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I had absolutely no idea what I was in for as I trudged up the parking garage steps to the fifth floor. Why the hell would M park on the fifth floor? I thought as I advanced one more agonizing flight. I hope he brought the Cooley text. That’s the one I told him I needed. A promise of certain text books had brought me to this journey. You had them; I needed them…for my thesis research. Slowing as I made the turn on the landing between the last flights of stairs, I was taken completely unawares as a hand firmly caught me around the throat and gently shoved me back against the wall. A sharp intake of breath was all I had time for before the obvious but not painful pressure against my larynx rendered me speechless. Eyes wide, I stared in disbelief into the hard brown eyes before me.

“This is the deal, “you whispered quietly but succinctly, “I will give you a sentence to repeat. Should you choose to repeat it, you will be agreeing to give yourself to me in whatever fashion I want, whenever I want, and as often as I want. Should you give yourself to me, you will be relinquishing your entire life into my hands. Every thought, every desire, every act will now be mine. I promise to keep you safe, to protect you from those who would harm you, and to explore your every deviant desire. Should you decide to walk away; things will remain as they are. It will be as though this never happened.” Imperceptibly the pressure on my throat eased; I was being given the chance to speak.

“How do you know I won’t call the police once I leave, or the hospital administrator?” I asked defiantly, but without heat. It was difficult to speak with no air in my lungs. From the moment your strong fingers touched my fragile skin, my stomach had been shooting tiny electrically charged arrows of arousal, straight to my pussy. Your words only added to the fire that threatened, now, to consume me. I felt my cunt ready itself for your possession; my nipples hardened under my scrub top, their need to be touched an aching reminder of my husband’s absence.

“I know you dominatemeplease, this is what you have been looking for. I have been following you online for weeks, waiting and watching you to see if you were truly ready. I have thrown the dice, taken my chance, so to speak. You will either surrender yourself to me or walk away, but it will be your last free decision if you choose me. Now for your decision, I want you to say “I am Yours to use as You see fit. I crave the domination You are willing to give me. It’s easy to remember. C’mon ‘a’, say it for me. I will take you to places you never dreamed existed. Say it for me now.”

Reeling in shock that the Dom I’d been conversing with late at night on the internet was a co-worker, and close friend, who’d known who I was all along, I tried desperately to control the thundering of my racing heart, as well as the aching in my neglected cunt. Dropping my head forward, chin to chest, I was again made aware of your conditions. Firmly, with fingers not quite gentle, you raised my face to yours, demanding the eye contact you knew I so feared. The fire burning behind your pupils, the desire so obvious in your eyes pushed me to whisper “I am Yours to use as you see fit…” At my hesitation to take the final plunge, you tighten your fingers around my throat. Looking into your eyes, feeling the heat of blush I can’t control rise from beneath my skin, I try to calm myself with thoughts of safety. This is M, your friend, your confidante, your protector. He would never hurt you. You can let go with M, and He will catch you if you fall. Taking a deep breath that caused my bra to move over my erect nipples with an agonizing tug, I spoke the rest of the sentence that would either set me free, or doom me to despair, “I crave the domination You are willing to give me.” My lids fell over my burning eyes, as desire threatened to render me useless.

“Open your eyes ‘a’. You are never to hide your eyes from me again. Unless otherwise instructed your eyes will be on mine at all times when we are together. I want to see your soul. I want to see your reactions to my ownership.” Unnoticed to me as I stared entranced by Your words and the desire in Your eyes, the flimsy draw string holding my scrub pants in place had been no more than a nuisance swept easily aside by Your questing hands. Unprepared, the surprise and shock of Your fingers suddenly plunging into my wet depths was more than I could take. I was swiftly plunged into an orgasm that rolled over me with such force, I could do nothing more than cling to You, desperately trying to find purchase in a world suddenly turned inside out.

Feeling the spasms in my vaginal muscles, you smile. “That’s it, ‘a’, cum for me. “ Gently stroking my engorged clit with Your thumb, You watch eagerly as the tide slowly rises in me again. As I begin to squirm under your attentions, sliding lower on the wall to bury your fingers deeper inside myself, You command me to stay still. Moaning my disappointment, I struggle to control the need within me. Your ministrations on my clitoris become quicker; You delve ever deeper into my leaking hole; I climb higher toward some previously unseen plateau. Then I hear Your voice. “Ask me for it ‘a’. Ask me for the orgasm you crave.”

“Please…” a whisper at first, timid and unsure…”Please, M, take me there, and push me over the edge. Please, God, do it now” my voice rises in tune with my desire.

A final plunge, a last stroke, and a whispered, “now” send me crashing into yet another mind altering orgasm. As my breathing slows, and my desire ebbs, I slowly become aware that everything has changed. Not just in the physical sense, but within the intimate realm of emotion. In that final moment when my mind soared away from my yielding body, I became Yours in the truest sense. That sentence was no longer just spoken words, but a deep feeling of belonging to You. I once again stared into Your eyes, mine now filled with wonder. I tried to imagine what You read into my gaze. Were You able to see the complete capitulation? Did You realize Your total possession of everything that was me?

“I want those panties ‘a’.” I heard You as though from a distance. Without thought or conscious decision, I bent to remove the requested garments. Stunned, I realized that at some point my pants had fallen, forgotten, down to my ankles. On the heels of this thought came the realization that at any moment someone could enter the stairwell from either floor and I would be exposed. Hurriedly, clumsy in my haste, I stripped off shoes, pants, and finally panties. Thrusting them at You, I bent to redress. Stopping me with Your body pressed completely against mine, You reminded me that I was now subject to your control. “You must request my permission, ‘a’ before getting dressed.”

“M, may I please get dressed before someone catches us?” There is a slight bite in my tone caused by the stress of imagining being caught bare assed in the stairwell with you.

“I should force you to follow me to my car as you are, as punishment for that little snit in your voice, but I will give you a little time. Get dressed ‘a’, then we will talk.” As you place my panties in your pocket, you are amazed by the wetness that accumulated there in only a few minutes.

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