I didn't even bother to clean myself up before Sylvia arrived so when I met her at the door I was naked, sticky, and seething with lust.
The look on her face as I threw open the door was priceless.
Before she had time to react I grasped her by the neck, pulling her inside, slamming the door, and then pinning her up against it as I groped her roughly.
"What took you so long?" I grunted, my mouth right next to her ear.

She started to giggle, but then I took hold of her thigh, and squeezing it hard I growled, "Did I say you could laugh bitch?"

Her breath caught in her throat, and as I bit her neck, hard, she whimpered, "N-nooo s-s-siiir."

"All right you little fucking whore," I said forcefully, pulling her over to the sofa. "I'm gonna give you the hard fuckin' a bitch like you needs."
I then bent her over, pulled up her skirt, and in one fairly deft motion I wrapped the waist band around my wrist, and ripped her panties off.
She squealed in surprise, and then moaned in fear, and pleasure as I plunged my stiff meat straight into her hot pussy.
She was so wet, and ready that I didn't feel the need to hold back, so I just started fucking her, hard.
I laid my chest on her back, holding her wrists over her head as I chanted into her ear, "Yeeaahh, you're dady's little whore, aren't ya baby? Yeah, you love daddy's cock up in your little pussy don'cha?"

Here I stood up, and started really pounding her hard, and fast, the slap every time my hips struck that thick, juicy ass made a staccato rhythm of her whimpering moan.
Then I pulled out, and slapping her on that round bum with my hand, I demanded, "Tell me how much you like it."

In a shaky voice, and with tears flowing down her face, she turned her head back, and whimpered, "Oh-oh yes da-daddym, I love-love my daddy's co-co-cock."

As I plunged my cock back into her, it suddenly occurred to me that I should have worked this out ages ago.
I mean, Sylvia was such a control freak in every other aspect of her life that there was a twisted kind of logic that she would get off on being dominated sexually.
Finding release in giving up that control.
As I pulled out, slapping her on the ass again, I felt a genuine rush of anger.
Why couldn't she have just told me what she wanted?
I would have been more than happy to give it too her because I am a people pleaser.
I derive genuine pleaser out of pleasing others, and no where is that more true than in bed.
As I once again penetrated her from behind, I realized that perhaps she didn't really know what she wanted until I gave it to her.
It was entirely plausible, after all, human psychology is a tricky thing.

Regardless, as I pounded her pussy, and she began squealing and panting hard, her vagina squeasing rhythmically around my thrusting shaft, it was clear that I'd found what she liked.
We'd had good sex in the past, but she had never cum so hard so fast.
I went in all the way as I felt her orgasm stating to petre out, and reaching down, grasping her by the breasts, pulled her up off of the sofa, squeezing her tits hard as I held her up on the tips of her toes, impaling her with my hard cock.
She squealed, moaned, and whimpered as I held her up with my hands, and penis, but then I leaned back, and she started really squealing, and whimpering as her toes stretched down to find the floor, and hit only air.
"Where do you think you're going?" I hissed in her ear.
Now that I'd found her button, I was gonna push it like a mother fucker.
I held her up there for a moment, squeezing her body tight against mine, and when I finally let her down, I pulled my meat all the way out, and forced her too her knees.
"Now lick it." I commanded, shoving my cock in her face.

She put her lips around the bulbous head, making as if to suck it, and that's when I pulled it out of her mouth, and slapped her across the face.
Not a hard slap mind you, just a little love tap to get her attention.
"What do you think you're doin' ya dumb cunt?" I bellowed, "I said lick it. Now stick your fucking tongue out, and lick the cum off my cock."

Staring up at me, eyes wide, she extended her tongue, and pressing it flat against the shaft of my penis she began licking.
"Oooooyeaahh, that's good." I cooed, holding the tip of my dick with my thumb, and forefinger. "Lick it all up like a good little slut."

When I was satisfied that she'd licked me clean, I pulled her to her feet, and then threw her over my shoulder, slapping her on the ass, and announcing, "I think it's time for a bad little girl to get her pussy eaten out." as I carried her into my bedroom.
she couldn't resist a fit of giggles as I walked through the door, and flung her onto the bed.

It's worth mentioning here that about a year before I met Sylvia I had dated her mate Barbara.
Now, of course, as soon as Sylvia found this out she asked Barbara, "Is there anything you can tell me about him?"

To which Barbara replied, "Well, I'm not gonna let ya pick my brain, but I will tell ya this; He eats pussy better than any woman I've ever been with."

The thing that really makes that cool is that she's probably been with more women than I have.
Not only that, but she was not the kind of bitch to walk around handing out compliments, and thanks to my having been kind of a wanker, we hadn't parted on the best of terms.
So when Sylvia related this story to me shortly after the first time we had sex, I was literally dumbfounded for a moment, but eventually recovered enough to ask, "So- so what-uh, whaddya think?"

"Oh yeah." she'd purred, laying her head on my chest, and rubbing herself.

Now, I say all that, to say this, I attacked her pussy with a vigor, and a hunger greater than anything I'd even thought I was capable of.
With out getting into a blow by blow, so to speak, suffice it to say that when she was on her eleventh orgasm, with twelve pushing up close behind, and trying feebly to push my head away, crying that she couldn't take it anymore, it was so intense that it actually brought tears too my eyes.

I've seen the giant redwoods, and the ..Grand Canyon.., but seeing my child born was more mind blowing than the two of them put together.
In fact, I would have to say watching Sabine come into the world was the most amazing thing that I've ever seen.
However, seeing a woman get off really hard comes damn close, and as fucked up as it may sound, for a lot of the same reasons.
The fact that you had anything to do with something that awesome fills you with pride, but at the same time, it's oddly humbling.
So it was with the diligence and humility of a monk that I worshiped her pussy with my tongue, and it was with the pride, and sense of ownership of a lion that I gobbled up the sweet juice that she made for me.

We did everything that night.
I even fucked her in the arse. She'd never done it before so I had to take it easy at first, but once I really started pumping her bum, she came buckets.
At first blush this might sound odd since women don't have prostate glands, but what she was getting off on was being dominated so thoroughly.

By the time I finally blasted my creamy load all over her face, hours later, we were both exhausted, but I still made her clean me with a damp cloth, and I watched as she cleaned herself.
As I drifted off to sleep with Sylvia in my arms, I figured that the sexual escapades were pretty much done for the night.
I figured wrong.

About three o'clock I was awakened by a loud banging on my door.
Sylvia stirred next to me asking, "Who is it?"

"I'll go find out." I whispered, slipping out of bed, and throwing on my house coat.
As I made for the door our unknown guest pounded again.
This made me a little irate so I shouted, "Hold your horses, I'm..." and as I flung open the door I stopped mid sentence at the sight of Sabine standing there, looking a little wobbly.”...coming." I finished, a little surprised.

She smiled brightly, and slurring her speech a little, she said, "High daddy! I forgot my key, and..."
She paused here seeming to think really hard before her eyes lit up, and she practically screamed, "I'm drunk!"
Then she giggled, and shushed herself as if she'd just realized how loud she'd said that.
I arched an eyebrow incredulously as she leaned in, and whispered in a conspiratorial tone, "Okay look, I'm drunk, but don't tell my daddy. I'm not sure if he's cool with that."

She suddenly started to fall, and as I stepped forward to catch her, she passed out in my arms.
"Jesus Sabine." I muttered to no one in particular as I carried her inside, closing the door with my foot.
I took her into her bedroom, laid her on the bed, and then without really thinking about it I began to take her clothes off.
She stirred, and asked groggily, "What are you doing?" as I removed her shoes.

"I'm undressing you so that you don't sleep in your clothes." I explained, sliding her socks off.

"You're a good friend Alice." she responded as I unzipped her skirt.
"You got me drunk, and we played truth, or dare." she went on, as I pulled her skirt down, and she kind of instinctively lifted her ass to facilitate that.
As I started unbuttoning her shirt she whispered, "But you're a naughty girl Alice. You made Mary-Beth lick my pussy."
I suddenly stopped unbuttoning her shirt, and decided it would be easier to just pull it off over her head.
So I lifted her into a sitting position, and as I got her arms up, and started pulling her shirt off, she whispered furtively, "It felt so good, but I was so scared."
I got her shirt off, and she flopped back onto the bed saying, "I just wanted to run home."

It wasn't until I got her down to her underclothes, that I realized she wasn't wearing underclothes.
She was still wearing her bikini, and I was so surprised that I just blurted out, "Sabine! Why are you still wearing your bathing suit?"

Her eyes remained closed as her cheeks flushed red, and her hand slid down to rub the fabric of her bikini bottoms.
"My daddy bought this for me." she gushed, and as her hand drifted closer to her vagina she said, "I love my daddy."
Before long she was rubbing herself through the thin fabric as she moaned, "My sweet, handsome daddy."

Needless to say my eyes got wider with every word, and about the time my jaw dropped she began shaking her head saying, "No, no, it's wrong. He's you daddy." but she didn't stop playing with herself, and soon she was chanting "daddy" with true longing, and desire as her flesh quivered, and I knew she was cumming.

My cock was rock hard, but at the same time I was horrified.
I mean, as long as it was just me thinking about her, and her watching me, I could kind of pretend it was innocent, but now that I knew she wanted me, even if only sub-consciously, it seemed like we might actually fuck, and that scared the shit out of me.

She suddenly stopped rubbing, and started snoring.
I took a deep breath, and then as I sighed heavily, I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit when I realized that just like everything else about her, her snore was sweet, and delicate.

Her legs were kind of dangling off the bed, so I picked them up so as to lay her on the bed properly, but just then I was seized by an irresistible urge.
I parted her thighs, moving her hand aside to give me an unobstructed view of her crotch.
The snug fit of her bikini bottoms coupled with the big wet spot was just too much to resist, so I leaned down, putting my face between her legs, and as I felt my nose get wet from contact with the moist fabric I muttered, "God forgive me." before inhaling deeply through my nose.

Good God!
Her scent was so intoxicating that my next move was a foregone conclusion as I pressed my tongue flat against her, and proceeded to lick my daughter's sweet pussy through the thin fabric of her bathing suit.
If anything the taste was even more mind altering than the smell, so fresh, and sweet.
I wanted to just pull aside the crotch of her bating suit, and bury my face in that pink paradise, but just then I heard footsteps coming up the hall, and I knew that it had to be Sylvia.

I quickly replaced Sabine's hand on her pussy, and then rolled her onto her side, throwing the blanket on her as I whispered in her ear, "Your daddy loves you so much baby."
I was so close to her that I could feel the heat as she smiled, and blushed.
The way her arm was moving made it obvious to me that she was playing with herself in her sleep.
God that was hot, but I didn't have time to watch now, as I stood up Sylvia came in the door.

"What the fuck is going on!" she whispered urgently.

"No big deal." I said casually. Sabine came home drunk, and I put her to bed."

"Awww," She sighed, and then leaned over, kissing me on the cheek. "You're a cool dad."

She started to walk away, but now I was feeling really wicked.
I grasped a hold of Sylvia, pulling her over to the bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked as my hands found their way inside her robe, caressing, and fondling her all over her body.

"Isn't she pretty?" I hissed into her ear, pulling her body tight against me so that she could feel my hard cock on her ass.

"What?" she blurted out sounding a little confused.

I bent her over, pulling Sabine's blanket aside so that Sylvia could see more of my little girl's body, and insisted, "Isn't she pretty."

"This is sick!" Sylvia protested as she suddenly realized what I was doing. "She's your daughter."

"Yes, but she's not your daughter." I growled as my fingers began rubbing her sticky cunt. "So look at her, and tell me if you think that she's pretty." I demanded.

Now lest you think that this came completely out of left field, I should tell you that Sylvia fancies girls, young girls.
In fact, one of the more positive aspects of our relationship was that occasionally we would go out, and pick up a girl for a threesome.
Some of them weren't much older than Sabine.

"Yes, yes," she panted, her pussy becoming moist under my fingers, "She's very pretty."

I pulled the blanket all the way back, exposing Sabine to Sylvia's hungry gaze as I grunted in her ear, "Look at that body. Don't you want to touch that body?"
I moved Sabine's leg over a little so that Sylvia could easily see what her hand was doing between her legs.
"Oh my god!" I panted in a breathy voice, doing my best to sound surprised, "Look! She's playing with herself in her sleep."
I slowly began to push her head down until her cheek was resting against Sabine's thigh.
"Yeah, smell that." I grunted as I entered her slick hole from behind. "Smell Sabine's sweet little pussy."

"No, no, this is wrong" She whimpered, trying to wriggle free of my grasp, tears running down her face.

I held her firmly, growling, "Shut up bitch!" as I began fucking Sylvia hard. "Smell that sweet young pussy. You know you want it."

"No, no!" she wept as my cock pistoned in, and out of her.

"Don't bullshit me you little slut. You want to lick my daughter's pussy. now say it!" I hissed.
She had stopped struggling so I let go of her head, and stood up, spreading her ass cheeks so as to penetrate her as deeply as possible.
"Say it you fucking bitch!" I demanded, repeatedly pumping my stiff penis into her.

Suddenly her vaginal canal began squeezing my thrusting prick rhythmically, and it got a whole lot wetter down there as she broke down, and admitted "Yes, yes, I want to lick her pussy!" Tears running down her face as it rocked back, and forth over Sabine's hip.

I could feel my cock throb, Sylvia's admission as she came on my thrusting tool making me want to fill her steamy hole with cum, and then I heard Sabine start to moan rhythmically, I looked up.

The way her flesh quivered, and the look on her face made it obvious that she was getting off, hard.

That did it.
"Oooooohhhh Ssssssssssylvia!" I moaned, thrusting in up to the hilt as my thick sperm pumped into her wet, and willing pussy.
That had been close, I'd almost said Sabine, but she was what I was thinking of as my pearly white load filled Sylvia's pussy.
It almost seemed to go on forever, the three of us climaxing together, bonded in an eternal ecstatic moment.

"Oh, Oh shit!" Sylvia squealed, and her body shuddered as her flexing cunt squeezed out the last of my juice, and her orgasm finished.
Sabine's orgasm seemed to be winding down as well, and I pulled my cock out, rushing Sylvia out of the room before she had time to catch her breath.

"Daddy." Sabine panted as we went through the door.

"Wait right here." I ordered, and I went back in, covering Sabine with her blanket, I kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, "I love you baby."

I joined Sylvia in the hall, and as I grabbed her arm, guiding toward my room, she asked breathlessly, "Did she say daddy?"

"No," I explained, thinking fast, "Andy, she fancies a boy at school named Andy."

"Oh." she said, eying me dubiously. "Okay."

This was really getting out of fucking hand.

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