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Sex was totally taboo in my house as I was growing up.
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Sex Was Totally Taboo

Sex was totally taboo in my house as I was growing up. It was never discussed, it was never shown, and to the best of my knowledge never preformed either. Our house was absolutely sex free. I guess that was why I wanted to experience it so badly.

When I was fifteen years old my thirteen-year-old sister came to the same conclusion that I had. Since we had no idea what to do or where to start Tessa asked one of the girls at church. Jill couldn’t believe how na? that Tessa and I were. However, she said that she would help us out.

Since Mom knew Jill from church we had no trouble at all getting her permission to go over to Jill’s house the following Saturday.

When we arrived Jill took us straight down into the family room and explained that we had the house all to ourselves for at least three hours because of a church meeting that her parents had gone too. Then Jill opened up a box that she pulled out from under the couch. It was a big box but short enough to slip under the couch and stay out of sight.

When she opened up the box I saw VHS videotapes, DVD packages, and all sorts of other things that Jill would tell us about later like dildos, butt plugs, and restraints.

The first thing that Jill did was to pick out a DVD and start it. There were three young teenagers just a little older than we were, two girls and one boy just like us, however they were naked. Jill said that we had to get naked too and do everything that the kids in the movie did, then she hit pause.

I had never seen my sister naked before, or any girl for that matter. Jill was a year older that Tessa so I saw what a vast difference there was in a year of maturity. Jill’s breasts were larger and she had more hair on her crotch.

Jill hit play and we watched as the kids on the television played doctor. They kissed, sucked, pointed, probed, and named every part of the human body. Jill would hit pause and then hit play frequently so that we could do what they had done to one another.

Both girls had kissed and sucked my cock, played with my balls, and licked my ass. Jill even caused me to cum in her mouth.

I on the other hand I had kissed and sucked their titties and nipples, I had fingered their pussies and their assholes, and I had kissed and licked their clits. Then in the very last scene the boy fucked both of the girls, just like I did.

At Jill’s insistence I slipped my cock into my sister’s pussy first so that we would loose our virginities together. It felt tight but slick enough to allow me in. After a couple of strokes I slipped it into Jill’s pussy. She was just as tight but even more slick. Like the boy on the screen I went back and forth fucking them both. When I was about to cum Jill once again told me to do it in my sister the first time, so I did.

After that day with Jill, Tessa and I had sex just as often as we could at home without getting caught. We got very good at quickies, Tessa became very good at giving me blowjobs, and we managed to have some longer sex every now and then. For the next several months everything was fine.

Then I had my sixteenth birthday. Jill and her parents were invited along with several relatives. As things were winding down near the end Jill, Tessa, and I slipped away unnoticed.

Well, we had not exactly gone unnoticed because Mom missed me almost immediately and came looking for us. When she found us in the utility room my pants and underwear were to my ankles, Jill’s dress was up on her waist, and my cock was in her pussy from behind. Jill was bent over slightly with her face buried in Tessa’s pussy. Tessa was sitting up on the washing machine holding her panties and Jill’s panties up to her nose with one hand and holding her dress up to her waist with the other hand. We did not hear the door open because we were moaning too loudly. I did however feel the sting of a fly swatter across my ass. It was meant to break things up but it had an entirely different result. It set off a chain reaction that started with me cumming in Jill, Jill having her orgasm, and then in turn her tongue set off Tessa’s orgasm. It was Tessa that finally opened her eyes and told us that Mom had caught us. We all three looked at Mom and started to slowly uncouple and rearrange our clothing. I pulled up my underwear and my pants, Tessa pulled on her panties, and handed Jill her panties. Instead of putting her panties on Jill shoved them into my pocket.

Mom watched the whole scene in silence but then softly asked, “How long has this been going on?”

I was trying to come up with a believable lie when Tessa said, “Less than a year.”

Mom then asked, “Do you three get together very often?”

Jill replied, “Not as often as I would like. You are too controlling of where your children can go and when.”

Mom cried and said, “I only wanted to protect them from girls like you.”

Tessa said, “Mom, I’m a girl like Jill. I really like sex, you’re the one that doesn’t like sex.”

Mom asked, “Who told you that I don’t like sex?”

Tessa replied, “No one had to tell me. My room is right next to yours and I have never heard any sounds of sex coming from your room.”

Mom cried some more and said, “That’s because we always do it after we drop you two off at church for your church school classes. We come back home and have great sex. I am a screamer and I get very loud during my orgasms. That’s why we can only have sex when you two are out of the house and that doesn’t happen nearly often enough anymore.”

Jill said, “You should try a ball gag.”

Mom blushed and said, “We do, every Sunday morning now, ever since a neighbor called nine one one. She thought that my husband was killing me. The police thought it was a lot funnier than we did.”

I said, “If you can forget about what you just saw, Tessa and I can go over to Jill’s house when her parents are at their church meetings.”

Tessa said, “That way all of us girls can have more sex.”

Mom smiled and said, “I can do you one better. I’ll give you another twenty minutes so that your brother can stick it in Jill one more time.”

Tessa asked, “What about me?”

Mom said, “Hold on a minute. Don’t get your panties in a wad. I was about to tell you to sleep in your brother’s bed tonight. That way he can screw you tonight and again in the morning, or as many times as he can get it up. I’ll tell your father what is going on and he can have me tonight and in the morning too. Then at breakfast we can discuss a more permanent solution to all of our sex problems.”

Jill said, “Can you talk my mother into letting me spend the night with Tessa. I want to get in on some of this action too.”

Mom smiled and said, “Okay, but put your panties back on and come out one at a time and rejoin the party. Just don’t cause any suspicion.”

We did as Mom said. She asked Jill’s mother if Jill could spend that night and Saturday night as well with Tessa. She assured her that there were more than enough clothes around for her to wear. It was okay. Yea!

After everyone left, Mom took Dad upstairs and had a talk with him. Dad stayed up there but Mom came back down to tell us the good news. We could all sleep in my bed for both nights and we could have as much sex as we wanted. Jill had to be in church Sunday morning looking no worse for wear. Then Mom giggled and ran back up to Dad. As we walked up to my bedroom we heard muffled screams coming from my parent’s bedroom for the first time. They were having sex.

I had sex with Jill in my bed and was still in Tessa’s pussy when Mom opened the door and thanked us for getting caught. She and Dad were having the best sex of their lives. I could see strap marks on Mom’s cheeks from the ball gag being on a little too tight. I just smiled and kept stroking into Tessa. Mom stood in the doorway watching us, she was totally naked, and she was holding Dad’s T-shirt up to her crotch. I knew she was trying not to let Dad’s cum drip all over the floor. She had been on her way to the bathroom. She stayed right there and watched us until I was done.

Then Mom said, “Come with me girls. I’ll show you how to use my douche bag.”

I was asleep when the girls came back, but not for long. Tessa told me all about getting a douche while Jill sat on my face.

At first I thought it was Jill moaning loudly but then I realized that it was Mom having another orgasm and laughed. Jill slid down my body and impaled herself on my hard cock. Mom had told the girls not to make me do all of the work every time. She had told them to try the reverse cowgirl position. As I stared at Jill’s asshole winking at me I knew that I wanted to try anal sex next.

In the morning the bathroom got a little crowded. Jill and Tessa were taking a shower together, Mom was sitting on the toilet, and I was brushing my teeth when Dad walked by. He said that he was going down to start breakfast and he was naked. Just then the shower stopped and the girls stepped out to dry off.

Mom laughed and said, “I can’t believe it! We had sex twice last night and once this morning and that man is half-hard already.”

Tessa grabbed my cock and said, “He had sex four times last night and twice this morning and look, he’s ready to go again.”

I smiled and asked, “Mom would you like to join me in the shower?”

Mom said, “I’ll have to get my ball gag first. Girls why don’t you go down and amuse my husband. He likes blowjobs. Don’t bother to get dressed…he didn’t.”

The End
Sex Was Totally Taboo
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