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Would you leave your beautiful young wife alone for two months while you went out of the country on business?
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He Didn’t Trust Her

When my neighbor was forced by his company to go overseas for two months of training he came to me and asked me to keep an eye on his wife while he was gone. He obviously didn’t trust her. He invited me out for a few drinks and to talk. He gave me some spare keys that he had made up for me. He gave me the keys to his house, garage, car, and storage shed. He asked me to keep a close eye on her and keep track of the mileage on the car. He was sure that she would cheat on him. Then the next day he was off to Europe.

Charlene came right over as soon as he was gone and said, “My husband took you out drinking last night. I take it that he asked you to keep an eye on me while he is gone. He thinks I will cheat on him with another man. I would never cheat on him with another man…I like girls way too much to do that. However, if I found a man that could lick his eyebrows I might consider it.”

I then stuck my tongue out and touched it to the tip of my nose.

Charlene asked, “Can you lick your eyebrows?”

I laughed and said, “I’m working on it.”

We split a bottle of wine as she told me all about growing up as a lesbian. She only got married because that was what her parents had expected as well as the straight world. However, she loved girls and wanted to move several in while her husband was gone. Then she offered me one of her girlfriends. She said that Cindy was willing to let me fuck her and sleep in my bed too in exchange for my cooperation. All I had to do was tell her husband that everything was okay whenever he asked.

I was sixty-two years old and had not been sexually active in several years since my wife left me for another woman. I told her that I wanted to meet Cindy first. That was all it took, one phone call, and Cindy was knocking on my backdoor. She was naked when I opened the door. Cindy had been at Charlene’s house waiting for the phone call.

I looked at Cindy standing there looking like a beautiful angel. She was probably thirty-five like Charlene but she looked so much prettier. Her long dark brown hair was pulled forward and hanging down to her nipples. Her nipples were a dark reddish brown in keeping with her Italian ancestry, her areolas matched them and were on the large size covering most of the end of her large breasts. They stood up magnificently defying gravity. Those babies much have been a double D at least. As I traveled down I saw a taunt flat tummy, pierced belly button, and a pussy mound covered with fur that matched her head perfectly. Cindy just stood there so that I could admire her.

Eventually Charlene said, “Let the poor girl in, will you.”

I had been staring for quite some time but finally stepped aside to let Cindy in. As she walked by me I saw her smooth back, the dimples above her waist, and the finest ass in the world.

Charlene grabbed a hole of Cindy and kissed her deeply as her hands roamed all over Cindy’s nude body. I could see her fingering Cindy’s pussy before putting her fingers in her mouth and licking them clean.

Charlene said, “She is ready for you if you want to cooperate with me.”

I could feel my erection in my pants saying, “Fuck her you fool.”

Without a word I took Cindy’s hand and led her into my bedroom closing the door behind me. I didn’t lock it because I was pretty sure that Charlene would not like to see a guy put his cock in her lover.

Cindy sat on my bed and watched me undress with just as much interest as I had displayed when I opened the backdoor for her. It was almost as if she had never seen a man before. However, Charlene had said that Cindy goes both ways. Or had she? What Charlene had said was that Cindy was willing to let me fuck her and that she would sleep with me.

I walked over to Cindy with my cock harder than it had been in years and pointed directly at Cindy. Her eye got big as she looked at my six-inch tool. I was of normal length but a little wider than most. My ex-wife was always satisfied when my cock was buried deep in her pussy.

Cindy looked up at me and said, “I’ve got bigger dildos but that is very impressive.”

I said “Thank you” and reached down to hold one of her tits. It was much firmer than my wife’s tits had been. When I reached for the other one Cindy reached for my cock. She held it tentatively as if she could break it. I rubbed my thumbs over her hard nipples and she rubbed her thumb over my tiny slit wetting her thumb with my pre-cum. I suggested that she scotch back on the bed and get comfortable. As she did she placed that thumb in her mouth and smiled.

I looked at her breasts as they held their shape, my wife’s breasts would look like two fried eggs in that position. I had to ask, “Are they real?” To which she replied, “Yes.”

As I moved in between her legs they opened up gracefully. She had a nice patch of trimmed fur on her mound but her lower pussy was shaved bare. I had to taste her and leaned in closer. Before my tongue even got to her I felt her hands in my hair pulling me in closer. She tasted so nice and clean as I would have expected from a girl that only enjoyed oral sex, unlike my wife back in the day when she didn’t keep herself all that clean. She loved my tongue and kept saying things like, “Oh that is hard,” “Charlene doesn’t do that,” or “God your tongue sure is strong.” I ate her until she cried out in pleasure. I wanted Charlene to be jealous that a man could satisfy her lover like that. I gave Cindy a second orgasm just because I could. When I started to pull away Cindy said, “One more. I know Charlene is listening. Make it a good one.” I did and she made it out to be much better than it actually was. I had heard of women faking it for the sake of the guy they were with but Cindy was doing it to piss off her lover in the next room. I didn’t mind, in fact I enjoyed it.

Finally I slipped my cock into Cindy and she closed her eyes. When I was tight to her pelvis she whispered, “You’re my first and I like it.” I asked, “You were a virgin?” She replied, “Yes, but I think I like the real thing better than my plastic toys.” I said, “I’m glad. I sure like the real thing too.” She giggled and we started making love in the same rhythm. It had been a few years but Cindy made me feel like a young man again. Her arms wrapped around my back, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her pussy tried to swallow my cock. We made love as if we had been doing it for years. Just before I was to cum Cindy shouted out, “Oh my God. I love you. I love your cock. I want to do this again.” Then she shuttered, clinched me tightly, and convulsed into her orgasm. Moments later I was filling her pussy with cum. She shouted out, “Oh no, that feels wonderful. It’s warm and I can actually feel it squirting inside me.”

When we were lying side by side Cindy shouted out, “Charlene come in here. I’ve got a job for you.”

Charlene entered and looked disgusted because I hadn’t covered myself up. Cindy said, “Get over here and clean me up.” Charlene looked even more disgusted. Cindy said to me, “I only did this because she begged me too. However, I like it and I’m looking forward to our next time.” She grabbed Charlene’s hair and forced her face into her sloppy pussy. I heard Charlene gagging but Cindy kept her right there until she felt that she was clean enough to let her up. Then Cindy said, “Now suck his cock. Don’t worry it tastes just like me.” Reluctantly Charlene moved her head over my cock, took a deep breath, and then slipped down onto it. I looked at Cindy and smiled. Cindy pushed Charlene down further onto my cock and smiled back at me.

When my cock hardened in her mouth Charlene pulled off and walked out the door. Cindy rolled over onto me and slipped her pussy down onto my cock. I opened my mouth as she lowered one of her nipples to my lips. When she told me to bit it hard I was not sure but she kept saying harder, harder until she was pleased, then she pulled back stretching her nipple to the limit. My teeth could not contain it and it was pulled out then snapped back causing her to cry out once again in joy. She quickly put her other nipple in my mouth for a repeat performance. After that Cindy rode me like she was starved for sex. When we came together she called out, “Get back in here.” When Charlene did not come back in Cindy giggled and said, “I must have pissed her off.”

We showered together and then we walked naked over to Charlene’s house. Cindy needed to douche and left me with Charlene. Charlene asked, “We are okay, aren’t we?” I said, “We are more than okay.” As I sat there Charlene called up four of her girlfriends and invited them to move in for the next eight weeks. She told them that the coast was clear and that her neighbor would cover for her. She also told them that I had a big Jacuzzi that they could use and that with any luck they would never have to get dressed. I was smiling when Cindy came back in. As I sat there she took Charlene to the floor and started to sixty-nine with her. I watched them go at it for almost an hour. I was the one to open the door for the first woman. Seeing a naked man she assumed that she was in the wrong place but I assured her that it was the right place. Then I took her into the living room where Charlene and Cindy were just finishing up. She got down and kissed them both before undressing. I stayed and met the other three women too before going home.

Later Cindy came in and said that she had missed me. We went to bed and made love before cuddling and falling asleep.

In the morning Cindy kissed me and told me that she had very much enjoyed the day before, that she was pleased that she had given me her virginity, and she was happy to sleep with me for the next eight weeks. I told her that we didn’t have to stop in eight weeks and she kissed me. We stayed in bed that entire morning making love, cuddling, and talking about a future together. Eventually Cindy went over to the other girls for an orgy that Charlene had planned.

I got a call from Charlene’s husband asking me if everything was okay. I honestly told him that Charlene was doing okay and that I hadn’t seen any evidence of a man in her life. He talked about his long flight, jet lag, and trying to get settled in. I listened but I really didn’t care, all I wanted was to spend time with Cindy. When I hung up I went over to Charlene’s house.

There was no need to get dressed as we lived on the end of a dead end street and hardly anyone ever came to our end. So I just walked over behind our houses. Soon after I was inside Charlene’s house there was a knock on her door. She threw on a short robe and answered it. The rest of us sat quietly in the living room. Charlene came back in laughing and introduced Jane to the other women. Each naked woman stood up and gave Jane a hug.

Charlene looked at me and said, “Jane saw you sneaking in my back door and wanted a better look at you. It seems that she likes your penis. Stand up and show it to her.”

Well I stood up but Cindy knelt down and started handling my penis to make it grow to full length. Jane smiled as Cindy stretched my cock, held my balls, and kissed the head. I grew all right and I did it right in front of the little thirteen-year-old down the street. Her eyes grew just as much as my penis. She was a cute little thing.

Then Charlene said, “Take your clothes off and join us.”

Jane just started removing her shoes and then she pulled her shirt up over her head. Charlene reached out and unhooked her bra taking it in her hands. Oh my, Jane’s little titties were so sweet. She lowered her tight jeans and then let Charlene lower her panties.

I had Cindy kneeling before me and playing with me so of course Charlene knelt before Jane and started playing with her. Charlene fingered Jane’s pussy and sucked on her nipples.

Jane looked down and said, “Would you mind if I play with him while you do that?”

I felt Cindy pushing my ass and heading me over closer to Jane. Jane reached out to hold my penis then she looked down at Charlene and said, “Oh I like that, keep it up.” As she stroked my hard-on with one hand and gently massaged my balls in her other hand I looked down and said, “Oh I like that, keep it up.” Jane smiled up at me and then leaned down to kiss the head of my cock. What a sweet little girl!

Jane had tiny little titties that were no more than half of a golf ball each with nipples. When Charlene pulled her head back I saw a small hairless mound above an equally hairless slit that was glistening from Charlene’s saliva. I reached down and cupped her baby pussy in my hand slipping my middle finger up into her moist hole in what I like to call my fishhook move. With my long finger curled up inside a tiny pussy like that I was able to massage her G-spot with ease. Jane started shivering, then shaking, and finally she went into an uncontrollable series of orgasms. The other women were cheering her on as Charlene and I held her up. When Jane passed out from an excessive amount of pleasure I picked her up and placed her on the couch. Charlene went right to the little girl’s pussy and started licking. Cindy said, “Little girls taste so good. I can only imagine how good she tastes after that multiple orgasm. She is one lucky girl. I was twenty when I first had one and it was no where as good as that one.”

Jane opened her eyes and said, “Oh that was wonderful.”

I replied, “Glad you liked it.”

She reached out to hold my penis and asked, “Does this make it any better?”

Cindy said, “You better believe it girl.”

Charlene looked at Cindy and just rolled her eyes.

Jane asked, “Can I hang out here this summer? You can tell my mother that you will look after me.”

Cindy said, “I don’t mind, but you might want to keep your hands off my man.”

Jane let go and quickly apologized causing the women to laugh at her.

Cindy said, “You can join us in bed for a threesome if you want to.”

Charlene said, “Or you can stay here and enjoy sex with five other girls.”

Jane said, “I want to go with him.”

Cindy said, “First I think I should get dressed and go meet your mother.” She looked at me and said, “You’re going to. Come on we need to get dressed.”

We walked hand in hand and still nude out the back door with Jane right behind us carrying her clothes. We all got dressed and started to walk to Jane’s house.

When we got there Jane opened the door and called to her mother. Cindy introduced herself as my live-in girlfriend and fianc?and then proceeded to tell the woman that I was recently retired and that we would love to watch Jane while she went to work. The woman offered us tea and Cindy went into the kitchen with her to help. Jane showed me her bedroom.

Jane’s bedroom was directly over the kitchen and there was a vent threw which we could hear everything being said below. Jane’s mother asked about the age difference and was told that I was the best lover that she had ever had. Then she told her about my strong tongue, my long fingers, and my fat cock. Jane’s mother Judy said that it had been quite a few months since she had sex. Cindy invited her to join us in bed for a threesome and to spend the night. When Jane’s mother resisted Cindy told her that Charlene would be happy to let Jane spend the night with her. How true! Jane and I smiled when her mother told her that she would be spending the night with Charlene.

Soon I was walking Judy into my house and Cindy was setting up Jane to spend the night next door.

Judy was very eager to see if Cindy had been telling her the truth. We had hardly gotten my door closed when she begged me to finger her and give her a much-needed orgasm. I smiled and reached down under her miniskirt and up to her panty-covered pussy. From there I slipped a finger into one of her leg openings and into her pussy. It was very moist from anticipation. Within a minute I was stroking her G-spot and causing her to squirm around. She clung to my neck and breathed heavily as one orgasm after the other crept over her like a steam engine. After several good ones she relaxed completely just barely holding on to my neck. I felt a warm liquid soaking my hand. At first I thought that it was her juices but soon realized that she was filling my hand with nice warm piss. Embarrassed she apologized and started to clean up the mess on the floor with paper towels. I told her that it was all right just as Cindy came in and started to help her. The two women were on their knees when Cindy kissed Judy and asked her if she was all right. Judy told her about the incredible orgasms that I had given her. Cindy told her that she hadn’t felt anything yet and that my tongue and my cock were even better.

Cindy took Jane into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat outside listening to the water in the shower flow and the women giggle. Soon two beautiful naked women emerged still wet and dragged me to my bed. They made short work out of removing my clothes. Cindy and I took turns licking Judy’s pussy until she begged for my cock. I pushed it in and Cindy watched as Judy enjoyed herself. It really had been quite some time since Judy had had sex but it all came back to her quickly. She fucked up at me with a vengeance. All too soon I was cumming in that sex-starved woman and she was crying out her pleasure. The three of us settled into a nice position for the night with me in the middle on my back and the two women cuddled into me on their sides. I smiled at having two beautiful women pressing their breasts into my sides. I just slid my hands down to the small of their backs, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Judy said that she felt like a new woman. Jane came over for breakfast and afterwards she went home with her mother. They had to get ready for church. Cindy and I went over to see what the other girls were up too.

I had only been retired for a few months and I already had two very attractive young women sharing my bed, a bevy of young nude things next door, and a cute little teenage ready to give me her virginity. Could life get any better than that?

The End
He Didn’t Trust Her
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