Intro: I wasn't looking for it, it just happened.

It was the Saturday just after my birthday I just turned 18 and was going shopping with the money I got to treat myself. I had made plans with a friend for the afternoon which gave me time to get into town and buy the things I wanted on my own - it wasn't like I didn't like shopping with my friends its just that sometimes she doesn't like what I wear as I always go for the low cut tops and bright colours where as my friend Andrea is more goth/punk I'm not, I like to show of my 40e tits and my curves as I like them but Andrea is more covered up.

I got into town early that Saturday I told my mum I'd be gone all day and I had my phone if she wanted me. I went to about 10 different clothes shops and had a fair few bags I had everything from underwear to jeans to tops everything. I finished my shopping spree about 1pm and called Andrea we arranged to meet at the central station at 2pm and we would hang out with some of her friends.

I knew what I was wearing I wouldn't fit in - I'd be the odd one out as I was wearing a bright red and pink low cut top gypsy skirt and sandles so I had to change luckily I had got some dark clothing that day so I went into central went to the toilets and changed into a tight pair of jeans black low cut buttoned up tank top and black high heels with a black love heart chain and bangle at least I'd fit in a bit better I thought to myself as I touched up my eye liner and lip gloss.

As I called Andrea she told me to get her just outside the main entrance/exit. When I got outside she was standing with a few guys I knew none of them. Andrea came up and hugged me and we walked a few steps over to them where she introduced me to them, one of them was her brother Damon (I'd never met him before) he was 6ft quite well built and scary looking (thought I wasn't scared of him), one was Johnny he was 6ft4" short dark hair toned and tanned (he was just back from spain) , the other was Matt he was 5ft11 nice looking and kind face with baby blue eyes. I said "hello" to all of them and we started talking about me mainly as they all wanted to know why I had bags with me etc, I told them how I just turn 18 and when they found out they wanted to take me to the pub for a drink after Alex and Sam turned up, so we waited till 3pm when they came Sam was Alex's girlfriend she was 5ft3" slim with a really weird haircut and Alex was 5ft9" broad and sturdy, when they turned up we went up the road the pub called The Crow.

We got there it was quite dark with red lighting and you had to go down stairs to the bar, we all went in and it was kinda empty as it had only just opened at 3pm. We picked a booth which I got stuck in (I got my bags under the table) with Sam and Alex one side, Johnny, Andrea and Damon at the other. Damon walked up the bar and got a everyone a beer and came back, he handed me the beer and said "enjoy".

We all sat chatting away and I hadn't drank the beer Andrea knew I didn't like beer I was a total spirit girl Vodka, Jack, etc where all I could drink.

"Why aren't you drinking" shouted Damon a little pissed off and drunk.
"I can't drink beer you have it" I replied not scared of him.
"I got it for you now drink it or else" he snarled back.
"Don't speak to me like that or threaten me I'm not scared of you" I said not shouting.

Everyone else around the table stared in amazement as no one ever argued back with him they did as they were told.

Damon reached across at me and grabbed my earring and was all dominating towards me I grabbed his hand to stop him pulling on the earring, Andrea told him to let got and he finally did still not all to happy.

I was in such I temper with all that had gone on I grabbed my purse and wanted to got to the bar but being stuck in the middle I couldn't get out. Fuck this I thought as I stood up and decided to walk along the table and jump down at the end of it as I got to the end Damon pulled on my left leg which made my fall right down with a thud I got my side of the edge of the table as I fell. I got up and headed for the toilet as I cut my hand with some broken glass as I got up.

"You alright" a voice came from behind me.
"Yeah I'm fine just cut my hand on some glass" I replied slightly sobbing as the cut was quite sore and stinging.
"Well I'll kicked him out I seen what he done to you it wasn't right" he said sounding annoyed.
"No its fine honest" I said starting to cry.

He came up behind me and seen the cut on my palm of my hand, he placed his chin on the right side on my head and his hands gently held my left hand, he made me feel safe by his voice and body language.

"I've got some bandages and stuff in the back for this" he said softly.

This made me look in the mirror for the first time to see him, he was tall about 6ft2" leaning over me (I'm 5ft10" with my heels on 5ft7 really) sandy hair blue eyes and strong and muscular (I could tell by his arms that were wrapped around me).

"Thanks" I said happily.
"I'll be right back, I'm just going to close up".
"You can close my friends are out there and its only the afternoon" I said
"Yeah I can its my place and for your friends, friends care about one another and if that was the case I wouldn't be alone with you in here I could be doing god knows what to you and they are still out there drinking now I'll be right back stay here" he said in a manner not to be argued with.

I waited for about 15 minutes till he came back,
"Are you ok?" he asked.
"Yeah the bleeding has stopped I don't think I'll need stitches".
"Let me be the judge of that ok?" He replied
"Ok" I said.

We headed out of the toilet through the bar into a lounge area there was a large leather sofa and chairs, a long coffee table, a TV, CD player and shelves of CDs, he walked over to the CD player and put it on,
"hope you don't mind nickleback" he said as he was putting a CD in the player.
"Not at all they're my guilty pleasure" I laughed in reply.
"Sorted then, I've got a bandage in the drawer in the coffee table if you get it out I'll get your hand seen to .......".
"Nicola, my name is nicola and you are?".
"I'm Jack".
"Well nice to meet you Jack and thanks for helping me".
"Your welcome Nicola".

I went to the coffee table and got the bandage from the drawer and sat on the sofa Jack was already sitting on the sofa by that time. He took my hand gently and looked at the cut on my hand,
"Your right you don't need stitches I think"
Jack then started to bandage up my hand slowly and carefully so he didn't do my any harm. Once he was done he offered me a drink which I accepted he went to the bar and came back with 2 shot glasses which had Jack Daniels in them. I drank my shot quickly and said thanks and told him I better head of home as my mum would wonder how I got the cut and stuff, Jack however asked me to stay a little and chat and he'd take me home later since he had nothing else to do and closed the bar, to which I agreed.

We sat talking I found out he was 28 and bought the bar with the inheritance he got from his grandfather, he found out I was 18 and lived at home, then the topic of sex came up and me being me I went with the flow, Jack was saying things he'd done and enjoyed then asked me what I like and enjoyed,
"I'm a virgin" I responded quickly.
"What?? No way..... You can't be" sounding surprised.
"I am" I smiled nervously.
This was the first time I felt nervous around Jack I felt shy and not as outgoing as I usually was.
"Do you want to be?" He asked.
"No I"
Was all I was able to get out before Jack kissed me softly on the lips then slid his tongue across my lips I opened my mouth and he kissed me passionately, his hands one went to my neck pulling me closer to him the other to my tit which me gently played with making me moan into his mouth, he moved so he lay on his back and me on top of him, I could feel his cock grow it felt huge.

As we kissed his hands went to the base of my top and pulled it up and off as he looked into my eyes, I nodded to let him know I was ok with it. He then ran his hands up and down my spine then unhooked my bra and let my tits hang free, he raised up and took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently and took my left nipple between his thumb and index finger and twisted it and pulled on it gently making me moan louder than before. He sat up and took his T-shirt off I ran my hands over his chest and toned 6-pack.

I stood up infront of him and started undoing my jeans and kicking of my shoes,
"And that" he smiled pointing to my thong.
"Why don't you take it off" I smiled back.

With that he pulled me down and knelt infront of me and reached up and slowly pulled them down to show my shaven pussy, once he had them off he kissed up my thigh till he got to my pussy I opened my legs wider as he licked my slit up and down missing my clit intentionally and when he did lick my clit I almost screamed with pleasure, he sucked on my clit while he pushed two fingers in me and curled them to reach my G-spot giving my a powerful orgasm I grabbed his hair and pulled him up making him stop I pulled him close and kissed him with as much passion as I could muster. I started to undo Jack's belt and jeans and pull them down and his 8" cock sprang free (he wasn't wearing boxers) I reached out and gently gripped his cock and ran my hand up and down, Jack moaned,
"Get on your tummy Nicola and place this under your hips" Jack said as he handed my a cushion

I put the cushion under my hips and lay on the sofa Jack got behind me and kissed his way up my back and gently bit my neck as he rubbed his cock up and down my slit,
"This is gonna hurt hun" he said.
With that he pushed the head of his cock in my hole I gasped, Jack stayed still then pushed a little further reaching my hyman then I one forceful push he thrust into me, I squealed loudly and pulled away but Jack stopped me he had his hands on my hips,
"Its ok honey that's it there will be no more pain I promise" jack whispered in my ear.
My breathing was heavy and laboured his whole 8" cock hurt but he stayed still till I moved back then he took that as his cue to move and slowly slid nearly all the way out then back in, in and out he set up a steady rhythm gradually got faster and harder and deeper into my I was starting to moan louder and louder I was getting close to cumming Jack knew it and thrust in me harder and pushed is thumb in my ass that was all it took to push me over the edge I had the most powerful orgasm and my tighten pussy made him come too, we both collapsed on the sofa,
"That was good hun" he said.
"Mmmmmmmmmm" was all I could say.

Jack was still hard inside me,
"What about round two sweets" Jack asked.
"I'll need a minute" I smiled back.
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