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the night before i had to go back to base my Girlfriend and i started to get a little wild and started to explore each other a little more
A Night To Remember

By Rivienious Endious

It was a long Sunday Me and my Girlfriend had been spending the whole weekend together before I had to go back to base, given the army was fun and all but we both hated the times when I had to leave. Tonight was a little different then normal, I would usually go back to base for a few days and then spend the time and come back and see her on the weekend. However that was not going to happen this time, this time I was being sent to a different base and to a different province for a month. Well we have only been dating for a short while hell we havnt even known each other for much more then a few months but we both knew that we had something special, we had the feeling that this relationship was going to last forever.

well first let me give a little detail about me and her. Well my name is rivien I am 19 years old six foot and 240lbs I am in shape although i still do have a little bit extra around my mid section having a bad knee has stopped me from keeping up with my military training. I have short brown hair and bright blue eyes but, that is enough about me. My Girlfriends name is Alex 19 years old and hell she is perfect, she is a little short then me fix foot 9 inches i think i am not to sure. she has the most beautiful brown eyes i have ever seen and long brown hair most down to her shoulders well her bangs are still just past her eyes. her body is beautiful perfect curves where ever you could want them. Her breast are the perfect size just enough to fill my hand when i grab them and they are so soft. She has a wonderfully tight ass and she also has a nicely trimmed pubic area.
Well sadly are night was quickly coming to its end as she had to come home do to order from the rents and it was rather cold out it was mid January in Ontario there was still a fair bit of snow on the ground. Well as i was walking her home she grabbed my hand and pulled me down this ally type thing and pushed me up against a wall as her arms wrapped around me, when i felt hers wrap around me mine wrapped around her. ours lips met and neither of us wanted them to part we just stood there for a while our lips locked for what i was thinking eternity.

My hands slowly slide down her body and onto her ass i grabbed and squeezed it, i picked her up and switch places with her and pushed her up against the fence. I pressed my hardening dick against her clothed pussy as she let out a soft moan in my ear, i slowly started to bite her neck and she started to let out another. i put her back onto the ground and ours lips met again as my right hand started to glide down her body over her clothes and stopped on her pussy as i started to forcefully play with her clit through her tight sweat pants and thong. her breathing started to go out of control it grew heavy and rapid through my lips i felt her pulse quicken in her neck. her face was growing red her pants were becoming very wet to my touch. At this point my dick was rock hard i new she felt it and i knew she liked it, i moved my hand from her pussy and grabbed hold of the fence as i pressed my rock hard cock against her pussy, right then she lost her breath and went silent till i started to pull away and i heard a very faint moan i dry fucked her for a little while well switching from kissing her lips and either side of her neck.
this went on for a little while maybe ten or twenty minutes i could now feel the dampness of her pussy on my pants, I pulled back and slide my right hand back down her body and slid it into her pants and felt the heat of her lips the second my hand entered i moved my hand down more and found her clit through her thong i teased it just a little before i said fuck it and moved them out of my way they were soaked at this point and her pussy was more then well lubricated my finger slid right up and into her pussy she let out a loud moan as i slowly worked my finger in and out of her. I brought my left hand from her side and brought it to her breast i moved her shirt down and i slowly brought my lips down kissing and dragging my teeth along her shoulders and neck. when my lips her her breasts my tongue lashed out and reached for her nipple and quickly found her left nipple as i started to lick kiss and nibble on it my left hand reached for her right breast and started to hold it and rub it.

my right hand was busy on her pussy my lips and left hand busy taking care of her breast as i started to a little rougher i was pushing her body up against the fence with every thrust of my hand inside her pussy i slide another finger in and she let out the loudest moan i had heard yet and god that only teased me even more. her hands were running up and down my back and i was pushing her further and further into madness then suddenly she grabbed me and pulled me so tight that my hands couldn't move anymore and our lips met she kissed me softly as i felt her whole body tense and then just as quick as this came it went and she started to go weak at the knees she stumbled a little but my hands were quicker and grabbed her and stopped her and pushed her back against the fence. I knew she had just cum but hell i was leaving soon i was going to make sure she remembered this night so i gave her a little bit of time before i pressed my cock against her now soaked pussy letting her know that i wasn't nearly done yet. i brought my lips back to her's and kissed her softly before i started to bring my lips down to her neck. As my lips brushed against the soft skin still warm from her just released sensation i brushed my teeth against her neck and she tensed up again throwing her hips forwards as she did i pushed forwards with mine and pushed her ass against the fence again and drove my cock against her clothed but soaked pussy. my hands both moved down along her sides my right hand went back down to her pussy slipped under her pants and thong and slowly pushed two fingers back into her pussy, my left hand ran around back and grabbed her ass and slowly with one rigged finger started to push up applying pressure to her ass hole. i felt her slowly shift as she parted her legs she was also moaning again she was enjoying this and so was i. i started to drive both my hands in and out of her my right hand slide deep into her pussy my left still on the outside only teasing her ass.

after about ten minutes i stopped moving my left hand and left it pushing hard into her ass my right hand pulled out and started to play with her clit as i drove my dick against her again, I pushed her hard with my dick and pushed her back to the fence as she went back my left hand went deeper as it went deeper she let out a non0ending moan in my ear as she started to move her lips down to my neck to bite me to stop her from being to loud. even with her biting me i could still her her moaning , my fingers started to slide in and out well i was dry fucking her again she was going crazy and becoming short of breath again i new what was happening she was about to cum again i wanted this i wanted to taste it i wanted to feel feel it hell i wanted to throw her down into the snow right there and rip those fucking pants off and fuck her brains out but she wasn't ready for sex not yet i still had to time i could tease her more and more and that's what i did i teased her my hands growing more and more wild as they drifted to every form of pleasure i could think of. they drifted around her pussy in and out and over her clit and then up to her breast again as i kissed them bite them and pinched them my lips met hers and we kissed harder then we ever had before it was me this time that went weak my knees gave out and i fell against her pushing her into the fence my cock against her pussy and then she grabbed me and held me tight and i could feel her pussy tightening through her clothes it was trying to pull my dick into it as she started to cum again. her nails dug into my back and her pants were completely soaked by this time sadly this is where i knew it had to end i teased her a little more just by kissing her neck and kissing her lips. then we took the short walk back to her house it took us a long time because we were both tired from the pleasure from the event that just took place given i could still have kept going and i knew she could have to but sooner or later her father was going to come out looking for her so i thought it was best to end it there for tonight. this was already a night she was going to remember but still i ended it with a final kiss and then a promise i whispered into her ear "i promise that when i come back ill make this night look like nothing."

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-04 20:37:20
I loved it its really good and i can belive it something like that happend to me it was the best night ever :)

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-26 17:24:12
this was an amazing story, you have to be one of the luckiest people on earth. please keep them coming i think you have real talent for this

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-20 17:15:47
thats sooooo not true.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-19 11:52:13
a little hard to believe, scenarios like this are possible more for thought needs to be given to the storyline. Not a bad try

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