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I'd given up on love and was quite contented with my life...
About a month ago, I noticed a new female employee named Dana. Actually, I had noticed her the day she started, three weeks earlier. She was cute, not beautiful, with a nice, but not perfect body. She had been hired as an assembler. The reason I had finally paid attention to her was I had a reason to talk to her. It was about the part I made earlier in the day. The company was anxious to get it out the door as it was a re-designed version of a part we make millions of each year.

Talking to her was easy. So easy, I couldn't help myself from wanting to talk to her more. You may say, "yeah, so what." So what for me is that I am 54 years old and stopped dating because I really don't enjoy sex with women. I love their company, their softness, the fact that they love to cuddle, their warm soft lips. And the list goes on. I just wish I liked to how they make love. None of the women I have ever been with knew how to handle a penis. They are either afraid to hurt it and barely touch it, or they seem to think it is indestructible and nearly yank the skin off of it.

You may think I am gay because of my opinions. Maybe I am. I have slept with men. They know how to treat a penis! I just don't feel comfortable kissing a guy or getting emotionally involved with one. The things I love about women, I don't love about men. So you see, I find it easier to not have any sex or relationships. It has been about five years since I have had sex with anyone at all. I get lonely, but don't know what to do about it.

So, here I was, finding myself thinking about her all the time. Well, this has to stop. My love life had been one huge disappointment and I was not ready to try again, so I have been avoiding her. A couple of weeks ago, she cornered me with a question about another part I had made. It seemed to me to be a made up reason. It was and after a few minutes, she got up the nerve to say what was really on her mind. She found me easy to talk to (last month) and pleasant to look at and she thought I had felt that same way, yet I seem to be avoiding her now. I told her I was involved with someone (my standard, let them down easy line) and that yes, I found her interesting but...

Well, this seemed to satisfy her. She said I needn't avoid her just because of that. She still likes to talk to me and she would love to be friends.

What could I say to that, except that I'd like to be friends as well. The weeks that followed, Dana had found more and more reasons to talk to me and I was getting so comfortable with her that I was having thoughts about her again, all the time. Tuesday, in the parking lot after work, she invited me to dinner for Friday and told me to bring my significant other. I fretted over this all day Wednesday. Thursday I decided to tell her the truth about myself (part of it anyway), so I waited for her in the parking lot Thursday night.

I asked her if she would like to go get a cup of coffee. We went to Starbucks, got our coffees and found a secluded corner to have a private conversation. I told her I am not really involved with someone and that I don't date and I find it easier to just avoid such situations by claiming to be involved.

Her eyes started to well up. Her voice was quivering as she said she understood and she started to get up to leave. I begged her to stay. I decided to I had nothing to lose and told her about my lack of interest in sex. I left out the part about liking man sex. That seemed to satisfy her.

"You are still coming over for dinner tomorrow night, aren't you?" Dana asked shyly.

"If you still would like me to, sure. I do like you, I just don't want you getting the wrong idea, and end up getting hurt" I replied.

"I do still want to be friends," she said as she gave my hand a small squeeze.

All Friday my mind kept taking me to the bad place about dating. I had to keep reminding myself that she just wanted to be friends. Of course I have always had a very compulsive nature and by the end of the day I was positively nauseous. I had even thought of canceling. Then I remembered her tears on Thursday and decided to just go with the flow.

That evening, I left rather early to be certain I had time to find her place and be there on time. It was very easy to find, so I was about half an hour early. I called her to tell her I was just outside and asked if she wanted come back later or just come up. She said she was just cooking and was already dressed, so go ahead and come up.

I got to her apartment and rang the bell. Dana answered the door in the most form fitting little black party dress I'd ever seen. Her nipples were straining at the cloth, begging for release. My body reacted with an instant erection! With makeup on, Dana was absolutely stunning! I told her so and she kissed me on the cheek.

She had fixed a nice meal, shrimp salad, lobster bisque and shrimp scampi with a nice white wine.

We talked about the lovely dinner, her immaculately kept apartment, work, hobbies, and past loves. She told me that she is actually 33 years old and is a natural platinum blonde. She is 5'5" tall and less than 120 lbs.

I told her I didn't understand why no one had already put a ring on her finger already. "I mean look at you. Wow! And you're so smart, you have a great personality and you're so easy to talk to," I continued, "not to mention being a great cook." Dana blushed and gave my hand a little squeeze. She has never been married. Although she dated quite a bit up until she hit 30 when she decided that making a lot of cocks happy wasn't making her so happy.

She even dated quite a few women. In an attempt to find happiness. She found compassion and empathy with other women. Not the happiness she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl.

"I find you easy to talk to as well." She told me. "So what's your story? Have you ever been married?"

I told her about my sixteen years of marriage, how what really broke us up was my wife's alcoholism, but that it would have happened eventually anyway because our sex life was all one way way. "I'd take care of her needs and she would get so disconnected from reality that she would become incapable of taking care of my needs."

"That's just an excuse," she said, "she just didn't want to take care of you. So that explains a lot, but it's been more than ten years since your divorce why hasn't another woman taken you off the market by now?"

"My fault, I just don't have enough heart left to give it to anyone again," I told her. "You look SOO good in that dress."

"Thank you very much, you beautiful man, but trying change the subject like that just tells me that you are not being completely honest. Come on, give, what is the whole reason you don't date?" she queried while switching chairs to get within an intimate conversation distance.

"I'm REALLY not comfortable talking about it, maybe some other time..."

"Aw, come on Mike, I won't tell anyone else," she purred, "promise."

I thought about it and decided to trust her, at least with another portion of it. I told her that I was tired of sex. That none of the women I've been with had even the slightest clue how to truly please a penis or even how to handle one for that matter. "I've told others at work that I am tired of the baggage that comes with each relationship, so I just won't do it anymore," I said.

"Have you ever thought you might be gay?" she asked in a soft, interested tone.

My heart almost jumped right of my chest. No one ever asked me that before. I didn't have a cover lie for that question. But I had a feeling Dana wouldn't ridicule me, after all, she dated women too. Oh well, I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound. I started, "I've never told this to anyone that I knew before (well, I told my therapist ten years ago, but that doesn't count). Yes I have thought about that, in fact, I've slept with nearly as many men as women; I actually love sex with men! Another man knows how to treat a penis. The thing is, the same things that I love doing with women (kissing, cuddling, nibbling earlobes, holding close for skin to skin contact head to toe) I have no interest in doing with a man. Furthermore, most men have no idea how to love, only lust. I'll kiss a man if that is what he requires in his sex, but I don't enjoy it at all. In fact, I find it to be kind of gross."

"It is nearly has been nearly nine years since I have had the pleasure of a woman to sleep with and about five years since I played nice-nice with another man. It has actually been so long that the only thing I miss now is the intimate companionship of having another person in my life," I continued.

"I hope none of what I've said offends you." I worried out loud, "You are too sweet to want to hurt, but you insisted on the truth," I said as I helped Dana clear the table.

"No, you're right, I asked," she said. "In fact I don't feel hurt at all, I feel special because you told me. That must have been difficult," she said leaning in close and touching her forehead to mine. "Thank you for trusting me! Your secret is absolutely safe with me."

She was going to leave the dishes until later, but I said I'd, "be happy to help, how about I wash and you dry." She kissed me on the cheek and picked up a towel, while I filled the first basin with soapy water. There were surprisingly few dishes to do anyway, as Dana is the type of cook that cleans each pot and pan as she finished using it, leaving us just place settings for two clean.

She asked what my favorite TV shows are. I tell her I have many, but my guiltiest pleasure would have to be the L Word.

"Well, that and Sex and the City are my favorites and I have them both on DVD," she giggled as we finished the dishes, "how about I pour us each a wine and we watch the L Word"

We moved to her living room. Dana put season 4, disk 1 (my favorite season so far, Jenny gets so catty to her friends over her book) into the DVD player.

We were sitting in one of her huge, white, overstuffed easy chairs. It was so large that we were cozy, not crowded.

"It was very brave of you to tell me your secret feelings. You've given me the courage to tell you something. To tell you my secret: I was born as Daniel Patrick, a boy. Shhh, let me finish, then I'll answer all your questions, but I've got to get it out first or I might lose me nerve and quit.

When I was sixteen, my parents got concerned that I was very slow developing into a young man. All the boys my age in our neighborhood were starting to grow beards and have deep voices (as well as nice big bulges in their pants. My observation, not Mom & Dad's). They brought me to the doctor. He told them he could jumpstart my development for me with testosterone injections. His injections worked, but Mother Nature had a surprise in store for us. What the injections actually jumpstarted was the pair of ovaries that I have that no one knew about until then. The injections grew hair on my face (it went away about a month after the last injection), deepened my voice (went back to nearly original as my whiskers vanished), my genitals grew larger (they stayed that way even after the injections wore off) with lots of soft blond pubic hairs. And they stimulated my breasts to grow into these really nice tits you see today and my shape to round out into this girly figure, and my skin to clear up. In other words, those injections made as much of a young lady of me as it did a young man. But once I stopped the injections, I became a young lady. Except for the obvious."

"I had really cool parents. They let me make the decision as how to handle this new thing in my life. The doctors said they could remove my ovaries, but since they are my dominant hormone supply, it might ruin any possibility of sexual pleasure in my life. If they re-shaped the penis into a vagina and a clitoris, I would still have enjoyable sensations during sex, I should even be able to have an orgasm.

Basically, everyone wanted to know if I felt more like a boy or a girl. I told them I had always felt like I was supposed to be a girl and I'd like to be one. On doctor's advice, I decided to defer a surgical solution until I was old enough to make a decision of that would affect my sex life for the remainder of my life. My parents agreed with the doctor that sex was a large part of life. They had a wonderful (and frequent, judging by the sounds emanating from their bedroom) sex life together. They encouraged me to have a sex life before making that decision final. I think somewhere in the back of their minds they thought I might prefer sex as a male because they still thought of me as their little boy and not their little girl."

"My parents moved us a county away, bought me a new, girls wardrobe and started calling me Dana Patricia instead of Daniel Patrick. I actually felt good about myself for the first time in my life. My parents were thrilled with the new me, as well as my newfound zest for life. I stopped being so introverted, hiding indoors all the time."

"I dated, I was popular. I also had the reputation of being one of those rare "virgin until married" kind of girls. Boys respected that, especially since I didn't feel the need to have virgin mouth. I got real good at giving blowjobs and that was also part of my reputation. Every guy I ever sucked told me I was the best ever, with no close second."

"My parents were very protective. Every time they heard about a gay bashing, they reminded me to be cautious, that most people would hate me for being different if they knew. It didn't do any good to remind them that I am not gay, I'm a girl. They said no one else would see it that way. They just wanted me to make sure that I only tell people I have absolute trust in because most people would see me as a cross dresser rather than a girl that happens to have a penis in place of a vagina."

"But, you know, I thought they were being over protective. So, by the time I'd turned nineteen, I had to move out and experience life for myself. I decided on a college town and got a very nice apartment three miles from the college campus. I had time, so I didn't register right away, but I did get a job as a waitress in a rather upscale restaurant."

"I met a very nice (or so I thought) man named Rick. We'd met at the Laundromat down the street from my apartment. We went out on three dates. He was a perfect gentleman on the first date, happily accepting a kiss at the door as his thank you for a lovely evening."

"The second date, he wanted to come up to my place. He's been a great date so far. Sure, come on up. We sat on the couch sipping beers and talking for a while before he leaned in and kissed me, passionately. He kissed great, I had a hard time saying no to him when he pressed for more. I was no stranger to giving head so, I gave him the "virgin until married" line and offered to give him oral pleasure instead. I was so hot from his kisses; I had to have his dick somewhere inside of me. He happily accepted and went home satisfied, but not until arranging for me to meet him at his apartment the next night for a home cooked meal."

"That meal, our third date, I made up my mind to tell Rick the entire truth about myself. I tried to tell him while he was cooking, but he was paying more attention to the meal he was preparing than to what I was saying. I tried during dinner, but every time I opened my mouth, he'd say something very nice about me and I would lose the nerve. After dinner, he had his tongue in my mouth, and I couldn't break free. I decided to blow him first and that would put him in the mood to talk. I knelt down in front of him, pulled open his pants, and took his (kind of small) dick in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth."

"Rick bent forward and tried to reach between my legs, but could only get between my ass cheeks far enough to massage my anus with his fingertips. After he came, he was more settled. That's when I decided it was all or nothing. I tried to tell, but all I could do was look him in the eyes while pulling up my skirt and down my panties. He looked at my penis and balls. He looked at me quizzically, and then reached out and touched it. As soon as his hands verified what his eyes saw, he grew enraged. He screamed vile insults at me. I grabbed my purse and ran for the door, he caught me just out of reach of the doorknob. He threw me down on the ground and stomped on my head and my ribs, all the while continuing to scream disgustingly vulgar insults at me. I kept my arms in front of my face and managed to save it from his brutal attack. He stomped down several times between my legs right on top of my cock and balls. I tried to scream but he stomped on my chest and stood there, is full 200 lbs. on my tiny sternum. I heard ribs break. I could hardly breathe. He ripped my panties off the rest of the way and savagely forced his cock into ass with no lubrication and brutally fucked me. Little dick or not that dry fucking was horribly painful."

"When he was finished with me, he dragged me by the feet out his door, threw my purse on top of me and locked his door. There was I lying on the floor, naked from the waist down, blood running from my penis and blood and semen from my asshole. I was a mess! Somebody came out of his apartment. When he saw me lying there in the hallway, he took pity on me and called the rescue squad and the police."

"I spent almost two months in the hospital recovering. I moved back with Mom and Dad for a little over a year nursing my psychological wounds. They were great, never once saying 'I told you so'. When I was ready, I moved to much smaller town with a junior college and went to school there, while working in a factory on night shift. I avoided contact with any man."

"In time I started dating again and eventually, I found I could get satisfaction for both my partner and myself, without them ever knowing I had a dick. I've fucked and sucked many, many men in an attempt to find some sort of happiness of my own. I finally took stock of myself at 30, and decided that if I am only making someone's dick happy and leaving me feeling worse about myself each time, then fuck it."

"So, you see, it has been three years since I've had sex myself," she said in closing. "God you are a patient man, I can see all kinds of questions dancing behind your eyes in your head, so fire away."

"So, you still have a penis? Let me see." I exclaimed with excitement. It was the only question I cared about...

With that, she scooted her dress up over her hips and invited me to take down her panties. After I did, she parted her legs a little and a beautiful, slender, long, cut dick sprang out to greet me. It was maybe a little longer than my own seven inch penis but it was much thinner, about the thickness of a ball park hotdog. It had a perfect heart shaped head with a precious pair of little balls, each being the size and shape of a colossal olive. This was a cock that was made for sucking. My own penis was a jaw stretcher for every woman and some of the men that ever put their mouth on it. I looked her in the eye and asked tearfully, "he beat you nearly to death because of this? This is the prettiest little package I have ever seen." I put my face down to her sex and inhaled her masculine womanhood into my mouth and sucked it all the way down until my nose was pressed against her soft platinum bush. What ever that scent is she was wearing, it was making me drunk with desire.

"I'm sorry, I should have asked, but your dick is so beautiful, I just couldn't stop myself," I apologized.

"No need to be sorry. I loved what you were doing. No one man has ever sucked my dick before. Please, don't stop..." she replied.

I took her pretty little penis back in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head of it. She caught her breath and lost it again, over and over. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me toward her so I could take it all in again. This time, while she was buried in my throat, I swallowed against her clit. She threw her head from side to side, making the sweetest little moans of pleasure I've ever heard. I kept up what I was doing and found, for the first time in my life, that I could actually breath with her slender shaft pushed past my tonsils.

"Stop. Stop! STOP! I am going to cum and I don't want to yet. Pleeeaase stop!" Dana whimpered.

I ignored her pleas. I was going to show her what it is like to have someone give her an orgasm.

"OH GOD! Oh God, I am cumming, I am ccc..." she said, her voice tapering off to nothing.

I backed my head up a little so her cum ended up in my mouth, rather than straight down my willing throat. Her cock and pre-cum tasted so good, I had to believe that her cum would too. I was so right, it tasted great! It had a hint of sweetness that reminded me of strawberries dipped in white chocolate, the kind you buy in those little mom and pop handmade candy shops. A tiny bit tart, with absolutely no bitterness to it at all. Damn, this wasn't semen, it was dessert!

I held her clit in mouth, letting it drain every last sweet drop in my mouth, waiting for her womanhood to go soft before reluctantly releasing it.

"No man has ever done that for me before." She sniffled, tears of happiness occasionally falling from her gorgeous light blue eyes. "Some of the women I dated did (although not nearly as well as you. Wowww!), but I felt safe letting another girl know about my secret. They were real cool with it. Several of them wanted fix me up with a nice gay guy they knew. I'm just not into 'gay' guys. In fact, I even dated a few lesbians that enjoyed my unique charms. I always thought I wanted a straight guy, because I feel like a straight girl, but Baby, honestly, I've been looking for you. We have needs that compliment each other. The look in your eyes when you saw my dick, I knew I found someone to accept me for who I am, besides my folks."

"When you said you loved sex with a man, but romance with a woman, my heart jumped into my throat. I can give you both, I thought anxiously! I am surprised you couldn't hear my heart pounding against my chest," she said.

I told her all I could hear was my own heart doing the same. "After all, I was telling the greatest secret of my life and I was scared stupid of being rejected by you."

I gently rubbed her inner thighs, her lower abdomen, and her ass, while I sucked her balls into my mouth, caressing them with my soft, broad tongue. More moans and whimpers let me know that she was still very much enjoying the attentions I was paying her.

In just a few minutes, she was hard again. Throbbing hard. "Now it is time for your leisurely climax." I told her as I started licking the big vein of her clit. I sucked in some foreskin and sucked it like a baby on a bottle, while my right hand enclosed her sac of balls and softly rolled them against each other and lightly squeezing. I reached up with my left hand and kneaded her left breast through her party dress, and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger hungrily.

I took the tip of her hardness back in my mouth. Sucking one it urgently, circling around it with my stiff hardened tongue. Dana thrust her hips up to push more of her sex into my mouth. I eagerly complied. Slowly I stroked her clit in and out of my throat, pushing my tongue into her urethra on the outstroke and swallowing her when she was all the way in my throat.

Dana was thrashing her hips about, groaning loudly, I removed her dick from my mouth, and caressed her genitals with both hands, while I whispered in her ear, "Would you like to fuck me, Sweetness?"

Her only answer was to reach for my belt with her left hand and unbuckle it. She unbuttoned the top button, her hands shaking more and more as she unzipped the zipper, and got closer to my throbbing package. I continued pleasing her sex with my hands, but changed my position slightly to make it easier for Dana to struggle my slacks off.

Once my pants and shorts were off, she just tore my shirt open, popping several buttons in the process. She then yanked her party dress off over her head and tossed it. She had me sit while she took off my socks. At the same time taking my stiff manhood into her mouth (with a little squeal of delight), she pressed a finger against my asshole. She was good at sucking, very good indeed. She used her tongue to lick the sensitive part of the shaft while bobbing up and down on it. She took it all the way down with some effort; I am apparently thicker than her throat was used to. After she got it all the way down one time and held it until her throat relaxed, it seemed to be easy for her after that. When I was buried in her mouth, she reached her tongue out of her mouth and licked my balls. FUCK! Now I was the one thrashing about and moaning loudly. Damn, she was good!! She got used to my girth damned well and started throat fucking herself with my, oh so appreciative, cock. I looked down to see her eyes half-closed and the smoldering passion the way her mouth was oozing saliva, all the while making these greedy little sex noises deep in her throat. She tried my swallowing move, but I was too thick.

It took practically no time at all for her to bring me to the brink of delivering my payload. "No woman could ever do to me what you are doing. Any other woman I have ever been with took, honest to God, a minimum of 45 minutes to get me near cumming and I've usually softened up a lot by the time I deliver an abbreviated load with a barely felt orgasm," I uttered through my own moans. "You, you are good!"

When my sac started tightening up, she knew I was about to cum and stopped all that she was doing. She came up and breathed in my ear, "Lover, I want YOU inside of ME first. I want you to fill my love hole with your big, fat cock. I need to feel the hot cum spray against my love tunnel. After all, who's the woman here anyway?" she added with a sexy grin as she mounted me cowgirl style.

When she sat on my on my pulsing hardon, I slipped right up inside of her. The slipperiness of her love tunnel was a pleasant surprise. She really wanted me! I think I was a little thicker than she was used to here as well. She just held me inside of her at full depth. After, I don't know how long, she started rotating her hips in slow, small circles, first one direction then reverse. As her comfort grew, her tempo did as well. Soon, she was rocking on me alternating between forward/backward and side to side. And with each time she rocked, my cock would almost come out of her hospitality, barely hanging in with the tip. Then she would rock the other direction and suck my manhood in to the hilt. This was driving me fucking insane!

I hoarsely whispered, "God, you feel good inside! It feels like your love is made to be a glove fit for mine."

She leaned over, whispered directly in my ear, "I think it was."

I pulled her to my lips and kissed her. It was a hot, impassioned kiss! Our mouths were starving for a taste of each other! Our tongues wrestling, our breath shared, I never felt closer to anyone in my life!

Dana changed her rhythm to up and down, so our mouths wouldn't have to sacrifice their own pleasures. On one of her down strokes, I pushed up as far as I could for the deepest possible entry and holding her hips against mine, I cried out, "I am going to cum!" And she started to SUCK my cock using the muscles in her love hole. That was all I could take! I shot off the longest, largest load with the strongest orgasm I could ever remember. In the middle of my own orgasm, Dana shot her own load, much of it landing on my mouth and eyes. The sensation renewed the strength of my own orgasm. I actually passed out for a few moments.

When I came to, Dana still had me inside her, while she pressed her entire torso up against mine and was kissing my neck, throat, ears, chin and eyes. "You like, Lover?" she asked.

"Fucking A! No one has ever fucked me to an orgasm like that. I wouldn't have given up on sex otherwise," I exclaimed. "You do know I lost consciousness from that climax, don't you? Where the fuck have you been all my life?!"

As we lie there cuddling, my manhood still inside my sweetheart's pussy, softly stroking each other, telling each other what we love about the other's body, I became aware of two things happening. The first was my cock expanding and swelling inside of my lover's body. The second was that her womanhood was also getting hard again pressed as it was between my stomach and hers.

I rolled sideways a little so I could stand up while continuing to hold my lady love and keeping my hard cock inside of her warm, welcoming, tunnel of love.

"What are you doing, Baby?" she asked.

"Carrying you off to the bedroom while hopefully staying inside" I replied.

She sighed and hugged me tightly with both her arms and her creamy smooth thighs, nuzzling her face into my neck.

By the time we reached the bedroom, we were both really lathered up from the short walk. It seemed that each step I took, momentarily boosted my cock a little deeper into her making both of our hard sex tools pulsate with a burning hot desire. When we reached our destination, I pushed her up against the nearest open wall and fucked her like a wild animal. A moment later, my legs started to get a bit wobbly, so I moved us over to the bed where we fell, laughing, into a missionary position.

I looked down into those beautiful light blue eyes and fell in love! At that moment, I wanted to give her all the pleasure that in was my power to give. I started with slow, sweet strokes, pulling almost all the way out and hovering, the pushing in as deep as I could get. Dana pulled her legs higher and wrapped them around my chest, just under my armpits. She also wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me so close our faces pressed together. While I was making love to this little vixen, I kept listening to her breathing and feeling her heart beating when I kissed her neck over the artery.

As her breathing increased and her pulse quickened, I increased the urgency of my actions, gradually increasing to fast, powerful thrusts. When I reached a peak, I would continue that rhythm for about ten cycles and gradually slow back down to soft, sweet, strokes again, almost stopping, listening for her breathing and pulse to slow before once again increasing my tempo and urgency.

"You are cruel!" she declared. "You bring me so close that I'm sure I am going to cum any second then you let me back down. This is torture, you know that, right?" she added with that sexy grin I enjoy so much.

"Cruel, am I? You ain't seen anything yet." I said, rapidly returning my pace to that fast, urgent pace she seemed to be enjoying so much at this moment. I focused on feeling her sac on my lower abdomen, trying to detect when it tightens up. When I felt that she was right on the brink of triggering an orgasm, I stopped dead on the outstroke and waited for her to lose it again, so I could start all over.

Right after the third lost orgasm, Dana whimpered directly into my ear, "Uncle! Uncle! I am sorry; you clearly are capable of being more cruel than I gave you credit for. Please! No more cruel torture. LET ME CUM!"

Instead of answering, I returned to a nice slow, soft, sweet rhythm and to listening to her building desire. I took much longer in building urgency, taking the time to blow in her ear and kiss on her neck and throat. I worked my way down her sternum and dragged my tongue, soft and flat, straight across her perfect, milky white breasts. When I reached her nipples, I would suck them into my mouth and nibbled ever so lightly on them, making sure to get both nipples equally.

When I left those heavenly nipples, I pulled almost out of my lover's hole and kept popping the head in and out of her love muscles, while tracing the center of her abdomen with my tongue. When I got close enough to the top of her womanhood to take in my mouth, I sucked it in rhythm with my own thrusts into her pussy.

"What are you doing to me?" she demanded in a voice weakened by her own physical responses to my attentions.

"In case it has escaped your attention," I replied in my most gentle, soothing voice. "I am making love to you..." and I went back to sucking the pre-cum from the tip of her clit and sucking it.

Her body went limp briefly, and a noticeable tremor washed over. She pulled my head up off her delicate love shaft and brought it up to meet her mouth in a kiss that was both burning and teary eyed.

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever shared a bed with," I told her in that soothing, gentle voice. Looking in her eyes, I could see tears and the trails of those that had already followed gravity her soft cheeks.

"Baby, are you OK?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," she sniffled back. "I'm just loving this so much! I've never had a man make love to me before."

"You're gonna get used to it" I said looking into those eyes I just couldn't get enough of.

I started to return to my oral affections on her sex but she stopped me and whispered, "You just let me know when you are almost ready to cum and I'll time orgasm close to yours. I can cum for you from just having your dick in me."

"Not this time, Sweetie." I told her as I pulled loose from her grip and returned my mouth to her "little girl" standing tall and hard. I sucked her dick in perfect rhythm to my lovemaking.

She had very good control. Her sac of goodies was pulled up close to her body for several moments and she still had not cum for me.

"Hey you, let go of your control," I told her. "Turn it over to me and I guaranty you simultaneous orgasms."

That caused her to relax the tension from her body. I increased my rhythm too desperate. Seconds later, she shot her load into my hungry mouth. Before she squirted my tonsils with the second spurt, I was doing some squirting of my own into my new girlfriend's pussy. I couldn't have gotten us closer to a simultaneous orgasm on purpose

I couldn't get over my body's responses to this new woman. Did I believe in love at first sight? Hell no! You can't fall in love until you get to know the other person a bit. Until then, it is really only lust at first sight. Now, ask me if I believe in love on the first date. This is a concept I can wrap my mind around.

And this is where I am found myself that day. There was no (still isn't to this day) doubt in my mind that I was head over heels in love with this woman. I worried about if it is OK to tell a woman you love her on the first date. Would I scare her off by telling her I love her this soon? I know that this life will never give me a more compatible mate than Dana.

All these thoughts run through my mind while I shared Dana's cum with her. Our tongues painted each other's mouth with my sweet girl's ejaculate, trading it back and forth until there is none left.

I felt the wetness of Dana's cheek as it brushed mine when she neared my ear to whisper, "Now share your cum with me."

OK, I lay on my back and my girl hovered her pussy over my mouth. "Ready for it?" she asked.

I reached up and tickled her love hole with my tongue. Her love muscles pushed out and both of my last loads poured into my mouth. My cum tasted really good mixed well with my baby's love lube.

I sat up and Dana kissed me, starting a second coating of cum in each other's mouth along with a smattering her pussy juice.

"Sweetie," I moaned while staring deep into to her eyes, "I love you! I know we haven't known each other long, but I know life will never provide for me a mate more ideal than you! I am going to be monopolizing your time for a long time to come."

That must have been something she wanted to hear, because she wrapped herself tightly around me and the floodgates opened up. Tears streamed down the sides of her face soaking her hair and my neck. I wasn't about to try to get her to stop crying. The truth is her tears hid my own. I could relate so well. Here I was 54 years old and this was the first time in my life anyone satisfied my needs so thoroughly.

"Thank you," she said in kind of a half whine, "I love you, too!"

"Hold me tighter, Sweetheart," she begged. "This cry is going to just have to run its course."

"That's ok Dear, I have no place I rather be right now," I reassured the new love of my life, "you take all the time you need. I will be here for you as long as you let me."

I rocked us ever so gently while her tears (and mine), slowly dissipated, leaving a warm fuzzy feeling in their wake. Dana was exhausted and I soon noticed her breathing started to bear a very slight resemblance to snoring. I adjusted our positions to avoid any position that could end causing pain, pulled my new love a little closer and allowed myself to fall asleep as well.

When I woke, it was daylight. I allowed myself the luxury of waking up slowly, letting my other senses awake before opening my eyes. Besides, those other senses told me my girl was already awake. Her breathing sounded relaxed but aware. I could feel the brush of her eyelid on my neck when she blinked. One of her forefingers was softly tracing small circles around the surgery scars from rotator cuff repair. And she was ever so lightly stroking her love tunnel across the expanding head of my dick. It was barely perceptible, but, as I stated, my cockhead was expanding.

"Are you awake or just having a really good dream?" She asked tiny, but seductive voice.

"Both," I moaned without having opened my eyes yet. "I am having a dream that my dream girl is lying beneath me, snuggling me, nuzzling her face and soft hair against my neck, her naked breasts pressing to my chest. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she is rubbing her sweet, inviting pussy on my dick. I don't want to open my eyes for fear that this has just been a cruel dream."

Dana turned her head so she could see my face. She put a thumb and forefinger on my eyelid and opened it. "It is safe to open your eyes. If you were talking about me, I am still here. If you weren't, she is already gone, so you might as well open them."

"You're right," I said after opening my eyes (myself). "She has already left."

"You brat. You fucking brat! OOOOO. Let go of me! Let. Go. Of..." she never got to finish her sentence, because my little mister decided he was going to visit her little missy, and her little missy invited him in.

If I had any doubts now that it was daylight, they just burst like soap bubbles. Her love hole was still a perfect fit to my manhood; her soul was still a perfect fit for mine. She still melted into me giving me whatever I wanted. I knew at that moment the thing I was holding back in the heat of last night's passion. I wanted to marry her. Isn't that fucking scary!? But, there it was. From my side of the equation, I could scour the earth and never find another woman as perfect for me. At 54, I don't have enough life left to scour the earth. Easy math!

It was her side of the equation that worried me. She is only 33. She will never need to worry about "passing" because she actually is natural woman. She is pretty, smart, all the good things plus a little something extra. And she has a lot more time to scour the earth than I. She COULD find someone closer to her own age, someone that would like to take her to all the big parties to show her off. I'm a homebody, a stick in the mud.

"What's going on, Babe?" Dana inquired. "Are you worn out already? Did I break it on you? Ohhh, do you need some viagra or something?"

"We need to talk, Sweetie," I said to Dana.

"NO! Is the place where you tell me 'it was fun, but it is over'? Do we have to do this right now? Can't you at least wait until you're not inside me?!"

"Baby, whoa, calm down Sweetheart," I cooed, "It is not the kind of thing we have to stop making love to talk about. In fact it is a good thing to talk about while... I mean, it's not something worry ab... Oh hell! Will you marry me?"

Dana stopped the slow circles she was making with her hips and stared at me wide-eyed, too stunned to speak. It took her some time to digest what I'd just said. When she had, she leaned her head back against the pillow under her and started a sensuously slow forward/backward swaying of her hips.

Uh, whoa, she didn't answer my question. My OCD kicked in overdrive. I had to focus, concentrate on trusting her. Maybe, maybe she was riding the rush and will answer when the ride is over. That's it. That's it! That kind of passion isn't just going to die in less than 24 hours. I focused on the passion of last night.

Dana's tiny, barely audible whispers penetrated my veil of doubt. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you..."

I made love to her in earnest after that. Sliding in and out of her love nest in rhythm with Dana's own movements.

Dana reached between my cheeks. Placing several fingertips in contact with my anus and proceeded to give me an unbelievable external sphincter massage. "Now it's my turn to show off my skills at making simultaneous orgasms. You let go of your control." Her pussy rhythm was soothing, sensuous. It caused her clit and friends to rub against my lower abdomen, exciting me every bit as much as it did her. One hand found my nuts. She rolled them against each other firmly, squeezing them now and then, still massaging my sphincter with the other.

I felt a pressure building in my balls. "Soon, very," I moaned. Suddenly, Dana squeezed, pulled and twisted on my sac and his resident testicles. I instantly filled my lover's hole with cum. I felt Dana's cumshots ricochet off my body in nearly perfect rhythm to my own

I looked in her eyes, she was so proud of herself. She made a perfect simultaneous orgasm for us. No one needed to even touch her sex to do it. Impressive. I kissed her over and over.

"It was easy for you to desire me enough to want to marry me right now. It would be equally easy for me to say 'yes' right now. But, what about in two weeks? If you still want to ask me to marry you two weeks from today, ask then."

"Deal! I told you I thought you were smart lady!"
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