my body relax and tried to sound calm,

“Well it’s good to have you all back” I concluded, I would probe a little more if I got the chance, but I couldn’t appear too interested on this first meeting. I finished the formalities and showed them up to their room. We took the lift and I was pressed quite closely up towards Katy, her scent was as intoxicating, just as I remembered. Her back seemed to ache a little and she rubbed it with one hand to ease it- she closed her eyes as she did so, pushing her belly forwards and moaning a little. I got the chance to look down her ripe and full body, her breasts were prominent and full, they rocked enticingly as the lift ran over the rough points in its track. The heavy swell of her belly below them was a thing of beauty and I couldn’t help but stare. I hoped James didn’t notice my glances. Luckily he seemed not to and so I showed them out of the lift and along the hallway to their room. I had allocated them the room at the end of the corridor- I usually favor this one for any night-time visits since no-one has any reason to walk past the door. The chances that anyone might hear anything untoward are therefore lessened. I don’t know why I had given them this particular room; I wasn’t sure there would be opportunity, and I had never before attempted to inflict my attentions upon an accompanied woman. Consciously, perhaps I was simply trying to keep all options open? Subconsciously, perhaps the decision had already been made? I left them to settle in and returned to work, my mind wrestling with what I had seen, what I might do and how I might go about it.

The rest of the day passed off smoothly enough, I saw Katy and James at dinner but they didn’t come to the bar. The next day they went out, taking their assembly of equipment with them, but before they left they booked the hotel’s minder service for that evening. I made the arrangements. They were clearly out on the town that night, I suppose it was because the duties of parenthood don’t give much time off, but when they returned they were still up for more, and so retired to the bar whilst James Junior remained in the care of the hotel sitting service. I got my chance to find out a little more as they chatted over drinks; James on my best whisky and Katy on orange juice. It seems Katy had fallen pregnant soon after the conference trip (that didn’t really come as a surprise to me!). She described it as “unexpected” and once as an “accident”, but she also said it had worked out really well for them. I gathered that the prospect of becoming a father had lent the somewaht chinless James some backbone and he had stepped up to the plate, deciding at last to commit- the wedding had followed quickly and the birth soon after. I had always had doubts about James; it came as no surprise to me that he had dithered about committing to Katy. This woman was every man’s dream. Her skin was smooth soft and creamy, her scent exhilarating and her hair so soft and touchable that it would be hard to stop if once you started. She had those blue eyes that the authors say could drown you- and which I had assumed were fictitious until I had met her. If I had been 10 (OK 25!) years younger I would have made a move on her in a heartbeat. James however, had dithered. The pregnancy had lent him some resolve, he had gone through with it and even now was still realizing just how lucky he had been. That was my view anyway- and this interpretation had the added benefit that it cast me and my contribution in something of a positive light which suited me down to the ground! I began to feel quite paternal towards the two of them- but not so paternal that I didn’t still want to sample the delights of Katy's body once again!

There was only one concern as far as I could see- and that was whether my drug was safe for a pregnant woman? Inserting my own little cuckoo into their nest was bad enough, but aborting James’ legitimate firstborn would be going too far! Plus there would be an enquiry and the risks of discovery were legion. I made an excuse and retired to my office. I retrieved the crumpled packet and carefully read the instructions- Wow- total relief! This was actually one of the few drugs recommended to treat insomnia and morning sickness during pregnancy! The last hurdle was removed; I could feel another “nocturnal outing” coming on.

I raced back to the bar with mounting excitement. The rest of the evening passed in a whirl, maybe I seemed a bit too “up” but no-one seemed to notice. The guests thinned out, only James and Katy left. I moved from behind the bay to bring over some olives and cherries, James settled on the olives and Katy the cherries. I kept up conversation whilst I took careful mental note of how many of each were consumed; Katy had certainly had enough but I would have preferred James to have more, so I laced his next drink as well. I needed him completely out of the way so I could take full advantage of his lady’s body.

Eventually they announced it was time for bed, both were yawning now. I guessed this would come as a great relief to the sitter, it was already well past the usual parental handover time. They left and I closed up, I allowed a full hour for the added complications of settling for the night as a family to be sorted, and also of course to make sure that the drug would take effect. The hotel was quiet now, it was gone midnight and all other guests had retired some hours ago. Without really thinking I retrieved the pass key from the locker, I was acting on autopilot- not really sure whether I should or should not, I seemed to be following a predetermined path that had nothing to do with conscious thought. Maybe I had thought of Katy and what I would like to do with her, so often over the last year, that there was no longer room for reconsideration now that reality had presented itself; even though that reality differed markedly from the fantasy scenarios I had explored over the last year.

Moving automatically I went upstairs and listened outside their room. All quiet. “No harm in looking” I told myself and silently unlocked the door. I eased it open just a slit, the room was dark within. I listened- no voices, just sounds of soft regular breathing. I eased the door open just enough to slip in and close it silently behind me. I waited to get used to the dim light and see how the land lay.
James was lying on the bed, on the left, Katy on the right- both were in night attire, but out cold. James junior was asleep in the cot over against the wall- he was a complication I had overlooked but hopefully it would be OK if I was quiet.

I lifted the quilt off Katy, folding it double over the sleeping form of James. This hid him from view and allowed me to ignore him totally. I took a moment to look at her- she was lying on her back, her arms bent by her sides. She looked soft and vulnerable, almost child-like. Her nightdress was a pink checked design with lace trimming, it had ridden up to her hips as she slept and lay diagonally across her, revealing a flash of white panty at her mons, the shape of her body appearing to pull the fabric down around her camel toe and smoothing the soft curves of her pussy beneath,. I reached over and carefully raised the hem on both sides so that I could see all of her panties, and then carefully eased it upwards, over the swollen belly. That was a sight to behold! Up, up, I tugged, uncovering more of her delicious body, reaching her breasts and easing the fabric over them so that the ripeness of her full breasts was exposed. The feeling of cool air on her skin made her mumble and try to curl up, I gently but firmly corrected the curl and straightened her body out again so that I could see it more clearly.

Her belly was breathtaking; the firm flatness of my last visit was replaced with the almost hard swelling of her uterus. It felt firm to the touch, the stretched muscle fibers beneath gave a stringy texture to the tissues. Her bump rose smoothly from just below her breasts, exhibiting her belly button at its highest point and then falling back down to vanish into normal dimensions between her thighs. Traces of blue veins serving the muscles beneath were visible through her milk white skin. I ran my hands over her, admiring the softness of her skin and the solidity of the structures beneath, I looked at her breasts, I hadn’t been able to see these properly last time, but since then the nipples had clearly been much used; they were wider, perhaps browner, the aureolae more spreading than before. The nipples in their centers seemed more chewed, perhaps a little leathery and the wondrous berry-like protuberances of my last visit were less prominent. They still functioned though and the cool air worked its magic their centers began to swell and rise, standing proud above the full breast. I couldn’t really tell at that time whether her breasts still possessed that firm pertness I had admired on her previous visit because both were distended with milk. If they had sagged at all from their use over the last year then this wasn’t visible now as the skin was stretched tight. Their content lent them an internal pressure making them feel hard, almost woody to the touch. I ran my fingers gently over her left breast, gently stroking its pimpled aureola. I was amazed to see a droplet of milk form at the nipple, collect, and then run down the slope of her breast. Without thinking I bent my head to lap it up before it stained the sheets. The flavor was wonderful- a drop could never be enough. Moving slightly I encircled her nipple with my tongue and then took the nipple in between my lips. Tugging a little, sucking gently I was rewarded with a sudden rush of milk, hot, thick and sweet it seemed to fill my mouth. My cheeks distended, I hadn’t thought this through so I did the only thing I could and gulped it down. Immediately my mouth filled again and I took a second swig. I pulled away panting slightly from the shock; I hadn’t expected so much, so quickly and so warm, the flow was astounding. As I gathered my wits in the darkened room I licked my lips, the taste had been wonderful and the satisfaction of stealing nourishment from this sleeping woman was overwhelming me. I bent to her breast again, latched on and tugged hard. The flow was remarkable but I gulped it down like a man dying of thirst, gulping down each swallow as soon as my mouth was full. After 4 good mouthfuls I felt the flow start to ease, no longer spurting with such urgency into my mouth. The breast tissue itself had become palpably softer, more yielding as the gland was emptied and I felt her boob move around more under the pressure of my cupping hand.

I rose from her, it was dark and there was no mirror, if I could have seen myself what expression of delirious madness might I have worn? A woman’s milk is laced with hormones to settle her brood; some are certainly intended to induce a sensation of fullness, of leisured contentment. These were certainly working, but they weren’t winning: other hormones were present too. These were more overtly sexual in nature. Perhaps they have no effect on an infant, but on a full-grown, fully developed and horny male such as me they were overpowering. My hard-on had strengthened; my pulse was starting to race. At that moment I was as addicted to Katy and her secretions as any junky to his poison, and like a junky I craved my next fix. I have no doubt that I would have emptied her second breast too but at that moment I was disturbed,

James junior stirred in his cot and let out a single sharp cry. I froze, would that be all? Quiet for a while... but then howl after howl- he was awake, unhappy and this racket would certainly wake someone- if not the two drugged sleepers than a guest next door who might wonder why no action was being taken! The shock drove the hormone-induced craziness from my mind, I had to think fast. Infants can tell no tales so I moved to the cot and lifted James. His head fell against my shoulder with a spill of warm drool but the noise at least stopped. I had an idea what to do so I carried him to the bed; I laid him on the breast from which I had yet to feed. His mouth latched on and he began to suck. He was my son and I didn’t exactly begrudge him the use of this breast and its contents which were after all created for him, but I couldn’t prevent a twinge of jealousy when I saw that Katy’s delicious secretions gobbled up leaving none for me. Katy slept on, her body offering its nourishment to her offspring without her conscious effort, just as it had a few moments ago yielded that same sweetness to me. I saw that the breast was visibly deflating and hoped that a single boob would hold enough. Luckily it seemed to be so, James’ feeding frenzy subsided and he released the nipple with an audible “pop”. A trail of milk and saliva ran from his mouth to the nipple but he was obviously satisfied, his head drooping lower and his eyes closing. I lifted him from Katy’s body to my shoulder, He burped and spread me with regurgitated milk and I cursed. I laid him quickly in the cot and covered him, he went out immediately. I retied to the bathroom to wash the sick from my shoulder- fortunately there wasn’t much and I hoped it wouldn’t stain.

All this had somewhat dampened my ardor and my hard on had subsided, however it took only the sight of Katy- revealed in her lusciousness on the bed to revive me. She had curled up again with the slight chill so I gently straightened her once more and sank my head to complete the emptying of her breasts. That stimulated my erection again and my penis was standing u, distorting the front of my pants like a tent pole. I was clearly in need of a site on which to pitch and I knew just the place. I was by now feeling quite comfortable in this room; both were clearly out cold and would remain so, James junior was sleeping peacefully. So I took the unprecedented step of undressing completely. My penis sprang out from its confinement as soon as I got my pants down, and I will swear sought safe harbor within Katy of its own volition
I parted Katy’s legs and knelt between her thighs. This would be a much easier penetration than my last. I looked at her pussy; the puffy lips were swollen and protruded from the tangled mat of hairs. A scent rose from them that filled the air, not the clean light musk of a virgin, but something altogether stronger, harder and more stimulating; the earthy scent of a gravid woman. Laced with pheromones and designed by evolution to retain the interest of the male throughout the difficult and vulnerable period of pregnancy, it was overpowering. I sank my face to her vulva, licking the sticky secretions and gently nipping at her lips and clitoris to stimulate more to flow. I inhaled deeply the full richness of her scent.

My excitement was rising; my breath seemed to be catching in my throat. I repositioned myself, raising my prick towards her pussy lips. They were moist and glistened in the dim light; snails-trails of mucous bridged their gap and beckoned me inside. I pressed the cockhead to her labia, running the tip along the cleft in her body, the contrast between the warm side- in contact with the warmth emanating from her pussy and the cold side exposed to room air was delicious. I eased myself up on my elbows, changing the angle of my thrust from “slide-and-glide” to “slip-and-dip” and felt the prick head latch onto the entrance to her body. She moaned slightly, perhaps distantly aware of her impending penetration but I paid no heed, another little pushing motion and I entered her! Her lips enclosed the helmet of my prick. Another thrust and I moved in deeper, another and another- deeper still, deeper, deeper, Christ was this woman bottomless? I eased myself into her like a snake entering a rabbit burrow and she took it all. Last time I had fucked her I had bottomed out on her cervix, not so now. She was deeper, more luxuriant and capacious. James junior’s passage into the world had certainly had an effect; the sensation of fucking her was now definitely different. It was still pleasurable in the extreme; perhaps in a way even more so as her fertility was proven and the animal satisfaction of inseminating a fertile woman appeals to some basic level in the male psyche, but it was different physically in some subtle way. The clinging tightness of her vaginal tube, the internal welcome that had provided me such ecstasy on my last visit was diminished, replaced, perhaps increased, by a fierce warmth and a strong, firmly rippled texture that teased and caressed my prick inside her. Whatever the cause I was left in no doubt, I was no longer fucking a young girl, I was definitely now fucking a woman.

I closed my eyes and bucked into her, hmmmm she was delicious! I lay carefully onto her body taking the weight form my hands and feeling my skin against hers all along her body. I raised myself on one arm so that I could maul and squeeze her breasts with a free hand. If she was aware of these liberties being taken with her then she didn’t show it. She slept on, oblivious to my bucking thrusts, the firm slap of my hips as I buried myself shaft deeply in her body at the end of each stroke. She was unaware of the drops of sweat falling from my brow to her face and boobs. She had no knowledge of how her now emptied breasts shook like watery jelly as her body accepted and dissipated the shock of my thrusts.

I was in heaven now, the sensations were fantastic, the joy of fucking her obliterating almost all other sensations, and then suddenly.

Slip THUMP “OOoohh”

What was that? I froze. I tried to recall the fragments of my brain that were off on furlough, deeply embedded in their own enjoyment of Katy’s pussy and as my mind became clearer I realized that Katy had not absorbed all of the energy of my thrusting. Some of the movement had transmitted through the bed, working James steadily across the mattress to the point that he had now been pushed clean out of the bed!

Panicked as I was, the thought of withdrawing from her delicious haven never occurred to me. I waited, deep in Katy - had the fall woken him? There was a groan, a soft curse and then a snore- thank God I had given him that extra dose in the bar; he was still out.
I couldn’t see the point in moving him so I left him on the floor and returned to the job in hand; extracting as much pleasurable sensation from this unwilling woman as possible.
I withdrew until just the tip of my prick remained within her, then I gently eased back in reveling in the way the warmth climbed along my prick as it entered slowly and smoothly back into her body. Again and again I withdrew almost completely, only to ease myself slowly back into her, feeling that clinging warmth welcome me again on every thrust. Then I withdrew from her, leaving only the tip of my prick in contact with her opened pussy. Now I could just pop the head back inside, so that the taught rim of her pussy-lips latched onto me, sealing around the groove below my frenulum. Then out and pop back in, out and pop back in. I relished her delights, I hadn’t got enough of her last time and this time I wanted more, much more. I was well in control, able to prevent the pleasure from building to that irreversible stage, adjusting my speed, depth or pressure of penetration to keep the sensation level at maximum- but just below critical. So I continued my game, sweating profusely now, but treating her body like some fabulous amusement park. What ride should I go on next? The booby experience? The penetrative bliss? Thermal milkdown?

I lost track of time, I don’t know how for long I enjoyed her, but I knew this ride would have to come to an end eventually, and despite my best efforts at control I could feel the tingle building in the head of my prick, spreading down the shaft. There was no point in stopping, I was pretty sure this would pass the point of no return so there was nothing for it but to shaft her more firmly, consciously build the pressure, go with it. The trick is to know when to hold back in restraint and when to give in to the inevitable, to accept the coming release and when the dam breaks surf downwards on the exhilaration of the flow!

I was bucking into her frantically now, her whole body was shaking with the force of my entry but it was coming, coming, coming, coming, getter closer and closer and then UUuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!!
I ejaculated into her. My bloated prick jumping and twitching of its own accord as it sought to spurt stream after stream of my semen into her; I was buried balls deep in her vagina, leaving her body no choice but to accept my emission. I had no doubt that deep as I was the proximity of my ejaculation to her cervix meant that my sperm would enter her womb. However, unlike the previous occasion that my sperm had entered there, this time she was already pregnant. I knew that no consequences could follow, so I simply rejoiced in the knowledge that my emission had reached so basic a target and achieved so fundamental an objective.

I rested for a while, embedded in her pussy and gulping in the cool air. I was still moving inside her, but now only spasmodically, jerkily. My legs felt weak and my knees were shaking. I felt totally spent. This woman’s body had afforded me total release.

I gasped a few times as I recovered, gulping in some deep breaths, and then gingerly pulled out of her. My penis head was retained by the lips of her vulva just for an instant, and then plopped wetly out. I was already in position with my tissue to catch the gloopy flow that followed, protecting the sheets. I wiped her clean and washed her gently to remove the obvious traces of sperm from her pussy and thighs. Carefully I replaced her clothing as best I could, and then spread the quilt back over her sleeping form. She immediately curled up as I tenderly tucked her in. I lent over and kissed her forehead. Glancing at James still stretched out and snoring on the floor I decided to leave him there, moving him was far too likely to awaken him, and anyway he would have the bruises from his tumble so there would be no mystery as to how he arrived there. He wouldn’t realize that it was the vigor with which I was fucking his wife that had driven him from her bed.

I dressed carefully and checked around to make sure I had left no clues to my intrusion. I took one last look at my cuckoo in the nest. The youngster was sleeping peacefully. For the time being it seemed that both of our lives remained secure. I’d never had kids so this was a new experience for me. I wished him a happy life and hoped he wouldn’t take too closely after me. Who knows, perhaps our paths will cross in the future? Closing the door silently behind me I stepped back into the hall and made my way shakily downstairs.

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