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Taking pictures of kids playing couldn’t be any more fun.
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Indoor Playground Brochure

I was hired to produce a brochure for an indoor playground. I told the owner that I should do it when there were kids in there enjoying themselves but she said that it would be too hard to get permission to use their faces in her brochure. However, she said that she had a granddaughter that would be perfect. Okay, what could I say?

I arrived two hours before closing as she had suggested. She introduced me to her eleven-year-old granddaughter Heidi, who was to show me around and then after closing, to pose for me.

Heidi was your typical eleven-year-old girl. She had her hair in braids, a T-shirt with Hannah Montana on it, and a tight pair of black pants. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and it was soon quite clear that she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

Heidi took me from one area to the next explaining what age group the area was made for and what muscles were strengthened from using it. She could have passed for a trainer. She inner acted with the other kids especially the boys. I saw a couple of them ‘accidentally’ feel of her tits, ass, and pussy. She knew that I had seen them and told me that she lets them feel her up because it excites her and because her grandmother told her to stop letting the boys do it. She was obviously an obstinate young lady. However, she noticed that I had gotten hard and suggested that I take some pictures of the boys feeling her up. She said it would be okay as long as I didn’t use them in the brochure or show them to her grandmother. So let the fun begin.

She would smile at me and then get in position close to a boy. He would smile at her and reach out. When she didn’t pull away he got bolder and bolder, they all did. Heidi let them reach up under her T-shirt, pull it up above her budding breasts, and pinch her nipples. After some words they would play with her tits nicely. She liked that. She let the boys reach their hands down into her tight stretch pants both in the front and in the back. Then one boy grabbed her waistband and ripped them down her hips and legs exposing her ass and pussy to the other boys as I snapped off pictures. Heidi laughed at them and lifted up her T-shirt exposing her little breasts too. I was flabbergasted. She pulled her top down and her bottoms up before getting out and walking to me. She asked me if I had gotten enough pictures or if I wanted her to find some more boys to tease. She had that defiant look on her face that said she wanted to do more. So let the fun begin again.

Heidi took me into an area that was off to one side. There was an out of order sign on the entrance. She took me inside to one far corner and told me to stay just out of sight but to take lots of pictures.

Next she ushered another girl and four different boys into that room and put the closed sign back up. She took them around a corner where I could see them but others outside could not. Then she had the boys get down on their knees so that I had a much clearer view of the girls.

I watched as Heidi removed her T-shirt and then challenged the other girl to do the same. Reluctantly she did and her tits were just about the same size as Heidi’s tits. Next Heidi removed her black stretch pants. None of the kids in the playground wore shores and only half wore socks, so there was Heidi fully naked in front of four boys and that girl. The boys were begging the other girl to remove her pants. She turned bright red as she removed her pants letting the boys see her little girl panties with yellow flowers on them. Heidi reached out and lowered the panties exposing the other girl’s hairless pussy. The girl stepped out of them and stood there naked like Heidi. Then Heidi stepped forward and had the boys kiss her pussy. As she walked down the line the other girl got behind her and let them kiss her pussy too. When they were done Heidi knelt down and kissed the other girl’s pussy. I waited for the other girl to kiss Heidi’s pussy but she never did. Next the boys got to kiss or suck both girl’s nipples, followed by Heidi sucking the other girl’s nipples. That time the other girl returned the favor to Heidi. When Heidi wanted the boys to kiss her brown puckered asshole they complained and left. Surprisingly the other girl asked Heidi if she was brave enough to do what she had asked the boys to do. Heidi bent her over and knelt behind her. Then she kissed and licked that girl’s asshole giving the girl a thrill. Heidi bent over and let the girl kiss and lick her asshole. First she looked around to make sure the boys were really gone. Then she not only kissed and licked Heidi’s asshole but her pussy as well, she just didn’t want to do it in front of the boys. They got into a sixty-nine with Heidi on top and her face toward me. She would lick that pussy and then lift her face for me as she finger fucked the girl below her. After a couple of orgasms the girls kissed, dressed, and then left together.

A few minutes later Heidi returned and asked me how I had liked the show. I told her that I was very impressed and asked her who the other girl was. She laughed and said that she didn’t know, that she had never seen her or the boys before. She had picked them out and brought them in. She did say that one of the boys was the other girl’s brother and that was why she was a little reluctant to get undressed and to lick Heidi’s pussy.

At closing time the doors were locked and the owner took a walk through to check for any stragglers. After that she went into her office and told me to enjoy myself taking pictures. I had already enjoyed myself.

Heidi knew what she wanted to do and grabbed a gym bag and ran off with me right behind her. I took a picture of her on three of the playthings then watched her get naked and pose for me in the same way. She changed clothes and put on a different T-shirt and shorts. After posing on some equipment she got naked and posed again. She was very efficient and posed in several outfits on just about everything in the place, she also posed naked on everything too.

Then when we were as far from her grandmother’s office as we could get, she got naked and squatted down on a plastic tube saying that that was how she had lost her cherry. She said that she wasn’t the only one to ever do that.

Heidi then asked me if I wanted her virginity. I had just seen her sitting on that plastic shaft and knew that I couldn’t hurt her, I had seen her with those boys and that girl, and I really wanted her virginity. Hell, I didn’t even really want her virginity I just wanted to fuck her.

There was a padded ramp going up into a climbing structure. Heidi got on her back and I just dropped my pants and underwear to my knees. I slipped my cock into that little girl and fucked her like I do my wife. No, that isn’t true, I did a much better job of it. After forty years of marriage what I did with my wife was old hat but what I was doing to Heidi was fresh and new. She didn’t care that I was an old man, she just wanted to give me her virginity, and I took it. Cumming in her was the best feeling that I had had in years and it was terrific. Her pussy hugged my cock perfectly, her pussy was just the right depth, and it didn’t let a single drop escape her grip as I removed my cock. She smiled when I grabbed my camera and she smiled even bigger when I put my cock back into her. I needed pictures of my cock in her just to prove to myself that it wasn’t all a dream.

We were dressed and on our way back to the office when her grandmother caught up with us. Heidi smiled at me and talked her grandmother into crawling into some tubes with her. From behind I had a great view up under her skirt at her panties. I couldn’t help but take a picture. Grandma noticed and smiled at me. Then using some sort of sign language she let me know that it was all right but not to let her granddaughter know. Fat chance! That little devil had set it up.

So we played follow the leader through a set of tubes, slides, and ladders with me always in a good position to photograph grandma’s panties.

As we passed a lady’s room grandma went in. Heidi giggled and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I told her that it had been years since I had enjoyed myself so much. Grandma came out and slipped her panties into my hand. Then the fun really began.

Even though Heidi knew what was going on she pretended that she didn’t. Grandma had rolled her waistline making her skirt shorter and she had left a couple of buttons undone on her blouse too. Even Heidi couldn’t pretend not to see that and suggested that the two of them pose naked for me. Her grandmother looked right at her and said, “You already have, haven’t you?” Heidi replied that she had. So grandma told me that the pictures were not to be shown to anyone. I agreed and she started to undress. Heidi smiled when grandma’s panties were nowhere to be found. She reached into my pocket and pulled them out, smiling.

Heidi then took grandma to every piece of equipment, every play area, and everything that could be climbed. She even sat on that plastic post and then made her grandmother sit on it too. Heidi talked her grandmother into a sixty-nine for me. Then with her on the bottom she wanted me to fuck grandma from behind with her face inches away. Grandma moaned in pleasure as I entered her. For a fifty-eight-year-old woman that got it regularly from her husband she certainly seemed to enjoy having my cock in her. When I pulled out Heidi started licking up my cum from her grandmother’s pussy. Grandma said, “I hope you like his cum as much as I do.” Heidi smiled knowing that grandma knew that I had fucked her too. After a while grandma rolled Heidi over onto the top and asked me to fill Heidi back up. How could I resist a request like that? Heidi squirmed around on my cock and on her grandmother’s face.

When the three of us were completely drained we went back to the front of the building remaining naked. There they posed at the ticked booth, in grandma’s office, and then outside the building together.

Before getting dressed they went into the men’s room with me and posed in there and attempted to pee in a urinal. That got me hard enough for one last fuck. Grandma told me to fuck Heidi but Heidi told me that grandma needed it more and that I had already cum in her twice. That was correct. Grandma took me back to a padded baby area and got on her back. She lifted her feet up over her head and hooked them in the swings. I slipped my cock into her pussy and watched as grandma held onto two other swings and lifted her fanny off from the mat. In that position she was easily pushed and pulled onto my cock making my work a lot easier. Heidi got near her grandmother’s head and helped with the motion. Soon I was cumming in that woman with more force that I had the last time.

On our way to our cars, grandma said, “I can already tell that I don’t like any of those pictures that you took tonight. Can you come back tomorrow and try again?”

Before I could answer she replied, “I have two other granddaughters and three daughters that should be in these pictures too.”

She saw the look of disappointment on my face and added, “They will pose nude for you and I’m pretty sure that you can fuck them all, except maybe Stacy.”

Heidi laughed and said, “Stacy is just a baby but she likes to be nude.”

Grandma laughed and said, “It runs in the family.”

I told her that I would be available to take more pictures all week if necessary.

The End
Indoor Playground Brochure
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