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first of its my first story so go easy with the comments, and if the lady authors of the site,or just any female, dim me worthy of a second i will ebaid by their choice, e-mail me for seggestions on the next chepeter
Jessica Elba. Prologue -
It's in the future, by now she's divorced, and I, a doctor with a clinic so I'm wearing a suit, a good suit. I see her at a hotel lobby, I came over a table where she is sitting alone, she is still beautiful, and I intrudes myself, we start to talk, I admit being an old fan and say she probably thinks I'm a nerd, with the right ton to make her laugh, she has a great laugh. We start to talk and next thing me now she gives me her number and say she has to go to pick her kid from the pool or she won't be able to find him until diner...

I call her the next day, we talk and laugh and somehow we make diner plans at my suite, I make sure the place is perfect before she gets there. when I answer the door o say hay, I just stop mid-sentence, she looks like an angel, she looks at me with a smile that tells me it's exactly the response she wanted, dresses in a long black strapless dress that has a gash from the side of her thigh to the end of it, she walks in and asks if there is any wine, I say to her "which colure?"
she answer's "to guess", I bring her a red wine from the 1995 and say " I think it will be a good one since that was the year I first saw her show (dark angel) she laughs, the night moves so fast with wine and talk and laughter and then we find ourselves on the sofa as she looks at the view out the window , I, vary gently, touch her face with the tip of my fingers, from her cheek to her chin and she open her mouth just a little, she looks at me with her big eyes and I go in for the kiss, it's gentle at first, but after a few seconds I find myself sitting with her on top of me and the kissing isn't gentle any more, its full of passion, like I just woke up a sleeping tiger and it was angry... eating me from the head down.

her hands are on my neck, in my hair, slowly entering my buttoned shirt, while I massage her back through her dress, I slowly begin to kiss her neck, concentrate my effort on the zone between her neck and shoulder, she gives a shudder, I start to descend towards her breasts, she begins to moan silently, her hands on the back of my head, raveling my hair, I can hear her breath quicken, and I slowly reveal the two globes that I had dreamed of more than once, and then maybe because I was a little buzzed by the wine I said with a smile, looking right at her eyes, "they're bigger then on TV",
she laughs with a smile and reply, "childbirth has its advantages", to which I reply - "definitely!" and begin to kiss, lick, massage and bite every inch of them, starting on the outskirts of one ,with her moaning like a music box, the nipples which I suck like a starved baby.
Her sighs, some high some low, make me only wilder. Until even my will is broken, I must have her!!!!
the dry-humping and the desire break me and I stop, she looks at me puzzled but I don't say a word, I just pick her up and start to march to the bedroom put her on the bed and say to her in a tone of a drill sergeant "honey I'm gonna strip and you should too because when I'm done I'm coming for you and I am not living one stitch of clothing on you when I'm done, got it?" she just started to strip. No response at all.

I turned around and bent over to remove, and to put my pants and boxers on a chair. Turned back and saw the most gorges thing ever - a naked girl looking at me with a smile. I just looked at her from head to toe, she was gorgeous!
She made the first move while walking to me her eyes first on my face very quickly moved to my, very erect, very hard, cock.
she smiled and kissed me on the lips, one quick kiss, then dropped to her knees and began liking me like a cat with a ball of milk, her tongue was darting from the tip of the head to my sack and balls, it my turn to moan, and silently pray I won't cum out of the pure pleasure of her tongue.

after a few short minutes she grabbed my dick and squeezed much stronger then you would expect from such a slender hand, I looked at her quickly and she said- "first I will take care of you then you me, o.k.?", my head still in a fog she squeezed again, not wafting for an answer she said again- "O.K?"
Out of instinct I said "o.k."

she then immediately swallowed the head of my cock and started jerking me off, slowly pushing more of me into her warm, moist mouth, I only moaned and caressed her hair, and after all the for-play I was close, she knew that, I'm sure. I lasted only a few minutes and then it happened I came and it felt endless...
I came while grasping her hair and all she did was keep going, jerking me off and sucking me to my last drop, she only stopped jerking when I started to go a little soft and sucking when my entire soft dick was in her mouth, nose in my pelvis and chin in my balls, my very drained balls.
She slowly allowed my dick to slider out of her mouth as she rose.
then she stud up, wiped her lips and kissed me, I was dazed, she walked up to the bad set down in front of me and spared her legs wide, my cock, subdued as it was gave a lurch, she was so beautiful.
And then she said smiling - "now are you ready to take care of little ol'me, Big boy"?
the path, short as it was, I do not remember, all I remember is me face first before the sweetest looking pussy I have ever seen and beginning to kiss and lick every part of it but her clit in the sweet background of her sobs and moans, every part of it but her clit that I saved for the crescendo.
I started from her inner thigh and licked my way inland, then stopping before her outer lips I moved to the other side, again liking my way inland only now when I reached her outer lips I began sucking them and giving a single flick of the tongue to her clit, her moans were followed by a "OoO, YES!" but a second after a "Nooo!!, go back!", I only smiled and began drinking from the small stream that was her dripping pussy. Licking sucking and even a few small love bites.
Her hips were beginning to hump my mouth and I know it was time to change tactics, I began with one hand on her lower stomach to steady her and with a single finger to fuck her, meanwhile an occasional flick of the tongue to her clit and kisses all over, her humping grow in tempo and so the number of my fingers as well, she was screaming now - "YES,GOD,BABY,YES, FUCK ME!! I'M CUMING!!, OHH FUCK, I'M CUMING!!"

(I won't lie, me dick was harder then steel rods by now)

and then I did my final move, the one that either gonna take her to the top or I would be up sheet creek without a paddle, the hand on her lower stomach became my arm up to the elbow, my lips now on her clit sucking hard and playing with it with my tongue, meanwhile my fingers now numbering 3, added a curving motion inside her pussy so her G spot was getting it's just desserts, all the while giving a silent prayer it will all work...


She cum like a Banshee, cursing, yelling -
And shaking like an earthquake, with me holding on for dear life, kept licking and working me fingers, making it last,
But slowly I become gentler, slower and in the end all that was left were the shivers.
I slowly climbed on the bed kissing her tummy, her breasts her neck, until I was face to face with her and just like she did I wiped my lips and kissed her.

Only I wasn't quick and we began to make out wordlessly, like we were alone in the world holding each other pressed together, my dick just at her entrance, her legs intertwine in main,
And she whispered


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Her name is Jessica Alba - with an 'A'.


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wow horrible grammer, could not read it

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