Chapters 15-18
Right If you didn't read the First 14 Chapters I'm not going to explain it all to you GO BACK AND READ THEM. If you did and you want to read more well I'm happy to say here you go enjoy More sex violence and general mayhem!

Chapter XV

Nicole lay there against his chest gasping the muscles of her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock milking it back to hardness. A few hours later she pulled on her shirt and got up with Jeremy to prepare and eat dinner.

“Nicole” Sunni said there is something on your leg. Nicole looked down it was a dollop of cum that had leaked out of her pussy she scooped it up with two fingers and licked them clean.

“Yummy” she smiled “Thanks Sunni” They ate dinner and Jeremy and Nicole retired back to the hut. “You really like me?” Nicole asked

“Sure do” Jeremy responded

“Mmm I have an Idea then but later I promise you’ll love it”


“Shush or I’ll have to tie you up”

“Oooh now I love that Idea”

“Really I was just joking.” Jeremy said

“I’m not please tie me up and have your way with me”

“If you insist”

“Please?” Jeremy tied her hands behind her and had her stand he knelt down in front of her she was so short that his face was just even with her breasts He took one nipple between his lips lightly tickling the underside of her other breast with his hands he gently began to suck it flicking it with his tongue. He teased the other nipple with his fingers as he sucked and flicked her nipple her legs trembled as his teeth dragged over the nipple exiting his mouth with a wet pop. He then switched to the other nipple her back arched as he gently bit and sucked it his fingers lightly tweaking the other one. He switched again attacking it more fiercely than he had before there was a gentle rap at the door. “Come in” Nicole whispered Jeremy felt bare breasts against his back.

“Hiya hero” Naomi whispered in his ear before coming around to attack Nicole’s other breast. Jeremy took Naomi’s free hand that was traveling up Nicole’s thigh.

“Don’t touch her pussy” he whispered in her ear “Anything else is fair game” Naomi then let her hand drop to Nicole’s knee and was doing something there. Jeremy did his best to hold the jelly legged Nicole in a standing position. The two kept sucking on Nicole’s swollen and sensitive nipples until she was hissing orders at them to fuck her to finger her to touch her pussy. They paid no attention though she gasped and pleaded. Jeremy reached over and tweaked Naomi’s nipple and kissed Nicole on the lips as he pushed Naomi’s head down toward Nicole’s hungry dripping snatch it didn’t take much for Naomi to get the idea.

While Jeremy held Nicole’s breasts and kissed her Naomi began to earnestly eat her out. She broke the kiss only to squeal “Oh my” and then her body shuddered in orgasm. Gasping he lowered her to the floor of the hut and slowly inserted his cock into her hot wet pussy. Naomi straddled her face lowering her own dripping pussy onto Nicole’s face as Jeremy began to slowly thrust deeper and deeper into Nicole. He went slowly he could hear Nicole licking and sucking on Naomi’s pussy

Jeremy held his pace until Naomi said ”I’m close oh god she’s good”. Jeremy picked up the pace and started pounding Nicole’s pussy like there was no tomorrow he felt his balls starting to tingle and then he exploded in Nicole’s pussy he stood and Naomi sucked the last drops out her own orgasm coinciding nearly with his, Naomi then sucked and slurped the spent cum out of Nicole’s pussy until she came again. They all rested on the floor together Naomi on the right of Nicole and Jeremy on her left.

“Oh my god” Nicole said after catching her breath “I’ve never experienced anything so wonderful I want to keep doing that my nipples are so sensitive”

“Really” Naomi asked and playfully licked the one nearest her and Nicole shuddered.

“I still want to get pregnant with your baby Jeremy” Nicole said quietly “Promise me that I’ll be carrying your baby or have it at least before we leave you are so good”

“I promise” Naomi said that we won’t leave the island until all of us who want to be are pregnant with Jeremy’s babies.”

“What?” Jeremy asked

“Shush you” Naomi admonished “you have so many girls who want babies with you”

“But if we get off the island won’t it be a little hard to understand for the folks back home?”

“It might be but I think by that time we will all have an understanding and we won’t have to worry about what other people think” Naomi said

“Well some of the parents of some of these women are less than likely to be understanding” Nicole responded

“We’ll jump over that bridge when we get to it” Naomi smiled licking Nicole’s nipple again.

Chapter XVI

Naomi left the hut soon after that and the morning dawned Jeremy opened his eyes to see Nicole’s sweet face slurping his cock. He had to admit that she wasn’t terribly attractive in the face but her abilities and her desire made up for a lot she smiled around his cock as she looked up at him noticing he was awake. After the morning blowjob they got up and started work again just like any other day. Gathering food and by this time Jeremy had concocted a fair form of soap from the ashes and animal fat from the food. The other girls went about their assigned tasks. Jeremy took a break and decided to wander the island.

Jeremy walked down a game trail and heard something in a clearing off the path, he cautiously moved towards the noise. He peered from beneath some bushes to see what was happening. There in the clearing stood Shannon and Annabel and Tiffany all three were naked. Jeremy noticed that most of them shaved or had a bikini wax or whatever girls did. Shannon was almost bare on her crotch just a little stubble was starting to show where Tiffany had dark stubble forming on either side of what was once a carefully cut line. Annabel had stubble dotting around her slit with what might have once been a well-manicured arrow. “Well I think she should be punished” Tiffany said.
“She is!” said Shannon

“Not well enough” Tiffany responded

“Now wait just a minute,” Annabel said “don’t I get a say in this?”

“No!” both of the other girls responded

“Get on your knees bitch” Tiffany said menacingly

“Fuck you” Annabel said “Your not the boss of me”

“Well I am” Shannon said “do what she says” Jeremy watched as Tiffany turned from the arguing women and pulled a thin green switch from a nearby tree.

“What if I don’t want to?” Annabel asked

“You’ll do it or else” Tiffany said switching the back of Annabel’s calves

“Hey!” Tiffany grabbed the back of Annabel’s hair and pulled her to her knees. “Ow” Annabel cried out.
“Now kiss me and ask me to forgive you for betraying Jeremy and the rest of us” Shannon said Annabel tried to get up but Tiffany kept a firm grip on her hair. Annabel glared at Shannon, who in turn glanced at Tiffany meaningfully. Tiffany brought the switch across Annabel’s ass with a crack. Annabel flinched but still stood resolute. “We have all day,” Shannon said as Tiffany added a stripe to her ass and then a third.
After the fifth stroke Annabel sobbed, “I’m sorry I didn’t want anyone to get hurt I’m sorry for what I did”
“Now kiss me” Shannon said Annabel started to try to rise again but Shannon smirked “not here” she said pointing to her mouth “Here” again she pointed this time below her belly button Annabel leaned forward and kissed her right above her slit. “Again” Shannon demanded Annabel leaned forward to kiss the same spot as before. “All of it the apology too.”

“I’m so sorry” Annabel whispered

“For what” Tiffany asked behind her

“I’m sorry I tried to betray you I’m sorry that you might have gotten hurt, please forgive me” she leaned forward and kissed the spot again.

“I’m not feeling it” Shannon smirked tiffany added another red stripe to Annabel’s ass.

“I was wrong” Annabel tried a different track “I should have done what I was told and abandoned the boys they are evil” This time she leaned forward and kissed the very top of her slit”

“More feeling” Tiffany scolded switching Annabel again. Annabel repeated the apology and this time kissed Shannon’s pussy open mouthed she stayed that way and Shannon took hold of her hair”
“That’s more like it” Shannon said “one more time and make me cum” Annabel paused too long it appeared because Tiffany added another stripe to her ass. Which was now she same shade as a Coca-Cola can and angry stripes crisscrossed it. Annabel apologized again and this time when she leaned forward she took Shannon by the hips and attacked her pussy with enthusiasm. It took a while but finally Shannon’s hips bucked and she moaned. “Mmmh that was good” she smiled
“Now don’t move we have another present for you” Tiffany said “now I want you to cum for us come on stroke that little pussy of yours and thank us for your lesson”

Annabel sobbed again but her hand went down between her legs and she started rubbing as the two girls looked on. “Thank you Shannon for your lesson” she whimpered “Thank you Tiffany for showing me the error of my ways.” She began to rub herself more vigorously as she repeated the mantra. Both girls now stood in front of the humiliated Annabel and as she brought herself off both girls reached down and started spraying Annabel down with pee. “Annabel never stopped until her hips lurched in orgasm her hair and body covered with warm yellow pee.

“Now” Shannon said “put your shirt back on no pants no panties I want everyone to see that we punished you”

“Yes Shannon” Annabel sighed and picked up her bra and put it on as her shirt had been torn beyond repair and walked in silence next to Shannon. The three of them left the glen to do whatever chores they were supposed to do.

Jeremy walked through the jungle observing and making a mental map in his head of the flora and fauna as well as any unusual topography. He happened upon a strange pile of rocks and he heard sobbing. He looked around the pile of rocks and there was Rachel. He cleared his throat as he came around the side. “Oh Jeremy” she said “Its you”

“Something wrong Rachel?”

“I miss home really and well I don’t even know if I should tell you this but, well I have this horrible secret and part of me is just bursting to tell some one and the other part is well, scared because it’s a dark and dirty secret and I promised not to tell anyone but its so complicated.”

“Hmmm” Jeremy said studying the soil

“Its not like I do drugs or something its well its personal and I, I feel I need to share it with someone who can keep a secret you can keep a secret can’t you?”

“Sure Rachel”

“You’re sure Jeremy I don’t think I could live if anyone I mean if everyone knew about it.” Jeremy looked up from where he was squatting and looked her in the eyes Rachel choked and coughed a bit, “Promise?”
“I promise” Jeremy said still looking into the eyes of the scared girl

“Gary is my brother slash Cousin his mom and my mom are sisters I never knew until, well a week or so ago, I went to a party at his house and well I did some things that I probably shouldn’t have done. Some things that I wouldn’t normally do maybe they spiked my drink, but the next thing you know I’m getting it from both ends you know what I mean.” Jeremy just nodded “and Gary is fucking me and well I think I fucked all his friends that night, I don’t know how many of them will remember we were all pretty drunk, but I woke up in Gary’s bed in the morning and he fucked me again before I could leave, I mean I guess since I’d already fucked him once it was okay for him to get a quickie in before I left, I didn’t mind too much. But then I went down stairs” she sobbed softly as Jeremy stood and held her gently by the shoulders hugging her to him “And my aunt Rachel was downstairs waiting for me and, and she made me eat her cum filled pussy and then she told me the horrible truth and, and she said I fucked the neighbors dog and she said I had to keep it a secret or she would give everyone I know a copy of the video she made that night”

“Easy Rachel” Jeremy said holding her tenderly and gently patting her back

“Don’t hate me because I’m a slut”

“I don’t hate you” Jeremy said “And I don’t think you’re a slut I think your Aunt is a vindictive bitch who manipulated you into doing something awful”

“Really its okay?”

“It’s really not okay but right here right now I don’t care what happened before what matters is the here and now, and right now I see a really sweet beautiful girl who was hurt badly by people who are mean and cruel and when and if we get back I promise you that we will take care of this little problem for you”

“Really? You mean it”

“Yes Rachel I do mean it people shouldn’t blackmail other people and I’ll help you with your little problem when we get back if the time comes and its necessary. In the meantime don’t worry I’m afraid all the girls on this island have one horrible secret or another they wish they didn’t have to hide. Maybe one day we can get all our little secrets out in the open but until then your secret is safe with me.”

“Oh Jeremy you are so good and wonderful, I almost didn’t want to believe what Sunni and Shannon and the other girls said about you I thought all boys were mean and cruel. But your not you don’t have a mean bone in your body do you?” She kissed him gently on the lips and he returned the kiss holding her trembling body for a while.

Chapter XVII

Jeremy arrived back at camp, Nicole came running up and kissed him she didn’t stop there, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down and jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down and slipped his hardening cock up against her pussy. “I’ve been thinking about you” she said.

“Have you now?”

“Oh yes I have now come on” she said pulling her top off and shedding her bra

Jeremy laughed and carried her into his hut as she offered him her nipples for tasting he instead pulled her close and attacked her neck with his tongue and teeth. She gasped and moaned as he gently laid her on the ground in the hut. “You really want me to eat your boobies” he smiled at her

“Oh yes” she gasped “and so much more”

“Hmm I see,” He said biting down on one of the little eraser heads that was her nipple she groaned and thrust her hips up. He chewed and suckled each nipple until it was hard and erect before he rubbed the head of his cock against Nicole’s swollen and wet pussy. He slowly pressed the entrance of her juicy slit the wet velvet like embrace of her sex felt wonderful like being bathed in warm butter. He slowly stroked into her, her legs wrapping around his body, Nicole’s tight lithe body clung to him her lips touched his nipples and she bit at the flesh of his chest. Her hips thrust against his grinding against him. Excruciatingly slowly he pumped into nicole’s body she could feel his cock pulsing inside her then as her climax exploded she bit him his cock plunging deep inside her pulsing exploding hot creamy goo inside her. They rested together for a while. Finally Jeremy got up and walked out to the camp site.

“Jeremy” Rose said “I think there is a problem our clothes are starting to fall apart”

“It was bound to happen sooner or later” Jeremy said. “Wearing the same clothes day after day.”

“Well we can’t very well go running around naked” Rose said

“Can’t we” Pricilla said an evil smile on her face

“Sunni?” Jeremy looked around and Sunni looked up to him

“What Jeremy?”
“We need new clothes get whatever help you want or need and start working on how to make them.”

“How its not like we have any fabric?”

“It’s a good Idea Jeremy” Nicole said walking up behind him

“Sunni you are smart enough to figure out a way to make clothes for us work on it think about it if you need any help I’m sure everyone will be happy to help you I’m pretty sure we all don’t want to go running around naked, and if you run into a problem I’ll help with what I can.”

Jeremy walked down the beach alone leaving the girls alone, How the hell are we going to get out of here he thought to himself he walked to where he kept his calendar, Twenty days since the crash, not bad he thought they were all still alive his pants and shirt were starting to rot. Apparently everyone else’s clothes were too. They could leave the Island via a boat but with no way to figure out where they were he needed a map or maybe a sextant and a compass that might be helpful. He thought hard about it and then set about finding some suitable materials. He walked back to the camp and sat by the fire and started working he had only about an hour of work before he realized that he should get some fish for dinner and so he waded out into the lagoon and after a little while had seven fish ready to butcher and roast. When he returned to the beach he found the girls all gawking at Annabelle’s striped ass and her apparent nakedness. It was annoying that she seemed to enjoy the attention. Most annoying of all was the fact that Shannon and Tiffany were both doing nothing.

“Shannon here” Jeremy said handing her the string of fish.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

“Clean them and Cook them, we like to call that dinner” Jeremy said sitting down to go back to work.

“I don’t know how to do that?” Shannon said

“What a surprise” Jeremy said under his breath

“Eww they are all slimy” Shannon said “I can’t do anything with these nasty things and you want me to what with them?”

“Useless” Naomi said softly “Shannon I’ll do it since you can’t seem to do anything” She took the string of fish

“Figures you would know how to do something so menial” Annabel said “Yo Mamma teach you?” Annabel never saw the left hook she staggered and then fell sprawled out as the other girls gasped in surprise. Naomi set the fish on a nearby rock and then walked up to where Annabel lay.

Annabel blinked and slowly opened her eyes “Listen bitch” Naomi said “I don’t like you I don’t trust you but I couldn’t leave you with those two monsters don’t make me regret that decision because while you may think you know something or think that you are some how better than me you need to think again. Now then if you’re through making an ass of yourself make yourself useful and get us some fire wood.”
“You can’t talk to me like that” Annabel said

“Can’t I? The only reason you’re here is because we wanted you here I’m sure if you want to go back to Joe he’ll welcome you with open arms the trouble is we aren’t going to because we can’t afford to have them come to where we are. You don’t have any power over anyone over here, you can’t threaten us or compel us to do what you want. You don’t deserve Jeremy’s kindness and believe me he is kinder and gentler than I will ever be. I won’t put up with your whiney shit.”

“I can’t believe?” Annabel’s sentence was punctuated by a loud slap.

“Don’t talk work” Naomi said moving back to the rock and fish, and picking up one of Jeremy’s stone knives she went to work preparing the fish for cooking. Rachel walked up to Naomi

“Can I help Naomi?”

“Sure” Naomi smiled at the younger girl a few hours later the group were quietly eating around the campfire. Annabel and Tiffany and Shannon sitting together. Darkness fell and the girls slowly drifted off to the cave. Nicole brushed Jeremy’s cheek with her lips don’t stay up too late she said as he worked by the firelight.

“I’m going to take a walk” Naomi said getting up from the fire and disappearing into the night, a few minutes later Rachel got up and disappeared as well. Jeremy got up and stretched, he walked down the beach a little bit to clear his head so many problems now this Annabel issue. Well he reflected she was always an issue nothing had changed except that she’d shown her colors. He heard a soft moan

Chapter XVIII

Jeremy walked a few steps into the moonlit night he could see two figures and as his eyes adjusted he could make out Naomi and Rachel. “I know you don’t have to like me Naomi but well I need a friend and never mind being horny like I am are you horny too do you know what I mean?” Rachel said in a barely audible voice.

“I’m sure you an I can be friends Rachel” Naomi said

“Naomi you don’t know what that means to me I mean everyone I have ever known always wanted to be my friends because I was pretty or because I was popular I mean you really will be my friend I’m such a horrible person I have…”

“You have what Rachel” Naomi asked.

“I did something horrible” Rachel whispered

“We all end up making horrible mistakes at one time or another” Naomi said.

“But I slept with Gary and his mom, I ate his mom out, and…” Rachel sobbed

“Its okay” Naomi said softly

“I told Jeremy all this but I, well Gary is my half brother and his mom is my aunt”

“And we both know that he is not the nicest person in the world” Naomi said

“But” Rachel gasped

“Don’t worry” Naomi said “I’m not going to tell any secrets Rachel I’m sure that if you knew what you were getting into you wouldn’t have done it. Don’t worry baby that’s not a worry for us anymore.”

“Can I, I mean can I you know um”

“What Rachel”

“I want to thank you for being so nice and I mean most of the girls look up to you I thought maybe we could you know.”

“You don’t have to do anything Rachel” Jeremy watched as the younger girl knelt in front of the taller older Naomi. She hiked up Naomi’s skirt and proceeded to pull her panties down. Rachel leaned forward and kissed the smooth dark flesh in the valley between Naomi’s thighs. Naomi ran her fingers though Rachel’s hair, Rachel’s wicked tongue darting out to savor the sweetness of Naomi’s juices. Naomi moaned as Rachel suckled her clit her fingers probing the juicy depths of Naomi’s core. Rachel stood and Naomi leaned over to kiss the smaller girl licking her own juices of Rachel’s face, her hands quickly and deftly disrobing the other girl. They kissed deeply their hands groping and probing each other. It was like watching a wrestling match in slow motion neither woman seemed to want to give up the new flesh or pleasure they had discovered in each other. The long slow dance of their kiss, and the tender delicate press of fingers against their breasts. The slow suckling of their mutual nipple, they lowered themselves finally into a position where each could feast on the other’s delights. Naomi atop Rachel her mouth busily searching Rachel’s pussy to elicit another moan of delight. Rachel’s tongue probing and tasting Naomi’s slit and then slowly rimming the other girl.

“Lets get closer” a voice said behind Jeremy and he jumped it was Nicole, “that’s hot” she whispered

“It is isn’t it” Jeremy replied

“I can’t wait till I get to watch you fuck them, and I really wouldn’t mind joining in.”

“Little devil he teased” and she giggled.

Naomi looked up, “who’s there” Jeremy stepped out of the shadows with Nicole in tow, and Naomi smiled Naomi moved up and beckoned the two over Nicole knelt in the sand lowering her face to Rachel’s lightly furred slit. Naomi pulled on Rachel’s nipples as Nicole laved Rachel’s slit from bottom to top. Jeremy got undressed and got behind Naomi his cock flopping onto Rachel’s face and she cooed appreciatively adjusting her neck and sucking him between her lips. It took only moments before Jeremy exploded into her mouth and she swallowed him into her throat coaxing another erection out of his cock. She then took it by the root and positioned it against Naomi’s slit rubbing it up and down a few times as Naomi’s hips bucked to impale her self on it. Rachel then put the tip against Naomi’s puckered butt and after a few moments Naomi’s ass accepted Jeremy’s hard cock he slowly slid into the tight confines. Rachel pressed her face into Naomi’s juicy twat. And it was a few moments until Naomi pulled Nicole into a kiss to keep from screaming in ecstasy when she had recovered sufficiently both Naomi and Nicole went to work on Rachel’s sopping slot. Rachel took only a few minutes to reach her climax and as she did Jeremy exploded inside of Naomi’s tight little pucker. They lay together on the sand for a while bathing in the afterglow, and then returned to their beds.

Still more to Cum....

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