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What a plan to have this young fuck me thinking I was asleep
I Love This Game
My name is Bill and I am 44 years old and I am quite happy with the way things are in my life and family. I have a good wife and two wonderful kids, ages 11 and 14, both girls. I am very sexual and I love sex and all its’ pleasures that comes along. Everything is fine except for the fact that my wife has been a little out of tune when it comes to sex mainly because of illness and so I have not been satisfied for almost 2 years now.
My story begins when I had to take care of my two girls alone while my wife was recovering from illness at her mom’s place which is also a nursing home for recovering patients in Az. And so since it was so far away I would normally take the kids so we can spend most weekends visiting Mandy. Being lonely and horny at times I would normally watch porn late at night and then jack off and move on. I have never really considered other women so I was ok with my position. Now my eldest daughter Tina is quite a charm and her best friend is actually our neighbour Jenna who is also 14 years and she normally sleeps over and they are best friends. A few months ago Jenna’s parents were going to Europe for a funeral of a close relative so it was not affordable for Jenna to go so they asked if she can stay with us for a week and so I was ok with it. Tina was in heaven knowing that her best friend would be staying over for a week. Now my house is quite big and so Jenna would get the guest room because putting Tina and Jenna in one room would mean no homework or studying etc. Anyway, on the first night as I put Sally, my youngest daughter to sleep Tina was in the shower and Jenna came over to me in a sly way and said “uncle Bill, can I come and sleep with you?” I did not know how to answer but got scared and said “I don’t think that would be safe or right” but she seemed determined and replied “well I am ready to sleep with you if you change your mind”. I got scared and a little aroused knowing that Jenna wanted some sort of physical contact with me. I thought about it for a while but realised that things can go wrong but that was not the case later on.

Later that night about 11pm I can faintly hear Tina tell Jenna “good night and sleep well”. I was lying on my bed having a glass of Whiskey and after about an hour I was starting to fall into my sleep. Suddenly I can hear my bedroom door knob turning and in an instant I saw Jenna looking in and I closed my eye and pretend to be sleeping. I peeped and saw her come in and closed the door quietly and walked slowly over to my bed and slowly removed her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful tits and then her short pants and then her black panties to reveal her cleanly shaven cunt. I froze in fear and excitement as I saw this adorable girl naked in front me. I did not open my eyes but my cock started to twitch and so Jenna moved closer until she sat next to me while I was lying on my back. All I had on was my boxers and so Jenna stretched her hand out and started to massage my semi hard cock until it got fully erected. I did not move but pretended to be sleeping and she carried on. As she massaged my 7” inch of meat she pulled down my boxers slowly not to wake me up. Off course I did not resist but played along. I was now naked with my cock sticking straight up and Jenna slowly held my cock and I gave a little groan and she quickly stopped and when she realised that I was still asleep she continued. Her touch was golden, gentle, her hands were warm and soft and I was experiencing electricity all over my body. I just wanted to open my eyes and grab her and give her an old fashioned fucking but I had to play it safe.

I instantly decided that I will play as if I am dreaming and would mention my wife’s name (Mandy) forcing Jenna into believing that I was actually have a sexual dream. As she stroked my cock with care I was now making little groans and saying “oh yes Mandy, make daddy happy, yessss, rub it, suck it darling”, and with that said, Jenna lowered her head and took about 3” of my cock in her mouth and I let out a soft “awwwwwwwww” and she started to suck on my cock with real desire. Her mouth was warm and so soft. For a 14 year old I found that she sucked my cock like a pro but can get better. After about 5 minutes my cock was oozing pre cum and I said in my so called sleep “I want to suck your pussy now Mandy” and Jenna pulled her head up and I reached down and held her arm to guide her to the 69 position. She was now lying on top me with my cock buried in her mouth while I was now faced with her clean cunt in front me and so I opened my eyes because she was facing the other side and cannot see my face. She had a very beautiful pussy, and I had a good look at it. I did not believe that I was in this situation but I loved every moment of it. Her aroma was so inviting and as I looked carefully I realised that she is a virgin and so right away I sent my tongue on a wild sucking and licking spree. She tasted so pure and delicious; I did not let a drop of her juices get away. Jenna was moaning and groaning with pleasure but was also busy sucking on my tool. I felt so relaxed and the pleasure ran up and down my spine sending me deeper and deeper into ecstasy. I have never tried the 69 position but it gave me pleasure beyond my imagination. Just being able to experience a young girl suck my cock, while having my tongue and face buried in her virgin cunt offered so much adrenaline and sexual rush that it is unbearable.

Her cunt was dripping wet and so as I licked she was moving back to greet my tongue and after about 10 minutes I can tell that she was about to cum and so I picked up the speed and sucked her pussy with passion until I could not take it anymore and said “Mandy, I want to fuck you now, put my cock in your pussy now” and in a hurry Jenna stood up and straddle me and held my cock at the entrance of her wet pussy eager for a cock to enter her. When her pussy lips made contact with my cock head I smiled and she lowered herself and my cock entered her and it was mind blowing. Her pussy walls were so tight and hot but since all the foreplay she was well lubricated and as my cock met her hymen she stopped and I saw she closed her eyes in pleasure and let her weight drop on top of me and I broke her hymen and she let out a loud “awwwwwwwww” and with that I held her waist and lift her up and let her drop back down. She was in pain but it soon subsided and the rush of pleasure returned and when she found her rhythm she started to fuck my cock like crazy. She was ready to cum and I was just enjoying her tight pussy.

Every time she moved up I can feel her walls letting my solid 7” cock out and when she came back down I can feel her walls open up to let me in. It was amazing and I did not know that a 14 year old girl can give such a sweet fuck. My entire cock was buried deep up her and she loved it so much. I held her waist and helped her up and down until she grabbed my chest and said “fuck me Bill, make me your bitch, yes, yes, yes, I am cuming, awwwwwwwwwww, yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss”. She started to grind on my cock and finally she broke and her juices came flowing and she was overtaken by pleasure and just fell forward on my chest when I said “Mandy, it’s my turn”. I guided her accordingly and layed her on her back and climbed on top her and positioned my cock and in I went again. This time I was in control and as I fucked her she continued moaning and I can feel my cock getting harder and harder, my back was tickling and as I fucked her pussy, in and out, in and out, I reached under her and squeezed her tightly and rammed my cock deep in her a few times and shot my juices deep in her. I rammed and fucked every last drop of cum in her cunt until I was drained and got limp. As I pulled my soft cock out her worked pussy, both of our juices were mixed together and it came oozing out her opening. I then rolled off Jenna and fell on my side and dozed off (yea right). About 5 minutes later Jenna got up and got dressed and quietly opened my room door and closed it quietly and made her way off to her room. As I looked at the time it was 1:15am. I got up and got me a large shot of whiskey and sat on my bed and relayed everything that just happened and I loved it a lot. I loved it so much that I was anxious to see what would be Jenna’s reaction the next morning.
Next morning as I prepared breakfast and all the girls came down and Jenna looked very happy and was smiling a lot. She had this glow on her face. I had to pretend that I had no idea what happened last night and so I did. I myself had a glow on my face knowing that I had a virgin last night. After breakfast we were all ready and so I dropped everyone off at their Schools and I went off to having a wonderful day at work. As night two approached I went to my room and guess what, Jenna came back in about 11:30 pm and the game went on. Only this time I wanted to lead her on so I can fuck her in her ass.

And so this game went on for the entire week and Jenna got fucked 6 nights before she moved home, and whenever she sleeps over she would do the same thing and sneak in my room and take her cock and go. I was happy with this game. I loved it so much knowing I get pussy very often with no strings attached.

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2013-03-02 14:47:23
Good story, Ugh the texture made me cum over my bed

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2011-09-06 11:28:44
Free porn stories

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2011-06-06 16:22:34
Oh my goodness, i'm totally going to have to relieve myself after reading this!

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2010-04-16 21:35:50
I was fucked my my neice while I pretented to be sleeping and dreaming...She stil thinks I dont know..........

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2010-04-07 23:45:10
Wow good story just like my nice, came to my room one night, and gave me the best fuck of my life, when I was semy asleep, but like you I suck her, make her beg to get fucked, I did took her cherry and lick her juice it was fantastic?

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